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Fri, Apr 15, 2011

Climbing & Perching, Giveaways

Our friends over at Urban Pet Haus have been hard at work developing new concepts for some fabulous ultra-mod cat condos and hideaways. They asked me to share the concepts with you to get your feedback, and as a special thank you, one lucky reader who leaves feedback will receive a set of UPH Wave Perches, one large and one small.

Please take a look at the five different designs above. AKT is a larger activity center/cat condo that is shown in two sizes, large and small. The other three are concepts for smaller hideaways, all of which would look fabulous in a modern home. Please leave a comment on this post with any thoughts you have on these concepts. Do you like them? Which do you like best? What do you think of the size? How much do you think they should sell for? These products might be offered in different color options, like the images below. What other colors would you like to see?

Please be honest, this will help the UPH design team to create something that you, the Moderncat readers, really want. All comments received through April 23, 2011 will be eligible for the giveaway. Please leave only one comment per person. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on April 24. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US only. Readers outside the US are welcome to enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping charges.

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467 Responses to “Urban Pet Haus Needs Your Help! Leave Your Feedback, Enter to Win!”

  1. 401

    My Bengal would love the AKT large, since he likes to be high. My brain-damaged girl would like the Lux since she can’t jump very well and likes to be “inside” something. I like the darker colors.
    Wood choices would be great as well as the colors shown.
    I would also love to see stackable units that could be put together in different configurations.

  2. 402

    I love this! It totally fits in with my decor.

  3. 403

    love!! agree that a discreet dark brush near one of the edges would be a great addition and would prevent wear and tear on the wood from rubbing and the associated drool…

  4. 404

    I love the design, but think my kitty would find it stark (not that he always gets his way… :) . Bud E. likes a little bit of edging that comes up around his eyes while he’s sleeping. This would feel like he is laying on a low book shelf – not something he would do. Hope that helps. Beautiful work though.

  5. 405

    These are quite nice! I would love it if they were configurable in different combinations, so that I could start with a smaller one and add on as I save up. Based on their other furniture, I imagine the larger ones would cost $400+, which is way out of my price range. I would prefer real wood to laminate; wood-grain laminates look tacky. Maybe offer solid colors (white, gray, chocolate, black) with some walls having slide-in panels in other colors?

  6. 406

    My favorite of the above designs is the Lux or Extrude. The size seems just right, and I am a fan of the darker wood colors.

    With regards to price, I would like to echo comments #121 and #122 (yes, I just read through them all). It’s clear the Urban Pet Haus makes beautiful designs, and that overall, people respond positively to their creations. I understand that this company is not a charity and obviously, as a business, is aiming to maximize profit. Accordingly, these cat condos will likely be priced to maximize profits in the short term. For a point of comparison, the Sunk Dwell (also produced by Urban Pet Haus) is currently priced at $275. But I think it would be interesting if UPH surprised us and priced these products at an extremely affordable price point. I wonder how many more units they would be able to sell? It is hard to suggest a specific price as that would depend completely on whether these hideouts were constructed with engineered wood, MDF, solid wood, the type of wood used, etc. But the prohibitively expensive, high-end modern cat furniture market is starting to get saturated. There is an abundance of comments from people expressing hope that the hideaways be affordable. The message, at least as it appears to me, is that there is a huge opportunity for a company to create modern cat furniture that is very reasonably priced. Good design appeals to people across all economic strata and it seems like those of us on the lower end are currently being overlooked and under-served.

  7. 407
    Papples the Cat

    I personally love dark wood, so the colors are great–only other thought I had was perhaps some silver accents, or a solid bold color like red or orange instead of white as an option.

    Both sizes are great–just depends on your living situation & how much space you have/want to devote to a piece like this, but the great thing is it could hold books or something on top as the kitties are playing underneath! And, as other people have commented, price points are tough–I absolutely love these pieces, but am at a point in my life/job situation where I can’t afford what you’d need to charge to make a profit. But I could see them going for $50-$200, depending on the materials used & the bulk discounts you get on production.

    They’re beautiful & thanks for giving us the chance to share our thoughts!

  8. 408

    I’m loving the AKT lg. I like how there’s multiple hideaways as we all know how much cats like to play peekaboo. I think it’d be great if there maybe was some sort of ramp on a few of the models to help older cats get up to the higher perch. Personally I have a 20 y/o cat and the standard kitty condos aren’t built for cats his age that have trouble jumping up to places. I really like the modern approach to the kitty condo. Showing that the carpeting cliche is out and finished and refined is in. I think 75-300$ would be a reasonable price. Maybe even make more affordable versions made of different materials for the budget conscious shopper. I would also appreciate different shapes besides the square. Maybe throw a trapezoid in there or an octagon. Make it more geometric and fun. I’d like to see it in bright and bold colors like bright red, blue, green, orange, purple…you know, something to suit everyone’s taste and everyone’s decor.

  9. 409
    Ashley Hatheway

    I LOVE these! They are totally modern and wonderful! I think the smaller ones might be a little too tiny for the other ones. I like the big one with the scratch pad on the side! Love the uniqueness of this – my box loving cat Bobblehead Bob would go nuts over it!!

  10. 410

    Well, it’s a toss-up between the two AKTs but I think the large is my favorite. I also prefer the darker material used for the structure. I agree with the other commentators re; the pricing. In this day, it is difficult to justify spending over $100 dollars for a cat perch especially when my girls prefer regular cardboard boxes to almost anything else I have purchased for them. I would rather keep them in the high quality food I give them over a perch.

  11. 411

    I prefer the first three (the AKT – large, the lux and the extrude) and tend to think that the lighter stained wood works well with the white contrast as well as most decor. I’m not sure any of my cats could fit through the smaller opening on the smaller scale AKT. When it comes to paying something in the several hundred dollar range I don’t think I’d pay out for one of these items unless it came with a scratching pad like some of the larger models, but then again, think that the lux and the extrude would probably fit in most comfortably in an an urban home, which tend to err towards minimalist or at least maximize space and the AKT’s might be a bit awkward in that design decor. Always a fan of Urban Pet Haus though and hope to see more items come out of “development.” Nice work guys!

  12. 412

    What’s cool about the AKT is that there are so many holes from which to peek out from. Jing Jing is a big fan of boxes and nooks, so anything that can maintain that as a goal is best. But also, consider many owners are fine with just cardboard boxes. What are can you do to set yourself apart from that? Consider more sissal, as it’s better for their claws and has a nice earthy tone. For coloring, also consider some bright colors. I know you’re going for the sophisticated crowd, but if you want to sell some matchboxes in loud colors, you might sell a few more of those. Pricing I can see the matchbox selling for 50 and then your prices can go upwards. I can see the AKT going for 400 and while that might not be in my price range, the matchbox would be. Jing Jing would be thrilled with whatever he wins!

  13. 413

    The AKT large is abetter size, but might be out of a lot of peoples price range. great hiding spots for multi cat homes.

    The AKT small is great, probably more affordable but still great for 2 cats and i love the built in scratching post.

    the lux is also a great size and i like that there is a little hole for them to look out.

    extrude is ok- but no my favorite

    matchbox is a little small, make sure that the bigger cats would be able to fit in and get out without getting stuck, also, owners being able to get the cats OUT if needed would be good.

    a few questions – what will they be made out of? and will there be washable bedding to go with them?

    pricing, i cant say much on without knowing a few more specifics, i would try to make them more affordable for people, i would think no more than $200 for the big one. but once again it all depends on what they are made out of.

    Thanks! they are really neat designs. my cats would love them

  14. 414
    Bambi Dressner

    We really love the AKT in the large size and and the Extrude as they are both shown in the darker color options..they are very sleek and stylish, plus we could jump on them or in them! They look expensive, so they should have a classy price tag to match, $75-$300 for the different variations, would do nicely. The heights and widths are perfect for corners or in front of windows. They could even sustain them selves on a blank wall if mounted with heavy duty brackets, as an art/perch for high jumpers.

    All in all..very cool!

    Iggy Bittles and Maggie

  15. 415
    Brooke Jacobs

    The looks of all of these are great. I like the minimal color. Perhaps one can choose the scratch pad color to personalize it, but as a whole these would work with any modern home. I live in a small apartment in NYC so I wouldn’t buy something like the large AKT.
    My favorite design is the LUX. My cats like to perch and hide and I think this design will be used completely as well as be a fun tool for my two cats to play in together. My guess would be that a fair price would be from $125-$600, with the LUX falling somewhere between $150-$200.

  16. 416

    I love AKT large. I have one very large baby and it is difficult for him to move around a small area.

  17. 417

    I like the AKT Large. Lots of climbing room for kitty!

  18. 418

    My cat would love them all. She loves to climb and jump and just adores “hidey holes” so I can’t find her. All of them are nice but my cat would like the tallest one the best. She likes to jump off hights when I come into the room but price-wise I have a feeling that would be too expensive for me – anything over $200. If I couldn’t buy a large one I think I would like the one in the middle

  19. 419

    Very interesting, certainly different from the other cat furniture I’ve seen on this site. Very modern. I especially like AKT large — the other ones look a bit too small.

  20. 420

    lux is very cool and i could see my cats “getting into it” too

  21. 421

    I like the design, I think it would be nice if they came in a lighter shade as well though

  22. 422

    love the AKT small, would love to see it in a cherry wood with a choice of an accent color…

  23. 423

    Looks like a practice of matchbox combination. Seems interesting, but if without a pad or some kind of cat friendly accessories, it’ll be as ordinary as another coffee table or small bookshelf.

  24. 424
    L Dub

    First, I would like to see more solid color options or customization available. Solid black, solid grey. Maybe something fun like a deep red. Or the ability to mix and match colors – like with the AKT units, being able to choose brown with blue or black with red since those units look quite modular.

    Personally, I’d go with the AKT large. My 2 cats are quite different from each other and this would accommodate both. My Siamese cat is pretty active, likes to climb and observe from higher points in the room. That unit would be great to put in front of a tall window for him. On the other hand, my other DSH cat has bad hips and isn’t as mobile as he used to be. Once in a while he will climb around a little bit, but he likes to be in small, enclosed spaces. Looks like the AKT has options for him as well.

  25. 425

    I like the lux design if it came in an oak color with black pullouts instead of white. I would prefer most items to remain under $200. For the smaller designs a range of $50-$130 would seem reasonable.

  26. 426
    Heather Anderson

    Those all look awesome. I wish I had a modern house to go with those modern designs. I think the AKT should be taller, or be able to hang on the wall so kitties can get higher. As far as colors, I don’t know what else you could have for a modern design like that. The price point for these would have to be at least $200 for the smaller ones. I agree with a comment made before that being able to add on to make a large condo would be wonderful. Good luck with your new designs!

  27. 427

    I really like the idea of the incorporated scratcher! While the short design is lovely, I think my cat would be unlikely to use it. She definitely prefers heights and is unlikely to hide in something so low to the floor! The dark colors are very nice too!

  28. 428

    For the modern minimalist house these would probably be fine but for me they seem just a little bit stark. Also, I think the height should be higher presuming it doesn’t make for a safety issue (though I suppose they could be secured to a wall somehow). The large one could probably retail for $250+ depending on the material used. If it’s particle board and melamine/laminate then no. I hope that the scratchable areas (are those scratchable areas?) could be easily and affordably switched out once they get ragged looking.

    Again, nice work for a particular style of decor. Now if you ask me about those wall perches I could go on for days! What a great idea and does away for the need of a clunky cat tree for the kids to perch on. Love the innovative sweep design instead of just a flat surface. Keep up the great designing Urban Pet Haus!

  29. 429
    Shay Williams

    I really like the first one shown. I have one cat that likes high places and another that likes to hide out in boxes to avoid the dogs. That first one would fit both needs. Also I would love to see them in wood tones. That way it would match with the rest of my house.

  30. 430

    I like the extrude. looks like a fancier version of what we do with cardboard boxes- all the kitties love it!

  31. 431

    Being a multiple cat family I would definently love the larges AKT. Boh colors are wonderful and would go with any decor. 2 0r 3 of the smaller ones would be nice too for different rooms in the house.

  32. 432

    I like the design, but the colors are a bit stark. Also, they look a bit like they would be priced out of my affordability range.

  33. 433
    Gaye McGill

    Our cats would love the AKT(lg). Where one goes, the other one follows, so they need lots of space and climbing room. I like the concept of them all. We have honey oak wood furniture, so I’d like to see this design in a lighter color as well.

  34. 434

    I like the solid black coloring. I would prefer the larger AKT style as both of my cats tend to be on the bigger size. For the hideaways, I like the look of the extrude style. For pricing, I could see the AKT large around $150-300 and decreasing in price to the smallest around $50-75. I will admit that while I think those are appropriate prices, they are also out of my price range.

  35. 435

    I love the Lux (also love the name, my first kitten on my own was named Lux). I think Extrude looks cool, especially if you can push that piece in, though I fear it would be a disaster waiting to happen at my house, as I would shut a cat in it (I swear, I look for them, but they’re constantly sneaking into cupboards and closets and getting shut in them). I think a lighter wood with pops of color would be fun, too. I think to really sell these, you’d need to make them function for human-use, too, by maybe turning a few of the holes (or making a few more) into display cases, with a plexi sliding door. You could display a few treasures AND entertain your cat. I think it’d make more people want to put something that large (for a cat toy, so to speak) in their house. They’re so pretty, they’d probably be out of my price range, but it’d be neat if they offered an ikea-style, more inexpensive line to complement the higher quality ones. Some pressboard with a nice laminate, flat shipping and something I would have to put together (not that I like to, but because it would be more affordable) would work for me!

  36. 436

    The lux is designed the best. Maybe offer colors such as gunmetal, sage, and robins egg blue. Price point around 75$

  37. 437

    This is exactly what I’m looking for – a form of enrichment that doesn’t make me look like a crazy cat lady.

  38. 438

    Cats like high and comfortable. These look good but I think they need some sort of built in padding to appeal to cats. There are ways of doing it that wouldn’t ruin the look. I’d also suggest more emphasis on the vertical space rather than horizontal. (My dog would like them though.) Offering with a maple finish would be nice for those with lighter interiors.

  39. 439

    These look like something our cat would be very interested in. One concern that I would have is stability. She loves to leap, and has considerable force in her jump. Would the tallest one be stable enough so that she would not knock it over and hurt herself or another pet or small human in the area? The middle size one looks safer.

  40. 440

    These are great… my bengal would love the the AKT as well. LOVE the black, not so much the white.

  41. 441

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE both AKT models! The scratching post is awesome and my kitty would love it! :) All of the models are so sleek looking :)

  42. 442

    I love the large AKT, especially the built in scratcher! I would think something like that would probably go for $175 – $200.

  43. 443

    I love these, finally a great modernizm take on the icky old carpet cat trees. A couple of things, #1 If possible, I would love to see an option of one taking up a smaller footprint, however, using vertical space more and #2 Hopefully the cost isn’t outrageous so that us people who don’t make the big bucks but love moderizm can afford it. Again great concept!

  44. 444
    hayley norman

    My cat would love the matchbox as the loves to hide. Normally under my bed and i cant get her out but would be nice to have somewhere she can hide and she can stay there as long as she likes!

  45. 445


    I like the units. I would like more natural wood colors. Also, maybe make them a little larger, or several size options?
    I would have an impulse to sit on them. Would they be able to be used as ottomans as well?

  46. 446

    Black looks great everywhere, the white could look dirty easier. Brown or wood grain would be amazing. I love the peek-a-boo slot in the “Lux” model, more of those would be great!

  47. 447

    The only thing I would recommend is to add some curves or “cups” to the design. My cats love to curl up in a little cup shaped bed. Very chic.

  48. 448

    My cats love to relax in little cubbies, hideaways and boxes. They would love one of these. Especially AKT and lux. I’ll have to check out the website.

    The perches are great too! They would be perfect for my livingroom and kitchen! LOL Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  49. 449

    I really like the akt large… it’s got lots of different choices of where to sit plus it’s my favorite aesthetically. I would really like one similar to the matchbox which could house a litterbox.

  50. 450

    My cat would prefer the large AKT because he likes to be up high. I find the design and color of all the models pleasing. I prefer mixing the colors, it looks more modern when it is not all one solid color.

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