Enter to Win an Easy Life Snuggle Scratch & Rest from Petstages! Two Winners!

Mon, Jun 27, 2011

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A couple of weeks ago I introduced this snazzy cardboard lounge from Petstages. It’s the Easy Life Snuggle Scratch and Rest, a unique cardboard cat scratcher/lounger with a raised bowl shape that appears to be a cat magnet. Today we’re giving away two of these awesome loungers to a couple of lucky readers! To enter to win, please visit the Petstages website to see some of the other products they make, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us what else caught your eye and what other giveaways you might like to see from them in the future. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on July 5, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to addresses in the US and Canada.

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878 Responses to “Enter to Win an Easy Life Snuggle Scratch & Rest from Petstages! Two Winners!”

  1. 801

    Any of the catnip chew toys look great!

  2. 802

    The “tiger tail” looks like it would be lots of fun, and after kitty has a workout, she could curl up in the “scratch and snuggle”, what a great combination!!

  3. 803

    Catnip fuzzy floss is a great idea. Cats need all the help they can get with oral care. Also like the heatable comforting toy and blanket. My senior boy likes to snuggle with things, so this would be good for him.

  4. 804

    The night tent is really cute.

  5. 805

    I love this cozy scratching bed. Why should a cat have to move any more than necessary when he (in my cats’ case) can stretch his claws and then curl up right there to sleep?
    Great design. Hope we win one.
    Other contests could include hammock, better trees that are stair like and not covered in poisonous carpets.
    – From the Budd family: Pd, Uncle Buddy and Gracie twinkle-toes.

  6. 806
    Barb Gold

    I like the night time toys, they are unique and would be a good giveaway!

  7. 807
    Debbie Kennedy

    I just love the Starry Night Hut. I don’t know why cats always go into cubby hole type spaces, but my kitty would love it. I really like the scratch rest in this giveaway, and I would love if this company offered a giveaway on the hammock – very cute!

  8. 808
    Kelly L

    Wow, the dental toys are certainly unique…helping cats to crunch and clean while they play!

    The soothing blanket is a very sweet item as well.

    Any of these two items, as well as the feeding bowls would be awesome giveaways!

  9. 809
    Rebecca H

    I love the flashing firefly mat! My cat James would go crazy with this at night. I’m sure he would never have enough of it!

  10. 810

    I like how colorful it is and I’m sure the furkins would love to take naps on it. =^..^=

  11. 811
  12. 812

    Wow, they’ve got lots of neat stuff! Great toys, like the cheese chase, and the hammock scratcher looks great, too.

  13. 813

    I would love for them to have the Whisper Track with Twinkle Ball – they need some quiet toys so they stop waking me up at night

  14. 814

    My 4 boys will definitely argue over who gets this one! It’s great!

  15. 815
  16. 816

    I have an elderly girlcat, 18 years old, so I especially liked the soothing toys. She is a great cat and deserves to be spoiled.

  17. 817

    Very cool.

  18. 818
    Amber C

    Can I just say everything? Lots of great colors and something for every kitty. Love it!

  19. 819

    This is great. Would love to have it. Also really liked the hammock scratcher, and the chewy mint toy!

  20. 820

    Lots of great stuff, I like the cuddle toy for soothing.

  21. 821
    suzanne g

    the easy life hammock and scratcher would be a huuge hit with my girls! peco especially likes being a tad taller than everyone else. i just love the warming mat though! my big boy loves to take the heating pad when my husband gets up in the morning. he’d really like his very own mat at the foot of the bed every night :) at 15 he could use the extra warmth

  22. 822
    Laura T.

    I’m fond of the Easy Life Cat Hammock – looks coomfy!

  23. 823

    Definitely a fan of the Easy Life Cat Hammock and Scratcher!

  24. 824

    I love the colors on this. Looks like a great place for my cats to rest.

  25. 825
    Bonnie C.

    The night time toys look amazing!

  26. 826

    Oh my kitties love cardboard scratchers. I like the look of the glow in the dark toys also!!

  27. 827

    This would look great at the condo.

  28. 828

    I would need two Cat Cuddle Tunnels. Fabulous that it folds flat.

  29. 829
    Liz Schwikert

    ::GASP:: I have to have this!!! I love the polkadots!!! My 4 month old Ragdoll baby would be soooo happy on this.

  30. 830

    Very cool! I love it & I think the kitties would fight over it. I like the whisper track… would cut out some of the random LOUD noises I get from the three at night.

  31. 831

    We have four naked kitties that will be fighting over this!

  32. 832

    I like the ORKAkat mice for my energetic kitties, and I already have several of the kitty chew toys (which my cats love, but are always putting underneath things)and I would like some more.

  33. 833
    Jean Kayat

    My kittens are very active at night. I just brought them home from a shelter so they’re still quite nervous and hide in the bathroom or in the pet carrier.

    I especially liked the “Starry Night Hut”.

  34. 834
    Michelle N

    The scratcher/lounger that was in the shape of an “x” looked really cool.

  35. 835

    since my other 2 cats claimed the other pieces of cat furniture it would be nice if my third could have a piece his own too and something like this would be just right

  36. 836

    oooh i wonder if that minty toy seriously makes their breath smell better

  37. 837
    Annabel de Vetten

    I like the idea of the night time toys, especially the ‘Whisper Track with Twinkle Ball’. It’s cute to look at and the type of toy they like anyway, just a bit quieter! Owners need their sleep, so they can be on top form to adore their cats during the day! Especially when the cats are asleep in a cute cat bed!

  38. 838

    This is so cute, I’m sure my two kitties would love one of these!

  39. 839

    The starry night hut has a great design, and I know many cats who would love to curl up in it, and pounce out of it!

  40. 840

    My cats say Snuggle – Scratch and Rest is just up their alley. They would love a Win Win at this item!

  41. 841

    So cute, just love it!

  42. 842
    melody sia

    the “long life scrather” looks awesome. i have three cats and they all love cardboard scratchers. wouldn’t mind getting the “starry night hut” either; i like the look of it and being able to see a cat inside. the “wiggle worm” is actually an extreme favorite for one of my cats; he fetches with it and brings it to my bed while i’m sleeping. i’ve tried a few of the dental toys, but my cats don’t seem to be into them :/

  43. 843

    I love the starry night hut. My cats cannot get enought of anything tent like. They would fight over that for sure!

  44. 844
    Claudia M

    the Easy Life Cat Hammock – looks so comfy!

  45. 845

    LOVE this product! Sister has one and did not know where she got it (a gift) so glad to know!

  46. 846

    That orange kitty looks just like my Cal, even doing his favorite activity, lounging.

  47. 847

    Our new kitty only seems to like the petstages toys! We have several so far and have only had her for a week!

  48. 848

    this would be a great scratching post for Kitty and Oliver!

  49. 849
    Joe-Anne Brisson

    The feeding dishes and night time toys really caught my eye, but the snuggle scratch bed is definitely neat!

  50. 850

    I’d like to try their cat dishes for feeding.

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