Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Deluxe Scratcher Package from Mountain Cat Trees!

Thu, Dec 23, 2010

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Today we have the grand finale of the Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon! This prize package is going to make your head spin, plus it’s going to make some kitties very happy! The wonderful folks over at Mountain Cat Trees are offering not just one of their beautiful, eco-friendly scratchers, but THREE! Yes, the winner is going to receive all three styles of Mountain Cat Trees sisal scrachers, plus the same set will be sent to the charity of their choice. That’s a lot of happy scratching cats!

The package includes their Incline Scratcher, Incline Scratcher with Post, and the 30″ tall Vertical Scratching Post. All Mountain Cat Trees scratchers are made with natural poplar, birch, or cedar wood and use natural sisal rope for the scratch surface. All three scratchers have a sturdy, no-tip design and no-slip rubber feet. Handcrafted in Massachusetts, these scratchers and both beautiful and functional.

To enter to win this fabulous scratcher package, please leave a comment on this post with the name of the lucky charity that will receive their own scratcher package. This giveaway includes shipping to the lower 48 states. Others may enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping costs. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve along with all the other give-a-thon winners.

**Please note: comments will be approved later in the day today because I’m actually out doing a little holiday shopping, but don’t worry, all comments will be approved!

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996 Responses to “Moderncat Holiday Give-a-thon: Win a Deluxe Scratcher Package from Mountain Cat Trees!”

  1. 151

    Wow! Great package. I’d donate the second set to Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn: Thanks!!

  2. 152

    My kitties would go crazy for these!
    My rescue is Gregory’s Gift of Hope (New Richmond, WI)

  3. 153

    Ooooh, the boys are getting their claws ready as I type! My charity is King Street Cats in Alexandria, VA:

  4. 154
    Tische W.

    Wow! These would be great for all three of my kitties, and I’m sure the cats over at would love these as a Christmas present.

  5. 155

    very nice! our kitties would love them, as would the kitties awaiting forever homes at Cat Haven ( ).

  6. 156
    Veronica Robinson

    These are great! 3 is better than 1 at the rate Artemis goes through scratching posts – she likes to claw :) If I win, I would give the other set to Tree House Humane Society in Chicago, IL – who care for FIV+ kitties as well, and offer lifetime health policies for them in order to help find them a forever home! (www.

  7. 157

    I would like to donate both to Tre House Humane Soc – Bucktown Branch, Chicago, IL

  8. 158

    My babeezz would love these!

    Best Friends
    Kanab, UT

  9. 159
    Heather Colbert

    Wow! 3 scratchers! You can never have too many! My cats would love these and so would Furry Friends Rescue in the Bay Area!

  10. 160
    Jess W

    My Josie doesn’t need that many scratchers so I would send the extra set and most of my set to

  11. 161

    Three?! My kitties would be over the moon about these! My charity is the wonderful Animal Rescue League of Boston.

  12. 162

    Wow! I have 7 kitties, so these would be a great addition in our house. And the kitties at would love some too!

  13. 163

    What great scratchers, and one for each of my kitties.
    My charity is Feral Friends of Dallas, TX.

  14. 164

    Wow! This would be greatly appreciated in my house, and also by the Save the Animals Foundation in Cincinnati.

  15. 165

    I volunteer at the MSPCA and the kitties in the colony room would LOVE these.

  16. 166
    c urata

    omg! these are puuurfect for benicio del gatto…and my poor couches. if selected, please send the second set to the CAT adoption team:

  17. 167

    Wow! My cats would really like these scratching posts (and hopefully will then leave my furniture alone!). I’d like to donate the second set of scratchers to some well-deserving kitties at the Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary ( ) in Colorado Springs, CO!

  18. 168

    I would love to win this! My girl would go gaga for it.
    I would also love to donate the other to

  19. 169

    WOW! what a prize! If I win, the second set will go to the Boston MSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center. And I may donate a few of ours to some locally.

  20. 170

    Wow how great of them to give 3. My charity is

  21. 171

    the kitties at go thru these like crazy. they would be very happy to have more!

  22. 172

    These would be great! Maybe my Emily would now not miss the dilapidated ottoman that she prefers to the cat trees we have.
    And the cats at the Yonkers Animal shelter could certainly use a little holiday cheer.
    On a separate note – thanks to all the wonderful vendors who have donated goods this December. I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2011. And the same to Moderncat – I look forward to your daily emails to see what is new!

  23. 173

    My local humane society finally got a shelter of their own, and are in dire need of kitty equipment. I would love to give them a set of these scratchers.

  24. 174

    Great giveaway …. my charity is West Oxfordshire CPL ..

    GL everyone x

  25. 175

    Scratchers are my cats favorite toy. these look very sturdy and well-made. Please include me in the giveaway.

    Charity: Coastal Pet Rescue

  26. 176
    Lana Kipling

    Great scratching posts! I would donate the second one to Red Fern Animal Shelter.

  27. 177

    Very nice. The kitties at the East Bay SPCA would love them.

  28. 178

    Wow! These would be well loved by our kitties!
    Please send the second set to Seattle Animal Shelter.
    Thank you!

  29. 179
    Teri and the cats of Furrydance

    Eco friendly is Nice! and

  30. 180

    Smiley wouldlove these! The extra set would go to the Durham SPCA!

  31. 181

    As I have too many cats, I think we are the best to win all this scratches rsrsrs…

    We do not have site, but you can see us at:

    Best wishes, helth and peace


  32. 182

    It looks great and my cat would love it.
    I will give the other one to DFW Humane Society.

  33. 183

    They look amaizing!!!

  34. 184

    This would be wonderful! Would like Citizens for Animal Protection Houston.

  35. 185

    Oh please help me protect my new/old/vintage sofa that is irresistible to the cats! I would send the extra set to HALO house, where I got my second kittie. It’s a complete home, given over to dozens of kitties, where they can roam freely.

  36. 186

    Oh, my cats do need a scratching post, or three =)

    The bergen county animal shelter would like a set too~

  37. 187
  38. 188

    I could really use new scratchers for my 7 monsters. And so could Friends of Abandoned Pets

  39. 189
    Tina L

    Personally, I have never used this type of scratcher – I’ve always been very curious though… I only use cardboard.

    My cat charity is Kitten Rescue (

  40. 190

    What a great set!!!! The second set would go to Cabarrus Humane Societies Princeton Meow House.

  41. 191
    Trish Franklin

    So natural and pretty! My organization of choice is the Denver Dumb Friends League.

  42. 192

    My ted tabby Joey would love a new scratcher! My charity is the Beyond Nine Cat Rescue, Inc!

  43. 193

    What beautiful scratchers! I’d donate the second set to Angel of Hope Cat and Kitten Rescue:

  44. 194

    Ollie needs a scratcher refill. How happy would he be with three?
    Also, the poor kittens in this kill shelter:

  45. 195

    Scratchoroma! Wow, incredibly generous. Moderncat, with you as its curator, is truly the best place for cat paraphenalia on Earth! Thank you for being so generous with us and persuading your partner vendors to do all these giveaways, and for so many lovely gifts. But the best part is your support of all the sanctuaries and rescue shelters. There just can’t be enough of that. Happy holidays!
    Where my kittens were saved:

  46. 196

    Great prizes…Gracie and all of the babies would love this :) )

  47. 197
    Dr. Anne

    If I could win this, my kitties could enjoy 2 and the third could be useful to one of our office cats who really loves to scratch on wood. The other set would go to the Billerica Cat Care Coalition,

  48. 198

    Oh my cats would love these, as a matter of fact Paris is on the desk watching me type this comment to you, she approves LOL! I would donate the other to the Springfield Animal Welfare League, in Springfield Ohio, thank you for all the nice gifts presented to us, hope we win, Meowy Christmas say’s Paris and Presley!!

  49. 199

    With 28 paws, we always need more scratchers! We would share with the kitties at:

  50. 200

    what cattie wouldn’t love one of these?! My donation would go to Heart of the Catskills Humane Society.

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