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Mon, Mar 7, 2011

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I’m always excited to try a new non-clay cat litter, so I was intrigued when I found Purr & Simple. So far, I’ve tried litters made from corn, wood, wheat, soy, and paper, but Purr & Simple is completely different. It is made by Eco-Shell Inc, a company that specializes in creating Earth-friendly products using agricultural by-products. Purr & Simple is the first cat litter to use by-products from the tree nut industry, and they have discovered something awesome. Apparently, tree nut shells, including the inner membrane surrounding the nut, have incredible natural odor absorbing properties. I can tell you, I’ve tested this new litter and I am very impressed! Mother Nature may have solved our litter box odor problems!

I first encountered Purr & Simple last year at the Global Pet Expo. I met Gail and David from Eco-Shell in the Purr & Simple booth where they were using a sophisticated demonstration system to show just how good Purr & Simple is at eliminating odor. They had a special machine that pulls the air into a glass tube filled with crystals that change color according to the amount of odor (ammonia, I believe) in the air. They ran the test on each litter for me and the Purr & Simple results were so dramatically lower than ANY of the other litters, it certainly caught my attention. (Not to mention that Gail and David are also really nice!)

So they sent me some of the litter to test for myself and, I have to say, it exceeded my expectations. Purr & Simple comes in both pellets and a new clumping formula. I tested both and they both absorb odor equally well. The pellet formula, like most pellet litters, has very little dust and is easy to clean. The clumping formula clumps really well, forming nice solid clumps that are easy to scoop, plus the cats love the texture. Purr & Simple is a dark brown color, which hides the solids (and can also make it a little challenging to find the solids when scooping). The clumping formula looks like coffee grounds, with larger granules that don’t track as far as some of the lighter wood litters I’ve tried. The clumping litter does put off some dust, which is also a dark brown color and requires regular cleaning. Maybe you can think of this as a benefit, because it makes it pretty obvious when it’s time to clean the dust!

Purr & Simple is currently available at pet stores across the US and Canada. Check their store locator to find a store near you. If you can’t find a store near you, please contact Purr & Simple for more information.

Allergy Alert

You may be asking the question, “What about people with tree nut allergies?” The Purr & Simple website addresses this question and says that testing shows very low nut protein levels in the litter, however, they recommend that people with severe tree nut allergies do not use this product.


Five lucky winners are going to get to test Purr & Simple for themselves! Each winner will receive a 10 lb bag in their choice of either pellets or clumping litter. Please leave a comment on this post to enter. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on March 14, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada. Canadian winners will need to pay applicable taxes and duties.

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1,187 Responses to “Introducing Purr & Simple All Natural Cat Litter ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 951

    Clay litter is so heavy, dusty and not earth friendly but the alternatives I have tried just don’t cut it. Would love to give this new litter a go.

  2. 952

    This stuff looks amazing. I can’t seem to find a price though, and it will be tough to beat the current BOGO deal I’m getting on my newspaper based litter. But, I am always on the lookout for good, non-pine (allergies) litter. I will certainly give it a go, especially after I read it’s flushable.

  3. 953

    I’d wish it was sold in Denmark. Unfortunately we are only able to buy clay-litter in my country, and my cats are suffering from respitory problems constantly.. I would do anything to try this product.

  4. 954

    I use another eco-type litter, but this sounds better…

  5. 955

    Would love to try the clumping type. Thanks for the new product info.

  6. 956

    I currently use Swheat Scoop & sometimes the Worlds Best Cat Litter, but am up for trying anything eco-friendly. would love to win some to try, since Petsmart seems behind the times getting new products into stock!

  7. 957

    Would like to try this one, especially after your last reminder post. I really was shocked about these facts. Need to try something different now!

  8. 958

    Great timing for this contest. I very recently decided to stop using clay litter once this last bag is used up. This would come in very handy in my search for a healthier alternative.

  9. 959

    Natural is the better way to go!! It is worth a try for sure!

  10. 960

    I would love to give this litter a try. I like that it is natural and using a by-product so there is less waste in the landfill. It is an extra bonus that it controls odors so well.

  11. 961

    I would love to trey this!!!!

  12. 962
    Kelly L

    Peanut and her parents love pellets!

  13. 963
  14. 964

    I didn’t know clay clumping litter had a bad side until I read it her. I would gladly try this new litter. Thanks for the info.

  15. 965

    I am using a corn based litter that it doesn’t control odor very well. I would love to try it!

  16. 966

    I’m excited to try this, especially the clumping litter. My cats are my family.

  17. 967

    I’m a recently reformed non-clay litter girl so I’d love to give this a try! (I’m currently using Swheat Scoop)

  18. 968

    I never knew about this! I’m sure the cat that owns me would love to try something less smelly.

  19. 969

    This stuff looks like a great new product, I would love to try it out with my three cats…

  20. 970

    I use a Litter Robot, which requires a clumping litter that rolls well – any word on whether this one works in Litter Robots? I’d certainly be willing to give it a try.

  21. 971

    I want to try this just to see if my finicky jerk-cat Lump will use it. I’ve tried every other non-clay/non-silica, but maybe this will appease his bladder!

  22. 972

    I am going shopping today and I’m going to see if I can fing some to try it, always looking for something better

  23. 973

    I would love to try this. I haven’t found a non-clay litter my cat likes.

  24. 974

    Kudos to the folks who create these eco-friendly products. Nice to know we can help make a difference.

  25. 975

    I would love to try it. In my only two years with cats, I have yet to find the best litter.

  26. 976

    VERY interested to try this. I started out using Feline Pine — my top concern is for my cat’s health and it was a great product for that, but the odor control and the tracking of the product itself was the worst, and keeping the litterbox clean was challenging because of the way it was designed to break down with urine it just mixed in with all the fresh stuff and was hard to sift and separate, so you end up using lots of product. So, more recently, I was turned on to World’s Best (a corn product)…much cleaner, less odor, easy to clean out her box. Material-wise, Purr&Simple sounds like it might be a better idea than the corn for my cat — plus it is using a waste product. Happy to test it out!

  27. 977

    what a great solution to the normal dusty litter!

  28. 978

    I would love the chance to try this litter. I’ve tried just about every “natural” litter unsuccessfully – for some reason my cats won’t use them. Would be nice to see if they’d use this type…at least before I make the investment!

  29. 979

    Wow! Looks great.

  30. 980

    looks good!

  31. 981

    Sounds fantastic! I am currently mixing one of the “fresh”-smelling (but dusty) clumping litters with a corn-based clumping litter, which works well (and my bruiser seems to like it), but twice the pain for me lugging those big bags/boxes up three flights of stairs to my apartment!

  32. 982
    The Monkeys

    We would love to enter and try this product!

  33. 983

    I usually use the wood fibre litter and I like it’s control of odor, so this new stuff looks very promising.

  34. 984
    Seanna Lea

    This looks really good. My husband really likes the clay litter (because he is the litter box man the way I’m the dog walking woman), but he would be willing to try this. I’ll have to let him know that the clay litter isn’t good for our kitty’s health.

  35. 985
    Eli VandenBerg

    I am eager to find a non-clay litter that both works and is affordable. I’d love to give this a shot.

  36. 986

    I currently use Worlds Best Cat Litter, but I’m always up for trying something new & better – thanks!

  37. 987
    Kathy C

    I would love to try this out – I have to be careful with non-clay litters because (for obvious reasons) I have a dog that is allergic to corn and one that is allergic to wheat. This would be wonderful!!

  38. 988

    Rave reviews from Blue Sky and Minzer who are attracted to the feel and consistency. Bonus points for low track, no dust, zero odor. Would love to try non-clump also.

  39. 989

    always looking for a better cat litter! seems worth a try…

  40. 990

    I’d like to try the clumping formula.

  41. 991

    My two cats have been using Purr & Simple for a year now and love it. I’ve also given bags away to friends as gifts and they have or their cats have fallen in love with it. I don’t think we will change litters.

  42. 992

    my boy would love to try this product!!!

  43. 993

    Funny this is being featured…Perfect timing! I have being doing extensive research on the various types of cat litter that are both environmentally friendly and also safer for my cats. I definitely think this is a great product and am looking forward to using it!

  44. 994

    sounds great… can’t wait to try it!

  45. 995

    What a great idea! I’d love to try this. I’ve used Feline Pine, but didn’t like the way it tracked so I currently use a mix of Swheat Scoop and clay. I would love get away from clay altogether.

  46. 996

    I’d love to try an alternative to clay that actually WORKS & the girls are happy with! The pellet formula sounds good as the dust tends to bother us HUMANS most of all!

  47. 997
    Robin Myles

    Always looking for the best litter

  48. 998

    we’re currently trying to find a new litter, since our favorite (close to nature now) is apparently no longer available. i’d love to try this!

  49. 999

    i definitely like using biodegradable litters. i also find they smell a lot better than clays.

  50. 1000

    Always interested in trying a new litter!

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