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Fri, Apr 15, 2011

Climbing & Perching, Giveaways

Our friends over at Urban Pet Haus have been hard at work developing new concepts for some fabulous ultra-mod cat condos and hideaways. They asked me to share the concepts with you to get your feedback, and as a special thank you, one lucky reader who leaves feedback will receive a set of UPH Wave Perches, one large and one small.

Please take a look at the five different designs above. AKT is a larger activity center/cat condo that is shown in two sizes, large and small. The other three are concepts for smaller hideaways, all of which would look fabulous in a modern home. Please leave a comment on this post with any thoughts you have on these concepts. Do you like them? Which do you like best? What do you think of the size? How much do you think they should sell for? These products might be offered in different color options, like the images below. What other colors would you like to see?

Please be honest, this will help the UPH design team to create something that you, the Moderncat readers, really want. All comments received through April 23, 2011 will be eligible for the giveaway. Please leave only one comment per person. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on April 24. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US only. Readers outside the US are welcome to enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping charges.

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467 Responses to “Urban Pet Haus Needs Your Help! Leave Your Feedback, Enter to Win!”

  1. 351

    i agree! my kitties like to be tall! go with height with lots of slots/peepholes.. i love the dark coffee coloring, and cost shouldn’t be more than $200

  2. 352

    I love the curved wall munts the best ever and my 2 lovelies are in urgent need to climb :) pick us meooow

  3. 353

    Fantastic design! Kitties would prefer the AKT large, as it provides the tallest perch from which to survey their domain together with a scratching area and multiple hiding places. Just wondering if the various pieces can be attached to allow for customized configuration. My guys seem to like a little variation in their play, so I move things around a bit on occasion, just to keep things interesting all around. This would also allow pet parents (and shelters, for which these would be great!) with limited budgets to start small and add pieces later.
    That way, they could be configured to resemble built-ins. I personally like the subtle color palette, but would suggest that the makers also offer “blank canvas” options, which would allow those so inclined to customize pieces by finishing or painting them to suit their taste and existing decor. I would suggest a price range of $50 to $250 for the existing pieces – perhaps a bit lower for “blank pieces,” and the addition of parts to permit joining of the pieces together. The design itself is really fine, and will look great in any home, whether in the simplest of modern interiors or in our own eclectic “garden modern” home.

  4. 354
    Kyle W

    I like the AKT small, good size and plenty of playroom

  5. 355
    Maria S

    These are great. I like the AKT (both sizes) because it looks so versatile. I think these would look good in any house. As for colors, I think any wood would be good (ebony, walnut, cherry, etc.). Considering that a wave perch costs $100-150, I think these Items would go for $300-500+

  6. 356

    I really love them. My only comment would be to make them taller, or stackable. Our apartment has little floorspace but high ceilings, so “up not out” furniture with small footprints is vital. I love the dark black/brown combo better than the white.

    Also, if there were colour options for the “scratcher” part, that might be cool: say, a red splash on the dark furniture could be really striking.

  7. 357
    jenn b.

    these are really neat pieces. i like the larger sizes in the darker finish. the AKT models are my favorite – and i think most cats would like the height advantage. the matchbox is interesting, as one of my cats loves to hide. it’s difficult to judge the opening, though. from the picture it looks super narrow. it would also be interesting to combine different wood finishes together.

  8. 358
    pam decker

    i like a matte black or maybe a hammered metal finish How about those of us who have stainless in our kitchens and because of necessityalso have our cat trees boxes winow perches in there. is there storage space for tos ..as many people change toys and put some away. the hideholes are still the best

  9. 359
    amanda rice

    i like the 36″ and 26″ and i think they are great! the size looks perfect. maybe a choice of different colors? and the price should be around 100-175 dollars depending on sizes. my 2 cats would LOVE these!

  10. 360

    boxes…woo hoo

  11. 361

    These are really cool! I like the AKT designs, in the dark wood. Having different color choices for the scratching surface would be nice. I would imagine these would have to be between $300.oo and $500.00.

  12. 362
    Ann Daxberger

    I like all of these. However, my cat is quite large … 18 lbs. so I would pick the larger of them. My cat does like to climb high but as far as most of his sleeping time which is done during the day I have constructed a couple of these cubes that are made for cats (I got them at target) and are soft sided which holes. I put two of them together. They are about 16 inch square. Since they are soft sided and blue and he likes it to be real dark, I have to put a blanket over the whole thing. He would love the match box or extrude!!! In the evening, he would sleep on top of the taller units. This would look a lot neater than a blanket draped around my concoction! I would like white as that is more my interior design. Maybe two tone in fun color but that may not sell. Not over $200 please. I have been looking for something that looks good and not too expensive. Thanks for listening and more than that … thanks for asking!!!

  13. 363

    I like the AKT, especially the large because I have 4 kitties. In an ideal world I’d like it to have more brown than black. The scratcher part needs to be very sturdy for young cats to rip into, and it would be nice if the scratch panel was taller on the large one (up to the top) so they can stand on their back feet & stretch & lean into the scratch.

  14. 364

    I like the AKT large, all in black. There are very few all black options in modern cat furniture… I know, I’ve been looking. I’d buy this.

  15. 365
    Diane T.

    I like all the designs–they give kitties neat, new places to hide or view the world. I also like the colors, but perhaps some brown or tan neutrals (woodtones) might be good as well.

  16. 366

    I’m favoring the AKT (both the large and the small). The small one would be great for geriatric cats that can’t jump the way they use to. Also, as far as cat condos go, I tend to go with the vertical, as opposed to a horizontal footprint, since I live in a compact apartment. The wood/color choices are fine — but would the wood be a laminate or taken from sustainable sources? Lastly, if I had one, I would use a nice FLOR carpet square on some of the horizontal surfaces, so that kitty wouldn’t slip and have some padding.

  17. 367
    Andrea Powers

    Great design; looks as good as it probably functions. Would love to buy some right now.
    How much will these cost and will you discount them to interior designers? (I own a design company). PLease advise. Thanks much.

    Andrea Powers
    Powers & Eagle Interiors, LLC

  18. 368

    I really love these, but what would make them even better would be some pops of color. I also wonder if my big, big boy cat (not fat! just big!) would fit in/on some of these comfortably.

    I would pay $150-200 for these. That’s kind of my threshold for this sort of stuff.

  19. 369

    My cats love the both the AKT, large and small. They prefer multi functional furniture, like how sofa/dining chair can be used as scratching pole. Will be good if there are different finishing and can be customised according to request.

  20. 370

    these are uh-maz-ing. sooo much prettier than the cat tower currently taking over our tiny bedroom.

    building up, rather than out would be a good modification though, as both of our cats love to climb and jump. The “caves” are great. Our little guys also love to hide and pop out when we walk by. Maybe a toy could hang in the inside of one of the caves… for the cat to swat??

    in any case I WANT THIS. it’s so styleish, but the kitties would love it too!

  21. 371

    wow, these are great! so modern and chic. my cat would love them. as would my home :)
    i love the colors and styles.
    it would be cool to have one piece/shelf in a unit to be one bright color. sort of like the example with the cat shown!
    these look really fun and functional. would be a really nice touch in a home without looking too “catty” :)

  22. 372

    These ideas are great! I don’t really see any use for the small AKT or matchbox though.

  23. 373

    Wow I love these! I have a very modern apartment in New York City and I wouldn’t hesitate to put one of these right in my living room! I think they’re perfect like they are but I do have a few ideas for possible improvement. Height is always a plus with cats so maybe a couple taller designs would be good. One thing I’ve noticed with my cats is they love the feel of towels. Maybe put a light fabric or padding on the inside of the caves that way it doesn’t take away from the sleek look on the outside but creates a bed feel for the cats.

    My boys Andy and Caddy would love this!

  24. 374

    These are really cool designs! Very sleek and modern! I think the AKT small looks purrfect. It would be nice if the height would fit under a window and serve a dual purpose as window seat for bird watching. I like the dark brown color. Maybe another color choice would be one with different panels having various shades of one color. Maybe one with shades of greys, another with shades of reds. Or one with 3 different colors on it. Please make it affordable too! My kitties would love this!

  25. 375

    I hope that the pieces, such as Matchbox, can be partially disassembled for the cleaning up of hairballs and the extraction of cats hiding from a vet visit.

    It would be nice if the pieces, especially the smaller pieces could be designed as modular, so that you can stack them or arrange them different ways and have them connected.

    I like either color option, and I think also some bright primary colors would be a nice option to add.

    I’m not one to ask about price, as we can’t afford much over $50, which lets out most cat trees from our budget.

  26. 376
    Alan E.

    Awsome & Fantastic design! I Love the AKT Models my two cats are always climbing all over my bookcases and furniture… Finally a fun activity center Just for them love the size… I would price them form $100- 450.. I like the colors it might be fun to offer some bright mod colors as well …

  27. 377

    Love the vertical scratching section. Might be good to have black, white and “wood” finishes.

  28. 378
    Ellen Z

    These are really good designs, both the large and small. It would be nice if they were modual so you could mix and build. I especially like the slit window which is fun for two cats playing and also a cool peek hole. It would be nice to have them snap together. My fave is the large AKT tho I’d have to re-arrange furniture to make a place for it. I think these pieces could make a great tower too if you could put them together. Pricing – $50 to $275.

  29. 379
    Susan Clanton

    I think they’re all charming, but my kitties are all about the height! So the first piece would be their pick. If you could make it even taller, they’d like that even better!

  30. 380

    Think the AKT versions are the most logical – lots of space and a scratcher to boot!! I find that most perches and cat “units” are made too small for adult cats – they do like to “cubby up” but also like some room to move around. Units that could be mixed and matched would be a great idea, so you could build on or add as needed. Designs for all of the units are stellar though and know they would be built to last. Thank you.

  31. 381

    Matchbox is cute but I don’t know how useful – maybe for older cats. Higher is better – maybe Matchbox on end with a ledge inside and sisal or another scratching option down one side? When it’s narrow like this a wall connector would be good too.

    I would suggest a couple of designs with a footprint no larger than your average coffee table, and some the size of your average end table – looks like you’re on track for that. I think Up is a better way to go. Slots for keeping an eye on the action are good, but maybe leave the slot out of the bottom of Lux, and give a pillow option for a dark place to snooze?

    Having one side removable for cleaning and vacuming would be excellent, and healthy for the cats.

    I like the look of these. Real cat furniture!

  32. 382

    Color options are always a plus – I prefer the darker stains. A lighter wood (i.e. birch) option would probably be a welcome addition. I’d like to see scratching surfaces on all of the designs large and small. I agree with past comments, add a height option for daredevil kitties, but keep the smaller options too. My cats are low-flying cave dwellers, they would feel right at home in Extrude or Match Box! As to cost? $100 for the smallest of the line, up to $350-ish for the largest, as long as it is something tall. Very inventive and appealing designs, love them!

  33. 383

    I think my kitties would prefer AKT (large), since it has the most places to curl up and nap.

  34. 384

    Thosea re really cool!!! I would love to win one for my Montrose!!!

  35. 385
    Debra Pringle


  36. 386
    Michele Lawrence

    I am really liking the chocolate color and the ones that are taller with more holes for hiding or putting trinkets. The integrated scratching post is a great idea as well.

  37. 387

    I prefere the AKT (lg) ad the Lux designs. The large AKT has a bit of everything for cats which is great and yet it doesn’t seem too big for most homes. The Lux design is nice as it creates a half-way step for the cat to jump to the top level which is a bonus for older cats. If that design could also include a space for the cats to scratch, it’d be perfect. Maybe the top could be a carpet tile for horizontal scratching cats?

    Although we all want the price to be super affordable, these are pretty involved creations and so I can imagine the larger AKT running around $350 or so and the smaller lines between $150 and $200.

    As for color, I prefer the all dark option.

  38. 388

    i like the akt large. i have two cats, so i would want a larger one. i also like that one b/c it has the scratch board, which is a great use of “space”

    the lux is also cute because it has that little slot that cats can peer out of! how cute is that!

    and if i were buying these, i’d choose the darker color schemes. not really sure why… but i like those better

    the thing about pricing is… well i’ve seen a lot of “higher-end” cat furniture that cost at least $100. i guess i’d expect these to cost at least $100.. AT LEAST. but honestly, that is too expensive for me. i’m not making that much money and i’m not even in a permanent home (renting), so eventually i’ll move (maybe multiple times even) and i just don’t want to buy something pricey that i would HAVE to take with me when i move

  39. 389

    I like the AKT (lg) the best. I don’t love the others because they still look too much like cat furniture. AKT (lg) looks like a shelving unit that happens to be cat furniture. The others just don’t look anything like shelving units that people would have in their homes – they just look like disguised (but not very well) cat furniture. I think the size of the AKT (lg) is good. I’d be happy to have one that size in my home. In terms of price, I would pay $200-$300 for one, if you could swap out the scratching part if it gets worn so that you don’t have to replace the whole thing. I would like a lighter wood tone option in addition to the dark one shown. I like the honey shade of wood that was popular in a lot of midcentury pieces. But I do like the current shade of dark wood as well.

  40. 390

    I love the AKT large.. I think most cats want something tall-ish to climb on. Also love the darker colors, including black, not really the white, which will get dirty easily. Maybe add some ‘splash’ colors somewhere to match people’s homes? Maybe something that can be added, like an accent piece or something, that’s not necessarily permanent, in case they change their color scheme in their room.

  41. 391

    whoa, these are amazing! want oneeeee.

  42. 392
    Alice Kieft

    I love the AKT larger one. I love the chocolate finish And I would love a pop of color (red, lime green, hot pink, sky blue) and it would be great if they could be ordered by color and size. I looked up the prices on your offerings of lodging you have and I know I could not afford whatever you sold these for. I love your designs and would buy a less expensive version (made of plastic instead of steel and plywood).

  43. 393
    Elizabeth W.

    These designs are gorgeous and so sleek. I think the sizes are perfect for a living room area and none of the designs scream CAT which I like. I really like the Lux I can see my kitty peaking out of the little spy hole. I have a feeling these designs are worth a lot more than I would want to pay for them but I can see them being in the $100-200 area, however, for my current budget, I would probably not buy one if it was over $100. I do think they are beautiful though!

  44. 394
    Tammy Mock

    these are great & beautiful. pets & people like lots of choices, so the more variations offered in size and colors, the better. my 3 cats love peek holes alot! so maybe just one or two more of those on some.

  45. 395

    I think it would be great if you could angle the cat scratcher section from the front of the unit to the back. Just that slight angle would make it easier for them to ‘lean’ into it as they are scratching. Also lifting it up from the ground level. I don’t know any cats that scratch that low and so it would be rather worthless down at the bottom.

    It would also be nice to incorporate some sort of scratcher around the corner of one of the cubes that the cats could brush their face/neck against to scratch themselves (like they do on the corner of a wall).

    Our cats would love the cubby hole. Particularly if it was dark inside and you created a padded (washable) bed for that area or designed the unit to fit a popular one on the market.

    Possibly adding a ring to attach a cat toy that they can bat around.

    As for price, as inexpensive as you can and still make a reasonable profit. Some of this cat furniture is just being priced out of the market for most people. Thinking along Walmart lines, they are so profitable because they sell large volumes of merchandise vs selling a few overpriced items.

    Colors oak, walnut, cherry to match most woods in homes, but also adding black, white or gray as well.

  46. 396

    It is so refreshing to see a design that can fit in with the modern home. This prodcut line looks fantastic and I would love to add a piece or two to my home. My cats would love it.

  47. 397

    I like the large AKT piece, I could see my cats using it. My little one would love to hide inside the Matchbox cubby, too. She loves anything that serves as a hunting blind for her. Personally, I like the dark wood color shown, think it would be really cool if it were offered in a variety of wood tones, maybe with different color options available for the white panels shown. If I were designing it, I’d put scratching surfaces on the outside panels, b/c that’s where my scratchy cat likes to stretch and scratch. Pricing is tricky, because as others have mentioned, a lot of cat furniture is priced rather high for many people. I refuse to pay more for cat furniture than I do for human furniture! Pricing also depends on materials used – I’m willing to pay a bit more for real wood versus pressboard, for instance. I have no problem with pressboard cat furniture, mind you, I just won’t pay as much as I would for higher quality materials.

  48. 398
    Amanda B.

    I love how these pieces would fit in with other furniture pieces. My favorite is the large condo because of the height. Like most cats, mine loves to be up high and most of the people furniture has too much clutter on it for him to use. I’m not so sure about the matchbox hideaways – I feel like he would feel too closed in to enjoy them.

    In terms of colour, I’d love a bamboo or mid-tone wood look with a replaceable carpet so it could be coordinated to the owner’s preference.

  49. 399

    I love the idea of the akt large, but it’s just too big to be practical for an apartment-dweller. It’s a lot of space to devote to kitty.

    However, if I could also put my TV on it, then it could do double-duty, me and my cats.

    I’m partial to the dark black/brown colour combinations, personally, but I think the top ones are nice too. If possible, it would be great if one of the panels could be a custom colour. An accent. (Or, one of five colours, something like that.)

    And love the scratcher on it as long as it’s replaceable.

    Nice work!

    - Natasha

  50. 400
    Tracey W

    I really like the AKT large – it looks very sleek and modern and would look great in any house / apartment. My cats would love the high perches and cubby holes!! :)

    A nice dark wood with slightly lighter paneling would be nice. Removable/replaceable scratching pads would be a great touch.

    Thinking about price, maybe around the $200 mark would be good.

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