Introducing the Sunny Seat Cat Bed ENTER TO WIN!

We all know how much cats like to curl up in a sunny spot by the window. Well, the new Sunny Seat cat bed makes it really easy to set-up the perfect window perch for kitty. The folks at Sunny Seat sent us one to test, and I was a bit hesitant at first. You see, the bed mounts to a glass window or door using suction cups, which made me skeptical, but once I took the bed out of the package and saw the serious industrial suction cups, my mind was set at ease. Then I saw the video on their website that shows 50 lbs. of bricks stacked on the Sunny Seat and that proved it. This thing is sturdy!

The Sunny Seat has a strong plastic tube frame covered with a durable canvas cover that can be machine washed. The frame and cover mount to any smooth glass surface with four giant suction cups and two cables attached to two metal springs. It’s incredibly easy to install and the cats took to it right away. This is an excellent solution for apartment dwellers who want to install a cat perch without drilling into the walls.

There are of course plenty of warnings in the instructions, like not to use the Sunny Seat on antique glass or textured glass that might not allow the suction cups to attach securely. I attached it on the sliding glass door to the catio and it’s holding perfectly.

You may have seen the Sunny Seat for sale on TV. It is also available online for just $19.99 plus shipping & handling, and in typical “as seen on TV” fashion, there’s a “But wait, there’s more!” offer: buy one, get one free, plus you get two free laser cat toys. What a deal!

Stay up-to-date on the latest Sunny Seat news on their Facebook page.


One lucky reader is going to receive a free Sunny Seat! To enter, please leave a comment on this post with your thoughts about the Sunny Seat. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on April 4, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.

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1,077 Responses to “Introducing the Sunny Seat Cat Bed ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 951
    Bethany K.

    Would love for my little love bug to have one of these!

  2. 952

    My cat Minnow would love this bed!

  3. 953

    It is very versatile and can be moved around the house as the
    sun changes with the seasons.

  4. 954

    This is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer seasons!

  5. 955

    Looks very convenient.

  6. 956

    I agree with everyone who is skeptical of the suction cups’ abilities to hold, especially since some of my family’s cats are quite heavy. However, if they do work , I think is a great idea and love the thought of attaching it to a glass door!

  7. 957
    tracy reed

    I lvoe this.

  8. 958
    L.A. Forsythe

    So simple-it’s divine!

  9. 959
    Juniper Sicat

    This is perfect for my kitty. We live in an apt and there’s no where really to look unless I attach it to our sliding door!

  10. 960

    We would love to have this too! The design is very clever!

  11. 961

    Scout would probably be in this all the time, doing his daily bird watch on the lawn.

  12. 962

    This is a great solution for our sun-loving cat!

  13. 963

    Wow, what a great idea! no more balancing on narrow window sills for the kitties to get a view of the outside world!

  14. 964
    Meghan Page

    Pretty spiffy

  15. 965

    my cats stare out the window for hours….making our current unaccessible front window available would be a dream come true for them!

  16. 966

    I definitely know a special someone who would seriously enjoy this. Such a great idea for indoors kitties who don’t get to go out!

  17. 967

    What a great idea!!! The ones I’ve tried leave marks all over the wall!!!

  18. 968

    lovely! perhaps the kitty will stop destroying my blinds…!!

  19. 969

    I have the purrfect place to put this! Awesome :)

  20. 970

    Looks great! And it would be the perfect spot for my friend’s older cat to retreat to, especially when my younger cat is trying to play with it!

  21. 971
    Jennifer Simpson

    what a clever idea, would love to try this!

  22. 972

    I would love one of these. I could finally get the cats off the desk while I work!

  23. 973

    I wish they had a human sized one!

  24. 974

    I love how it will fit on any window in my house!

  25. 975

    this is a great idea….we have big windows that this would suit perfectly.

  26. 976
    Jen Fitz

    What I really love about this Sunny Seat Cat Bed is that it is so versatile? You know how cats are always looking for a new spot to lounge by the window, well now I can keep moving it every day and they’ll think it’s a new spot. I have five cats and they will just adore this but I will probably need to get five.

  27. 977
    Deborah Carter

    My kitties LOVE watching the birds. I know that they would purr themselves silly in the Sunny Seat.Purrrty please.

  28. 978

    There’ll be a blood between my boys to fight for this special comfy seat – the best seat in the house, for sure!!

  29. 979

    would suction cups (and seat, of course) hold up my 21 pound cat? hope we win.

  30. 980

    Looks like a cool idea.

  31. 981

    My cats love getting in the windows this would be perfect for them.

  32. 982

    My cats would love a cat window like this, and it would let us attach it to our huge glass door or our huge back windows.

  33. 983

    That is so cool! My cats would fight over this one…the cream kitty in the first pic reminds me of my Sebastian!

  34. 984

    so perfect now that spring is here!

  35. 985
    Little Doll

    Any cat would love to curl up in the sun on this bed.

  36. 986

    My cats would adore such a perch (although they’d probably quibble over who gets to use it more!). The windowsills in my tiny apartment are much smaller and one of my particularly chubby kitties doesn’t quite fit the way she would like. The cat perch would be a lifesaver!

  37. 987

    Because I never win this stuff, I went ahead and ordered this deal online. I have to note that I find it duplicitous that you have to submit your order without knowing the full shipping and handling charges, which nearly equal the cost of the order.

  38. 988

    What a wonderful, more comfortable way of laying in the window. That looks cozy.

  39. 989

    This is a great window seat for cats, all the others you have to screw into the wall, this one, you could move it around. My Bella would love to have to to sun bath on !!!!

  40. 990

    I just moved to an apartment and I’m looking for anything like this to keep my cat happy before I move him over with me. This looks like a simple, easy solution for a comfy kitty viewing spot.

  41. 991

    This looks fantastic! We have full glass sliding doors in the living room, and this would be a great way to give the cats a place to perch and still see outside.

  42. 992

    I could totally use this for Peanut in my apartment!

  43. 993

    Sooo cute for kitties so they can watch the birdies outside in the springtime!!!

  44. 994

    Would love to try this out and see if it will hold my big boy!!

  45. 995
    Jade Sheldon

    My cat would totally love this!

  46. 996

    I love the mounting hardware on this! Kallisti would go nuts for a seat like this!

  47. 997

    I love this idea!

  48. 998

    Tabitha would be sooo happy! I’ve been wanting to get her something like this.

  49. 999

    I think both my cats would love this so much they’d fight over it!

  50. 1000

    Awesome idea for renters and it frees up floor space and looks great when not in use. Oliver and Oscar will love it.

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