Moderncat May Giveaway: Cat Power Tower

Sun, May 1, 2011

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In January I introduced the Cat Power Tower and it caused quite a stir, so this month we’re offering one for the May giveaway! Some very lucky cats are going to get their own ultimate play center! The Cat Power Tower is packed with features like a lounging platform, a scratching post and a scratching board, a hunting hole platform, and several motorized features that keep kitty entertained for hours, including a rotating bird carousel and a cat-powered play platform. The Cat Power Tower is the perfect way to keep your cat mentally and physically active.


The winner will get his or her choice finish, either Early American or Natural. To enter the monthly giveaway, make sure you’re signed-up to receive Moderncat updates via email. If you’re already getting the updates but you’d like an EXTRA chance to win this month, please visit the Cat Power Tower website to see the different finishes and all the features, then come back here and  leave a comment on this post telling us what finish you’d choose and which features you think your cat would enjoy the most. Complete details on the monthly giveaway here. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on May 31, 2011. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the contiguous US only.

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1,368 Responses to “Moderncat May Giveaway: Cat Power Tower”

  1. 1251
    Dina Osinski

    My very active kitty kay, Water, would LOVE this Cat Tower of Power!

  2. 1252
    Arnella Sloan

    Early American! Maddie’s a wild child, so she’d be all over this! I think that she’d go for the feathers at the top first because she thinks she’s a hunter even though she’s indoor only.

  3. 1253

    I like the natural finish best. My cat Rocky has almost worn out his current kitty tree swinging around the pole & hanging off the platforms. He is quite athletic! He needs a much stronger one with more activities on it. He loves to stretch as far as he can & swat anything he can reach.

  4. 1254
    Carole Smith

    My kitties would love the Cat Power Tower with the natural finish. Orion would love the play platform with the motorized toys. Comet would definitely go for the hunting hole platform. Magika, the matriarch, would love the lounging platform so she could keep an eye on everything. And, finally, Tarot, she would definitely like the two-sided scrathing board. There ya go! Four kitties with four totally diferent personalities.

  5. 1255

    Natural finish would go best with our decor. My busy young cat, Gabriel would love this tower. He would be up to the top in a snap, swatting at the feathers. My senior girl, Bella, would like the hunting hole platform. She loves fishing toys out of boxes and all sorts of other places.

  6. 1256
    Candice T.

    My cat would love the bird carousel, and the early american finish would be perfect for our home. What a fabulous piece of furniture.

  7. 1257

    Perfect tower for our 3 cats: the two younger (just over 1 year) would LOVE the hunting hole platform the best, the eldest (10 years) would love the scratching board best (she just loves to stretch), and the natural finish would fit in perfectly with my home decor!

  8. 1258

    I think the Early American finish is gorgeous! I’ve been looking for something like this for my Mom’s cats. (three of them) to play on, that won’t take up half of her living room. This is a piece of art that I know she’d be proud to display in her living room for the cats to play on. :)

  9. 1259

    Natural Finish for my newly adopted Fishy. I can picture her spending hours engrossed in the hunting hole platform – she’s a certified mouse killer for real! I’m glad we don’t have more mice in our apartment for her to kill, but wish we had a great tree to keep her entertained and exercised.

  10. 1260
    Catherine Fleming

    I like both finishes, but would probably pick the early American. I have 8 cats, four of whom are kitten siblings, and when they get to chasing each other down the hall full tilt, they can leap and hit that tree so hard that I fear your tree may not hold up. I read about the “stability” your bases, but I’m still skeptical…I’d have to see it to believe it. As far as the different parts, they would all get a lot of use!

  11. 1261
    Melissa W

    Wow this looks like a lot of fun for the kitties!

  12. 1262

    Wow this cat tree rocks. My three kitties decided to destroy their current cat tree and I’ve been looking for a new one for them since. The thing that I love the most about this tree is that it is made out of solid wood as opposed to particle board with formaldehyde. My kitties would love the scratching post part but I’m pretty sure the motorized cat toy at the top would be the icing on the cupcake for them. I think that both finished are beautiful but the American finish is my favorite. I am happy for any kitties that get to play on one of these, what a treat!

  13. 1263

    What a great piece of furniture. My cat, Mister, would love this. I like the natural finish – he would like either one.

  14. 1264

    I like the natural finish the best & I think the kitties would like the texture of the power post the best.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. 1265

    My cat loves to be up high, she will often jump straight up to the 12 ft high “plant shelf” in the dining room. I found this website while looking for a cat tree that would allow her to be up high in other places as well, and I have to admit this tree looks amazing. It is not as tall as some others I was looking at, but it would certainly keep her entertained and away from my breakables (I might actually be allowed to have nice things again). I think she’d like the American finish best, but only because I like that one best.

  16. 1266

    I like the natural finish and the cats would play all night long with the feather carousel.

  17. 1267

    This looks so awesome! I’ve never seen a cat tree with so many toys! What a great idea. My little Pandora would go crazy for this!

  18. 1268

    I forgot to say that Pandora and I would prefer the natural finish but that both look great.

  19. 1269

    I think the color doesn’t matter to the cats much, they don’t discriminate. I personally like the natural finish, it matches my apartment walls.

  20. 1270

    The Natural Cat Tower is AMAZING! Smokey and Roscoe would be obsessed with it especially the feather carousal!

  21. 1271

    I love this and I think my cat Ruby would too. All the other towers are so ugly and and don’t look very sturdy. We try to keep everything natural in the house as Ruby has a gum disease- (insert sad face here) and I don’t want her chewing on any cheap materials that may bother her gums even more. Also, since she is the only cat in the house, I llike to keep her as occupied as I can when we are not home.
    Natural, natural, natural.

  22. 1272
    Chelsie G.

    This cat tower isn’t only pleasing to look at, but it has so much stimulation with the textures, levels, and the holes to poke paws through, that it would be perfect for my blind cat, Lizzy. She loves to explore and would find her favorite toy–feathers–when she reached the top! I think the natural finish would “match” our Calico girl the best!!

  23. 1273

    I love this cat tower, it’s great! What a breath of fresh air compared to the tacky ones flooding the market.

  24. 1274

    Love this! Natural finish- our new Kitten Tula and our very large cat Oscar, would be able to play on it together without Tula getting squashed as sometimes happens when they are romping….

  25. 1275
    janie !

    just rescued 2 CRAZY kitties from garbage dump ! they would love love love the tower since i’m not letting them outside and they need a fun playground !

  26. 1276

    The Natural finish would be amazing. My 2 adopted rescue cats would love this tower. Kai is all black and she’s from Brooklyn. Dusty is gray and white from The Bronx.
    The are such New Yorkers, having little places to play and hang out. I know this tower would bring them tons of joy. Dusty loves feathers i think he would go nuts over the carousel. I’d also like to see them share something and get along. I also have a turtle named Pancho. Maybe he might enjoy it too, then it would be a family affair. The tower just might be the thing that brings us all together.

  27. 1277

    I love the fact that the cats weight turns the power on and off so you are not haveing to worry about electricity and power cords. Keeping everyone occupied during the day when we are out is very important and helps keep trouble from cropping up. WOuld love to have something like this. Natural all the way.

  28. 1278

    Fantastic chic design and intriguing functionality — and a cat magnet! Wonderful to see the thought put into this piece, for both the cats and owners. Keep it simple, natural.

  29. 1279

    I like the natural finish. Our rescued cat would love the the Cat Tower! The twirly bird and the hunting hole platform are so cool!

  30. 1280

    This looks like so much fun for cats. My two siamese babies would love this.

  31. 1281

    Calypso and Rhapsody would love this tower of fun and height. I think the natural finish would compliment the other wood in the house.

  32. 1282
    Marianne Williams

    My 4 cats would have a ball on this tower! I think they would prefer the Early American finish. Love your website – found you from the Sunday Morning segment this morning – congrats!

  33. 1283

    I prefer the natural finish. However, if I had my druthers, I would like an espresso finish better, or a deep mahogany.

    For my two Bengals, the longer the scrathcing post the better – so they can stand and stretch full length while scratching. They also LOVE to stand on the small round top perched like cirque du soleil cats.

    Finally, there is hierarchy. The higher my cats can go, the better – then there is the question of who will be the king of the mountain. I like that there are alternative levels of perching. Best for my cat situation would be two perches at the top but spaced away enough from each other to avoid tree-top hissy fits.

    If I were to win this perch, I would stain it dark – the dark stain adds to the modern feel and looks less like all the other perches out there.

  34. 1284

    Oh my what a wonderful playground. In Early American it would look great in our house and Beans and Baby would delight in the spinning birds. They would also prefer it by a window with lots of height to lord it over the lower species in the house. Thanks so much for your attention to detail.

  35. 1285

    Franz would love to play with the hunting holes in early american finish!

  36. 1286
    trudy Getler

    this is one fantastic kitty toy/exerciser/perch/tower/scratch pole to hone her hunting skills and keep her amused plus a nice place to just hang out! I’ve never seen so much packed into one piece of furniture to amuse and stimulate my cat. Love it and so will my Freya, please please please, I hope I win this one, in natural finish :)

  37. 1287

    all cats need something amazing like this!!

  38. 1288

    Early American – because I love browns and darker tones. My cat Maggie would love the bird carousel. Even though she is an indoor cat, she loves watching and listening to the birds outside, and goes nuts with any feather she sees. I think the hunting hole platform would also be well used. Its a great way to hide toys, and would make her think and work to get treats.

  39. 1289
    Barbara Bower

    This is amazing

  40. 1290
    Barbara Bower

    This tower is amazing by kitten, Tabitha, would love it, but Scarlet is a bit old to climb. She is 18 years old.

  41. 1291
    Barbara Bower

    This tower is amazing my kitten, Tabitha, would love it, but Scarlet is a bit old to climb. She is 18 years old.

  42. 1292

    Early American. Love it! Georgia would just love this tower! :)

  43. 1293

    My 2 kitties would love this all-in-one tower! Early American finish would look great.

  44. 1294

    Our 4 heathens would live on this amazing vertical space. I would probably go with the natural finish to compliment our nature loving felines. Thanks!

  45. 1295
    Katzenwoofers Pet Rescue

    We like the natural finish? Our adolescent cats would love everything about this lovely activity center, especially the hunting hole platform!

  46. 1296

    My five cats would think the were in heaven!

  47. 1297

    This is truly made to make a cat feel like a king or queen…

  48. 1298

    I have been promising my three housebound furry angels a ‘catio’; until then – this full on entertainment tower will suffice…natural finish until they get their natural setting. :)

  49. 1299

    I’d put the early American finish in my bedroom where my cats Simba and Marnie need high places to sit and toys. They would love the hide-a-hole box- I’ve been thinking of getting them one but now I wouldn’t need to.

  50. 1300

    My four kitties would love this!

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