Introducing the Scratch Lounge PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY! FIVE WINNERS!

Wed, Mar 23, 2011

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We have a new favorite lounge spot at home: The Scratch Lounge. Ando recently had a chance to give it a test drive (thank you, Scratch Lounge!) and he is quite impressed. The shape of the Scratch Lounge is just perfect for kitties to plop down in, with thick corrugated cardboard surfaces on the bottom and on two sides, creating a cardboard nest. The other great design feature is that all three cardboard pads (bottom and both sides) are reversible, so it’s like getting two loungers in one. And when it’s really done, the whole thing is recyclable.

The Scratch Lounge is made in the USA in Chicago, Illinois using all safe materials including non-toxic wheat-based glue to adhere the cardboard pieces together. And besides being a great product, The Scratch Lounge is made by a great company. A full 10% of profits are donated to The Amanda Foundation Mobile Clinic, which provides low-cost spay/neuter services specifically to the poorest communities of Los Angeles.

Not only does the Scratch Lounge contribute to The Amanda Foundation, but they regularly participate generously in lots of animal rescue programs and fundraisers, like the recent aCATemy awards adoption event where every cat received a free Scratch Lounge, and the HSUS Genesis Awards. The people behind the Scratch Lounge truly have the welfare of the animals in mind as part of their business plan! Stay up-to-date on the latest Scratch Lounge activities on their Facebook page.


Five lucky winners are going to receive Scratch Lounges! To enter, please leave a comment on this post. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on March 30, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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1,268 Responses to “Introducing the Scratch Lounge PLUS BONUS GIVEAWAY! FIVE WINNERS!”

  1. 401

    Home town product! Woot woot! Pick a home town cat! My cat, Liger, would love this.

  2. 402
    Marie Rivers

    Between Max, Oggie & Ella, we could put this to good use! Thanks.

  3. 403

    very cool!

  4. 404

    It would make my Cocoa Kitty very happy. She also looks a lot like the cat in the picture. Maybe she would stop shredding my cardboard storage boxes if she had this.

  5. 405

    No cat can resist the word lounge and the smell/feel of cardboard.

    This will be the latest fight worthy object in my house if I was to win!

  6. 406

    my little jaz needs a new scratcher! this is the one please!

  7. 407

    ARR! Tis I, Giant Pirate Brady! I’ve commandeered my mommy’s puter to say that I want this for me ship!

  8. 408

    My cats would love this product!

  9. 409

    So cute!!! My cat would love this:)

  10. 410
    carole wilson

    A scratch in a box! Wow! cats would love that!

  11. 411

    Think my two will be fighting over which one gets the lounge first !!

  12. 412

    So far, it’s been a tough week for us kitties: a trip to the vet’s, nails trimmed, shots given, blood taken, and antibiotics for both of us. We could really use a Scratch Lounge.

  13. 413
    Carmela Chamberlain

    My cats love their scratchers. This one would be a bit hit!

  14. 414

    nice design. we sure could use a new scratcher…meow

  15. 415

    My cat Edie – LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the scratch lounge and needs a new one badly. I like the new shape and she would love to give it a test run.


  16. 416

    Baby Jaz needs a Scratch Lounge!

  17. 417

    Boy, wouldn’t our cats love to lounge on the Scratch Lounge after a hard day at work keeping the house safe from birds (and probably an occasional mouse) seen from the windows of our home. What a way to kick back and relax! :-)

  18. 418

    Would deff have to get 2 for my kitties cuz i’m sure they’d fight over one :) would love to have this!

  19. 419

    Looks like Wren & Sparrow! They’d love this! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  20. 420

    Our kitties love Scratch Lounge! We’d love to win another for upstairs!

  21. 421
    Leslie Dippel

    We would love to have the Scratch Lounge….from 4 spoiled kitties

  22. 422

    Wow….almost thought I was looking at my cat Shady. She was a rescued cat that my son got and after a few years she came to us ’cause he couldn’t have a cat when he moved. We weren’t too enthused, but needless to say, she stole our hearts (after she came out of hiding). Even her vet loves to see her, she’s such a gentle sweetie. I’m sure Shady would just love this scratching lounge. Hope I/she wins one.

  23. 423

    I don’t think my cat would ever leave that. The tin of Catnip is too cute :)

  24. 424

    Mar actually has one but needs a new one seeing his is battered!

  25. 425
    Lea Anne Campbell

    All 35 claws will be in true scratch heaven. We need as much scratching stuff as we can get.

  26. 426

    My cats would love it!! :)

  27. 427
  28. 428

    What a great idea!

  29. 429

    oh my! Smoky would absolutely LOVE one of these!!!

  30. 430

    Love the old-school apothecary/general store -ish design.

  31. 431
    edward Sonnenschein

    Our cat scratcher is getting a bit aged and it would be wonderful to have a new one to claw away on. We would definitely like to get our paws on one of these.

  32. 432

    would love to try this out!
    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  33. 433
    sean Sonnenschein

    I think we have cat scratch fever and we feel like scratching the night away. Please help our cause.

  34. 434

    Our cats already use cardboard boxes as their beds and they love scratchers, so this combo would be purr-fect (sorry!) for them. Hope we win, Emma & Lola!

  35. 435

    How charming, I really like that the graphics on the box are not ugly like so many cat related products are. Come to think of it that’s what I like about the Modern Cat blog over-all.

  36. 436

    I love it when Ando demos things : ) I think my cat would love a Scratch Lounge as much as Ando!

  37. 437

    My cats are big fans of scratching and biting every cardboard box they get to lay paws on. I am sure they would just love Scrach Lounge :)

  38. 438
    Rachel S.

    So excellent. Would be fabulous in my home.

  39. 439

    We’re moving to a new house and this would make Apollo’s transition so much easier!

  40. 440

    Since I have a black cat (just like the one in the photos), I know that CaraMia would look just perfect sitting inside it! Ditto for my orange cat,too!

  41. 441

    Great product for a great cause! My kitties would love this lounge.

  42. 442

    my kitty would loooove to anhialate this thing!

  43. 443

    I have ALWAYS wanted to try the scratch lounge because my cats love scratchers and cardboard boxes. Please pick me!!!!!!

  44. 444

    This is wonderful, with a cat that loves boxes and one that loves scratch pads this would be a favorite I am sure. A Huge Thank You to the maker(s) of the Scratch Lounge for all they do for our Kitty friends!

  45. 445

    Uaw and the black cat makes it more amazing.

    Wanna one please!


  46. 446

    We have adopted a gorgeous tom who wears a tuxedo and has stolen our hearts. To our delight, he has now been trained to scratch on his scratchers and in doing so he gets the ‘good boy’ command. We encouraged him with snacks too. He’s doing so well that we are now having to replace one of the upstairs scratchers, as he enjoys the treats so much. You won’t be surprised to hear that he has reached a contented 5 kg and is now on food watch. Sure he’d love to have a go on these ones too, they look like a bright idea.

  47. 447
    sherry young

    my foster kittens would love this, for play,claws & slumber.

  48. 448

    I’ve been looking at these!! I’d love to win one, try it out, and buy more for my friends and family!

  49. 449

    How cute! My kitty would love this.

  50. 450

    My kitties LOVE scratching things like this!


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