Moderncat June Giveaway: Litter Robot II Bubble Unit

Wed, Jun 1, 2011

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This is your chance to win the ultimate litter box, the Litter Robot II Bubble Unit! The Litter Robot is hands-down the BEST self-cleaning automatic litter box on the market. With this brilliant invention, not only will you never have to scoop litter again, but kitty will always have a clean litter box, and for fussy kitties, this can help eliminate litter box issues.

I’ve used the Litter Robot for years and I absolutely love it, and now with the new Bubble unit, it’s even better. The new bubble unit has a clear plastic attachment on the back that allows light to enter the globe plus it gives larger kitties a little more room to move around. A great improvement to an already great product!


This month’s giveaway is for a Litter Robot II Bubble Unit. The winner will get to choose the color: black, eco-gray (made from mostly recycled plastic), or beige. To enter the monthly giveaway, make sure you’re signed-up to receive Moderncat updates via email. If you’re already getting the updates but you’d like an EXTRA chance to win this month, please visit the Litter Robot website to see all the features and watch a video explaining how it works, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us what color you’d choose. Complete details on the monthly giveaway here. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on June 30, 2011. This giveaway is open to US addresses only.

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1,386 Responses to “Moderncat June Giveaway: Litter Robot II Bubble Unit”

  1. 1251
    Renee B

    The Eco-Grey would be just perfect for my 2 kitties!!

  2. 1252

    i would love the ease of not scooping everyday…what a great idea and cool futuristic design. my cats said they would prefer to have eco-gray.

  3. 1253
    Nicole W

    I would love the Eco-Grey one! Fabulous product!!

  4. 1254

    awesome a self-cleaning litter robot lol now if i could only find a self-cleaning room robot

  5. 1255
    Kim B

    This would be great for my 2 cats, especially Angel my 3 legged baby. She has trouble “burying” her waste and this would eliminate that problem. It looks like a great product.

  6. 1256

    A friend of mine has one! These are really neat! I want one!

  7. 1257
    Melinda Robillard

    I would love a black one! We have rescued ferals as well as shelter kittles and could always use a high-tech litter box!

  8. 1258

    my husband would love this for our osh Cash! and since we are about to be buy a new house it would be even better!

  9. 1259

    my cat would love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 1260

    My kitty would love the black one!

  11. 1261

    This would be perfect in my house and would help ease the task of keeping multiple boxes clean for my picky cats! The Eco-Grey model looks nice.

  12. 1262

    I think it’s a great product and the eco-gray would be my choice for my two moderncats :)

  13. 1263
    Beth Ann

    Please enter me in this contest. I have two cats, a seven pound tortie and a sixteen pound, big-boned Manx, and both could easily make use of this unit. Plus, my husband would love to have a box the requires less scooping when I am on work trips. I would prefer the eco-gray if I won.

  14. 1264

    I would pick the Beige. I have 2 kittens and 4 grown cats so this would be great.

  15. 1265

    Zazzles and Ivan Cat both agree that the Eco-Gray – they are all about recycling!

  16. 1266

    love this idea. it’d be perfect for my parents who have bad knees/backs, they hate getting down to clean the boxes! and the black one would work great with the decor.

  17. 1267
    L Dub

    omg, yes please!

  18. 1268

    This would make a great gift for my mother for her birthday.

  19. 1269

    The eco-gray would be purrrfect for my furry family.

  20. 1270

    My kitties love this idea, especially miss Zara who is quite picky about a pristine litter box. Her and her brother would love an Eco-gray Litter Robot.

  21. 1271

    That’s a trip! Eco-gray definitely – love that it’s partially made of recycled materials.

  22. 1272
    Jamie Williams

    I would choose the black because our kitchen in our smaller one bedroom apartment would appreciate the help with our two cats care! We have a eight month old kitten and a three year old kitten and we love the idea of being able to go on business trips and not worry about the cats over filling the box we have now! The black would be beautiful!

  23. 1273
    Linda Synnott

    I would choose the beige color because it would hide the dirt better!! Actually I would enjoy any color if I won..I’m not picky. I would just be thrilled not to have to see my cat’s litter box everyday. I don’t know what else could possibly be more unattractive!!

  24. 1274

    I think I would choose either black or beige. I’m worried my kitty might be afraid of it, but we’ll see.

  25. 1275

    i would love to have have the beige, finally my kitty can have i perfectly clean litterbox :D

  26. 1276

    My choice–the eco-gray–because it’s so chic! Not having to scoop litter, nor see my kitties’ *business* makes it a must have!

  27. 1277

    I would like Eco-gray please!

  28. 1278

    I would love to have The Litter Robot ! The management of my building complex had renovated my bathroom were I had my cat Biscuts liter box. They installed a sink with cabinet underneath. That is were the liter box was place for Biscuts, and there no room in the bathroom for the liter box. Now I have the liter box in the living-room were it has become a eye and odor sore. Please can you help a cat lover stuck between a ODOR and EYE SORE place!
    P.S. your web rocks for cat lovers.

  29. 1279

    I’d choose the eco-grey. Have considered trying this product…with your recommendation I’ve decided I would probably love it!

  30. 1280
    Randall Jones

    This would be great for my two cats! My little monsters are tiny, yet make more waste then my Rotti LOL! Being in a cramped town house this would be perfect for ease of use and odor management. Nothing messes up a movie or dinner than the little ones dropping a bomb. This would also be great for weekend trips, you would not come home to green fog. One of my friends has one and loves it. I would choose a black one if you choose me!

  31. 1281

    I need the beige one. Chloe and Gizzy would love it.

  32. 1282

    Awesome product! Beige for sure, just fits in with the look of our apartment!

  33. 1283

    My Kitty named Potatoes O’Brien would look super flashy in Black !!

  34. 1284

    I’ve used every kind of auto clean liter box except this one. Most I have found do not work well and make more of a mess then cleaning a box. I’ve always wanted to get one of these as I’ve heard they are hands down the best. Any color would be find as my 3 cats don’t seem to mind what color it is. For me I think the beige. Right now I have 3 auto boxes running(one for each cat) and it would be nice to get down to only one or two.

  35. 1285


  36. 1286

    I’ve used every kind of auto clean liter box except this one. Most I have found do not work well and make more of a mess then cleaning a box. I’ve always wanted to get one of these as I’ve heard they are hands down the best.

  37. 1287

    I currently have the grey one and I love the ease of it. I really need to win a second one since I have 2 cats

  38. 1288
    cyndi stallings

    Wonderful, Daisy would definitely love to have the eco-grey cuz she all into matchy-matchy and color coordinating!!

  39. 1289

    2 great 2 B true! This is the box my cats have been waiting for. Beige would fit right in with the vintage decor.

  40. 1290

    We have 3 senior kitties who would love this in Eco-gray! So cool.

  41. 1291

    i think i’d pick the black or gray. i think this would be a lifesaver for my little poop machine cat.

  42. 1292

    These are so awesome!!!! My little white cat would love this no matter what color, and so would I! I’m having to clean her litter box twice a day or she wont use it. But what can you do? I love my cat!

  43. 1293

    Thinking the beige would be my choice!

  44. 1294

    This looks fantastic! Think how great it would be to go on vacation and be able to tell the friend who is looking after your pets that they don’t have to worry about cleaning the litterbox! Although I usually prefer darker colors, I would go for the beige. I think any litter dust on the exterior would be less likely to show up. Anyway, its a great idea – sounds safer to me than other auto litterboxes I’ve checked out, and it has good geek cred.

  45. 1295

    I would love the Eco-Gray. I think it would be a great edition to help me care for my cats.

  46. 1296
    Boris Kitty

    Luv the new colors and dat us bigger kittehs have more room to move too! Paws crossed dat i wins a nice black one.

  47. 1297
    Lisa B

    What a clever contraption! Eco-Gray, all the way!!!!!

  48. 1298

    I would love love love a beige litter robot! My fosters would love it as well!

  49. 1299

    i would so get the eco-gray for my 3 cats!

  50. 1300

    I need this!!! I really like the Eco-Gray! This would surely relieve me of being a slave to the kitty litter cleanup.

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