Magnificent Modular Cat Climbing Wall

Fri, Jun 3, 2011

Climbing & Perching

Hold on to your cats! This might be the coolest new concept I’ve seen in a while! I just received photos from the folks at Catswall Design Co, Ltd. of this brilliant new idea for a modular cat climbing wall. It’s a set of beautifully crafted wooden boxes that mount on a wall grid so you can move the boxes around to create a modular configuration of climbing, perching, and napping spots for kitty. Only the grid is attached to the wall and the boxes hang on the grid. Great idea!

The boxes have hinged lids for easy cleaning and they are made of natural wood for a clean contemporary look.

I absolutely love the cat and fish cutouts. The photos of the cats inside the boxes look like “face-in-the-hole” photo booth shots! Hilarious!

This design is just in the concept phase now. This is the prototype, but I’m told the company is working on bringing this to market if it’s something people would be interested in. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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781 Responses to “Magnificent Modular Cat Climbing Wall”

  1. 651
    Michelle Uy

    I love this! Please let me know when it’s out in the market!

  2. 652

    “magnificent modular cat climbing wall” – Absolutely love it! I want one! Please let me know when it is available for order!

  3. 653

    When can i buy one?

  4. 654

    THis is awesome. Priced per unit or in sets of 3 this would be an incredible opportunity for lots of cat owners to “do the right” thing by our cats without – one hopes – killing our wallets! GREAT IDEA!

  5. 655

    This is great – I’ve always admired the wall units but I would not want my walls as dirty as I’m sure they would get from my girls climbing and leaning against the walls. This has a grid and the boxes attach to that leaving the wall without kitty prints.

  6. 656

    I’d be interested in this as well. Hope you can email to let us know when it is available.

    Susan and the crew of cats (4 of them0

  7. 657
    G C

    Love it. Keep me posted for availability.

  8. 658
    shays mom

    it’s all about the price, because the design is DEAD ON! [= Can’t wait to own a series of 3 boxes….keep us posted!!!

  9. 659
    shays mom

    oh! and the fact that they can be rearranged for environmental enrichment is a HUGE plus!!!

  10. 660

    What a great idea!! Cost depending these would be a hit among cat owners for sure

  11. 661

    omFg this is the coolest thing! i’d love to see if it can be made for a reasonable price. it looks more expensive then i could justify spending.

  12. 662

    Any word on when this will be available for purchase? Thank you.

  13. 663

    This is AWESOME and I would totally purchase is cost was kept reasonable (I have and Ikea-Target budget). Maybe make the boxes available in an initla set of 3-4, and then people could add 1-at-a-time. Or maybe a “half” wall with 3 boxes??

  14. 664

    also… make box options with non-cat cutouts for a more subdued/neutral appearence

  15. 665

    Love it!!! Can I test it for you? ;-) Please let me know when it is available for my kitties.

  16. 666
    Christine Pinkney

    I love it but it would probably cost a lot more than I could afford please let me know the price anyway.

  17. 667
    VA Wise


  18. 668
    Karin McKee

    Oh absolutely fab!! Where can I get one??

  19. 669

    This looks fantastic really hope you will be able to produce it for a reasonable cost. Looks so clean and modern would definitely fit into any home.

  20. 670

    I Love it…..where can I get one or two? ;)

  21. 671
    Deb DeCosta

    I want one of these – when will they be on the market, and can you purchase different size units to fit different space configurations?

  22. 672

    Great idea! Would love to see neutral cut-out options, too (for a more grown-up look), but this looks like a perfect solution for a multi-cat, small space environment! Please let us know when it is available.

  23. 673


  24. 674

    this is so adorable and aesthetically appealing too!

  25. 675

    That actually looks fairly difficult and awkward to climb on. But what the hell, cats will climb anything.

  26. 676

    This is great, and I know my fussy kitty would love it as she gets up on top of everything! Hope you let us know when it will be available.

  27. 677

    Hell, YES!!!!

  28. 678

    That is such a cute idea!

  29. 679

    Great idea – it looks so good.
    Please let us know where/when we can buy one.

  30. 680

    I love this idea and the look. My question is, how sturdy are the attachments of the boxes, esp since they can be moved? One of my cats is a terror and breaks all of his brother’s toys. His brother is a gentle player & would love the lower boxes while the the rowdy one would be up & down, in & out. This could be a great solution for the two of them, assuming it will hold up!

  31. 681
    jill k

    love it!
    please let me know as soon as it is available!

  32. 682

    These are great, would love to have one for our veterinary hospital. Please let me know when it is available.

  33. 683
    Terri Orban

    I would love this if it didnt have just the cat designs. Maybe alternatives to go with different decors? or seasonal designs? I love my cats, but not enough to decorate my home around them! :)

  34. 684
    Annelie Rudlaff

    FABULOUS – these are amazing.

  35. 685

    We actually created our very own version of these, they look just like them. They will be available on our website in 7 days and you can see some of our line of products at the “Meet the Breeds Show” in NYC Nov 19th/20th at the jacob javitz center in about 9 days. Each box is about $42 each with a variety of of designs available. Booth #711

  36. 686

    I definitly want this- it’s amazing, great idea for those that have the space.

  37. 687

    I am so very interested in this! I have perfect wall and my seven kitties would love it. I hope you will keep us updated on availability.

  38. 688

    I would love something like this. Great idea, as long as the price isn’t too high.

  39. 689
    Alethea Pena


  40. 690

    When can I get it, I love it!!! My kitties would absolutely go bonkers for this!!!

  41. 691
  42. 692
    Daniela Graça

    Fabulous! Want it!!!

  43. 693

    Would be very interested depending upon the price. Maybe per piece could be an option.

  44. 694
    ChristY Cobb

    I LOVE this. I will buy this as soon as available!

  45. 695

    These are great! I really like them. This is something I would definitely consider buying for a few reasons:

    My cats are all over the place and something like this would bring them hours of entertainment in addition to having a nice resting spot or place to hide.

    The other reason is BECAUSE of the grid. In the “cat room”, they love to scratch the walls. This is not good. With the grid, they could set their sites on that instead of the walls of the bedroom.

    That solves just about every kitty problem I have…no more scratching of the walls, (would be cool if we can hang cat scratchers on these..sure there is a way), kitties get to get their energy out on this instead of tearing around my house, nice, cozy little places to hide.

    Do the boxes have little mats INside? Soft pieces to lie on? If not, easily created but could be something else the company sells.

    Love the cut outs. Those are adorable.

    If the price is right, I would definitely buy them. Someone mentioned $42 a box. Gotta say, that’s a little pricey for me.

  46. 696

    love it….ingenious!

  47. 697

    This is totally awesome!!! I so need to get one, plus I might need more cats to enjoy it, lol.

  48. 698

    Excellent concept. I would definitely want to know when it is in production and the costs. It would easily break down into starter and expansion modules.

  49. 699

    What a fantastic idea! Can’t wait to get one for my 5 cats.

  50. 700

    This is perfect for our colony cat room at Mendocino County Animal Shelter! Please let me know when it would be available.


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