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Mon, Mar 7, 2011

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I’m always excited to try a new non-clay cat litter, so I was intrigued when I found Purr & Simple. So far, I’ve tried litters made from corn, wood, wheat, soy, and paper, but Purr & Simple is completely different. It is made by Eco-Shell Inc, a company that specializes in creating Earth-friendly products using agricultural by-products. Purr & Simple is the first cat litter to use by-products from the tree nut industry, and they have discovered something awesome. Apparently, tree nut shells, including the inner membrane surrounding the nut, have incredible natural odor absorbing properties. I can tell you, I’ve tested this new litter and I am very impressed! Mother Nature may have solved our litter box odor problems!

I first encountered Purr & Simple last year at the Global Pet Expo. I met Gail and David from Eco-Shell in the Purr & Simple booth where they were using a sophisticated demonstration system to show just how good Purr & Simple is at eliminating odor. They had a special machine that pulls the air into a glass tube filled with crystals that change color according to the amount of odor (ammonia, I believe) in the air. They ran the test on each litter for me and the Purr & Simple results were so dramatically lower than ANY of the other litters, it certainly caught my attention. (Not to mention that Gail and David are also really nice!)

So they sent me some of the litter to test for myself and, I have to say, it exceeded my expectations. Purr & Simple comes in both pellets and a new clumping formula. I tested both and they both absorb odor equally well. The pellet formula, like most pellet litters, has very little dust and is easy to clean. The clumping formula clumps really well, forming nice solid clumps that are easy to scoop, plus the cats love the texture. Purr & Simple is a dark brown color, which hides the solids (and can also make it a little challenging to find the solids when scooping). The clumping formula looks like coffee grounds, with larger granules that don’t track as far as some of the lighter wood litters I’ve tried. The clumping litter does put off some dust, which is also a dark brown color and requires regular cleaning. Maybe you can think of this as a benefit, because it makes it pretty obvious when it’s time to clean the dust!

Purr & Simple is currently available at pet stores across the US and Canada. Check their store locator to find a store near you. If you can’t find a store near you, please contact Purr & Simple for more information.

Allergy Alert

You may be asking the question, “What about people with tree nut allergies?” The Purr & Simple website addresses this question and says that testing shows very low nut protein levels in the litter, however, they recommend that people with severe tree nut allergies do not use this product.


Five lucky winners are going to get to test Purr & Simple for themselves! Each winner will receive a 10 lb bag in their choice of either pellets or clumping litter. Please leave a comment on this post to enter. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing on March 14, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada. Canadian winners will need to pay applicable taxes and duties.

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1,187 Responses to “Introducing Purr & Simple All Natural Cat Litter ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 1101

    Oh my, would be nice to win ;-)

  2. 1102

    What a concept. Recycle and re-use of agriculture waste. Who would have thunk? Just picked up some pellet formula at the local pet store. It does work. My cats have been using feline pine and it tends to stick to their paws and between their toes and track all over the place. It reminds me of a chia pet. Just add urine and it grows and grows and grows. This stuff does break down but not nearly as fast. There is absolutely no smell at all. It is like magic. No dust. No tracking. No smell. What more can you ask for.

  3. 1103
    Beth F.

    Sounds like an excellent product!

  4. 1104

    Would love to win this litter and try it!!!

  5. 1105
    Courtney W.

    I would love to try this with my two cats. I’ve tried different natural litters, but none met my expectations when it came to odor control.

  6. 1106

    Better for the cats, better for the environment! As LOL Cat would say, “Want!”

  7. 1107

    Oh! I’ve got to find this!!

  8. 1108

    Moved away from clay and to a wood based product forever ago, but it tracks like crazy and I’m really not that fond of vacuuming. I’ve a cat that can’t use clumping litter, leaving very few choices. I’d love to try the pellet version and save the wear and tear on my vacuum cleaner.

  9. 1109
    Amy S.

    We are using World’s Best cat litter but this looks awesome! I think it would track less, look forward to trying it.

  10. 1110

    I’ve been looking forward to trying a new brand of kitty litter. It’s great that it’s made from agricultural byproducts.

  11. 1111
    christine buxton

    What a wonderful purrrr…fect prize to win for my purrr….fect prize to winfor my cat. she will simply love it. #great

  12. 1112

    I hope to win this! Love trying something new to give my furry friends the best possible litter

  13. 1113
  14. 1114

    This looks like a great new product. I’d love to try this litter out on my kitties.

  15. 1115

    Would love to try it!!!!

  16. 1116

    Wow! Tree nut shells. Who would’ve thought. Anything that’s better for the earth and our babies is good with me. Thanks for keeping us in-the-know. :)

  17. 1117
    Ward Suddaby

    Our Cats would love to give this litter a test run!

  18. 1118

    Sounds like a hit – I’d love to see if my boy Apollo would like it!

  19. 1119

    can’t WAIT to try this out!

  20. 1120

    I would love to try this and see how it compares to the recycled newspaper we use now.

  21. 1121

    ooo – this would be nifty to try!!!
    and i bet the shells DO absorb odors pretty well…

  22. 1122

    Where can I buy this litter!

  23. 1123

    Sounds interesting! I am unaware of the non clay litters. Now I need to do some research. Thanks for the information!!

  24. 1124
    gretchen roche

    I currently use world’s best, I would really like to try this out

  25. 1125
    Paul Agogliati

    We have four cats ranging from four to twelve years in age. They all chose to come to our home after suffering cruel treatment and abandonment at the hands of inconsiderate and heartless humans. We were blessed with their companionship from early age. Over the years, we have often tried natural products for their care, comfort and because we feel responsible to live in balance with our surrounding.

    Unfortunately, too often we find that many natural products are unacceptable to our feline’s preference. As I read your enthusiastic opinion of the wood based litter, I was intrigued. I was pleased to read of the superior odor reduction quality, as I am certain our furry companions will be as well. I also like the clumping ability without the health hazards that plague many of the other commercial clumping brands. In any event we will keep a look out for your product and hope to have our cats give it a test soon.


    Paul and Judy Agogliati

  26. 1126

    sure would love to win this.

  27. 1127

    I’d love to try this and see if my kitties like it! Sounds like a great product!

  28. 1128

    I’d be interested in trying it.

  29. 1129

    I would love to try this. with 4 babies, I am always looking for a good ordor eater litter.

  30. 1130

    I would love for my 3 dear friends, Halo, Doo-Lang, and Wellington to try this great product out, they too love this earth, MEOW!

  31. 1131

    I’d like to try it.

  32. 1132

    It’d be so nice to have a try at a product which might be healthier for us and our cat! Our last cat was pretty finicky about only using unscented clay and we have been skittish about investing in trying anything else with our current cat.

  33. 1133
    Kimberley Jumper

    Boy do I need this!!!

  34. 1134
    Missy K

    We can always use litter !


  35. 1135

    Always looking for new/better litter. I am allergic to the clay so this may be a great alternative.

  36. 1136

    We have tried many and varied brands — Luigi the cat is very particular. Currently using Fresh Step Lavender which he seems to tolerate. Could Purr and Simple All Natural Cat Litter be a hit with Luigi?

  37. 1137
    Sheila S.

    I am currently trying out the pellet version of this litter. It really does do a great job on odor. I’m looking forward to trying the clumping version as well, as soon as my local pet store carries it!

  38. 1138

    Great idea!!!

  39. 1139
    Jennifer M

    We always use natural litter and I love trying what is new in the litter world!

  40. 1140

    we have nine indoor/outdoor cats. We need some litter. Thank you.

  41. 1141

    can you send some litter to Japan?

  42. 1142

    That’s interesting. I’d like to try that. :)
    I guess it would be something to add on my shopping list next time when I go to pet store. Hope, they have one.

  43. 1143

    I read about this litter on a web group I belong to for people with crf cats. I have been looking for an alternative to clumping clay litter and this sounds very intriguing.

  44. 1144

    I would love to try this litter!

  45. 1145
    Lisa L

    Yay to eco-friendly litter!

  46. 1146

    We would like to try this new litter.

  47. 1147

    yes, count me in for non-clay, good-for-cats litter. thank you

  48. 1148

    I’d love to try this! Having three cats having a good litter is must.

  49. 1149

    I’m glad so many companies are coming out with clumping non-clay litters, but I’m not going to hold my breath about the odor control, it’s too good to be true.

  50. 1150

    Roux, Simone, and Coco are exploring newer, greener litters right now and would be delighted to give Purr&Simple a whirl :)

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