Moderncat May Giveaway: Cat Power Tower

Sun, May 1, 2011

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In January I introduced the Cat Power Tower and it caused quite a stir, so this month we’re offering one for the May giveaway! Some very lucky cats are going to get their own ultimate play center! The Cat Power Tower is packed with features like a lounging platform, a scratching post and a scratching board, a hunting hole platform, and several motorized features that keep kitty entertained for hours, including a rotating bird carousel and a cat-powered play platform. The Cat Power Tower is the perfect way to keep your cat mentally and physically active.


The winner will get his or her choice finish, either Early American or Natural. To enter the monthly giveaway, make sure you’re signed-up to receive Moderncat updates via email. If you’re already getting the updates but you’d like an EXTRA chance to win this month, please visit the Cat Power Tower website to see the different finishes and all the features, then come back here and  leave a comment on this post telling us what finish you’d choose and which features you think your cat would enjoy the most. Complete details on the monthly giveaway here. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on May 31, 2011. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the contiguous US only.

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1,368 Responses to “Moderncat May Giveaway: Cat Power Tower”

  1. 1301

    OH, the carousel!! My crazy kitties would LOVE the carousel! they are very inquisitive and all the little hidden spaces would keep them active for a long time. Great creation!!

  2. 1302
    Thomas I.

    Hecubus would like it in the Natural Finish with the works!

  3. 1303
    Kathy C

    What I really liked about the tower is the replaceable parts. So many other kitty condos just get torn up and have to be discarded. By having the parts available, this would last a lifetime. Incorporated the toys, the hunting, the lounging, the jumping and the scratching. Way to go. My 3 kids would love the Natural Finish.

  4. 1304
    Traci Douglas

    I have two cats, Tommy and Money. They would LOVE this to sit on top of the lounge area and observe everthing. I feel bad at times because I can not afford a perching tower of that size, and my cats are always jumping up on my entertainment set, and the kitchen countertops, etc to be up high. It kills me to see that because I know that they want to observe and plus this would keep them occupied.

  5. 1305
    karen v

    I know my kids will go crazy over this. I have 11 cats and someitmes finding items that will keep them busy and occupied all day is hard. The Cat Power Tower would be perfect for them. I think this is a terrific product.

  6. 1306

    This tower encompasses a few things I’ve been wanting to get my fluffy girls for a while. I think I’d get it in the natural finish but I’d be interested in seeing something in a cherry finish with bold carpet colors too! No matter which finish, it’s still far, far, far, far better looking (and functioning) than their current tower!

  7. 1307
    Katie L

    I have three cats. Kip would LOVE the lounging platform and the scratching post between the top two lounging platforms. Cora would love the Hunting Hole platform (paranoid cats love to be vindicated in that YES there IS another ball BEHIND them). And Jupiter would like the legs of the climbing tower. Because he’s not very bright and he can’t climb :p

    They’d love it in Natural Finish.

    This is an awesome cat tower!

  8. 1308

    My Garfield and Smokey would love to jump on it right the way. The Cat Power Tower rules!

  9. 1309

    I have 2 cats, Bella and Pepper, and they are very active! They would love the carousel and the hunting hole platform.
    We would prefer the Natural American finish.

  10. 1310

    Best tower I have seen!! My eight friends would love this to keep them busy out of trouble. Thankyou for this opportunity. Ps sisal is their favorite.

  11. 1311

    My cat would adore this tower! I am sure she would have a blast with the feathers dangling at the top.

  12. 1312
    Michelle N.

    The CPT is engineered beautifully for cats of all personalities and finished in 2 great wood colors. I prefer the Early American Cat Power Tower and my 5 cats would enjoy all the features especially the cat powered carousel, hunting holes platform and multiple scratching levels. Brilliant.

  13. 1313
    Michelle N.

    I like the Early American Cat Power Tower & my 5 cats would enjoy all the features especially the carousel and hunting holes platform. Brilliantly engineered.

  14. 1314
    Cindy B.

    My kitties would be very intrigued by the hunting holes, and the scratching areas would get a good workout as well. They say they like the natural finish.

  15. 1315

    this would help my kittie burn some of her insane energy!!!!!

  16. 1316
    Bonnie S

    I like the natural finish. My cat would love the Hunting Hole Platform. thanks.

  17. 1317

    My kitty would love this! Especially the feather carousel, because he is all about anything with feathers. I like both finishes, but have a slight preference for the natural.

  18. 1318

    My cats love love love their sisal rope to death–we’re definitely in the market for a new tree or two, so this would be perfect! Plus, the nice broad platforms will definitely appeal to my enormous sun-lounger, The Big Papi, plus they look sturdy enough to hold him up :) We put the biggest cat tree in front of our sliding glass door for maximum bird-watching and full sun, so I’d pick the natural finish to avoid any fading.

  19. 1319

    the hunting holes will be a better location for the ‘hide the toy’ game my cat plays (distroying all items on my book shelves).

  20. 1320
    Kathy W

    My cats would love the bird carousel. I like the natural finish. They would also enjoy napping together on the large platforms.

  21. 1321

    I like the Early American Finish… I think my four cats would love the hunting holes the best, I can see them hunting each others paws and playing all together on this. This seems like an amazingly fun and interactive item! The scratching areas will be MY favorite part though! Will save me and my couch corners a little sanity lol.

  22. 1322

    really modern yet warm with the natural finish. i actually couldn’t find the finish choices when i clicked on it.

    i’d pick the works too, with no carpet and just put our own pillows. :)

    thanks for showing us so much cool stuff!

  23. 1323

    ok, found them. yes i like the lighter of the two, the natural. xoxo!

  24. 1324

    I would choose the Early Am. I just got 2 new kittens and there isn’t a single feature that they would not love!!! Even our other “senior” cats would love it. I love the fact that the individual parts can be replaced. A wonderful tower of fun!!!

  25. 1325

    The Early American finish would fit in beautifully with my home. My cats would go for the feather carousel and the hunting hole. What fun!

  26. 1326

    I’d probably choose the Early American finish, and my little cat Rumyr would probably demand just about every feature it comes with. She has very exacting standards. Though given her habit of napping, I’d say if forced to chose she’d probably like the napping platform the best.

  27. 1327

    Wow, wonderful piece. I think I would go with the natural finish – but I don’t think the cats would care about that. This looks cat perfect!

  28. 1328

    So cool. Everyone hopes to win.

  29. 1329
    Sarah Lackay

    I have three cats who would all enjoy this cat tower! Ella, my formerly feral kitty – would love the hunting hole platform. Theodore (my baby!) would love the feather teaser carousel and Sebastian my rags-to-riches stray would love to look down on everyone else from his platform! I love the early American finish as it matches my furniture :)

  30. 1330

    Yikes! My two indoor-only Bengals would find endless entertainment and enjoyment from the Cat Power Tower. Wilmet (the hunter) would adore the Bird Carousal, Alan (the mountaineer) would love the sheer height … both of them would love the thrills, spills, and chasing games they could play on the tower. For me (the aesthete) the Early American Finish is favourite. What fun!

  31. 1331
    julie glesner

    Three of our girls are “i love height” kitties–I think they would battle it out for the top spot but with everything else incorporated into the tower, the others would be happy to relinquish the top spot and play with other features. Great design!

  32. 1332

    The natural finish looks spectacular. All three of our housemates, Bailey, Brina & Bobby would love this. I predict Brina would go nuts for the bird flyaways on top, Bobby would love the hunting holes and Bailey prefers any high perch! Great website and great design. I’ll be back!!

  33. 1333
    Donna Poynor

    I have four cats and they would love this. My cat perches have seen better days so I would appreciate this, also.

  34. 1334

    I love these, and so would my cat, Button!  She’d have the most fun witb the hunting holes platform and the lounging platform with a natural finish!

  35. 1335

    My boys attempt to eat all spinning feathered things…so this tower looks promising. They will race to the top! Natural finish has their approval.

  36. 1336

    My 2 cats would love the Natural finish and they’de love climbing on it for height and perching or playing with the carousal. If i put treats in the hunting holes, theyd love that too! there’s so much to do on this tower, they would go crazy with joy over it!

  37. 1337
    Jeny Marie

    We have been talking about getting cats for four years! Last week we fell in love with a laid-back black and white 4 year old male we saw at our local shelter. Of course we needed a companion for him and picked a blue-gray energetic female kitten. They play together perfectly and would have such fun on this fantastic tower!! No cat or kitten could ask for more.

  38. 1338

    The natural finish looks good, giving the structure a light feeling. The higher perch near scratching post would constitute kitty delight for my long lean stretching cat!

  39. 1339

    Love this!! I actually like both the color choices but I think the Early American might be the favorite.

  40. 1340

    Katz Meow Cattery would be an excellent place to showcase this product… keeping our paws crossed!

  41. 1341

    The Natural finish would suit my kitties best. This would be great for them in my new place that is currently without any kind of cat tree whatsoever. What a fun tree with active options!

  42. 1342

    Finally an active cat tree! The natural is my choice.

  43. 1343

    Oh my goodness! We have the perfect corner for this in our new house. We like hte natural.

  44. 1344
    Maggie Kotzin

    Sushi and Natasha would LOVE to to sleep in the tree during the day and scratch the post and use the birdie carousel all night when they get feisty! Thanks so much for posting this on your site- such a cool tree! I think Sushi and Natasha would love to have one in a natural finish…..What’s that? Oh! Sushi says with extra cat treats pwease….. <3 Thanks!

  45. 1345
    Velma Smith

    This cat tower would be great for 2 cats that have taken up residence at my home they are rescured and they were abandoned but now have a home. The carousel and the tower is great would add extra entertainment for any feline. Lounging ,climbing,stocking and hunting that all felines engage,the craftmenship and CPT design of the Cat Tower is expertly designed. I believe the carousel will be the main attraction !!!!Just wonderful designed.

  46. 1346

    My gatos would love this! I love the natural!

  47. 1347

    I have 4 cats and one is a climber. She’d love the highest tower in a natural finish. The others would go in and out for certain. They love to explore all the new ports and places. Sudden fun. !!

  48. 1348

    OMG!!!!! My Romeo, Juliett & Izzybella would just FLIP over this tree!!!
    I love the natural finish; it is just beautiful and I bet looks better and better w/the more the kitties use it.
    The hunting hole is genius!!! My lazy kids have become a little “slow” in their old age and have put on a few punds, just as I have, and this would be a great way for them to re-new their zest for life!!!!
    I would love for my babies to own this tree; I would be so honored on their behalf to own a Cat Power Tree!!!!
    Pamela L.

  49. 1349

    Glad I’m not too late… just discovered this website! I’d love the Early American finish and my cats would simply appreciate the opportunity to CLIMB so much. We don’t currently have anything like that — haven’t been able to afford extras. But winning this would make me so happy because it would make my CATS happy!! All of the other features and doo-dads are obviously of high quality and would be amazing extras. Oh, and our cats are littermates (from different mothers) Lucy and Kiara, plus our younger boy Sheridan. We’re all crossing our fingers and paws!!!

  50. 1350
    joanne webb

    love them all. with 7 cats coulour etc is the least of my worrys, i just need something to keep them all occupied lol. hhhhhheeeeeelllllppppp

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