New Perches from Urban Pet Haus LEAVE YOUR FEEDBACK & ENTER TO WIN!

Urban Pet Haus is back with two new product ideas and they want your help again! This time we’re showing you two designs for some new wall perches with built-in feeding dishes/planters. They want to hear what you think, and everyone who leaves their feedback will be entered into a drawing for another set of Wave perches, one large and one small.

UPH has been working on two new perches: Flat and Plank. Both measure 24″ wide by 10″ deep by 6″ tall. Flat is made of powder coated steel and Plank has a faux zebrawood finish. Both mount securely to the wall and have a thick felt pad attached on top. I’ve seen the prototypes of both and they are very sturdy and well-made.

Both perches have a really cool feature, a built-in planter/feeder. This special insert can be removed for easy cleaning, plus it can be flipped over. One side creates a shallow reservoir that can be used for food or water. Turn the insert over for a deeper reservoir where you can plant cat grass for kitty to munch on. The Flat insert is zebrawood finish on the outside with a ceramic liner and the Plank insert is solid ceramic.

UPH wants to hear from you! Please leave a comment on this post telling us what you think of the two new perch designs. How much would you pay? Is the size (24″ wide by 10″ deep by 6″ tall) good? What do you think of the finishes? Would you use the feeder/planter feature? Any feedback you’d like to leave that will help the UPH design team refine these concepts will be greatly appreciated.

All comments received through May 15, 2011 will be eligible for the giveaway. Please leave only one comment per person. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on May 16. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US only. Readers outside the US are welcome to enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping charges.

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820 Responses to “New Perches from Urban Pet Haus LEAVE YOUR FEEDBACK & ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 651
    Kim B

    I love those! That would be great for catnip.

  2. 652
    Amber Gregory

    I think this design is awesome. I like the wood feeder better than the ceramic one, but they are both nice. I would pay around $60 for this. I don’t think I would use it as a feeder but that’s only because my cats are such messy eaters. I think the size seems good. I know my cats would love these!

  3. 653

    I like the way the Plank looks, but I like that with Flat, it appears as though it could be used on the floor (i.e., does not have to be mounted on a wall) – an important consideration when one rents one’s home. I’m not sure whether I’d use this piece, at least in my current home, but I love the idea.

  4. 654

    I prefer the plank design. I love the plant concept however, I would be worried about how well the container holds the plant. My kitty tears the grass to shreds. I would pay $75 for one.

  5. 655

    I like the plank option best. I would use the planter/feeder for water. My kitty loves to get water from many different places. This would give her a new and unique way. Also, they look sturdy. That is a plus. I would love to see them sold in pairs, and to see them priced between $50-$65 for a pair. Very cool product.

  6. 656

    I love the design! It’s very modern and would look great with virtually everything. I especially like the grass planter because my kitty, Cuddles, loves munching on grass, but loathes going outdoors. Great product! I give it a thumbs up! :)

  7. 657
    Kathleen S

    yeah pick me!

  8. 658

    These look great! I think they should be a little wider, or atleast a wider option like 12″ because I have a big cat. The food/planter should be able to be filled. I would use it probably more as a planter but it would be great to create different levels on a wall and have only one have the feeder/planter. I would pay around $50.

  9. 659

    Wow! I think those are phenomenal! I like the plank design better, it just seems to look more solid. And with having one of my fuzzy kids being 20lbs, that big boy needs all the stability he can get when it comes to any kind of perch. The planters on the ends are absolutely spectacular though. Definitely the icing on the kitty cake. I would pay about 50$ for one.

  10. 660

    I love the plank perch and I think that my babies would love them. Since they don’t seem to like walking on the floor and every surface that is four feet from the ground is fair game, the perches would be right up their alley. It is amazing, they don’t get on the dining table or the kitchen counters, but that is where they draw the line on restrictions. I think that the planter is a great touch for their kitty grass. I like the finish on the plank, the flat in not my style, but I can see that others would like it. I think that the size would be good, but the babies are reserving judgement until they actually try them out. They are the “Touch and Feel” kind of babies. Price wise… it is tough to say based only off of a picture. I would say somewhere between $30 – $50 with a price break on mutiples.

  11. 661

    I like the look of the plank better but I do think they should be a little longer. Both my cats try to fit everywhere together, so I feel like there would be not enough room for both my big girls on there. But I think the concept is awesome. And I would definitely use the feeder/planter option. My cats love to “find” their food outside the food dishes. I think about 55 to 60 dollars would be a good price!

  12. 662

    I like the plank design and would probably pay around 45-50 dollars. I would like a lighter wood finish and I probably wouldn’t use the planter, only because my cat would probably kick up some dirt as she jumps up onto it. Same goes for leaving water in it, I can see it ending up outside the dish. A few treats would be ok for me. I think the size is fine, however some cats do like a little lip on the edge of the perch to make them feel more secure up high. Also, it would be nice is the material could be removed and machine washable. Keep the great ideas coming! Thank you for listening!

  13. 663

    I love these designs. They are very stylish and better than a plain shelf.

    I do think you should have other color options. My living room and dining room are dark wood but I have light wood in the family room. I would put these perches in both areas so my cats have plenty of places to climb.

    I would pay $50-$60 for a set of 2, plus shipping. I don’t really have an interest in the feeder or planter, so making an option with them would be desirable.

  14. 664

    I really like the plank design, but I would prefer other color options. I would use the planter for wheat grass and/or catnip.

  15. 665
    Lisa D

    Love the Plank design; proportions are more elegant, I think, than the Flat. I’d pay $75.

  16. 666

    My vote is for the Plank design. I lie better a ceramic feeder that can be easily sanitized. I also think the material used for the perch is warmer without stealing anything on the sleek side.

  17. 667

    Flat would be wonderful in powder coated white or bright colors. Would love to see plank in a bamboo or teak finish! While cat hair will blend into zebra wood nicely, I think you want to go for lighter finishes – who wants to stick high contrast zebra wood on a museum white wall? (p.s. been buying for the MOMA store folks and one requested something similar – she finally settled on some teak danish modern modular shelves that we padded with velcroed on industrial felt – thought of them immediately when I saw yours!)

    Speaking of which – the pad has to come off to clean it – vaccuuming cat hair off will be much easier!

    Would the insert be dishwasher safe? Hmmm.. would I use it? if it came with 2 inserts and I could always have a spare pot of cat grass going for when the first one gets ravaged than yes – otherwise I’d have chewed stubs up on my wall all the time. Too deep for food I think.

    Seems like the Flat may be able to support a fatter cat huh?

    I’m gonna say here in NYC (where we still have no brick and mortar high end cat retail!) around $150 each? As for me – I have a strict rule – nothing the cats can mess up over $30.

  18. 668
    Whitney Kerr

    This is a beautiful option– I would love to have this is my home!

  19. 669

    LOVE the planter!

  20. 670

    Definitely the plank. It’s more aesthetically pleasing.

  21. 671

    Bruce may need this to live! :) :)

  22. 672

    great perch to watch the dogs from…meow

  23. 673

    Oh those are neat. I think the ceramic containers would withstand watering a bit better than the wood veneer ones though.

  24. 674

    Love the clean sleek design. Great planter for catnip or herbs (my cat loves to eat my herbs) This would be his own herb garden.

  25. 675

    What an awesome concept…… kitty would love this!

  26. 676

    I love these! clean and sleak and i really like the idea that there is a feeding dish option very cleaver. I would pay $50 – $65 for one of these.

  27. 677

    I love the Plank version. Not only do I really like the shape, I love the zebrawood and ceramic planter/dish. My only question is what the material on top is? Is it something that kitties can get a grip into if jumping up there and needing a way to not skid off?

  28. 678

    LOVE them! size and finish is fine. maybe additional color choices would be nice. yes i would use the planters!
    i’m sure they are going to be expensive so i am not able to judge on what i would pay for them.

    i could greatly use those to keep my cats off the tables and my husbands amps! lol

  29. 679

    Wow, these are really gorgeous! I love the idea of a feeder in a perch for those with dogs, because it puts the cat food out of the dogs’ reach! Yes, I would definitely use the planter/feeder feature. It’s a great idea!

  30. 680

    Very functional! I love the sleek design, and the versatility of the planter. With a well behaved kitty it would be very handy for cat grass or water. I like the plank design the best and would seem most affordable for $60-$75.

  31. 681
    Kelly L

    Both designs are so sleek and handsome.

    The Plank is great, especially. I would prefer it as a plant holder; the dimensions are just fine. I would pay perhaps around $150-$175 for the plank.

  32. 682

    I really like the plank design and the reversable dish is brilliant. Would love to see how my kitty uses this shelf. I’m sure the dog will be jealous!

  33. 683

    I would pay $50-$75 for this. I love the zebra wood finish and the option for a shallow feeder dish. I wouldn’t change a thing. Size specs are perfect.

  34. 684

    Wow, I think they are both a great idea, but I do like the Plank one better. I like the idea of the planter/food dish, but I’m not certain I’d use it… I’d probably try it at least. I do really wish there was at least a white finished color option, and I’d love if there were a few finishes.

    It is so nice to see some good, stylish options for cat perches/furniture.

  35. 685

    Is it too late to leave a comment? I would like to see them in different colours, if possible. Also, I love the idea that you’ve included a place to put food or plants. I would definitely buy something like this. Can’t imagine spending any more than $100, though.

  36. 686

    What a great design. I love the planter/feeder aspect! These would be so fun to have.

  37. 687

    Definitely like the plank design best. These are beautiful. Would be nice to have customisable colours for the felt pad and for it to be removable/washable. I like the planter idea for cat grass or catnip, but don’t know how practical the feeder would be, my cat never lounges near his food and i can see this being quite messy.

    Hopefully it is also easy to mount and secure for heavy (17lb cats!).
    I would pay somewhere between $60-100 for something like this.

  38. 688

    Love the plank. Built-in food bowl rocks!

  39. 689

    I like the Plank best. I think a ceramic dish is better than plastic. I would pay about $75 for this.

  40. 690
    The citykitty

    This is a great looking perch! I love the container/feeder. My cats always knock the cat grass over when chewing on it, so I’d definitely use this perch w/grass. It’s beautiful too!

  41. 691
    Thomas S.

    Very versatile, the cats would love to have a few of these.

  42. 692

    I love the design of this perch. I like the wood one better than the metal – it is much warmer. I would use the insert as a planter – my cats are messy eaters. I like the plank design better than the flat. I would pay $60-80 for this.

  43. 693
    Friday The Cat

    Redunkulous…Friday The Cat definitely digs these…

  44. 694

    I LOVE the new designs! The slip in feeding dish or planter is such a great idea – very versatile – good for kitties that like to eat up high, and great for owners that want to have something that doesn’t look like it’s only for a cat.

    I think for a set it should be about $100.

    The size I think is good – it’s deep enough for a sturdy cat.

    The choices of the finishes are very modern, and are different enough that people can choose from.

  45. 695

    Love BOTH designs! So chic!

  46. 696

    Very sleek. Could see them marketed at a $50 +/- price point. My cats love perches.

  47. 697

    The new designs look great, but I prefer the waves still. Thanks!

  48. 698

    these would go awesome with my new apartment :) and give my little indoor kitty something to explore!

  49. 699

    Love both designs! Currently I am moving into a new apartment with no easy outside access, only challenge being that I will have to convert my pet into an all indoor cat. Trying to make the transition easier on Mongo, I was looking to create a cat friendly environment without loosing good taste in design. You have definitely succeed in creating such an environment.

    Hope I win!!!

  50. 700

    design is nice in plank..$50 is OK.. dont know about water up high.. I’m sure “Mia” would agree.. thank you

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