Introducing the Sunny Seat Cat Bed ENTER TO WIN!

We all know how much cats like to curl up in a sunny spot by the window. Well, the new Sunny Seat cat bed makes it really easy to set-up the perfect window perch for kitty. The folks at Sunny Seat sent us one to test, and I was a bit hesitant at first. You see, the bed mounts to a glass window or door using suction cups, which made me skeptical, but once I took the bed out of the package and saw the serious industrial suction cups, my mind was set at ease. Then I saw the video on their website that shows 50 lbs. of bricks stacked on the Sunny Seat and that proved it. This thing is sturdy!

The Sunny Seat has a strong plastic tube frame covered with a durable canvas cover that can be machine washed. The frame and cover mount to any smooth glass surface with four giant suction cups and two cables attached to two metal springs. It’s incredibly easy to install and the cats took to it right away. This is an excellent solution for apartment dwellers who want to install a cat perch without drilling into the walls.

There are of course plenty of warnings in the instructions, like not to use the Sunny Seat on antique glass or textured glass that might not allow the suction cups to attach securely. I attached it on the sliding glass door to the catio and it’s holding perfectly.

You may have seen the Sunny Seat for sale on TV. It is also available online for just $19.99 plus shipping & handling, and in typical “as seen on TV” fashion, there’s a “But wait, there’s more!” offer: buy one, get one free, plus you get two free laser cat toys. What a deal!

Stay up-to-date on the latest Sunny Seat news on their Facebook page.


One lucky reader is going to receive a free Sunny Seat! To enter, please leave a comment on this post with your thoughts about the Sunny Seat. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on April 4, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.

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1,077 Responses to “Introducing the Sunny Seat Cat Bed ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 751

    Athena would LOVE to have this. She’s now metropolitan kitty and lives in a TINY place. This would be great for her to sun herself and look out on the world below! Thanks! :O)

  2. 752

    this is awesome. I have crank out windows so I can’t use the perches that are help by the window. I’m sure my cats would fight over this.

  3. 753

    That looks too cool, I know all 3 of mine would be fighting over it.

  4. 754

    Ever since we moved, Puffy and Lily have missed being able to sit in the window. This would be perfect!

  5. 755
    Pamela Howden

    This would be great, a place to sit high and sunny.

  6. 756
    P Bangart

    How cute!! My girls would love this new window seat!!!

  7. 757
    Laura in MS

    I was actually thinking of trying to make my own window cat seat but if I won this for our gatos, then I could have one without spending a dime. :)

  8. 758

    Our kitten would love this. She currently peaks out the window in a very uncomfortable looking position.

  9. 759
    Silvia K.

    My cats would fight over this! They had one that was attached to a window but it broke after a few months of them springing on this so this is a great idea.

  10. 760

    I recently saw this advertised on tv, and was excited by the idea, but leery of the support provided by only suction cups. Scary. So I am very happy to hear that the suction cups actually perform as advertised! My baby girl Barbie will absolutely love this!

  11. 761

    This would go over wonderfully in my house. All 3 kids LOVE to be able to rest comfortably and to be able to look out a window on top of it is just frosting on the cake!!!

  12. 762

    Nap time!

  13. 763
    Siegfried Von Felin

    Ralph the cat says that his new visiting friend (rescue foster kitty) would love a sunny place.

  14. 764

    what kitty doesn’t love napping in the sun!!!

  15. 765

    My boys would fight over who gets the sun-bathing seat!

  16. 766

    Terrific! If you clean the glass thoroughly and then wipe the spots where the suction cups go with rubbing alcohol the suction should work perfectly.

  17. 767

    Makes me wish I were a cat

  18. 768

    If I won one, I’d have to get 2 others or have a cat fight!

  19. 769

    My cats would love a front seat view of the outdoors.

  20. 770

    Very cool idea.

  21. 771
    Terri L.

    How very clever!

  22. 772

    My cats love anywhere they can look outside. This would be excellent for
    my patio door, or a window that I have on the second floor. They would
    love this. Great price too. I have a catnapper, but the cover shrunk when I washed it. This is just too cool. Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!!!

  23. 773
    Linda Kish

    My kitties would so love this.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  24. 774

    I hadn’t seen these and think they are great. I researched a little more and was convinced and ordered a pair. I am hoping they will work outside with the humidity as my “backyardigans” like to sleep on the window units, so this would be ideal. The covers should be easy to recreate in something other than beige…Hope they meet my expectations.

  25. 775

    What an innovative idea!! I’ve always disliked the feline window seats that had to be permanently attached to the sill. This is fabulous!!

  26. 776
    Kelly L

    I want this for Peanut! And maybe it will help maintain sunny skies!

  27. 777

    so unique my kitties would love it

  28. 778
    Barb Gold

    This is great! I live in an apartment and can’t use one of the standard cat window seats because there are no window sills(ledges)to attach it to.

  29. 779

    it’s just what my babies need :)

  30. 780

    My kitties would love this on the patio door to watch the birds from

  31. 781
    Lora Bretz

    WOW! No screws or having to put holes into my window panes… just suction cups. Coco may just get her window seat!

  32. 782

    My cat loves to sun herself, and what better way to do it then on this beautiful cat bed!

  33. 783

    Love it, so will the meowsers!

  34. 784
    Kim T.

    My four cats would LOVE this! What a great idea!!!

  35. 785

    This would be very handy to move from window to window, following the sun! Pucci would LOVE it!

  36. 786

    My little Zsa Zsa would love this! She’d have a higher and more comfortable perch from which to watch her feral mom, Zen, come and go.

  37. 787

    these are so cute and look like a lot of fun! hope they expand and offer different colors and fabrics in the future.

  38. 788

    This is totally great! Any cat would enjoy, I know mine would.
    Great product.

  39. 789

    My cats would LOVE to lounge in the window and watch the birds! Hope we win!

  40. 790

    a sunny seat for a sun-lovin cat, yay!

  41. 791

    Wow, what a great idea !

  42. 792
    Megan Fisher

    My apartment is almost all windows without much ledges so this would be purrfect for fluffy Oliver & Jelly Bean! If I don’t win, I can’t wait to buy one…or maybe more than one.

  43. 793

    Walter would love one of these!

  44. 794
    Monica Duffy

    i’ve been in my house for 11 years & have always hated that none of the window frames are deep enough to support window beds for the kitties. this would be perfect!! just hope they don’t all try it at once & surpass the weight limit ;-)

  45. 795

    I have 8 cats, so I’m sure if i won this someone would be more than happy to use it. :) Thanks for offering another great giveaway!

  46. 796
    Jen S

    Another SUPER cool idea! People are very amazing and creative.

  47. 797

    A little skeptical about the suction cups but if they truly hold then this is a great idea!

  48. 798

    This is cool! My cats would love it although they’d probably fight over who got to use it!

  49. 799

    I saw the TV ad for this just yesterday. And I too was skeptical. So thank you for testing it out for us. Knowing that it works and is safe. I would definitely consider ordering one for my apartment kitty.

  50. 800

    What a great idea! I’d love to win this.

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