Enter to Win an Easy Life Snuggle Scratch & Rest from Petstages! Two Winners!

Mon, Jun 27, 2011

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A couple of weeks ago I introduced this snazzy cardboard lounge from Petstages. It’s the Easy Life Snuggle Scratch and Rest, a unique cardboard cat scratcher/lounger with a raised bowl shape that appears to be a cat magnet. Today we’re giving away two of these awesome loungers to a couple of lucky readers! To enter to win, please visit the Petstages website to see some of the other products they make, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us what else caught your eye and what other giveaways you might like to see from them in the future. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on July 5, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to addresses in the US and Canada.

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878 Responses to “Enter to Win an Easy Life Snuggle Scratch & Rest from Petstages! Two Winners!”

  1. 751

    The cat cuddle coil! I could definitely see our little Megatron loving that. Especially if combined with the Pounce ‘n Play!

  2. 752

    I think I’d like to try out the firefly mat and the glow worm nighttime toys. The dental toys might be good too as my cat likes to chew things. I like the bowl shaped scratcher featured here the best of all the scratchers. The toys would not be so good for my current cat because he likes to chew and then ingest the stringy bits!

  3. 753

    I have 3 cats and 2 kittens and each one would enjoy one or all of these great items. I myself would like the Easy Meal 2 in 1 cat diner and would like to see a giveway for this.

  4. 754

    This stuff is adorable and since I’m always looking for something that my felines can scratch (other than my couch!) I’d love for them to do another giveaway only next time, how about for the Easy Life Cat Hammock??


  5. 755
    amanda rice

    i already bought the mint dental breath sticks for my 2 cuties and they love them. i also love the cheese chase toy and the starry night hut for kitty camp outs! the flashing firefly mat is also awesome! i would love more contests from this company because their products are amazing! a dental chew giveaway would be great because so many cat mom and dads need to concentrate on kitty’s teeth and gums.

  6. 756

    I like the Easy Meal 2-in-l Cat Diner, we need a good dish for our cat.

  7. 757

    My cats would love this!

  8. 758

    I think the Cuddle Coil or Cheese Chaser would make wonderful giveaways. But, I really think the Starry Night Hut or anything in that line because no other line of cat products has anything like it. It seems to be unique to Petstages.

  9. 759

    Seriously purrfect & cute!

  10. 760

    I love the night time tent. My cat Duch would love it. I also loved the hammock.

  11. 761

    Those are very cool looking scratcher! Looks just like their cat toys!

  12. 762
    jadedea jade

    That is too cute. I am sure Jimmu, our biggest cat, will spread all over it lol.

  13. 763
    Diana Storrie

    I loved the Pretty Bird Wobble Cage. It is a good size and I like the fact the birdie chips and tweets.

  14. 764
    Renee Unger

    L really like the colors on the scratch n rest and the Starry Night Hut and the Cat Cuddle Hut are just adorable…My kids would luv the scratcher.

  15. 765
    Alison Conley

    The hammock looks like something they’d realy use.

  16. 766

    I love the Cat Cuddle Coil! All of these products are great, my cats would go crazy for them!

  17. 767

    My cats are very rough on their toys so I think they’d decimate most of that stuff in short order. They’d probably like the Whisper Track With Twinkle Ball or the Flashing Firefly Mat.

  18. 768

    The pounce and play is a nice toy to showcase here.

  19. 769

    The cuddle coil is awesome and I see my kitten spending quite a bit of time playing in it. I might have to go shopping for her!

  20. 770

    I like the Kitty Cuddle Pal. We foster kittens for a local rescue and the little ones like to suck. We often give them stuffed animals to fill this need, but the Kitty Cuddle Pal looks great to meet this need because it can also be heated and used as a heating pad for the little ones who still need mom’s warmth, and it is washable to help prevent disease.

  21. 771

    I know it’s in the dog section but I think my cats and dogs would both love the pad with the nestling blankets attached at the side! We <3 this snuggle scratcher too!

  22. 772

    Whoa thats super cute!

  23. 773

    I absolutely adore the Starry Nite Hut as well as the Pretty Bird Wobble Cage. Jesse, my 5 year old still acts as if she is 2 and I could see her playing like mad with the toy and doing all of her sleeping in the Hut. That is, if she could keep my 12 year old Ellie out of it!

  24. 774

    no cat parent should be without their green magic dynamite stick. we have at least 3 of them hanging around our house, and they are hands down the absolute favorite cat toy. even for our little foster babies who are still too little to respond to catnip, they’re still a great size and shape for bunny-kicking. and for the big guys, pure bliss. the last time we brought a new one into our house, Scooter, our big orange tabby, was attacking it before we could even remove it from the packaging!

  25. 775

    The Flashing Firefly Mat, the Starry Night Hut and the Easy Life Hammock would all be items I would consider buying.

  26. 776
  27. 777

    I have a couple of kitties who would make this a “hot bed”. Neat products!

  28. 778
    shelley fein

    great products with great colors. we live with 4 cats and they would be jumping on top of each other to try out the scratch posts and then fall asleep where they play. it’s a good thing i taught them turn taking.

  29. 779

    clever and cute! I have the perfect cute, clever cat to sit in this. :)

  30. 780

    I love the Starry Night Hut, the Flashing Firefly Mat, and the Nighty Nite Fleece Mat. And this is cute, too.

  31. 781

    I really like the Catnip Fuzzy Floss and the Pretty Bird Wobble Cage.

  32. 782
    Susan B

    I love these scratcher/loungers.

  33. 783

    My cats would love the Snuggle Scratch and Rest. I’d be entertained watching them decide who gets to use it first! I have two Pet Stages bowls and they are great.

  34. 784

    Love the Snuggle Scratch and Rest, but REALLY love the firefly mat! Keeping my border collie away from the flashy lights might be interesting, but the kitties would LOVE it!

  35. 785
    Kirstin Morton

    I really like the long life corrugated scratcher as well! :-)

  36. 786

    So many greats products!! “Flashing Firefly Mat” definitely got my attention.

  37. 787

    My cats would really enjoy a scratcher like this. And I love the flashing firefly mat – my kitties need entertainment at night, for sure!

  38. 788

    I love this Easy Life Snuggle Scratch and Rest, and my cat Zoe will love it too! :) I also like the Starry Night Hut. Cats love to have their own little dwelling places. I think the Kitty Cuddle Pal would be a great item for the next giveaway from Petstages.

  39. 789
    Jake & Micah

    Our favorite is the Easy Life Scratch, Snuggle & Rest but we also love the Easy Life Cat Hammock and Scratcher!

  40. 790
    Lisa Loo

    Who wouldn’t want this for their kitty? It’s adorable.

  41. 791

    I love the shape of this scratcher! It’s a scratcher… it’s a bed… it’s a bed scratcher! I love Petstages in general though. The DYNAMITE is by far one of my cat’s favorite toys. He tosses it up in the air and bats at it for hours. My cat also loves the dental chews. I don’t know what it is about them but he will chew on them until they are soaking wet.

  42. 792

    The firefly mat! Love it!

  43. 793

    I really like the flashing firefly mat. My boys love to play at night and this would be great.

  44. 794

    My cats love cardboard scratchers. This is so pretty and functional.

  45. 795

    Well, my Carter wouldn’t fit on this, but Chloe would love it!

  46. 796
  47. 797

    Looks like a great lounge!

  48. 798

    Love the petstages products! Our two girls already enjoy the twice mice, wirly gig, Orkacat mice, Dental Health Chews. The twice mice and wirly gig are the favs. I think they would love to try the catnip chew mice and the scratchers next! (The Easy life Cat hammock scratcher AND the Easy Life Scratch, Snuggle and Rest both look great!)

  49. 799
    Theresa Browne

    My cats would love the tiger tail! and this scratcher!

  50. 800
    Andrea Robbs

    Easy Life products are my cats absolute favorite!!! They go crazy when I get a new one! Love this :)

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