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Mon, Mar 7, 2011

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I’m always excited to try a new non-clay cat litter, so I was intrigued when I found Purr & Simple. So far, I’ve tried litters made from corn, wood, wheat, soy, and paper, but Purr & Simple is completely different. It is made by Eco-Shell Inc, a company that specializes in creating Earth-friendly products using agricultural by-products. Purr & Simple is the first cat litter to use by-products from the tree nut industry, and they have discovered something awesome. Apparently, tree nut shells, including the inner membrane surrounding the nut, have incredible natural odor absorbing properties. I can tell you, I’ve tested this new litter and I am very impressed! Mother Nature may have solved our litter box odor problems!

I first encountered Purr & Simple last year at the Global Pet Expo. I met Gail and David from Eco-Shell in the Purr & Simple booth where they were using a sophisticated demonstration system to show just how good Purr & Simple is at eliminating odor. They had a special machine that pulls the air into a glass tube filled with crystals that change color according to the amount of odor (ammonia, I believe) in the air. They ran the test on each litter for me and the Purr & Simple results were so dramatically lower than ANY of the other litters, it certainly caught my attention. (Not to mention that Gail and David are also really nice!)

So they sent me some of the litter to test for myself and, I have to say, it exceeded my expectations. Purr & Simple comes in both pellets and a new clumping formula. I tested both and they both absorb odor equally well. The pellet formula, like most pellet litters, has very little dust and is easy to clean. The clumping formula clumps really well, forming nice solid clumps that are easy to scoop, plus the cats love the texture. Purr & Simple is a dark brown color, which hides the solids (and can also make it a little challenging to find the solids when scooping). The clumping formula looks like coffee grounds, with larger granules that don’t track as far as some of the lighter wood litters I’ve tried. The clumping litter does put off some dust, which is also a dark brown color and requires regular cleaning. Maybe you can think of this as a benefit, because it makes it pretty obvious when it’s time to clean the dust!

Purr & Simple is currently available at pet stores across the US and Canada. Check their store locator to find a store near you. If you can’t find a store near you, please contact Purr & Simple for more information.

Allergy Alert

You may be asking the question, “What about people with tree nut allergies?” The Purr & Simple website addresses this question and says that testing shows very low nut protein levels in the litter, however, they recommend that people with severe tree nut allergies do not use this product.


Five lucky winners are going to get to test Purr & Simple for themselves! Each winner will receive a 10 lb bag in their choice of either pellets or clumping litter. Please leave a comment on this post to enter. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on March 14, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada. Canadian winners will need to pay applicable taxes and duties.

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1,187 Responses to “Introducing Purr & Simple All Natural Cat Litter ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 1151

    i would love to try this cat litter….

  2. 1152

    I’ve heard about this brand, but have never actually tried it. I’d love to win.

  3. 1153
    Jilian Giles

    I think this is a wonderful solution to the kitty litter dilemma. Our cats, Tai and Stormi, prefer clumping litter. We’ve tried so many. The WBCL works great but I can’t stand how the product itself smells. (Too bad someone doesn’t come up with a way to use coffee grounds. They smell delicious.) Does the Purr & Simple have an odor? We’d love to try it!♥

  4. 1154

    I’m always searching for an eco-friendly cat litter and I would love to try this one out.

  5. 1155

    all natural and clumping? must try!

  6. 1156

    Sounds great!

  7. 1157

    Ooooh! I’d love to try this! It’s part of my ongoing quest for the perfect litter! :-)

  8. 1158
    Luzy R

    I would love to try this!

  9. 1159

    I have heard good things about this litter.

  10. 1160
    Lana Kipling

    Would love to change current litter to Purr and Simple. It is better for the cats, me and the planet!

  11. 1161
    Vikki Yates

    Great post thanks for promoting a new and more friendly product! I (and im sure my cats) would love to try this out, I’ve wanted to change to a non clay litter for ages now but havnt yet found the right replacment – Clumping litter is a must!

  12. 1162

    I’m using World’s Best now, but would love to try something new.

  13. 1163
    deb santa fe

    I’ve also made the change to non-clay litters, but would love to try this one and see how it works compared to the one I currently use…

  14. 1164

    I’ve been wanting to stop using clay litter. Purr & Simple (the clumping kind) sounds like it would work for my cats and me.

  15. 1165

    I own two cats that use two different cat litters… would love just to have the one…

  16. 1166
    Marianne Guint

    I really could use that litter “Purr and Simple”, I have as Bengal “Ruby Tuesday”, a Cornish Rex kitten “Saphire” and also a Siameese Seal point Apple Head called “Aqua” I go through cat litter like there is no tomorrow, I cannot seam to find the right litter for my three cats, I always have smells in the house, my 3 children (cats) enjoy their litter boxes alot. LOVE TO TRY YOUR CAT LITTER IT LOOKS GREAT YOUR LITTER AMAZING PRODUCT.

  17. 1167

    ALWAYS looking for a good natural litter solution…I have yet to find a really good one…would love to try this one

  18. 1168

    Love to try this litter for my 8 kitties!

  19. 1169
    Kathy Conway Thompson

    Sign me up!

  20. 1170

    I love natural cat litters. My cats also love them.

  21. 1171

    My 2 pixie-bobs have used World’s Best their entire 7-years, but thought I’d try Purr & Simple. Gave the cats a choice between the 2 litters. Purr & Simple has been the hands down winner for the cats & me. They like it better, rarely using World’s Best since introducing Purr & Simple. It also seems to control odors much better — at least when the cats bother to bury their poop which they tend not to do in either litter — so I win as well. Only been using for 2-weeks, so overall cost is still an open question, but so far so good. I’ve already ordered a 2nd larger bag.

  22. 1172
    Sunda Grubb

    I would love to try this for my 3 Siamese. I am always looking for something good in cat litter. Have tried many but the gang is picky.

  23. 1173
    Jodi Gersh

    Just ordered this new litter. I hope the kitties like it =^..^=

  24. 1174

    Kaley I’m sure would try this brand. I like to switch up the type of litter she is using regularly.

  25. 1175
    Donna R

    I have been looking for this litter..but the 2 stores in my area that are supposed to carry NOT…so I would love to try this..

  26. 1176

    this stuff is great!!! my 3 rescues would love to have a bit extra!

  27. 1177
    Diane Andrade

    I’ve been slowly adding Purr & Simple to my existing cat litter to introduce my cat to it slowly. she has not had a problem with the new, and I already notice a significant improvement in odor control. The clumping is great resulting in less waste. I will definitely recommend your product to all my cat loving friends!

  28. 1178

    I got a call from the store that orders it for me and she said she was told it has been discontinued. I sent an e-mail to purr and simple to see if they are quitting or if it was just the supplier in our area. I’ve been using it for a few months and it is the best I’ve tried yet for odor control and scooping. We have a stinky boy and the odor is so much less with this brand, so I hope they haven’t discontinued it.

  29. 1179

    i love this litter!!! it lasts a long time, clumps quickly and easily and ive noticed a significant improvement in odor control. I would definitly buy this brand

  30. 1180

    I have a cat with severe allergies(food and environmental), so our litter choices are very narrow. I avoid the corn, wheat and soy based litters because of his food allergies, any anything with pine or with fragrances added because of his environmental allergies. Also, several of my cats ended up with food infections when using litters with fragrances added.
    We’ve tried the newspaper pellet type litters but they tend to quickly dissolve into dust. I finally found this litter and decided to give it a try(the clumping version). We have not had any allergy issues with this with my cats and it does a pretty good job of odor control. The only thing I don’t like as much about it is the liquids seem to end up on the bottom of the litterbox where the clumps sometimes stick to the liner and crumble when you try to scoop them.

  31. 1181

    I have a tidy cats breeze system along with another traditional litterbox, which is kind of working out all right, but buying replacement urine pads and their special pellets for the breeze is pretty expensive. I’m on the market for a new, healthy litter to use in their traditional box, as I am unsatisfied with what I’ve been using….pine, corn, newspaper..I’ve tried it all. This tree nut litter sounds great, and I’d love to try it!

  32. 1182

    Guys, my cat ATE some of the pellets. His intestine got blocked and he had to be operated, the doctor said it was like “mud” in his intestine. Now he has irritable bowel syndrome. Avoid this product.

  33. 1183
    janise peace

    I work at an animal shelter and this is the only litter we use. It is awesome at controlling odor. Even with a dozen cats together in one room. Of coures I use it at home too.

  34. 1184
    mary knight

    5 indoor cats, 10 in their special backyard shelter, all loved, all using litter boxes – bring on that new litter, would love to try it!

  35. 1185
    Denise Pokrny

    i would love to try this looking for a good healthy litter for my 2 boys something that keeps smell down and doesnt track too much!

  36. 1186

    Sounds great, a veterinarian told me about litter made from walnut shells. I am looking forward to trying this out!

  37. 1187
    Arden Morley

    We are 501(c)(3) no-kill feline-only shelter, housing 200 cats. We are always in search of a better cat litter to control odor. However, price is always a consideration. Nevertheless, we would like to give this litter a try to see howit compares with the one we are currenty using regarding cost versus effectiveness.

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