Enter to Win an Easy Life Snuggle Scratch & Rest from Petstages! Two Winners!

Mon, Jun 27, 2011

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A couple of weeks ago I introduced this snazzy cardboard lounge from Petstages. It’s the Easy Life Snuggle Scratch and Rest, a unique cardboard cat scratcher/lounger with a raised bowl shape that appears to be a cat magnet. Today we’re giving away two of these awesome loungers to a couple of lucky readers! To enter to win, please visit the Petstages website to see some of the other products they make, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us what else caught your eye and what other giveaways you might like to see from them in the future. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on July 5, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to addresses in the US and Canada.

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878 Responses to “Enter to Win an Easy Life Snuggle Scratch & Rest from Petstages! Two Winners!”

  1. 301

    My cats (and I) would love give-aways of additional scratchers, dental toys or any of the energizers.

  2. 302

    Such cute things. Malcolm would probably like the Starry Night hut with the Nighty Night fleece inside.

  3. 303

    Thanks for sharing. I visited the Petstages site and immediately searched out the Orka Kat Wiggle Worm and Pretty Bird Wobble Cage (on Amazon). VERY reasonable prices, which means I can order extra. The only suggestion I have for Petstages is to tone down the bright colors and stop using so much orange and red. From what I’ve read, cats see blue and green the best, while red and orange appear as shades of gray. Cats also don’t see as well the closer they are to an object under their nose–thus the nosing around to find treats dropped in front of them. We like lots of color in our human children’s toys, but our cat children don’t need the psychodelic designs–more of the scent and action designs please!

  4. 304

    My 14 year old cat would love the flashing firefly mat to keep her entertained when she’s not enjoying the colorful cardboard lounge!

  5. 305
    Pamela C

    You stole my kitten to take the picture! The colors are just plain

  6. 306

    I like the orkakat catnip stuffers. My cat would love them, plus I can stuff treats inside!

  7. 307

    Wow, they have great products; I love this scratcher bed; also the Starry Night Hut, Whisper Track and Boomerang Buddy (catnip toy)…..

  8. 308

    My girl would love it! My boy’s too big but that’s OK – he’d try to squeeze in anyway. Would donate the 2nd one to a local shelter. Twinkle balls are cool too – they can play and let me sleep!

  9. 309
    cynthia beaumont

    I love the shape my boys Love anything round so I know they would LOVE it and the carboard to scrach on is great! I love giveaways of cat stuff my boys can scratch catnip toys are great to. TY

  10. 310

    I’m loving the Blinking Buddy – finally a company that also thinks about owners trying to sleep at night! ;)

  11. 311

    I love all their scratchers, but the Cat Cuddle Coil also caught my eye. It’s brightly colored and doesn’t have that crackly material, which scares my cats.

  12. 312
    Kristin C

    I love all of the night time toys, especially the Whisper Track with Twinkle Ball. perhaps Fonz would be more inclined to attack the glow-in-the-dark/twinkle ball instead of my feet as I sleep!! :)

  13. 313

    I also like the Orkakat mice, they’re so cute! I love how you can stuff them with treats and it promotes good dental health, my 3 kitties would love ‘em!

  14. 314

    This looks like a great scratcher. I like the dental toys and I’d like to see them give away some of the night time toys. Sometimes my cats get bored at night and they might keep them occupied.

  15. 315

    We three kitties here just love your “scratch & rest” loungers….Our mom bought us the X version last year and the new round one a couple of weeks ago! The only problem is that we cannot all use it at the same time! Maybe Petstages could make a slightly larger version of the round one that would also work for bigger cats too.

  16. 316

    What an awesome give away! I think I would want anything from the dental section as well, my kitten has horrendous breath!

  17. 317
    Marie Thompson

    My cats would love this bowl and scratcher! Dexter just loves cardboard. I also like the Cuddle Coil. All Petstages products look wonderful!

  18. 318

    My kitty would love these.

  19. 319

    As a kitten rescuer, I go through cardboard scratchers like crazy and could definitely use this one!

    For my own cats, I’d love to see the Whisper Track with Twinkle Ball as a giveaway!

  20. 320

    I love the Flashing Firefly mat, I really want one for my two trouble makers, for my other two cats who are not so trouble pron I love the cozy calming mat.

  21. 321

    What a cute kitty lounge and they can use it as a scratcher as well.
    Would love to see the Cat Cuddle Coil as a give away, Glory would be hiding in it all the time.

  22. 322
    Michele Lawrence

    This is awesome. I love the design. I am sure my kitties would love to scratch on that instead of my hubbies office chair :) Kittens what can you do :)

  23. 323

    I absolutely love these and so will my kitties. I bring in empty boxes all the time and they use them as beds and perches even though I have the real trees, etc.

    Love the colors and they will love the scratchers.


  24. 324
    Jennifer M

    My four cats would love to share this!

  25. 325

    Love this all in one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. 326

    My cats would love this!

  27. 327
    Jennifer B

    This is great! I love their website, and think the x shaped hammock is super cool, as well as the dental chew toys!

  28. 328

    Such cool and functional items for kitty.

  29. 329

    I like their pounce & play toy…

  30. 330

    They have a lot of innovative toys! I would be interested in trying some of the dental chew toys and twinkling and glowing night time toys! My cat has a wicked bite and loves playing with lasers and things that glow.

  31. 331

    Would love to add this to my collection for the cats. I already have the soothing mat and kitty.

  32. 332

    Super cute! My girls would love this!

  33. 333
    Jacqueline R

    I really like the cat dishes and the “cat cuddle coil”! I like the calming mat that you can microwave too, however i think it would be too small for my big kitty to enjoy :) thank you for showing this site to me & i can’t wait to get some stuff for my kitty!

  34. 334

    I love the Hammock scratcher, too, as well as the nighttime toys.

  35. 335

    What a fantastic set of products! The dental toys (especially the mouse and worm, plus all of the fish and brightly colored fabric toys) are a brilliant idea, and I think my cats would love the cat cuddle coil, too. I’d love the feeding dishes. What a smart concept this company is! The company founders sound like a smart bunch of people. Marlowe and Anna say “meow!”

  36. 336

    I really dig the stuff in the soothing section. I have a cranky old cat that’s always sore. It’s nice to find things he can curl up with and feel better.

  37. 337

    this has great features – slightly raised, round and convex, and fun colors! awesome!
    and who doesn’t like cardboard?

  38. 338
    Jennifer Schmidt

    I love how cute the Easy Life Snuggle Scratch and Rest is, but even more than that, I immediately noticed that this product was designed by people who understand cat behavior. Both this product and their Hammock Scratcher product were made with the knowledge that cats like to curl up in contained spaces. Brilliant design!

    The Whisper Track with Twinkle Ball is a smart product, also demonstrating an understand of feline behavior, while being sensitive to human needs. I think I’m quite likely to purchase the Flashing Firefly Mat.

    I know that the Cuddle Coil would be well-received.
    I’ve never seen a toy like the Whirly Gig before. It looks promising.

  39. 339
    Monica C.

    There are so many great things on the website, wow! What struck me as the best or most useful thing were the dental chews. They looked like fun toys, but if they actually helped reduce tartar in the kitty, that would be awesome!

    I also loved the Whisper Track for nighttime.

  40. 340

    Good giveaway! I also like the various chew/dental health toys, the Quiet Glow Pairs balls (our cat’s deaf and responds well to visual/light-oriented toys), and the Starry Night Hut.

  41. 341

    I love the idea of night time toys! I’m sure my cats would love the whisper track with twinkle ball.

  42. 342

    Love the dental toys, they have really thought about the overall cat well being….the scratcher turned out to be a great investment for me. The snuggler would be great too, I would definately try the dental toys next.

  43. 343

    My cat Jackie would love the Snuggle Scratch and Rest. Out of all my cats, she loves these scratchers the most and is quite possessive when we have one. I love Petstages products and have purchased many. Cheese Chase is the best toy ever! My foster kittens love it, you can wash it easily, and my adult cats keep going back to it as well. Sometimes a cat will lay on either side and bat the outer ball back and forth to each other!

  44. 344
    Cindy A

    I love these Petstages scratchers. They all have the Circus colors that I’m so into right now. Very cool.

  45. 345

    The Whisper Track with Twinkle Ball is so cool. The kittyboys would like one.

  46. 346

    I have a lot of petstages toys at home and they are always a hit! the cuddle pal especially seems to be soothing and warm when i’m not around. i would love to see the cardboard scratchers and the cheese chase!

  47. 347

    Great stuff – I know my baby Moosi would love the cheese chase as well!

  48. 348
    carole wilson

    Wow! The Whisper Track with Twinkle Ball, It glows in the dark!!!!

  49. 349

    Nice assortment of toys, nighttime ones are a great idea. The “Easy Life” Snuggle Scratch & Rest is aptly named, except my four kitties may argue over whose turn it is to lounge.

  50. 350
    Michelle B

    I love the whimsical colors on the scratch, snuggle and rest. It’s great how it is all in one and would save a lot of room in my living room.

    I would love to see any of the night time items as a giveaway. Any of them would easily entertain my cat when he is up and ready to play at 3am, when I am just wanting more sleep!

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