Enter to Win a Kitty-sized Beanbag from Sumo Urban Lounge Gear

Thu, Jul 28, 2011

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When the folks at Sumo Urban Lounge Gear contacted me to see if I wanted to test one of their awesome beanbags, I immediately spotted their Otto model because it’s the perfect size for a cat. Designed to serve as an ottoman, or as extra seating, this little beanbag has proven to be a cat magnet. The second it came out of the box, everyone lined-up to take their turn. Luckily I had the camera ready!

Ando was (of course) the first to try it out. He quickly realized that it conforms to his body shape and he settled right in. I though he would jump down, but there he stayed. When he finally left the Otto, I noticed that the foam beans retain body heat quite nicely. Of course he liked it — it’s toasty warm and super comfy!

Theo gave it a test, then MacKenzie took over and curled up into a fuzzy cat ball for a nice nap. It’s the perfect size (about 19.5 inches in diameter) and just the right height (about 15 inches tall) to keep kitty up off the floor so she can survey the room, and swat at passers by.

The best part is the fabric. It comes in a variety of bold colors and it appears to be bullet-proof. Seriously, this fabric can withstand anything! And all you have to do to clean it is wipe it down with soapy water.

Sumo Lounge makes all kinds of other shapes and sizes of beanbags, all of which I’m sure would be a hit with the kitties. Heck, I’m thinking about getting rid of all my furniture and filling my whole condo with these!


Sumo Lounge is going to send one lucky reader their very own Otto! The winner will get to choose the color. To enter, please visit the Sumo Lounge website to see the color options, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which color you’d choose. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on August 4, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is only open to addresses in the US and Canada.

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1,912 Responses to “Enter to Win a Kitty-sized Beanbag from Sumo Urban Lounge Gear”

  1. 1551
    amanda rice

    i like the charcoal green. my 2 furbabies would love to fight over this cool bed!

  2. 1552

    Who wouldn’t love Neon Orange?

  3. 1553

    Penny and I would love to see the blue (or any color if it’s sold out!) in our home. She’s going belly up about the idea right now on the desk (and about her brushing) :)

  4. 1554

    My four kitties think the orange would give them a lovely place to perch.

  5. 1555
    Stephen Marshall

    Would LOVE to get this for the Fluff, question is, would he use it. I’m guessing maybe.

  6. 1556

    I can totally see my 4 kittens Maxi, Jack, Pippa, Zoe (3 ½ months old) and my 22 years old black/white cat (Tommy) laying and napping on a platinum bean bag.

  7. 1557
    Seanna Lea

    This looks perfect for putting next to one of the windows, so Saru-chan could look over the room and through the window. It would have to be the dining room though. No matter how bulletproof the fabric, I’ve never noticed anything to be dog-teeth proof. I’d love the platinum best. It is stylish, classy and classic all at the same time.

  8. 1558

    The pitch black! My kitties would be fighting over it!

  9. 1559

    we like the grey one, but really all the colors are great!
    they look really comphy

  10. 1560

    I have a moderncat that would LOVE this in green!

  11. 1561
    Katie Butchko

    The blue one would compliment my cats! A nice visual contrast with mounds of orange, sleeping tabbies would be a perfect addition to any living room.

    Not to mention that then they could stop fighting over our single perch. :D

  12. 1562
    Sandra Land

    Noah and Bodhi agree, the Neon Orange is their fav!

  13. 1563

    My three would love the neon orange one!

  14. 1564
    Joan Beard

    I am sure my cats would be fighting over this, but would love to have one in Charcoal green. They look great!

  15. 1565

    Penelope batted the screen when I clicked on pink so I have to go with that :)

  16. 1566

    I think the charcoal green is gorgeous.

  17. 1567

    Kind of like it best in white. Sure looks like something my catbrats would love and if they didn’t too bad so sad I get a nice foot stool…lol. But looking at it I’m sure the brats would be lining up for a nap, they are so spoiled!

  18. 1568

    Ursula would look purrfectly pretty on Neon Orange! Great product! Very versatile for any space.

  19. 1569

    Ricochet would love it in any color! It’s soft and high off the floor where kitties feel safe.

  20. 1570

    I would choose the midnight blue.

  21. 1571

    Definitely platinum! Won’t show as much cat hair as the darker colors for my mostly light haired crew!!

  22. 1572

    my cats would love the charchol green , they would simply love lounging around on it, but i think my orange 20 pound mylo would hog it all to himself,,,,,,,,,,,

  23. 1573

    My boys would love to get comfy on the green beanbag!

  24. 1574
    Irene Eichler

    my girls would love the Hot Pink one

  25. 1575

    Red! Cuz I have some kitties who are passionate about their sleep spots :)

  26. 1576

    My all-white kitty likes to be camouflaged… we like the white one as pictured.

  27. 1577

    My Prince Harry would love this bean bag of fluff! He’d lounge in style by the window in the afternoon sun.


  28. 1578

    Love this beanbag ottoman!! I’d pick blue.

  29. 1579

    My kitty lovesss to leave her fur on white clothes, a white beanbag would be heaven!

  30. 1580

    I’d have to go for platinum for sure! :)

  31. 1581
    Janie M.

    I love the platinum one!

  32. 1582
    Cindy G

    Every kitty deserves an Otto Bean Bag of their own!
    Hot Pink for my girls, Mattie and Sammy.

  33. 1583
    Jackie Vickers

    I need 4 of them! One for each and NO fighting. =) Lovely

  34. 1584

    These are fantastic! I’d have to go with the black or gray version.

  35. 1585
    Joanie J.

    You can never have enough cozy things for my kittys she would love this I just know it!

  36. 1586

    Hard to choose between neon orange, hot pink and white! I think we’ll stick to basic white :)

  37. 1587

    We think black would be great!

  38. 1588
  39. 1589

    I would love to have a red one as a punch of colour in my white living room!

  40. 1590
    Lisa Barrett

    Fun! Tough choice. I like both the orange and platinum but I’ll go with the platinum. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  41. 1591

    red, black or white. If we are lucky enough to win, some hard decisions will need to be made.

  42. 1592
    Lynn Haas

    We would LOVE to have this in green. I’m sure all 3 cats would pile on together.

  43. 1593

    We would have to pick Black as our 2 Cats are both Orange and White so then we would have a great contract and besides those are Halloween Colours… We will be all Set!! GREAT Looking Chair and Comfy! :o )

  44. 1594

    Darker colours would go great in our livingroom and my daughter would love it! My guess is that so would our 2 little dogs! Then the contest will be on as to who wins. We may need several!

  45. 1595

    I love the colours pink and blue so I would be REALLY HAPPY with either of those! TERRIFIC!

  46. 1596

    I am a blue person generally, though black would look great on our laminant flooring and it would save alot of scratches with the grandkids. Thanks!

  47. 1597

    Great idea! Looks like a comfy place to hang in style. I’m liking both the platinum and the orange. My cat would be real happy to have a new hang out on the Sumo.

  48. 1598

    Looks great to put my feet up on! Nice offer and the colour I would pick is something dark like brown or black as it will stay looking cleaner that way! though I really like the Burgandy to! So many choices!

  49. 1599

    The platinum would look great with our beautiful grey and white kitties!

  50. 1600

    My favorites are the fiery red and white ones. All 3 of my cats would be fighting over such a lounge magnet.

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