NEW! Dancing Cat Pendants, Pins & Magnets ENTER TO WIN!

Wed, Jul 20, 2011


Jamie Shelman has been hard at work transforming her fabulous Dancing Cat illustrations into fun pendants, pins, and magnets! Each one is handmade by Jamie herself using prints of her original illustrations or one-of-a-kind original ink and gouache mini drawings carefully sealed under glass.


One lucky reader is going to choose their favorite pendant, pin or magnet! To enter, head on over to the Dancing Cat Etsy shop and take a look at the selection of pendants, pins, and magnets, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which item you’d choose. You can also check out all of Jamie’s other drawings and tell us if there’s a different one you’d like to see made into the new merchandise. Make sure to tell us if you’d prefer a pendant, pin, or magnet. One entry per person. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on July 27, 2011. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses everywhere. Thanks, Jamie!

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442 Responses to “NEW! Dancing Cat Pendants, Pins & Magnets ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 301

    Oh my….these are just adorable. That belly smacking one really cute!

  2. 302

    I love them all but would have to pick Belly Smackin Good Pendant.

  3. 303

    It’s so hard to choose! I’ll definitely want a necklace!

  4. 304

    They are so fun. My favorite is the ‘belly smacking’. thank you.

  5. 305

    I would choose the belly smackin kitties.

  6. 306

    Adorable!!! my favorite is the gobbling glutton magnet

  7. 307
    Nicki S.

    I actually purchased “belly smacking good”, “keep it light”, and “cat line dance” and have them framed in my living room. Crazy cat lady, represent!

  8. 308
    Paul L Pallardy

    I really like the “belly-smacking” cat necklace. If I won I would
    give it to my sister in St. Louis for her birthday in Septemer.
    She loves her cat “coco” more than my brother inlaw.

  9. 309

    I really like the Star Gazers. Also, if Ice Cream Social were a magnet, that would be fun, too.

  10. 310
    Nenette Seaux

    I love the ice cream cat!!!

  11. 311

    I like the one with the cat that’s drinking a bloody mary…

  12. 312
    ann hudson

    Belly Smacking Good Necklace LOVE IT!! MUST HAVE! Splash says pick us pawleese!! >^..^<

  13. 313
    Kimberley Jumper

    Very cute :)

  14. 314
    Colleen Sheehy

    It’s got to be Belly Smackin’ Good – those kitties look like Miss Nina and Chloe Cat! Prefer the necklace, but the magnet is nice, too….

  15. 315

    great illustrations and super cute too, I really like the 2 cats dancing one!

  16. 316

    I would love to have the belly smacking necklace. Its SO cute!!!

  17. 317

    They’re all super cute! I’m partial to the dancing cat and the belly smacking good.

  18. 318

    ha ha love them too cute

  19. 319

    Belly Smackin’ good pendant is pretty awesome. Probably my favorite. But dancing cats and bunny toter are both close seconds.

  20. 320

    Oh my gosh! We are supposed to choose just one favorite? They are all so cute! But since I have two little cuties of my own, I would have to say that the belly smacking good pendant would be my (and my kitties’) favorite!

  21. 321

    These will make a great gift!

  22. 322

    They’re all so cute it’s hard to decide, but I think the Stargazers would be purrfect! My boys are always laying about with their legs like that.

  23. 323

    The belly smacking dancing cat pendant would be my choice, though everything is fabulous!

  24. 324
    R-Laurraine Tutihasi

    These would make nice gifts.

  25. 325

    I LOVE the Belly Smacking Good necklace!

  26. 326

    The ice cream socializer is hilarious!!!

  27. 327
    Cece Barron Morse

    I adore! the belly-smacking pendant:).

  28. 328

    oh my gosh, this may be one of the best etsy shops I’ve ever seen, and I’m addicted to etsy. I love the belly smackin’ good necklace, but I think as a movie lover I adore the movie cats always sit in the front row print even more. I think I’ll save this shop for future purchases.

  29. 329

    All adorable. Love the pair of Star Gazers pins, so cute kitties outside in their sleeping bags! Thanks.

  30. 330
    Debbie Chioffe

    I had so much fun browsing all of them! After much difficulty in trying to choose one, I narrowed it down to my 3 faves. I checked out all of Jamies products. I love “Wedding Cats” I feel that it would make a great necklace to remember our big day. I also love “Emotionally Unavailable” that would make a great and fun necklace too..even a T-Shirt and my last choice is “Missing You” a pendant as well. I have some others too..I wish that I can mention all my choices!

  31. 331

    Luv the belly smackin good necklace!

  32. 332

    I love the dancing cats – the magnet would be great!

  33. 333
    Erin M.

    Their Cat Dance Line artwork caught my eye to get at the shop!

  34. 334
    Jennifer Schmidt

    Her “Belly Smackin’ Good” image has always been a favorite for me. It just makes me giggle, but I also like that “Soda Cat” ’cause I’m sure the kitty is not supposed to be doing what he’s doing.

    “Cat Nap” looks like it would translate well to this small size and the art would appeal to a more sedate audience.

    “Nutella” has seen a lot of Etsy action recently, so it’s a good candidate for the glass items.

    I am currently obsessed with Jamie’s “Obsessive Ineffective Hygiene” image, partially because of the hilarious story that goes with it. I’ve used this image in a treasury. It just makes me laugh. Those crazed eyes might look pretty nice under the glass!

    “Kitteh Heaven” would work well in the glass size and shape and should have commercial appeal as a magnet or pendant.

  35. 335

    The dancing cat pendant is so cute!!

  36. 336
    Tanya R & Ducky Doo

    Generally I’d prefer something in a pendant, magnets around here tend to end up being knocked off the fridge. *turns and looks at Ducky*
    ‘Belly Smackin Good’ Necklace is one of my favs. It looks like My cats Ducky and Patches. Plus I love the expression on the cats faces.

    I’d love to see ‘Bop’ in a pendant. That image puts a smile on my face having seen it live with my own cats many times in the past.
    I think ‘Miss You’ would make a nice magnet/pin/pendant as well, as long as the glass over it was square (instead of round which would cut off parts of the window and diminish it’s effect). Also love ‘Look into my eyes’ as a pendant/magnet/pin.

  37. 337

    i loved ugo and his palnt cause i ahve friend named ugo who has cats and loves plants!! reminds me of him, such cute!!

  38. 338

    I would love to have one of the necklaces!! Too Cute!!!

  39. 339
    Karen Ang

    I love the Belly Smacking Good one! So cute!

  40. 340
    Elsy Shallman

    I love the artists! How original and different. I would be so proud to wear such originality and my cats I bet would love seeing me wearing one of Jamie’s original cat pendants.

  41. 341

    Too hard to choose!

  42. 342

    I love the “Espresso Lover” to be made up into a pendant – really cute drawings – The Dancing Cat pendant would be lovely! x

  43. 343

    Definitely Belly Smackin Good Necklace!

  44. 344

    If I had to choose, I think Soda Cat is my favorite. It’s so cute and makes me smile!

  45. 345

    I love the belly smacking cats and the Parisian cat on a bicyclete!

  46. 346
    Laura Lee

    So cuuuttteee!

  47. 347

    I love the Dancing Cats pendant.

  48. 348

    Love these. Buffy & Spike would like mommy to have one.

  49. 349

    I love the Dancing Cats and Belly Smacking pendant.

  50. 350

    I love belly smacking good but I think I’d have to go for gobbling glutton…. but I’m tremendously greedy when I look at your work! I want them all!

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