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Thu, Feb 17, 2011

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These beautiful ceramic works of art are not just another pretty piece of sculpture, they are lovely little drinking fountains designed just for cats. Ceramic artist Keith Davitt has been refining his drinking fountain design for years and he has several styles that cats seem to love. What a great way to keep kitty hydrated and add a lovely fountain to your home.

These fountains are very simple, making them easy to keep clean. Each one comes with a unique glazed bowl and a pump, and most designs include a raised pottery piece that creates a little waterfall. The pump is hidden between the ceramic pieces and the cord goes neatly out the bottom portion of the bowl. All materials and glazes are certified food safe.

Keith sent us a fountain to test and, as you can see below, Simba loves it (and so do all the others!) The fountain was very easy to set-up and it looks so nice on the ledge above the kitchen counter. You can see the three simple pieces included in the package: bowl, pump with cord, and pottery cover for the pump. I adjusted the pump to create a little bubbling fountain because I like the sound of trickling water, but the pump can also be adjusted to keep the water moving silently.

The kitty below is Bijou, Keith’s cat who is the inspiration for his fountains. Keith is always experimenting with new fountain designs. You can see his latest work in his Etsy shop. Fountains range from $62 to $178, depending on the complexity of the design.


Keith is offering a cat fountain (similar to the one I received) for a giveaway! To enter to win, please leave a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on February 25, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada.

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1,766 Responses to “Enter to Win a Handmade Ceramic Cat Fountain”

  1. 651

    yes yes yes very beautiful my cat wants to get to the water when ever it hears it running i would love this in my home

  2. 652

    This is so cool. Fonzie, who loves to stick his head under a lightly running waer faucet would love this too.

  3. 653

    Thomas would love this fountain so he doesn’t have to wait for me to come back from work and let the water running in the sink for him to have a drink…!!!!

  4. 654

    What a beautiful way to keep a cat happy and healthy. I would LOVE to win a fountain the color of the one Simba is drinking from, it matches the color of my kitty’s eyes!

  5. 655
    Jason Franklin

    My guys would love this

  6. 656

    Ms. Bubbie would love her own running water! And I would love not running back and forth to the sink to turn it on and off for Ms. Bubbie at her command!

  7. 657
    Diane Perrigo

    Would love to have one of these for my son’s 3 kitties!

  8. 658

    Oh please let my hooman win this wonderful watery thing. My name is Zazie and I PROMISE to share it and will not splash water on my kitty sisters.

  9. 659

    This would be perfect for our Buffy & Spike who both love their water fountains and other running water, but have issues with the plastic that everything is made of.

  10. 660
    Shadie Kaye's Mom

    These fountains are so beautiful!! With many kittehs in the house this would be ideal to entice and assure everyfur drinks as they should. =^..^=

  11. 661

    Stylish and functional!! My guys would LOVE it!!

  12. 662

    These are beautiful! We would love to have one of these in our house.

  13. 663
    Melanie D

    These are the nicest cat fountains that I have ever seen. I would love to get rid of the plastic contraption that I am currently using. My cats drink so much more water when I use the fountains. I just hate the fact that mine is made of plastic.

  14. 664

    I LOVE these! Such a great idea.

  15. 665

    oh wow, these are lovely! thank you for such a fabulous giveaway!

  16. 666

    Very nice! Ceramic fountains are so much better than plastic – easy to keep clean and look so much cooler. This one really does. Thanks for the offer!

  17. 667

    This is a very pretty and unique fountain. My cats would love to drink out of it, and so would my dog!

  18. 668

    Oh I want one of these so bad!

  19. 669
  20. 670

    Our cats love their drinking fountain, but it’s not beautiful like Keith Davitt’s fountains. I’d welcome one in my home.

  21. 671

    These are amazing! I would love to replace my plastic fountain with one of these beauts.

  22. 672

    Ok. My cat, yoda, needs a water fountain! He drinks out of my water glass on my night stand when I am sleeping. This cat LOVES running water. He waits by the bathroom door for you to walk by, then dashes in and jumps on the counter……meows until I turn on the faucet. He then drinks for a few minutes. Silly cat never turns the water off!!!!! :)
    Yesterday he drank out of the bathroom faucet three times before lunch. He LOVES water. We let him drink asnmuch as he wants, wherever he wants. He is 13 years old and had some health problems last year. So, we are so lucky to have yoga, also known as dr schmodypants, around.

  23. 673

    Neko would love to have one of these! She hopes we win!

  24. 674

    These are so beautiful! It’s perfect timing too, as I just disposed of my cat’s ratty old fountain.

  25. 675

    Luv the one with a fountain that resembles a lotus flower. I know that my cats would love to have one of these!

  26. 676

    Not really modern but pretty good looking for a fountain.

  27. 677

    Since fountains became popular home decorations, I have never been able to look at one without thinking it would be a great drinking fountain. And now – taken to a new level – it would be the Cat’s Meow!

  28. 678

    How genius !!!! I would so love to turn my taps off and have them adapt to this !!

  29. 679

    I have been looking for a nice, non-plastic fountain for my allergic beasties. I prefer buying handmade, so this is perfect. I’ll be saving up!

  30. 680

    Simply beautiful work. My cats would be honored to drink from such a special vessel.

  31. 681

    These are fabulous! We don’t have a fountain … yet …

  32. 682
    Melissa Howey

    Water water everywhere. Kitties like to drink.

  33. 683

    My kitty would have her own piece of artwork.

  34. 684

    OMG,i hope i win this one, i looooove ceramic bowls. I plan on making some myself but i need to figure out how and where to make a kiln.

  35. 685
    jessie b

    These are very lovely.

  36. 686

    Beautiful and functional at the same time!

  37. 687

    These are much more stylish then the plan jane ones in the store!!!

  38. 688

    “Such a beautiful piece of art!” (me) “Just think, if you win, I won’t leave paw prints in the bathroom sink any more! Good luck, Mom!”
    {the 3 bad girls, Sofi, Lovey and Zazu.)

  39. 689
    Karen Heltzel

    My gang would love this andthe best part is they wouldn’t have to share it with the d*g

  40. 690
    miren morillas

    My tiny Herek, 5 months only know how to drink a bottle of rabbit, that fascinate you and me see him. It’s great!

  41. 691

    These are lovely, and I know my cats would love one. I had to give up the plastic fountain we had, because it was giving our poor cats acne – but I hated to do it, since they loved the burbling water so much. I’ve never seen ceramic versions before and I couldn’t afford one right now on my own. So please, online spirits, help me win this one!

  42. 692

    Wow! Those fountains are gorgeous! My eight indoor cats have 2 fountains (plastic) that they love but the fountains are not the prettiest things to look at, that’s for sure. How nice it would be to have something that looks like an art piece, yet satisfies my cats’ love for moving water!
    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  43. 693

    These look so great!

  44. 694

    If I get one of these maybe (just maybe) I can get my kitties to stop drinking out of the sink!

  45. 695
    Dr. Anne

    Those are so beautiful!!

  46. 696

    We used to have a fountain, and Andy loved throwing the rocks out of it as much as he enjoyed drinking from it. Obviously his mom did not like that part so much. I love that these beautiful fountains would make both of us happy!

  47. 697
    Sathya Chey

    stylish yet functional. pick me!

  48. 698

    Beautiful design and great idea. Ihave several candidates who would fight over this beautiful water indulgence :)

  49. 699

    My cats love to play and drink any moving water. This would give them a chance to do both.

  50. 700

    My baby drinks from a mass-produced ceramic cat fountain now, but these are original and beautiful! I just know that she would love one!

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