Enter to Win a Handmade Ceramic Cat Fountain

Thu, Feb 17, 2011

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These beautiful ceramic works of art are not just another pretty piece of sculpture, they are lovely little drinking fountains designed just for cats. Ceramic artist Keith Davitt has been refining his drinking fountain design for years and he has several styles that cats seem to love. What a great way to keep kitty hydrated and add a lovely fountain to your home.

These fountains are very simple, making them easy to keep clean. Each one comes with a unique glazed bowl and a pump, and most designs include a raised pottery piece that creates a little waterfall. The pump is hidden between the ceramic pieces and the cord goes neatly out the bottom portion of the bowl. All materials and glazes are certified food safe.

Keith sent us a fountain to test and, as you can see below, Simba loves it (and so do all the others!) The fountain was very easy to set-up and it looks so nice on the ledge above the kitchen counter. You can see the three simple pieces included in the package: bowl, pump with cord, and pottery cover for the pump. I adjusted the pump to create a little bubbling fountain because I like the sound of trickling water, but the pump can also be adjusted to keep the water moving silently.

The kitty below is Bijou, Keith’s cat who is the inspiration for his fountains. Keith is always experimenting with new fountain designs. You can see his latest work in his Etsy shop. Fountains range from $62 to $178, depending on the complexity of the design.


Keith is offering a cat fountain (similar to the one I received) for a giveaway! To enter to win, please leave a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on February 25, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada.

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1,766 Responses to “Enter to Win a Handmade Ceramic Cat Fountain”

  1. 1701
    monique bremner

    If i win i will pay for postage, i live in Australia. What a brilliant idea! My boy is always at the vet with constipation problems, i think this would be a blessing as he prefers to drink from the kitchen sink tap.

  2. 1702

    Very nice, affordable design… would be a nice piece of ‘art’ on the counter tops ;)

  3. 1703

    I love love love pottery for our cats! They all love drinking out of the 1 fountain, 4 bowls & any filled glass we have—-and the fish tank (the Beta in there ‘kisses’ Mouse’s nose(our youngest boy)!

  4. 1704
    john pullins

    Your ceramic fountains are beautiful! my wife and I have been looking for an attractive alternative to the plastic bowls that are available. these are much more suitable to our decor. Nice work!

  5. 1705

    A piece of art such as a cat is unsurmountable, however we (me and my feline family) welcome any functional beauty in our surroundings. To collect cat statues and such idle items doesn’t serve the true masters of this house. These beautiful drinking fountains would pass as these felines’ collectibles.
    I had to leave the fountains we had behind in the US., as we ‘Europeanated’ for the foreseeable (hopefully soon returning) future. Opening the faucet in the bathroom at cats’ every whim does work, but appears ever so banal compared to the pictoresque fullfilling moment the orange tabby is enjoying in the pic.
    Right, we note the shipping is on us.

  6. 1706
    Christa Eubanks

    You have beautiful fountains. I have been looking for a water fountain for our 4 year old rescue maine coon/ragdoll mix. Love them!! You are very talented!!

  7. 1707
    Christine Eddy

    Wow!! These fountains are truly gorgeous! I have two cats that I rescued. One was at the Humane Society. They told me he was dying, so I took him home. I didn’t want him to die there. Two years later, he is a beautiful, healthy, fluffy, white dream of a cat. My other is just a kitten. Her mother was feral. They currently use a fountain, but nothing as remarkable as yours. If I win, I will showcase your fountain!!!

  8. 1708

    Wow! These are beautiful! Cats love running water, I know my 3 furry babies would love these fountains!

  9. 1709

    Beauty and function….a winning combination! I have one cat and four small dogs. I think a fountain like this would be great for all of them!!!

  10. 1710
    Lian Yao

    awe. I want this kitty fountain for my kitties ^.^

  11. 1711

    When I want a drink the mug I always reach for is a durable, beautiful, handthrown one of a kind with a colored glaze. Its earthy feel keeps me grounded and the glaze feeds my imagination. My rescue kitty and dog would both enjoy the same experience with these gorgeous creations. To add the movement of water to this art is just magical and I know they would enjoy this every time they take a drink.

  12. 1712
    Judith Cole

    My spoiled rotten rescued tom cat called Tommy has been whining for a week because he can’t find his fountain(which died as they all do)and I just can’t waste money on another plastic one. Please send him the winners wonderful fountain so I can have some peace in this house. I am old and hate his whining all day.

  13. 1713

    What a great idea! So much nicer than the ugly plastic pet fountains.

  14. 1714

    Our four boys love to play in the water – whether in a bowl, the kitchen sink, the bathtub drain, or on the picnic table outside! Franklin especially seems compelled to – literally – test the water by tapping the surface with one hand and then the other – and THEN hilarious will walk by the bowl and pause to dip in a foot! He’s purported to be a Norwegian Forest Cat found on Indian Health Service Clinic reservation property in SC. He loves moving water and this would be perfect for him. I think I will purchase a few of these lovely bubblers for them now!

  15. 1715

    These fountains are so beautiful and look heavy enough to not tip over with lots of jostling at the watering hole!

  16. 1716

    We really need to invest in a few of these fountains – our cats much prefer moving water or leftover rain water to any type of still water in a bowl!

  17. 1717

    One member of my cat family has just been to the vet a second time for a urinary tract problem, and we are trying to encourage him to drink more water. Winning one of these fountains would be awesome! I’ve had plastic pet fountains, but they all ended up cracked and leaking…

  18. 1718

    My 17 years-old cat, Kady would love to drink your bowl ! She suffers her renal disease for several years. She got sick after drinking the Drinkwell plastic bowel but she lovedto hear the sound of the running water from the fountain. She really needs it badly soon. Her vet had recommended the IV fluid if she doesnt drink enough. The color of aqua of bowl is her first choice.

  19. 1719
    Denise Scott Jackson

    Brilliant! We have four cats that we rescued from shelters over the last few years. Although we have lots of fresh water provided, they are obsessed with the sinks; we’re constantly turning the faucets on and off so they can drink from them. We’ve tried the plastic fountains, but two of the cats had an allergic reaction. This is an ideal solution.

  20. 1720

    Beautiful! Just what I’ve been looking for to replace the stainless steel communal “watering hole” bowl used by our adopted Cruzian Cat Alphie (St Croix USVI 4yrs), rescued Cocker Spaniel Dusty Prince (Virginia 6rys) and Military Macaw PUFF (California 36+ yrs). We’ll need one to blend with the island decor on the inside and one for our Caribbean pet friendly family courtyard that overlooks the sea.

  21. 1721
    Jessie Johnson

    My boy likes to drink out of the sink and bathtub faucet. I know he would love this!

  22. 1722
    Julie Fitchett

    My cat Astro only drinks water from the sink faucet. We have tried buying other ceramic dishes, but for some reason, he only drinks from the running faucet. We are getting ready to move, and I think this water fountain would be a great addition to our new home. Astro would really appreciate it also :)

  23. 1723
    Teresa Foster

    My cats love to drink from a faucet…so they would love this. Plus it is beautiful!!

  24. 1724

    Some people think you have to “move a mountain…”
    To get a finicky feline to drink out of a fountain.
    But they love the movement, the noise and the taste,
    So much that ne’er a drop goes to waste.
    Keith’s fountains are sculptures and they’re real works of art,
    Most others are boring, these—elegant and just smart!
    They’re easy, they’re clean and hey, they even bubble,
    Keep cats entertained, keep cats out of trouble.
    Ceramic art pieces make PetMate move over,
    Keith’s are specially for kitty, and no, not for Rover!
    I know I’m too late, that the contest is done,
    That’s really sad, for these fountains are FUN.

  25. 1725

    my two ginger toms would love this,so would i ,stop them drinking out of kitchen tap.

  26. 1726

    My cats, Snacks and Munchies, would love one of these!

  27. 1727
    Kandra Frank

    The perfect high quality decorative water fountain for my 8 month old Bengal, Shanti, who LOVES to play in the water. She will adore one of these! I wish I could afford to buy one for her. Hope she wins!

  28. 1728
    Ryan Thomas

    This would be perfect for our little brother and sister kitties!

  29. 1729

    I am so glad to find your fountains! I have been on a mission to find ones that are American made & not plastic. Thank you for making these. Hopefully my Herbie can be the lucky one, but if not, i will get him one.

  30. 1730

    Beautiful fountains! My cat would love it! Thank you

  31. 1731

    Oh I Love these and so would Badoo!! It would go great in his catnip garden.

  32. 1732

    Are those ever pretty plus would look like a of art in the house- Beautiful!!

  33. 1733

    Pure art ! We all know as cat owners that is VERY important to have water bolls all over the house. What a beautiful alternative to just a water bowl or a plastic fountain. ! Keith….you really rock with this design !

  34. 1734

    Only a true lover of cats would know how sensitive they are to all things beautiful. Rudy, Sabrina and Beau would be enchanted by this extraordinary fountain.

  35. 1735

    Very nice. My cats would love it

  36. 1736

    These are a work of art! I would be so proud to have these for my H20 loving kitties!

  37. 1737

    Art, ALWAYS Refreshing!!!

  38. 1738
    melodie rockwell

    In need this for my stylish kitties! Looks so fresh and artsy.

  39. 1739
    Jennifer Clarkson

    such a cute fountain. My kitties would love it

  40. 1740
    A Self

    It is the most beautiful cat bowl I have ever seen. I would consider getting one even if i didn’t have a cat:)

  41. 1741
    sophie boros

    i absolutely love and want this for my 4 babies

  42. 1742

    Wow, these are beautiful! I loved! My cat would love it too… :-)

  43. 1743

    These are beautiful and my cat would love drinking out of one of these.

  44. 1744
    Ev Murray

    My cat loves to drink the dribbles from the kitcchen sink so this would mean we could turn the taps off fully and just let her drink from the fountain!

  45. 1745
    Jan in Greater Houston TX

    Wow, I have 3 cats and they are totally spoiled to the drinking fountain. Till now, I have had the large plastic one…..but just venturing around I came upon your site and I am amazed. I LOVE the idea of ceramic, the beautiful colors AND my cats like for the water to fall over an edge and “splash”, not just trickle. I see several of yours that work that way.
    I love these, they are amazing. Jan J in League City TX.

  46. 1746
    Natalie Cooper

    My cats are always dehydrated. Would love to have one of these to see if

    that would get them to drink.

  47. 1747
    Natalie Cooper

    My cats are always dehydrated. Would love to have one of these to see if
    that would get them to drink.

  48. 1748
    Susan Craig

    Wow, such a beautiful fountain like these is a must have for my kitties’ new catio. (And I’d love to toss out their ugly plastic one).

  49. 1749
    cynthia Brown

    I would like to win because my cats perfer moving water ,Dogs like them
    too. I like them too. Hope I win one for my pets.

  50. 1750
    cynthia Brown

    My cats and dogs would enjoy one of the fountains. I hope I win one
    for them. thanks

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