New Perches from Urban Pet Haus LEAVE YOUR FEEDBACK & ENTER TO WIN!

Urban Pet Haus is back with two new product ideas and they want your help again! This time we’re showing you two designs for some new wall perches with built-in feeding dishes/planters. They want to hear what you think, and everyone who leaves their feedback will be entered into a drawing for another set of Wave perches, one large and one small.

UPH has been working on two new perches: Flat and Plank. Both measure 24″ wide by 10″ deep by 6″ tall. Flat is made of powder coated steel and Plank has a faux zebrawood finish. Both mount securely to the wall and have a thick felt pad attached on top. I’ve seen the prototypes of both and they are very sturdy and well-made.

Both perches have a really cool feature, a built-in planter/feeder. This special insert can be removed for easy cleaning, plus it can be flipped over. One side creates a shallow reservoir that can be used for food or water. Turn the insert over for a deeper reservoir where you can plant cat grass for kitty to munch on. The Flat insert is zebrawood finish on the outside with a ceramic liner and the Plank insert is solid ceramic.

UPH wants to hear from you! Please leave a comment on this post telling us what you think of the two new perch designs. How much would you pay? Is the size (24″ wide by 10″ deep by 6″ tall) good? What do you think of the finishes? Would you use the feeder/planter feature? Any feedback you’d like to leave that will help the UPH design team refine these concepts will be greatly appreciated.

All comments received through May 15, 2011 will be eligible for the giveaway. Please leave only one comment per person. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on May 16. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US only. Readers outside the US are welcome to enter if they are willing to pay the extra shipping charges.

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820 Responses to “New Perches from Urban Pet Haus LEAVE YOUR FEEDBACK & ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 751

    Love this. Have been looking for something like this for a long time. I love cat trees and perches but need something without fabric. I have some special needs cats and the constant cleanup of fabric would ultimately ruin the tree. This looks very easy to clean. Love the design and added feature of putting a catnip plant on the end. Great concept and design!!!!!!

  2. 752

    Those are all way too cool!! I think around $100 would be a decent price.

  3. 753

    The plank with the planter is the best by far. I think more than $50 would be pushing it, depending on how dense the wood is and if the wood material is upgraded.

  4. 754
    10 cat Mom

    I really like the Plank design the best. I am partial to zebra wood, and the Flat design looks like a table. I love the planter-feeder concept, and I would want several of those to swap out when kitties eat all of the cat grass or catnip. The plants would need some recovery time after being eaten down to the nubs. Our kitties would love these. I grow catnip, and anytime I bring some into the house in a pot, it does not last long.

  5. 755
    Linda R

    I like the perch that can go on the wall with the place to grow kitty grass. My cats are always eating my plants and I have to grow wheatgrass for them so they don’t eat the plants. I think this is a nice space saving idea for apartments. Put a perch next to your favorite easy chair so you can read while kitty lies next to you and munches on his stuff!

  6. 756

    I really like the wall mounted perch. I’ve seen a few wall perch ideas like this and have really latched onto the thought of having some fun climbing options for kitty that are also aesthetically pleasing.
    As for specific feedback: I especially love how your design has either the plant or feeding compartment – it makes your design unique and less obvious as a cat-intended wall fixture. I personally liked the Plank design better than the Flat design, but I could definitely identify a few friends who would disagree with me – I think both options have appeal. I like the dark zebrawood finish, but I think that a natural color (bamboo?) could be a popular option too. For pricing feedback, I want to preface by saying that I am a Do-It-Yourselfer that grew up wood-working with my dad. Because of that, I see a lot of projects that I could recreate and need a low price to make it worth buying instead of building. I would probably be willing to spend no more than $40 on one of the perches and I would be more likely to buy if there was a deal on purchasing 2 or 3 instead of just one.

    I hope this feedback was helpful! And if it wasn’t what you wanted to hear, screw it, who am I to talk? Haha. Awesome ideas and best of luck with your projects!

  7. 757
    Catherine Fleming

    I love the idea of the planter that can be reversed and used as a feeder instead. Knowing how my cats can eat catnip or grass down to the nubbins in no time, I think that there should be additional planter inserts available so that they can be rotated for cleaning or to let the plant recover.
    As far as the perch itself I prefer a natural wood look, so I would pick the zebra wood plank style. Having been married in the past to a handyman who could build anything,I think your cat perches should be reasonably priced for those who aren’t so handy, say less than $50-60.

  8. 758
    Tracy Wilson

    Spectacular! It is such a pleasure to see such beautiful design. I have paid $75-$100 for custom carpet perches and are frankly, ugly, even by more rustic measure. Can’t wait to see them on the market! Great job making our cat lives better!

  9. 759

    The Zebra wood is beautiful (and would match my living room decor!) It’s honestly the perfect perch. My cat is always on every high surface there is trying to eat all my plants. Now this will be a perch that he can use AND eat the plants. Brilliant.

  10. 760
    Caroline Bachand

    Love the plank with the container for cat grass. I think selling additional containers so I can have grass growing on the side would be great, good way to make some extra profit too. The quality of it would dictate the price. I would say $40-$50 sounds reasonable but for excellent quality (and style) I would pay more.

  11. 761

    I would like the wood perch best, but would like it in a natural oak or pine. In this economy I think it would be important to reduce the cost as much as possible while retaining the quality workmanship. My husband is also a craftsmen, and could re-create it fairly easily – (if it ever got to the top of the priority list) But I think having a model that would be less expensive for those on a budget, in addition to offering the zebrawood or steel for those that could afford it. Bottom range – $50, top range $150. Great design idea though! It would also be nice to have it be able to be mounted at a windowsill, as all my cats enjoy relaxing at the window and keeping a look-out.

  12. 762
    trudy Getler

    is the date wrong on this contest? I hope it is and I’m still eligible to win but I’ll leave a comment regardless. I love these and yes, I would use them to plant kitty grass and food and water. it’s a good way to keep my cats food away from my dog LOL

  13. 763

    This is another creative product from you! My cats will love it!
    Thank you!

  14. 764

    Brilliant…my at loves skimming walls from the banister! Seriously…brilliant!

  15. 765

    I love the plank! When can we buy them?

  16. 766

    I love these planks! But I think making them out of a sustainable wood might be even better. Bamboo would be the perfect option, it grows quickly, has beautiful grain and finish, and is naturally anti-bacterial! I would buy them if made from bamboo, or pine. It is so great my cats will be able to hang on the wall AND eat their favorite snack. I’m so happy we have all this cool stuff to get them now!! I would also like to be able to purchase extra inserts, to grow more catnip/grass while the other is in use. When do they go on sale?!

  17. 767

    I love the perch with feeding/grassy knoll. I would put a couple 4 inch wheatgrass potted plants in there that I get from the grocery store. My cat loves chewing on the grass. I think it might be a good idea on the deep version to put a removeable reservoir at the bottom to catch water that drips from watering the wheatgrass plant. Great ideas on the kitty wall-steps!!

  18. 768

    I love the plank design with the removable feeder. I have a 15 lb cat who loves to climb and i’m sure that he will be climbing in one of those. It also be nice to put it by the window since they love staying by the window. It should be sturdy enough to climb on. Great design! Where can I buy them? hope they’re available for sale.

  19. 769

    I love this!
    Having great design plus your home and benefit kitty works for me.

  20. 770

    Great design and it will benefit kitty!
    Love it.

  21. 771

    Beautiful design. These could fetch $80+ easily based on what else is available. For myself I’m heading to the hardware store to buy some shelves as that’s all my budget allows.

  22. 772

    The “plank” style is beautiful, but for my decor I’d love a very pale birch. Definitely willing to pay $80, but admittedly I might be pushed to pay a little more. I like the idea of the planter but cat grass always dies on me and the cats might just rip it all out. I might put toys in them. All the ball toys in one, and mice toys in another, or coordinate the toys by color.

  23. 773

    The design is beautiful but the practicality of having food, water or grass mounted in a perch is ify for me. We have a multi-cat house with multiple cat issues…. A few of them love to drink their water with their foot and flck water everywhere or splash. This would not be good behavior on a perch and horrible for my walls. The other point is (I hate to say it) is vomit. We all know these critters will hack/urp up the kitty grass or even their dry food from time to time, this is not something I would want to encourage up on a perch… Shannon also made a good point about them pulling the grass out… I agree, I would put toys in them as well.

  24. 774

    I think these are beautiful! I would love these! Decor in a cat home doesn’t have to look overtly cat-ish!

  25. 775
    Cynthia Ciarpella

    These shelves are fantastic. I especially like the planter option because it will add an interestingly unique appearance to the shelves. I have two kittens and one cat that I rescued from the street and they all love to climb. The style is perfection. I am more partial to the plank design. Really think it would enhance the plain walls in my house. They look like sculptures that are functional. As for pricing, I suppose that would depend on the cost of manufacturing. Perhaps to lessen the cost, alternatives to the zebra wood could be offered (although that is what I like). Great design concept. Hope they are eventually produced.

  26. 776

    Wow… I have been trying to convince my wife to let me put some shelves up for Spidey for a while now. These shelves will most likely win her over.

  27. 777

    Looks great, where can I buy some? and do you ship to Turkey?

  28. 778

    I think these are really lovely,, and both look very well made. Personal choice for my home would be the plank design,and I have 3 cats who would LOVE these. I also think that they would make a great addition to a veterinary office/exam room setting, especially the flat design as it is less space consuming and more stream lined. I would definitely purchase for my cats!!!!

  29. 779

    Wow, those are beautiful! I’d love to have one in my new home, my fiancee and I are moving in together soon with our two baby kitties in toe. :)

  30. 780
    Lynde Thames

    Love love love the curved perches!!! I just adopted 3 kittens..and they are so active and into everything…..they would love these!!!!

  31. 781

    Incredible! My cats love to munch on grass and it makes it look stylish too! this is a fantastic cat perch

  32. 782
  33. 783
    nora holt

    MacGuffin purrs a Hemingway Cat’s paws up. He likes the straight with grass and the curvy ones look too interesting. MacGuffin’s owner wonders what are the size of these cat shelfs and when will they be available in stores or on the web? Purrfectly curiosity bending idea! Better than treats! MacGuffin, signed by his Nora

  34. 784

    It’s a modern, clean and great product. My cats love grass.

  35. 785

    love this! been looking for something this mod and stylish for my cat and her grass =^_^= is it available yet? please say so or soon!

  36. 786

    These are so nice, the cats would love them. I love the planters, always wanted to grow cat treats!

  37. 787

    Want! would pay $40-$60 for the Plank with ceramic planter! The zebra finish is beautiful…

  38. 788

    Is it available already? Love it!!!

  39. 789
    Margie H

    I simply LOVE this. So much more interesting than the usual cat tree or perch! Where can I get it?

  40. 790

    Brilliant! I’d love a few of these to place above my aquarium that I can’t keep my cats from jumping on & drinking out of & breaking the glass top of!
    Love that I can plant cat grass for them! Maybe my plants would quit being shredded!
    There’s a possibility that one of these could keep “Ferocious” off my Bookcases if he had his own “Throne”! Most people would have gotten rid of them by now but I know no one else would put up with their neurotic ways! Plus they’re adorable when they’re not making me crazy!
    I could always crawl on one & let them deal with the rest of the house! LOL!

  41. 791

    I absolutely love the flat one, as a matter of fact I would like one for January we my newly adopted cats will finally get to their new home: ours! Where cat I get one ? I leave in Barcelona, Spain.

  42. 792

    I love the idea and was looking for something modern, yet a feeder.

    We have large dogs and it is a great way to not have a bowl on a counter. Plus I love the modern design.

    How can I order one???

  43. 793
    Kerry Clark

    I love the idea of a up out of the way place to feed, so the dog can’t get to it!

  44. 794

    I really like the Plank, if i could afford it i would buy it

  45. 795

    I wish just about everything on the urbanpethaus site was actually for sale. I’m more than ready and excited to buy the plank perch, box perch, and cc perch. When can everyone expect to see these functional and beautiful pieces of modern cat furniture? I hope that we won’t have to wait too long :D

  46. 796
    Katie Martin

    LOVE this! I have dogs and always have to put my cats food UP somewhere – usually somewhere in our way – on the kitchen table, on the powder room sink. Not so great. Love that the shallower dish can hold cat food up high away from canine friends who want to steal it! Also think the catnip idea is cute. But the food idea would be great around here!

  47. 797

    I like the plank one. Its modern, chic and versitile. I love that you can put plant on it too! I think my kitties would love this!

  48. 798
    Ashley M.

    I love the plank with the deep design. The green of the plant holder with the zebra wood is a very enchanting combination. I have been obsessed with getting cat perches for my two cats as they love to jump on the furniture to escape my lab when she is a little too hyper! Great idea, great design.

  49. 799
    Caitlin E

    This is a fabulous idea! great way to streamline the sitting platform with a feeding dish! My dogs run out to where I feed my cat and dive for her dish, so an elevated area for her to eat peacefully would be a dream for her. I wonder if there is a way to make the platform able to accommodate a basket so it wouldn’t slide off. Great idea!

  50. 800

    I love both. What a great idea with a sleek look. And easy to clean. When can I buy one (or two)? The planks will look so cool on the wall.

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