Moderncat June Giveaway: Litter Robot II Bubble Unit

Wed, Jun 1, 2011

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This is your chance to win the ultimate litter box, the Litter Robot II Bubble Unit! The Litter Robot is hands-down the BEST self-cleaning automatic litter box on the market. With this brilliant invention, not only will you never have to scoop litter again, but kitty will always have a clean litter box, and for fussy kitties, this can help eliminate litter box issues.

I’ve used the Litter Robot for years and I absolutely love it, and now with the new Bubble unit, it’s even better. The new bubble unit has a clear plastic attachment on the back that allows light to enter the globe plus it gives larger kitties a little more room to move around. A great improvement to an already great product!


This month’s giveaway is for a Litter Robot II Bubble Unit. The winner will get to choose the color: black, eco-gray (made from mostly recycled plastic), or beige. To enter the monthly giveaway, make sure you’re signed-up to receive Moderncat updates via email. If you’re already getting the updates but you’d like an EXTRA chance to win this month, please visit the Litter Robot website to see all the features and watch a video explaining how it works, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us what color you’d choose. Complete details on the monthly giveaway here. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on June 30, 2011. This giveaway is open to US addresses only.

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1,386 Responses to “Moderncat June Giveaway: Litter Robot II Bubble Unit”

  1. 1301

    Its fabulous! just saw a demo of how it works, super ingenious, and it looks great in the beige color :D my kitty fiona would definitely love and appreciate this lol

  2. 1302

    My Sita could REALLY use this-OK, so could Mom. I’m finding it more& more difficult to get to her box & scoop the litter these days. I usually have just an hour or so a day when I’m able to get things done. I’m TRYING to build myself up-but my genetic disorder is degenerative & last month I got a compression fracture just cleaning out her box. I can’t afford any help, so have to find ways to do things myself; and believe me, with no friends or family for thousands of miles, my Sita is WORTH ANY injury to myself. Even my doctor knows that is NOT a line to be crossed!! (doesn’t mean he LIKES it-but after me leaving the hospital several times AMA, I think he gets it-even though it means LOTS of teasing by his office!! :)

  3. 1303

    Esthetically I would prefer the beige one, but the green person in me would choose the eco-gray.

  4. 1304
  5. 1305
    Karen Curtis

    wow! Once less litter box to scoop twice a day. In our multipe cat household one could use assistance! Love the robot design!

  6. 1306
    Jennifer Huffman

    I’m glad it said for large kitties bc I have a 20 pound cat!

  7. 1307
    Nicole S

    I think this looks like a marvelous product!!! We have cats (2) and kids (5) and no one ever wants to help with litter box duty. As a busy Mom and Grandmother anything that helps me keep a handle on chores like these are most welcome! I think the Gray unit is really snazzy and would work so well in the laundry room for our precious kitties.

  8. 1308
    Kristin Vog

    I have four babies. Rascal and Princess, Ditto and Patches – sometimes known as Patty McFatty… I would love to provide them with an instant box cleaning. As it is I try to keep up a few times a day and they are adorably tolerant and kind. This would be such a TREAT!

  9. 1309
    Misty Tilson

    These are so great. My cat’s would love it, as would my boyfriend. I like it best in black.

  10. 1310
    Sherry Dunaway

    Looks like a great system for both the kitties and their humans. I like the beige best and it would look better in our home but I like the idea that the eco-gray is mostly recycled plastic.

  11. 1311

    This sounds very interesting!I would like it in black.

  12. 1312

    Wow it’s like a little space pod for kitties. The concept is great and I love that it’s made mostly from recycled plastic. My cats and my husband would love it. The eco-grey is a great color.

  13. 1313
    Amanda S

    I have six cats and I hate cleaning litter boxes. Fortunately, my husband loves me enough to clean them, but I would love to give him a break. Happy Father’s Day; no more scooping litter! Awesome! The beige Litter Robot would look great in our new Cat Room.

  14. 1314

    I wonder, how does this work with crystal cat litter?

  15. 1315
    Sylvia Wan

    My kitty, Oscar, is such a fussy old timer. Plus, he’s a large cat! :] He will love this product! And Eco-Grey will compliment his grey leopard pattern~ <3

  16. 1316
    Lee Sullivan

    I love the eco-gray color.

  17. 1317

    Awesome box. The Ecogray color would be perfect for us.

  18. 1318

    this would be a life-changer for us!

  19. 1319

    This litter machine is fabulous and would save me alot of worry about odors, etc. My three kitties would appreciate the “forever clean” effects as much as I would. Great invention…..we like beige…..Thanks!

  20. 1320

    The black one looks pretty cool.

  21. 1321

    Beige! (These rock)

  22. 1322

    I would love the eco-gray one!

  23. 1323

    eco-gray FTW!

  24. 1324

    This is so neat

  25. 1325
    kate d

    help with 8 I NEED THIS

  26. 1326

    Eco-Gray … I love that it’s made from recycled plastic. Just another way to conserve resources!

  27. 1327

    my Peterbald peed on the floor when i didn’t cleaned the litterbox immediately after she used it. So it would be soooo much more Fun for both of us, when we could use the litter robot. My cat don’t argues anymore, and she always can use a clean Litterbox.
    I think i like all colors but the beige one i like most.


  28. 1328

    I would love the beige one please

  29. 1329
    tung ton

    black is best…

  30. 1330

    I want one!!!!

  31. 1331

    Edit: I would love a beige one!!! Please!!!!

  32. 1332

    Beige would be very nice!

  33. 1333

    I have been looking for a self-cleaning litterbox for my cats. I would choose the eco-gray color.

  34. 1334
    Pam Manos

    Lovin’ it – I would choose beige

  35. 1335
    Lori Phillips

    I already entered once..but hoping to get lucky and enter again. I would choose the beige one, but any color would be nice. I have 3 awesome cats and they don’t give me any litter box troubles. This unit is just so 50′s looking and I love it!!

  36. 1336

    One of my beloved cat’s is very finicky with his litter habits – which has cost me to lose apartment an deposit fees despite a lot of constant cleaning, With the seven minute timer it would be like having a litter sentry to make sure it is instantly cleaned He is getting so much better with time, and patience but this would help so much.
    I would choose the beige, but I love the eco-friendlyness of the gray too.

  37. 1337

    Eco gray bubble unit is the way to go for my modern cats!

  38. 1338

    I’d choose either the eco grey or beige. I could really use this…being a cat sitter I would have an easier job with my family of kitties and not have to work at home as much. Interesting design, more light, not sure of what cats actually think of this have always considered getting one. Love to win one to try it out!

  39. 1339

    My cat is big (13 lbs) only 7 mos. old and growing. He would love the gray/eco version especially since it has the expansion bubble!

  40. 1340
    Beth F.

    I like the eco grey one!

  41. 1341

    I definitely love the Eco-Grey! Love being style and environmentally conscious :)

  42. 1342

    So cool! I would definitely choose the black one for it’s sleek look.

  43. 1343
    Brenda Harless

    I would choose the Eco-gray to make the transition to a new and different kind of litter pan easier for my 10+ year old rescued cat. Having this would make all of our lives much better quality and I would not have to find him a new home due to disabilities keeping me from changing his litter pan as frequently as should be.

  44. 1344

    I would LOVE a beige one!

  45. 1345

    Shamu and Fuschia would love a beige litterbox!

  46. 1346
    Venus James

    Petunia May would love an Eco one for our new apartment!

  47. 1347

    I love trying new types of litter pans to see what the kids like and what’s easiest for me!!! This is one I would LOVE to try!!

  48. 1348
    Andrea N


  49. 1349

    definitely eco-gray!

  50. 1350

    Oops, sorry, I just left a comment about wanting the beige one, but I used the wrong email address. This is the right email :)

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