New Perches from Urban Pet Haus LEAVE YOUR FEEDBACK & ENTER TO WIN!

Urban Pet Haus is back with two new product ideas and they want your help again! This time we’re showing you two designs for some new wall perches with built-in feeding dishes/planters. They want to hear what you think, and everyone who leaves their feedback will be entered into a drawing for another set of Wave perches, one large and one small.

UPH has been working on two new perches: Flat and Plank. Both measure 24″ wide by 10″ deep by 6″ tall. Flat is made of powder coated steel and Plank has a faux zebrawood finish. Both mount securely to the wall and have a thick felt pad attached on top. I’ve seen the prototypes of both and they are very sturdy and well-made.

Both perches have a really cool feature, a built-in planter/feeder. This special insert can be removed for easy cleaning, plus it can be flipped over. One side creates a shallow reservoir that can be used for food or water. Turn the insert over for a deeper reservoir where you can plant cat grass for kitty to munch on. The Flat insert is zebrawood finish on the outside with a ceramic liner and the Plank insert is solid ceramic.

UPH wants to hear from you! Please leave a comment on this post telling us what you think of the two new perch designs. How much would you pay? Is the size (24″ wide by 10″ deep by 6″ tall) good? What do you think of the finishes? Would you use the feeder/planter feature? Any feedback you’d like to leave that will help the UPH design team refine these concepts will be greatly appreciated.

All comments received through May 15, 2011 will be eligible for the giveaway. Please leave only one comment per person. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on May 16. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US only. Readers outside the US are welcome to enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping charges.

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820 Responses to “New Perches from Urban Pet Haus LEAVE YOUR FEEDBACK & ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 701
    Stephanie B.

    I really like the design and the finishes! I can already imagine how it will look in my house. I’m also a big fan of the planter option as my kitties looove to eat my plants. My only concern would be whether it could hold the weight of my pudgy kitty.

    I would pay up to 60$ for this in a heartbeat.

  2. 702

    Super Cool Design

  3. 703
    Lisa L

    I really like these! I am new to and these caught my eye immediately! I have been looking for things for my cats to climb on and this would be perfect!!!

  4. 704
    Erin Warrell

    I LOVE this idea! I have a series of six shelves on my wall right now, one with a bed, and my cat loves them. I live in an apartment so it’s a great space saver that gives him fun things to play on! This would be a great addition to his wall as I call it.

    I definitely need to check out the other products by Urban Pet Haus! Congrats to whoever wins!

  5. 705
    Carol W.

    I am ready to order two. They seem a perfect solution for keeping my dog from eating the cats’ food. Maybe $30.

  6. 706

    These are really cool designs! Love the finishes too! I really like the plank design! I would pay about $50 or so, anything up around $100 is just out of my budget. I know my cats would love these!

  7. 707

    I think it’s beautiful but has two problems. 1. I think this would only work aesthetically in open floor plan homes with other pretty modern furniture, and probably best in large homes. So I don’t know how large the market would be for this product – many cat owners live in small places and/or apartments without open floor plans. 2: for messy eaters like my cat, it would just get so gross so quickly if the countertop (and walls) where I keep my cat’s food is any indication. For messy eaters, cat furniture/feeding stations just don’t work, they need to be confined to the kitchen for eating :(

  8. 708

    These are great!
    I like the deep one for a planter. Not so keen on the feeding ‘trough’.
    I would pay $50-$60.


  9. 709

    I love the design for these.

  10. 710

    That looks really nice! I’d like to hang one up in my room just for decoration even!

  11. 711

    I love the plank design and would definitely use the planter – my cats love the grass!

  12. 712

    These are very sleek and modern, yet classical. The grass is both practical for the kitties and aesthetically decorative. Love the dark finish. I have two Siamese boys who LOVE to jump and chase each other and I can see them having a blast on these shelves. I could see charging $50 a shelf or $130 or so for a set of three. I’m sure you could get more, but that’s about the max I would pay for it, given my budget.

  13. 713

    Plank definitely. Wouldn’t use the planter/feeder. Under $100 is the sweet spot.

  14. 714

    I am really glad that products are being developed as functional pieces in a room whether they are being used by a pet or not. These are minimal, beautiful pieces that a guest would mistake as decor. Yet, a cat would see them as an opportunity to play and grab a quick snack! The idea of having cat grass brings outdoors in and gives the room color while helping cats have healthier digestive systems. All of the designs also take up minimal space and can be made into many different patterns with a few or several pieces. More, please!

  15. 715

    I love the zebrawood and would use it as a water bowl!

  16. 716

    I love the plank zebrawood design with the planter. This would look nice in any room and my cats love fresh grass I would not buy this with the feeder because my cats can be a little messy when they eat. I think the flat designs looks like it should be in an office, but my kitties would be happy with that too.

  17. 717

    I find the design of this perch/planter/feeder very aesthetically pleasing. The Flat perch has a strong modern/minimalist appearance, whereas the Plank version has more of a Frank Lloyd Wright/Green and Green feel about it. I would purchase multiple Flat perches in a heart beat and would be willing to pay between $50-$65 a piece. I also think something like this would sell well at Ikea.

  18. 718
    Ashley W

    I love these shelves! What a fantastic idea. I love how decorative they are. My kitties would love love love something like this.

  19. 719

    I prefer the plank design, and I like the zebrawood finish but would like to see other finishes/colors offered as well. The size seems good, and I love the planter/feeder, though I’d probably only use it as a planter (why would I put cat food on the wall? Maybe if I had a dog I guess …) I think I’d pay $150 or more for this.

  20. 720

    I’m really feeling the Perch design rather than the flat – it just looks cleaner and more stylish of a piece. Also, I don’t think the feeder concept is very practical since you’d have to stand on a chair or something to change the dish out every day. The planter would be much less work and a nice pop of nature on the wall.

  21. 721

    The designs are unique and beautiful. I especially like the feeder option although I would probably use as a water bowl. I’d like to see an option with fabric over the wood (although might ruin design) as the wood is likely to get scratched in my house.

  22. 722

    My cat keeps eating the lemon grass plant in my back yard. This would be a great way for him to look down at everyone in the house and stop eating my mom’s plant. I agree that this would be better sutited for big homes, specially if they’re going to be placed against the wall. Most cats take the food out of the plate to eat, so I dont know how a cat eating out of that small dish up on the wall would work out. still, very stylish. I would fork out maybe $50 for a set.

  23. 723

    The nicest perch design I have seen. I like the zebrawood finish and the size is good. I prefer the plank over flat and would have both depth dishes available. $150-$199 seems like a realistic range. All of our abyssinians want one!

  24. 724

    Very nice looking designs but am curious about the weight of these. If these were installed incorrectly and fell, how much damage could they cause, especially on a hard wood floor? Also, how well would they survive?

    I think I prefer the plank aesthetically over the flat in terms of overall shape; the latter is too reminiscent of powder coated office fixtures. It would be nice to see other color / texture choices in the frame as well as the ceramic planter to match various decor.

    I would never use these as dedicated feeders, only as they have mocked up with cat grass, as the potential for mess is less.

    I could see paying $75-100 for a single shelf, again it would depend on the quality of the construction as well as the supporting hardware.

  25. 725

    I like the plank one… it looks more streamlined to me. I also like the deep planter style better. I have a feeling that using a wall shelf as a feeder could get very messy. Using it as a place to grow plants is adds a nice place to have green stuff and makes the shelves very aesthetically pleasing. I might buy these just as shelves, even if I didn’t have a cat.

  26. 726

    “Plank” has an especially clean, minimal design. I love the streamlined look and contrast of dark and light (and green element). Generally not fond of faux wood, however, as I find it visually odd and easy to mar with an errant claw. Perhaps a stained or lacquered finish? The addition of wheatgrass is excellent, both aesthetically and practically. The organic lines set off the harder ones of the perch, and my guys love salad. Perfect. :)

  27. 727

    they look nice. it would be cool if they had a scratching surface or something.

  28. 728

    These seem really cool, a great idea put together cleanly. I love that the dish is reversible; versatility is ALWAYS a virtue, especially since it’s hard to predict what a cat will respond to. The designs are very attractive too, although I definitely prefer Plank to Flat. Plank’s chunkier platform provides much better visual balance than Flat’s hanging left side, in my opinion. I can’t speak to the price, though; these are the kinds of things I outright expect to be too rich for my blood.

  29. 729

    100 or 150$, I think.
    Planter is really a good idea!

  30. 730
    Lee Sullivan

    These are really cool and would look great in my newly designed office.

  31. 731

    I prefer the clean lines of the Plank design. With our budget, I wouldn’t pay more than $35 but I also admit that I may not be your target audience.

  32. 732

    Nice! Those look so much better than my Ikea-hack cat shelves–my kitties would love the planter!

  33. 733

    Very sleek. Excellent place for a food bowl. Would never get knocked over by our feet again!

  34. 734
    Chari Hill

    I love the new perch designs. I would use the built-in container for a feeder. My cat spends a lot of time up on her perch and would be very convenienct for her to have some food right in it!

  35. 735

    I love the idea of the planter for cat grass, but I’m not great at growing things… I usually buy the live plants from PetSmart. It would be great if the shelf could accommodate those, or one of the common self-grow kits. I would pay around $50 if it was high quality. I’m a bit wary of the “faux zebrawood finish” even though I like the plank style.

  36. 736
    Danielle Marino

    Very sleek design. I think for maintenance purposes I would want fake grass that is easy to clean. That way there is no dead grass and my kitty isn’t eating the live grass all the time.

    I hope I win!

  37. 737
    Laura R

    This is exactly what I’m looking for! My dog is pretty determined when it comes to snarfing the kitty food, so we’ve been looking at some DIY shelves that include a feeding solution. This is far more stylish than anything I can come up with, especially the plank model with the zebra wood. The zebra wood will integrate perfectly into my family room decor, as it doesn’t announce itself as cat furniture. Thanks for making great looking options for those of us who love our cats, but don’t want carpet covered monstrosities dominating our decor!

  38. 738

    Love this. I want places for my cat to climb, but don’t want my house to look like a cat house. These are perfect! They will look like modern shelves and not carpet covered eye sores.

  39. 739

    What wonderful perches you’ve come up with! While I like both designs, my personal preference is the plank perch because of it’s thicker, bolder look. I like having the option of using the insert as either a dish or planter as well. I think an appropriate price would be somewhere around $40-$60 dollars.

  40. 740

    prefer plank–would like to see a thicker felt pad; it looks pretty skimpy in the picture. would also like a couple of extra inches of depth–my cat likes to stretch out, and 10″ just isn’t enough.

    I would use the insert as a planter–not for food or water. I’m sure that the manufacturer is planning on setting a price point of >$100 for these, but I wouldn’t pay more than ~$50 or max $60 for one…if they were $50, I would get several, though!

  41. 741

    I like the plank and the planter option and so would our kitties. I think $50 – $60 would be a great price.

  42. 742

    These are nice concepts/designs…not so sure what kind of price to put on these….I really like the planter idea for kitty greens….it would get Gracie’s cat grass off of our dining table :) would be great to win one.

  43. 743

    great idea!! Love this!

  44. 744

    Love the clean lines!

  45. 745

    I like the industrial design-inspired steel/wood grain combination, which I don’t think I’ve seen in pet ‘furniture’ until now. A price of around $40.00 for either style perch would be reasonable.

  46. 746

    Finish is nice. Having messy eaters I would use the planter. A couple of mine love to eat greens. The design is a bit retro (think benches with planters) thus may limit the audience. I wouldn’t pay more than $25 each.

  47. 747

    I love them, but I wonder about the planter portion being able to get enough light to keep cat grass alive. I would probably “plant” some kind of spring/wand type cat toy. I prefer the Plank finish.

    I see these costing between $80-$100.

  48. 748

    Love the plank design and the feeding dish/planter is a nice touch. I like to leave food near the cat’s sleeping areas while I’m away during the day and both of my girls love to eat plants.

  49. 749
    Eric K

    Glad I stumbled upon this site! I’d recently started mapping a design plan for mounting shelves (which I would have to cut, finish and upholster) to provide adequate climbing space for my four cats in a moderate-sized urban apartment. Both the flat and plank platforms (I prefer the plank as it has a more minimal style) would save me a lot of time and work, and I’d be willing to purchase either once available. The sizes being offered are fine in that they aproximate the shelf sizes I was considering designing myself. Since the finish matches that of the already available wave perches (another item I just discovered by visting this site) I plan on purchasing, I find it appropriate. The planter/feeder is an excellent addition that will allow me to clear some window space of the grass planters I now have. I would expect to pay slightly more than the cost of the larger wave perch considering the planter/feeder accessory. PS – please make available the CC perches detailed as in depelopment on the manufacture’s site as they will provide me with additional options for the space with which I have to work. Overall, Urban Pet Haus is designing some stylish products which suit my cats’ needs. Hope more become available soon.

  50. 750

    I love this idea! It would be a perfect way to grow some herbs without worrying that my cat would knock the planter over (he’s done it before many times!) and maybe I could have one with cat grass :)

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