Enter to Win a Kitty-sized Beanbag from Sumo Urban Lounge Gear

Thu, Jul 28, 2011

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When the folks at Sumo Urban Lounge Gear contacted me to see if I wanted to test one of their awesome beanbags, I immediately spotted their Otto model because it’s the perfect size for a cat. Designed to serve as an ottoman, or as extra seating, this little beanbag has proven to be a cat magnet. The second it came out of the box, everyone lined-up to take their turn. Luckily I had the camera ready!

Ando was (of course) the first to try it out. He quickly realized that it conforms to his body shape and he settled right in. I though he would jump down, but there he stayed. When he finally left the Otto, I noticed that the foam beans retain body heat quite nicely. Of course he liked it — it’s toasty warm and super comfy!

Theo gave it a test, then MacKenzie took over and curled up into a fuzzy cat ball for a nice nap. It’s the perfect size (about 19.5 inches in diameter) and just the right height (about 15 inches tall) to keep kitty up off the floor so she can survey the room, and swat at passers by.

The best part is the fabric. It comes in a variety of bold colors and it appears to be bullet-proof. Seriously, this fabric can withstand anything! And all you have to do to clean it is wipe it down with soapy water.

Sumo Lounge makes all kinds of other shapes and sizes of beanbags, all of which I’m sure would be a hit with the kitties. Heck, I’m thinking about getting rid of all my furniture and filling my whole condo with these!


Sumo Lounge is going to send one lucky reader their very own Otto! The winner will get to choose the color. To enter, please visit the Sumo Lounge website to see the color options, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which color you’d choose. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on August 4, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is only open to addresses in the US and Canada.

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1,912 Responses to “Enter to Win a Kitty-sized Beanbag from Sumo Urban Lounge Gear”

  1. 1801

    You’ve done such a fabulous job showing the white one – AND telling how easy it is to clean – I would have to go for that one!

  2. 1802
    Sara Paine

    I would love to win a red one for my 2 girl kitties <3 i know theyd love it!

  3. 1803

    Black would be great, followed by the white.

  4. 1804
    shays mom

    oooooooooooh! platinum!!! it’s beautiful!!!! Squeebert would adore this, especially if it holds heat……and if it’s easy to clean, and because it’s stylish and because i want one and can’t afford one!!! [=

  5. 1805

    Red! I love these!!

  6. 1806

    kitty would definitely go for the platinum!

  7. 1807
    Jonnie Ben

    These look great!! I foster cats & kittens all the time & I am always looking for things they will love to lounge on…rather than my sofa! :) The red one would look fabulous in my home!

  8. 1808

    i would sooooo get the neon orange! i love sumo!!!

  9. 1809

    Tough choice…Black, Platinum, and Charcoal Green are all great.

  10. 1810

    Oh, my Mango cat would totally LOVE one of these–in Neon Orange or White so mom doesn’t have to lint roll it all the time. My local shelter would love one of these too.

  11. 1811
    kaylee henry

    I WANNA WIN A BLACK ONE! would be perfect for the window area btw my living room and dining room where the cat is ALWAYS lingering and playing at!

  12. 1812
    Holly B

    Well I could go dramatic and choose pink or blend in with my colors in my home by choosing platinum or green. I think I like the platinum the best. If there is an option for extra covers I would buy a few colors to switch out.

  13. 1813
    Echelle Sauer

    So cool, it a monder day cat bed at would add to any homes

  14. 1814

    I would go for Platinum or Neon Orange!!! So cool!

  15. 1815

    This looks super cool. I love all the colors, but I think that I would have to go with black or midnight blue.

  16. 1816

    I’d have to choose between the platinum and neon orange somehow

  17. 1817

    The red or neon orange would brighten up any room!

  18. 1818
    Jen B

    Even though my kitties have black fur, I think I would choose the Platinum. Love it!

  19. 1819

    Super cool item! Love the Midnight Blue! :)

  20. 1820

    The white one, definitely. Especially if it’s as easy to clean as you describe!

  21. 1821

    Hot pink or orange. Very cute design.

  22. 1822

    I love the midnight blue, very chic….

  23. 1823

    Midnight blue would be perfect for our MCM.

  24. 1824
    Bethany K.

    Pure White would be great for my kitties Gaia and Linux.

  25. 1825

    my bandit would loove an orange bean bad!

  26. 1826

    There couldn’t be anything more perfect for my Eva! Every ottoman is her throne.

  27. 1827

    Need the yellow one! Preferably free. :)

  28. 1828

    Hmm, so hard to choose! Platinum would match Emma’s silver tabby style perfectly, but Black would complement our coal-colored kitties Mary Jane and Diego even better! If I win, you choose and we’ll happily snuggle into any color you want to send us. Thanks!

  29. 1829

    Cool~ it seems can fit 2 cats

  30. 1830

    I love these cats and the bean bag!

  31. 1831
    Janet Melvin

    Very festive! I would get excited about one for myself too. :-) My handsome chocolate-drop Siamese would look fabulous on the fiery red colour. Easy clean-ability is a big plus.

  32. 1832

    It’s tough to pick … either the white or black. Then I guess I’d have to buy the other color. Pick me!

  33. 1833

    The orange one is pretty cool!

  34. 1834

    Ooo, these rock! If I win, I’ll buy a big one for myself. Black cat Dragon Empress Kiwi Pu is under the impression that she is invisible on white things. So not true. Regardless, she would like very much to win a white Sumo! Thanks for sharing Sumo and the give-away :)

  35. 1835

    I have an all white kitty and he LOVES to hide on or in white things. I would have to get the white one for him.

  36. 1836

    This would be a sure-fire winner in my house!!!!!

  37. 1837

    This would be very cool to have. The cats would love it.

  38. 1838
    Robynne Hubert

    Fabulous! Can see my 3 year old grandson in his little chair right next to a black or white bean bag chair for his favorite kitty – Thunder – who sits with him while he watches tv!!!!

  39. 1839
    joanne cranston

    love all the colours! White would be great.

  40. 1840

    I love the red, nice and bold looking!

  41. 1841

    I would def get the hot pink!!!!! love it!

  42. 1842

    I love the white!

  43. 1843

    I think the blue would match my Monty’s eyes perfectly!!!

  44. 1844

    My sweet Jane would love a red one! She’s been stuck to our window during our move. Might as well make her more comfortable!

  45. 1845

    Great looking product! The white would look wonderful with Orca or Kismet lounging on it. And of course, the product is by Sumo, which is also the name of my beloved Main Coon who died last year. Great name for a great product.

  46. 1846
    Alicia OToole

    I’m a suck for orange, it just livens up a space

  47. 1847

    White is nice. My 3 cats would all love this for window gazing!

  48. 1848

    Platinum is the color we like. What a cozy, comfy lounge!

  49. 1849

    Neon orange, definitely!

  50. 1850
    Babs (formerly Kush's Human)

    Platinum would be perfect for us: show off the pretty white tummy fur while he’s on it, yet won’t show off what he’s shed. And it looks mighty comfy, too.

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