Urban Pet Haus Needs Your Help! Leave Your Feedback, Enter to Win!

Fri, Apr 15, 2011

Climbing & Perching, Giveaways

Our friends over at Urban Pet Haus have been hard at work developing new concepts for some fabulous ultra-mod cat condos and hideaways. They asked me to share the concepts with you to get your feedback, and as a special thank you, one lucky reader who leaves feedback will receive a set of UPH Wave Perches, one large and one small.

Please take a look at the five different designs above. AKT is a larger activity center/cat condo that is shown in two sizes, large and small. The other three are concepts for smaller hideaways, all of which would look fabulous in a modern home. Please leave a comment on this post with any thoughts you have on these concepts. Do you like them? Which do you like best? What do you think of the size? How much do you think they should sell for? These products might be offered in different color options, like the images below. What other colors would you like to see?

Please be honest, this will help the UPH design team to create something that you, the Moderncat readers, really want. All comments received through April 23, 2011 will be eligible for the giveaway. Please leave only one comment per person. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on April 24. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US only. Readers outside the US are welcome to enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping charges.

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467 Responses to “Urban Pet Haus Needs Your Help! Leave Your Feedback, Enter to Win!”

  1. 301

    These are awesome! I think they need some kind of interchangeable scatch surface(s). They could use a pad inside with a washable cover, my old girl lives in boxes. They should also not be too heavy to lift and clean but heavy enough not to fall over. Wood finishes are always good, maple is my choice.

  2. 302
    Janice Woodard

    I like the larger designs which would allow for more interaction for multiple cats. I know very few cat owners that stop at only one feline.
    I’d pay upwards of $200. The wood is pretty but a modern cat may like slicker colors, blues, greens, whites or even beige. Good louck, these are ALL beautiful pieces!

  3. 303

    I think these are very nice looking and are much more attractive that a cardboard box. I especially like the darker wood color, although some might prefer a light wood if that is what their decor dictates. I like the fact that there’s no soft stuff so they’re easy to clean. I think they would be great in my foster room. The ones where there are hidey holes would probably be my preference. Maybe some optional colorful cushions?

  4. 304

    as an architect, speaking generally, we all think we can design and build things like this for ourselves. but this is something I would truly love to have in my home. it is incredibly well-designed and looks like a ton of fun. I imagine myself getting caught in it frequently.

  5. 305
    Debbie Glovatsky

    I LOVE the extrude and akt large! The extrude looks like it would provide a very fun hiding aspsect for kitty and I really love the scratching aspect of the larger unit. The scratching piece will help my kitty understand that this furniture is HERS and it’s ok to climb on it and play. I’m a sucker for modern design, so seeing a cat “condo” without ugly carpeting and some quasi tree-like shape is a breath of fresh air. …love those curved wall-mount pieces too!

  6. 306

    I like how modern these designs look — very different from the typical cat furniture available in pet stores. I think the size varieties work well — whether I would get one really depends on the price. Also — can these be mounted onto walls, or do they need to rest on the floor?

  7. 307
    Donna L.

    I love the AKT large – being owned by 5 felines. The height looks like it would be perfect to put in the kitchen by the window for daily squirrels visits. While the cats love their tall condos – they also love window height so they can lounge and chat with their outside friends.

    I also like the multiple “bins” which could be customized with bedding for personal decor choices. And easy to wipe down and keep clean.

    I like all the color options – but – would like the option of one color for the complete condo. In my case I might go with the black – or the white. I would also like to see something added to the closed bins facing out – a cat, mouse or butterfly cut out. It would give a more little light and air to the inside of those units, and add a finishing touch.

    Cost is always a factor – I would love around $150.00 because shipping would be another $50.00 at least based on weight?

    But I think on the whole – they are all really really nice!

  8. 308

    My favorite has is definitely the one with the little slot in it (Lux). My kitty love sticking her paw out from under blankets, behind doors, under cabinets… etc. They are all really neat looking, though my main concern would be for cleaning. They would need to come apart without too much trouble so that the inside could easily be cleaned (or the pile of accumulated toys removed.) but still feel sturdy when the kitty is playing on/in them. I’d say depending on the exact materials, $100-$200 seems appropriate (of course cheaper is always better for me!). I’d actually consider buying one myself at under $150. A lighter colored wood option would also be nice.

  9. 309

    I like the “AKT large” the best. The size is large enough for multiple cat households. My second choice is the “AKT small”. This size would nice for a smaller space. Choices of wood colors would be nice. Price range $175.00 for large and $125 for small. Good luck to the design team!

  10. 310

    I really like the lux. The view/paw port would be a big hit with my cats and it’s a good size to tuck various places. I like the look of the black. It’s different from all the other cat furniture out there.

  11. 311

    I think the higher the furniture, the better the cats will like it. My cats always look for the higher spots in the house and a simple pillow on the floor really won’t do!! It needs to be on top of something. So I think I like the first one best, but also the second one (the bigger ones) I think they offer the complete package, with the scratch board and the alternative spots for sitting/sleeping/lounging. I love the designs of all the cat condos but personally I would like to see some warmer colours, the wood is great but a bit grayish/dark.

  12. 312

    great series
    i think my cats would love something like that and it’s also decorative…
    i like the hideaways and the scratching surface looks great.

    colors – maybe light brown with white. black is good too:)

    i think the large ones could be taller and narrower cause they love to sit on high places. it can also combine closed storage shelfs maybe…

  13. 313

    Those are awesome >^..^< I love the large AKT! It's hard to find modern looking cat climbers, hide-a-ways! I think for the large you should start at around $400 to $500, maybe have options of exotic woods, i.e., zebra, quilted maple, and then an option for cat scratching sides or not! It would be nice if it came apart and was easy to assemble, too. That might help in shipping cost.

  14. 314

    I really like the Lux one – so cute and looks like a little spot a cat would be quite cozy in! What about the ability to piece together a few of these designs into one unit for multi-cat houses?

    I’m horrible with measurements, but one common problem I’m finding with cat beds, hideaways, litterboxes, basically EVERYTHING is that they are too small. I have 3 bengal cats, and although they are thin, they are very long / tall cats and can’t seem to fit into most cat furniture unless it’s just perched on top sort of hanging off the end. I really like these, would just ask that longer cats could fit in and have room to turn around to get back out! :)

    Can’t wait to see your final products!

  15. 315
    Susan Reck

    I like the larger AKT. I also think the taller the better. Mine like
    high places to hang out. They want places to lay on, and little cubbies to hide in. I also think they need to easily get from one space to another. Also need TALL scratching areas, so they can stretch out. Most
    horizontal scratching posts are too short, made for kittens. Once they are
    grown, they are useless. Wood tones, and the old standby white, would also be good along with the black.

  16. 316

    I would have to say that the AKT small is my personal favorites considering I live in a small apartment and I want for my cats to have interesting hideaways but not something that would be taking up too much space. But I like that all the sizes are different and not just the same concept in different sizes. It seems as a very interactive condo/hideaway that my cats would lounge on and could also be interactive. I also like that there aren’t any ‘crazy’ colors so that it could be in a living area and not clash with any decorating in that certain room. Price wise, a range that would seem worthy to me would be starting at 150 and lower for the smaller hideaways. All in all, I think this is an excellent, clean and visually appealing to human and feline friend design. I know my two beautiful cats, Mona and Nora would love it!

  17. 317

    I love the large AKT , plenty of space for my kitty to hide but keep an eye on things and us. Scrathing post is a great touch and would be appreciated by all. I would also like the smaller lux for same reasons..hiding spaces but open enough to peak around for a nosey kitty.!

  18. 318

    Its difficult to choose! What I would like will depend on what space I have for it! But if, Had to choose, I would go with the Lux – although the Matchbox might be perfect to put on top of a shelf (if its wide enough and set up correctly) to give cats a a nice perch to sit on and a place to hide that is high.

    One thing – I think the design is a bit too “modern” for me. I like eclectic design, but I’m not a fan of angular furniture and monochrome color schemes. I’m not sure if this is something that would fit with my style.

    Colors: I’m a fan of natural colored. Cost, I don’t know. It would depend on a number of factors. But, right now, I don’t have a lot money. If I found the perfect spot to put this that fits with my decor, I would probably be willing to spend 50-100 dollars.

  19. 319

    I love the AKT larger piece. Cats like to climb so I usually look for tall peices. I think the lay out is nice but, a small cutout so Kitty can peak out on the upper hideaway would be nice. Also If you could give options for either carpet , sissal or a cardboard insert for the vertical scratching surface, that would enhance it’s appeal. Kitties like choices. Also if you could make the units so they could be set up together to make different configurations/ heights that would be great. I guess like a modular system. Some Kitties prefer horizontal or inclined scratching surfaces too.

    Hope this helps.

  20. 320

    Our favorite is akt (large), with its scratch panel, mostly because we have two cats that like scratching posts, but lux is very attractive, too, with the “attack slit”. These sizes are good as far as we are concerned. We already have a conventional cat tree. Our cats need a lot of mental and physical stimulation, and this is yet another good outlet for them. They also like to nap in hidden places, so these look great for that purpose, too. We have conditioned our cats to understand that anything sprayed with catnip mist is theirs, so we’re pretty sure if we were to get one of these units and spray it with catnip mist, they would know it was theirs. Deb has a point about height, but again, we’ve already got a nice tall cat tree. As far as colors, I would like to see some light wood tones, as that would go better in our decor. We could also use some color, so bright or pastel colors might be an interesting alternative. And for price, I’d like to see akt (large) at around $100, but that is wishful thinking. I think it would sell for at least $250, depending on the materials. I hope at least some part of this is helpful!

  21. 321

    Great compartments that most cats would love ; Mine would for sure.

  22. 322
    Michael H.

    The Urban Pet Haus is a very unique concept. I really like the larger one better, as it is best suited for not only homes with multiple cats, but also allows more activity for the “one cat” home too. I would just like to see the color green being offered and would also like the three smaller hideaways somehow be incorporated into the large/small activity center/cat condos. Price: Lg: $250, Sm: $150, Hideaways: $100.

  23. 323

    i like the largest ones the best–the more levels, the better. i think the monochrome ones are the best-looking. my favorite is the all-brown, tri-level condo, and i would like it even better if the cube on the second level had a hole in the top so kitties could pop through to the third level that way. i know my cats would enjoy that.

  24. 324

    Those are very cool. If a person had a large modern loft, you could build a big one and use it as a room divder! Ultra hip form and function!

  25. 325

    I like Matchbox the best, but would like to see it with a scratching surface. I do like the previous comment of making them mountable. Black would be the color I would choose. I am not a big fan dark wood grain since it looks fake to me. Something I would have seen in the 70s and 80s, not at all modern. I do like the incorporation of a scratching surface on the larger pieces.

  26. 326

    I love the design of all of them, but the match box would fit best in my home. I like the Coles pictured. $100-200…

  27. 327

    I love the look, but for a small apartment, I would always be looking for something more vertical then horizontal. I like to give my cat more places to perch but don’t want to take up too much valuable floor space.

  28. 328
    Donna Lee Horn

    WOW what a great fun pice of furniture. My girl would love this,because she loves to have places to hid take naps in or on.

  29. 329
    Lucy Williams


    I like the idea. I would, however, like to see the taller one with more height. My kitties go for anything that will give them that birds-eye view. I love the black color. Not too crazy about the white.

  30. 330
    Courtney W.

    I agree with previous comments about adding holes so cats can stick their paws out for playtime. I prefer the designs that take up less floor space and have more platforms. As for colors, I do not like white because it does not match my apartment and it shows cat hair easily. I prefer dark brown, black, and leopard print designs. Perhaps the boxes could be one color and cushions could be offered in a variety of designs (stripes, dots, leopard print, etc.). Overall, my cats would love any of these play areas!

  31. 331
    Theresa Fichtner

    Do you like them?
    Yes, they are very attractive. Not your normal cat perch type of furnishings.

    Which do you like best?
    I like the AKT large. This larger size makes a piece of furniture. My cats tend to “claim” furniture. Sometimes the smaller stuff they ignore. I also like the scratching board.

    What do you think of the size?
    I like the AKT versions, especially the larger one. My two cats tend to look for something they can perch high on, take a nap on or scratch on.

    How much do you think they should sell for?
    This is a tough one. I wonder what they are made of. It would be nice to see and touch them in person. They could range from $150 to $300. The latter if they are made of natural wood products.

    These products might be offered in different color options, like the images below. What other colors would you like to see? While the black is striking a lighter color (tan, beige) might work better in some rooms.

  32. 332

    I prefer the dark wood grain and black as dirty kitty paw prints will not show up as fast.

    The larger AKT model would be good in a multi cat house. A slot to peek out of the upper box, so they could play with other kitties down low would be considered fun my household.

    The smaller Extrude model is a good size and could optionally be turned on its side and use as a end table and cat hidey, at the same time.

    Hope this is helpfull.

  33. 333
    Jessica Broussard

    These are really nice. Very modern and sleek. My cats would love this

  34. 334

    Cats love boxes and this would be especially good if they could get inside of the enclosed spaces. I would like to see something taller added to the collection. They also look like they don’t have any soft spots on them which might also be nice.

  35. 335

    I love their designs!

  36. 336

    Since the individuality of kitties is legendary (no following the crowd for them!), I like every one of the designs, since kitties should be able to take advantage of a variety of sizes and designs to suit their likes and their personalities!

    We humans have so many stories of buying expensive cat furniture, only to have our cats ignore our purchases and fall madly in love with the boxes they came in! Give the kitties plenty of choices, and the chances are much better they will find a “cat haus” that is just perfect for them!

  37. 337

    I love the matchbox and the extrude I would say the max price for the matchbox would be 200 if they are of very high quality. These are beautiful!

  38. 338
    Kym Sharp

    I’d like to see legs on the thing. Otherwise you are just begging for a dust bunny collection site. And for my brood – the higher the better to look down upon YOU, the furless slave doing their bidding.

  39. 339
    Silvia K.

    I like the AKT large and small because the incorporate a place for cats to stretch and scratch. Of the smaller designs I like the lux with the cut out; the extrude and matchbox although very beautiful aesthetically I don’t know if they would be “fun” enough for my cats once the novelty wore off but of course cats are finicky so I could be wrong…they my decide it’s a great small space to hide (when scared) or sleep! I think the smaller units should retail about $150 and up to $250-300 for the largest. I would definitely like to see some pops of color in a vibrant hue.

  40. 340

    Lux is a great size, and I love the horizontal opening for peeking and swatting! Solid black is a smart look, but somebody should make stuff like this in a really rich, muddy putty color. It goes with lots of styles and is less harsh than black. I have lots of vintage Asian and American furnishings and the putty color would be smashing.
    Kitties thrilled!
    Secret fortress!
    Me happy too!

  41. 341

    I have two cats that love to hide from one another. A hiding place that is sheltered and a top spot that is high would be their ideal I think. The top left has both options, a rare find. An added bonus is that these look great, not an eyesore for the humans to put up with so their beloved kitties can climb and hide.

    Also I love the idea of the perch but am renting right now so permanent adjustments to the walls are frowned upon.’
    These are all lovely, I like the built in scratchers too.

  42. 342

    I love the two darker ones! My cats would hide in the large one, and gallop on top of it. I think they should sell in the $200 range.

  43. 343

    I like the extrude the best – good size.
    Also would like to see some “poppy” colors.

  44. 344

    What a great invention! Love all the various shapes & sizes. They will fit in any size home & are great for the kitties! I know my boys would love it. It’s the cat’s meeeeeeoow!

  45. 345

    These condos/hidewawys are very nice. Based on experience with my cats, I would suggest making all of these units taller. My cats spend all their time on the top levels of their condos (4 feet and higher), ignoring the lower levels. And 15 inches deep is probably not enough room. The peek-a-boo slot is an awesome idea!! As for colors, my preference is muted – light/dark brown combo would be my choice. A price of $200 would be practical. Looking forward to seeing this marketed!

  46. 346
    Kathy Hardacre

    I like the hidden tunnel like areas and looks like a scratching area that is upright would be attractive to my cats. They love the hiding places that this design offers. Good luck on your creation.

  47. 347

    Really cool in the realm of cat furniture; the smaller square unit looks a little like an office file cabinet – can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not. Overall, sleep and modern. Such a nice change from the cheesy cat objects.

  48. 348

    I love the design and it’s something I would have in my home. I don’t like the extrude. It seems like you’d trip on it, or you’re forced to have it in a corner.

    I like the ATK, SMall especially. The box inside a box is awesome. The large is good, but the same protruding problem.

    I really rather see the AT Small be expanded to add height and more dimension. Crawling is good for kitties.

    The wall pieces are great and simple, elegant.

  49. 349

    Compliments to UPH for offering all of us the opportunity for feedback! Reading through many of the comments it’s obvious that we as cat owners want the best for our cats. We love spoiling them and offering them optional places to call their own is one of the things we enjoy. I prefer the LARGE AKT unit as my 3 boys being Himalayan and Persian are ‘big boys’. They love HEIGHT and the large unit would offer the most height. We have a very colonial home, yet these more modern sleek designs appeal to me for their ‘clean and uncluttered’ appearance. Cat owners that are clean freaks like myself appreciate this! Colors are less important to me, but I would shy away from very bright and go for any muted, classic colors. Black is a classic, BUT the darker the color the more spots, marks, scratches, etc. that will show! Perhaps a slightly ‘marbelized’ look ? Nothing strong, just offering another option for folks who do not want to constantly be wiping off the surfaces. Price range from $100-$200 according to the size and keeping it affordable for many of us! Thank you for allowing us to voice……(or “Meow”) our opinions!

  50. 350

    They are all great, and I’m sure my cats would use them all, but I would tend to buy one of the three simpler styles- the lux, extrude, or matchbox. They would take up less room in my small apartment and my cats seem to gravitate towards simple setups anyway. Of those three I think the shape of the extrude would be their favorite– the corner is the perfect setup for spying and batting at one another.
    I like the black/white color scheme.
    I would want the materials to be sustainable as much as possible too.

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