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Fri, Apr 15, 2011

Climbing & Perching, Giveaways

Our friends over at Urban Pet Haus have been hard at work developing new concepts for some fabulous ultra-mod cat condos and hideaways. They asked me to share the concepts with you to get your feedback, and as a special thank you, one lucky reader who leaves feedback will receive a set of UPH Wave Perches, one large and one small.

Please take a look at the five different designs above. AKT is a larger activity center/cat condo that is shown in two sizes, large and small. The other three are concepts for smaller hideaways, all of which would look fabulous in a modern home. Please leave a comment on this post with any thoughts you have on these concepts. Do you like them? Which do you like best? What do you think of the size? How much do you think they should sell for? These products might be offered in different color options, like the images below. What other colors would you like to see?

Please be honest, this will help the UPH design team to create something that you, the Moderncat readers, really want. All comments received through April 23, 2011 will be eligible for the giveaway. Please leave only one comment per person. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on April 24. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US only. Readers outside the US are welcome to enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping charges.

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467 Responses to “Urban Pet Haus Needs Your Help! Leave Your Feedback, Enter to Win!”

  1. 451

    Wow — tough to decide, as each design has it’s pros and cons — but all are a ncie clean design. Maybe easiest to start by ruling out one design — the “matchbox” — although nice to have an economy option, and cats love to have a hiding place in almost any box, waht it lacks is much of a way for a cat to hide and yet be able to scan outside very easily. I think that “extrude” is a much more comfortable option for a simple space. I like “lux” as a cool look for us humans putting it in a room, but that view slot doesn’t seem practical for the cat — they’d have to stand or sit up high? I like “lux”‘s second level, but again, it seems to have been added mroe for aesthetics than practicality for kitty. So, on to the bigger ones — “AKT sm”, by far the coolest looking deisgn — lots of variety of shapes/spaces, but “AKT lg” would be the most fun spaces, if I were a cat. So, my tops are: AKT lg in dark colors for a big house, and extrude in brown/white for a minimal, less intrusive house.
    Good luck!

  2. 452

    It may be because I live in a small place but I like the smaller versions. I like all the color combos. I would also like to see an all white combo. I do like the ones with scratching material on them. Could you put that on the smaller versions as well? It’s hard to know what kitty would love. They love the strangest things that they don’t even fit on properly & ignore kitty designed things. Can you test them out with real kitties?

  3. 453

    Amazing!!! Love the combos! We don’t have any cat furniture like this in Australia. Very creative! I love it & so would my Ragdoll Neville. He loves getting in & out of boxes & jumping over them. This would be perfect for him
    We would prefer the middle sized on with the peep holes. Neville would love to spy on me from the inside. The black & white design are perfect. I think this product would be a hit!

  4. 454

    The surfaces seem awfully hard and pointy … I can just picture myself walking past and catching my shin on it. They could do with slightly more rounded corners, and possibly padded or sisal surfaces for kitty to lounge/scratch on. Plus some warm colors. That said, I do like the design of the “lux” and “extrude” models, with their hideaways perfect for napping and/or stalking!

  5. 455

    I like ATK large and Lux because my kitty like to hide and peek. I’d like to see an option to have a solid wall in place of the scratching wall. Our cats were declawed so they wouldn’t use this.

  6. 456
    abby neals

    wow beautiful structure to it. it looks like midway for cats.

  7. 457

    These are great because they look like real furniture! They also look well designed. I like that there are so many options to choose from as well. The prices should vary accordingly I think so they can fit any budget. Or maybe you can build on what you get… Start with a small one and get others over time. I think there should be more variety in the wood grain and color choices. White would be nice I think. It’s awesome to have both the perching/climbing and the scratching needs taken care of in one piece!

  8. 458

    AWESOME!!! I reallt like the larger ones. I have a multiplecat household and they ov to play with each other, hide, jump, all that fun kitty stuff. Of course the higher they can get, the better! These are gorgeous and would go well in any room in the house. They are very sophisticated, justhat every cat considers a must! I think the large AKT would be theri choice, but am sure they would b proud to own any of them. Thank you for the chance!

  9. 459

    late to win but i had to comment – i agree with #454. too sharp looking and pointy. they’re kind of joyless looking. =/

  10. 460

    Beautiful!! I know my cats will just love one of the combos!

  11. 461

    extrude would be an awesome mod way to hide litter while keeping the house looking contempory. Neat designs!

  12. 462

    I like the AKT (lg) the best, the other ones are too small and most likely to fade into the background of your house. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture! I think there should be a nice soft top to lie on, but with an integrated color. Maybe the scratch part is better on (both?) sides so the cat can stand up straight and scratch.
    Looks great and would love to see it in the Netherlands!

  13. 463
    Karin Edwards

    Matchbox for a cat bed? When the mice are away..the cats will play? Love the irony. Love the design. Kitty Wearstler would model it well, I believe.

  14. 464
    Bambi St. Jean

    Very nice! It would be great if they could be connected. You could start with a small one and add it on later to another one.

  15. 465

    Being a multi-cat home, my choice would have to be AKT lg lots of options for cat play, hiding and covert action. fulfills cats’ hide/ attack instinct. A little to austere of a look for my home, but great for the cat- in -the- box games.

  16. 466

    Wow! These are beautiful! The bigger, the better for my house. I foster cats and kittens for Keego Kitties and right now, have over 30 visitors. I love the modern lines, but am a bit concerned about the sharp corners. (I have 2 blind foster cats.) The first thing I thought of was that these were modular parts I could match up to design the condo that fits in my space, geared toward my cats.

  17. 467

    I purchase lots of kitty activity items….including Hidden Forest Tree, Lotus, Custom Made Cat House, Cat Clouds and recently purchased your Curve Perches I plan to install when getting new living room furniture…cats are enjoying perching on stack of boxes for now…..I don’t care for the box looking appearance of the top items…they are a little too plain in appearance….sort of gives a cheap appearance!!!!! They do have cat functional components for climbing and hiding, but could add some unique design. I don’t think I would add those to my house, becoming cat’s dream house!!!

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