Enter to Win a Kitty-sized Beanbag from Sumo Urban Lounge Gear

Thu, Jul 28, 2011

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When the folks at Sumo Urban Lounge Gear contacted me to see if I wanted to test one of their awesome beanbags, I immediately spotted their Otto model because it’s the perfect size for a cat. Designed to serve as an ottoman, or as extra seating, this little beanbag has proven to be a cat magnet. The second it came out of the box, everyone lined-up to take their turn. Luckily I had the camera ready!

Ando was (of course) the first to try it out. He quickly realized that it conforms to his body shape and he settled right in. I though he would jump down, but there he stayed. When he finally left the Otto, I noticed that the foam beans retain body heat quite nicely. Of course he liked it — it’s toasty warm and super comfy!

Theo gave it a test, then MacKenzie took over and curled up into a fuzzy cat ball for a nice nap. It’s the perfect size (about 19.5 inches in diameter) and just the right height (about 15 inches tall) to keep kitty up off the floor so she can survey the room, and swat at passers by.

The best part is the fabric. It comes in a variety of bold colors and it appears to be bullet-proof. Seriously, this fabric can withstand anything! And all you have to do to clean it is wipe it down with soapy water.

Sumo Lounge makes all kinds of other shapes and sizes of beanbags, all of which I’m sure would be a hit with the kitties. Heck, I’m thinking about getting rid of all my furniture and filling my whole condo with these!


Sumo Lounge is going to send one lucky reader their very own Otto! The winner will get to choose the color. To enter, please visit the Sumo Lounge website to see the color options, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which color you’d choose. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on August 4, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is only open to addresses in the US and Canada.

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1,912 Responses to “Enter to Win a Kitty-sized Beanbag from Sumo Urban Lounge Gear”

  1. 1851

    I hope I am not too late to enter- these are super cool!

  2. 1852

    Charcoal Green and Pitch Black look really nice.

  3. 1853
    Cricket Tiger

    I love the feature which allows me to run my cursor across the colors and watch the picture change. I’m attracted to the sunny orange color and I’m sure all the cats would be, too!

  4. 1854

    My 3 cats would love this.They would love yellow or green/actualy any color would be wonderful!

  5. 1855

    Green or blue… looks like so much fun for a kitty!

  6. 1856

    Midnight blue seems to the color of choice for Jerry and Miller!

  7. 1857

    The Otto one would be so handy! The cats could use it and so could we!! Love it!

  8. 1858

    I forgot to state my color! I love the platinum color!

  9. 1859
    kate willeford

    NEON ORANGE. Awesome!

  10. 1860
    jenn b

    charcoal green would match my house, but show all of the cat hair!

  11. 1861

    I would choose the neon orange–very cool!

  12. 1862

    Oh, I’d HAVE to go with Neon Pink. KaPow!

  13. 1863

    Gosh, I hope there is still time to be included on this drawing, I’ll love the Midnight Blue Otto. Thanks!

  14. 1864

    Platinum would be perfect and wouldn’t show too much cat hair!

  15. 1865
    Zelma MacDonald

    I like would like the funky brown color

  16. 1866

    I’d love the neon orange one for my cats!

  17. 1867
    Lisa L

    My pick would be midnight blue!

  18. 1868

    What a wonderful,comfortable place for my kitties. I would love to win it for them.

  19. 1869

    Definitely white. We have a white cat who would look adorable disappearing in this!

  20. 1870

    My cat would love this in blue!

  21. 1871

    I’d like to win one! A black one to match our cats, and our Sumo Omni!

  22. 1872

    White or Blue

  23. 1873

    The Kitty-sized Beanbag from Sumo Urban Lounge Gear is so amazing! I have 6 cats and I’m sure that every one of them will take turns sleeping in this cozy bed. Can’t wait for my kids to see it.

  24. 1874

    The orange would have to be a must have. It would match my living room and my cat.

  25. 1875

    My kitties would definitely want charcoal green. It is so svelt and cozy looking. Everyone will have to take turns at catnaps.

  26. 1876

    Pitch Black!

  27. 1877

    Platinum would be perfect. Grover’s hair wouldn’t be seen and it would match wonderfully in my studio.

  28. 1878

    With my home decor and my cat’s fur, pitch black would be the way to go. I hope we win.

  29. 1879
    Megan G!

    The Platinum color would match perfectly to my gray and white kitty :)

  30. 1880

    I really hope to win the Neon Orange one for my daughter’s cat.
    Love it!!!

  31. 1881

    My baby Scottish fold
    Would love the platinum!

  32. 1882
    Lisa Elliott

    Hello , i live in a house with 4 kiddy cats two small girls and two BIG male cats!!! Mackenzie the king the house the biggest of them all love my sumo lounge stuff , people on face book love the pictures of him on your products . If my cat family wins they would like charcoal green . =n_n=

  33. 1883
    Meghan L.

    OMG, My cat would love this. Izzy is a half tom cat half Siamese. I save her life 8 years ago. She wasn’t even a pound with her first vet visit and my vet wasn’t hopeful she would make it. Now eight years later Izzy is great and only about 5 pounds. Izzy loves her own space and this would be great for her!!! :)

  34. 1884
    Rob Middleton

    My cat would love this !!!

  35. 1885
    Robert L. Middleton

    I don’t have a big story about how many cats I have or blah blah blah ..
    This is a cool product and my Kitten would adore this product !!

  36. 1886
    caroline hammond

    i could see my 4 fighting over 1 of these and maybe my kids would get their bean-bag back if we won haha.the black one would be great please.

  37. 1887

    I love this kitty beanbag, and so will Hera.

  38. 1888

    This is so cute!
    I like the white one in this pics:)

  39. 1889
    Olivia Beard

    What a wonderful idea! My cats love lying on my pillows, they would really enjoy this cute beanbag! They seem to like green and red colors,but we’ll be happy with anything!

  40. 1890
    Cleo Browne

    This is a wonderful prize and I would like it in the color green.

  41. 1891

    I love the orange one. My cat sized dogs might be laying on this with the cats!

  42. 1892
    Ashley T

    Orange or Green … Winston would love this!

  43. 1893
    kat myre

    cute, cute, cute

  44. 1894
    Sandra Sato

    The black kitty looks just like my Bravo – eyes that say Don’t mess with me. I’m sure he would take over the lounger.

  45. 1895

    My Tanky and Katoomy would love this pillow. They would take turns jumping up and down on it. Lol. It would be nice to have in a beige. That way it would blend in with any decor in the house.

  46. 1896

    My kitties and my feet would love this! Great design.

  47. 1897

    Cricket, my 15 year old 6 pound black angora kitty, would love sitting on a giant pillow as she envisions herself as the queen of all she surveys. And as queen she is always in search of the throne that is equal to her status as queen. The Sumo Lounge Omni Chair might just meet her standards!

  48. 1898
    amy d

    my 14 cats would love to fight over a white one!!! a lesson in sharing would be warranted =^..^=

  49. 1899
    lauren w

    my 3 kitties would probably all try to lay on this at once! I like the funky brown one.

  50. 1900
    Nancy Valentine

    My golden tabbys would love the orange one, and so would I!

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