Magnificent Modular Cat Climbing Wall

Fri, Jun 3, 2011

Climbing & Perching

Hold on to your cats! This might be the coolest new concept I’ve seen in a while! I just received photos from the folks at Catswall Design Co, Ltd. of this brilliant new idea for a modular cat climbing wall. It’s a set of beautifully crafted wooden boxes that mount on a wall grid so you can move the boxes around to create a modular configuration of climbing, perching, and napping spots for kitty. Only the grid is attached to the wall and the boxes hang on the grid. Great idea!

The boxes have hinged lids for easy cleaning and they are made of natural wood for a clean contemporary look.

I absolutely love the cat and fish cutouts. The photos of the cats inside the boxes look like “face-in-the-hole” photo booth shots! Hilarious!

This design is just in the concept phase now. This is the prototype, but I’m told the company is working on bringing this to market if it’s something people would be interested in. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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781 Responses to “Magnificent Modular Cat Climbing Wall”

  1. 701


  2. 702

    If you make the price reasonable for the modern cat wall I will definately buy it!

  3. 703

    I would totally purchase this for my cats! and/or to store stuff in if reasonably priced!

  4. 704

    I was very encouraged to find this site

  5. 705

    I have a few scary cats that would love to hide in one of the boxed shelves and still be able to look out – each box would be filled with a cat. Hope this is a reasonable price..

  6. 706

    I would like to know prices and how to order one. Thanks!

  7. 707
    Joanne Mt Smith

    Fri. Dec.30/11

    DITTO, tht BARB! If reasonably priced & shipped/available to Toronto ON Canada… I’m in too! I hve 3 cats!!

    LOVE ths IDEA!!

  8. 708

    LOVE! This is way too cool. I would love to do this, and as an image of this system is going ‘viral’ all over Facebook with us cat lovers. Love. Love. Love.

  9. 709
    Steven W Mc Namara

    I would love to have this, please bring a price & address up to speed so it can be shipped right away. My kitties =^.^= , Me, & Loved Ones are so anxious to have it…

  10. 710

    awesome, beautiful cat furrniture!!!

  11. 711

    That is super! I would love to buy one for my kitties!

  12. 712

    WOW! I have 10 cats- ( and 1 90 lb lab puppy) this would be a FANTASTIC addition for all of the cats- let me know when it comes up for sale!

  13. 713

    I just love this idea ! They look so great and it looks like the cats like them too ! I hope the developers do go ahead and bring them to market. I think they will do very well.

  14. 714

    This is perfect for a shelter I am working with…can you please provide cost and order details? Thanks so much!

  15. 715
    Maria Araripe

    I live in Brazil with 33 cats, and I want to buy this. Can I?

  16. 716

    Amazing idea… Cats will love it…

  17. 717

    I want one

  18. 718

    Eight cats…I NEED this!

  19. 719

    i agree. very useful, creative, versatile, and cute! i would love to have some, but this looks like with all the work and parts it would be unnafordable. i do absolutely love it. would buy if reasonable.

  20. 720

    I would buy entire thing at ANY price!

  21. 721

    ho visto la parete e la trovo fantastica,si puo’ sapere il prezzo dei vari componenti?

  22. 722

    Love it a lot. Many shelters could use this. Please find a way to make the price tolerable.

  23. 723

    I want this!

  24. 724

    I am very interested in the cat climbing wall. My mother and I run a small dog and cat rescue in WI and are in the process of redecorating the cat area. We have been looking for something new and want to build something more onto the walls for the cats to be able to use more of the space for them. This looks like a great idea. We would be willing to market it for you!! Please get in touch and let us know where you are at with this.

    Thank you,

  25. 725

    I think this is a fantastic idea!! My older cat would just love it, giving her a high up place to hide and watch us and a place to torment our dog from.

  26. 726

    This is a great idea! If the price is reasonable and it ships to my location then I’ll buy it.

  27. 727

    Ahh! With treats or other fun stuff to be discovered in the boxes each day, my cat would get exercise & beat boredom hitting every box! I’d love to have an attractive activity wall!

  28. 728
    Karen I

    I LOVE IT! Have been searching high and low for an attractive alternative to all of the condos and trees…..please let me know when it’s available!

  29. 729

    I so want one. I hope to hear they will bring this to market.

  30. 730

    We run a rescue and would love to find out pricing for these items. When will they be ready to ship. This would be perfect for the wall of one of our permant adoption locations.

  31. 731
    Monica Swift

    This looks fantastic, the only way I could see that this would be affordable for the average person is if you were to break up the components…say the wall slats and one or two boxes for the initial purchase, and then each box could be purchased separately! I would definitely love to see this come to market and someday to my home. My 7 cats woulld love it too!!!

  32. 732

    Great idea…but price might be an issue. Be sure to offer in a variety of woods, tones, etc. and make it easy to put together please!

  33. 733

    Would you be interested in “advertising” your modulars by installing one in our soon-to-open rescue adoption center in a well known pet store? We’re located in Northern California, near San Jose. The center is a large room with three large windows, through which the public can view the cats as they play. They will roam free in the room, so your modular would be purr-fect for them! Please let us know. :)

  34. 734

    Love this!!! When/where can I get one and how much!? :)

  35. 735

    This is awesome…. I just moved into a loft 750sq ft loft from a big house so my cats have become indoor cats with less space. My guess is that your lovely system is going to be way out of my price range but if I could afford it I’d love to provide my two kitties with this kind of fun. It’s a wonderful concept!

  36. 736

    I hope this is price affordable when it comes out, I will leave two walls open just in case. I think my cats would love it.

  37. 737

    I would totally purchase a few fish for my guys. Love the way it lifts up to clean or get cats out if needed.

  38. 738
    Leslie Leavitt

    This cat climbing wall is the greatest. Sure hope they market it. I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  39. 739

    looks like a great idea! i love the cutouts in the boxes!

  40. 740

    Awesome! My babies would love this. (The photos are way too cute, too.)

  41. 741

    I would love to have this wall as long as the boxes are big enough to fit a 16 lb cat. I have two that size and two that weigh 12 lbs each.
    My Abysinnian would love to climb all over the wall

  42. 742

    Can I get with 15 ‘boxes’? I have 15 rescued cat. ( and so many who is waiting to be rescued )

  43. 743

    A comment? I want it! If I could find a way to order some components here in UK, I will surely do.

  44. 744
    Angela gholson

    Its cute but I bet only really rich people will be able to afford it.

  45. 745

    I love this product, but I fear it would be too expensive for me. Also, how easy is it to install?

  46. 746

    This is GREAT!!!! My Cats would sure love it! get in contact with me and let me know more.

  47. 747

    where do i get it.. is it in the US.. if not whats the cost plus the shipping

  48. 748

    This is such a good idea do you retail it in the uk please my cats would love this.

  49. 749

    It’s a good idea, funboxes 4 catz ^^

  50. 750

    Love the idea, I have 2 occicats that are into everything. This would be perfect


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