Introducing Tipsy Nip Cat Treats ENTER TO WIN A HUGE PRIZE PACKAGE!

Wed, Aug 3, 2011

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We just had the opportunity to test a fun line of kitty products from Vermont-based Tipsy Nip, and they were a huge hit! Tipsy Nip makes a variety of catnip treats and toys that are all durable and non-toxic, plus the kitties love them! Their signature toy is the Tickle Pickle, which comes in the regular 6 inch size, the XL 11 inch size, and for extra interactive fun, check out the Flying Tickle Pickle.

Here are some pix of Ando, Simba and MacKenzie enjoying their Tickle Pickle.

Some of the other fun treats they offer are Tuna Sushi, a yummy snack made with Bonito tuna flakes, Nori seaweed and Tipsy Nip. You can get a big jar of Tipsy Nip all by itself, or try the Tipsy Nip Ball, a non-toxic wooden ball toy infused with organic catnip and soaking in a tin of Tipsy Nip. The Tipsy Nip Balls also come with fun tickle tassels.

All of the Tipsy Nip products come in the cutest packaging and would make great gifts! You can follow Tipsy Nip on Facebook to stay up-to-date on their latest products.


One lucky readers is going to receive a prize package including every single cat product made by Tipsy Nip! That’s a lot of nip! To enter the giveaway, please visit the Tipsy Nip website and take a look at their products, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which item your cat would like the most. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on August 10, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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1,222 Responses to “Introducing Tipsy Nip Cat Treats ENTER TO WIN A HUGE PRIZE PACKAGE!”

  1. 651

    I think my cats would go crazy for the Tipsy Nip Ball….shoot…for all of the products. :)

  2. 652

    It would have to be the flying tickle pickle of course!!

  3. 653

    My kitties would absolutely love the Flying Pickle!!

  4. 654

    definitely need me a tickle pickle!

  5. 655

    This is amazing!

  6. 656

    My cats would probably love the Tipsy Nip Ball, but they’d love anything with catnip. All the products look great.

  7. 657

    My little ones love anything with catnip. However, i think they would like the nubs and the pickle a lot.
    The nubs would be easier to eat than the catnip…and not make such a mess…and the pickle they could grab hold and kick with their back legs (the one they currently use is much smaller) but they do love it just the same.

  8. 658

    My cats would absolutely go crazy over the tipsy pickle! I know they would love all of the products. But the pickle is the shape of alot of their favorite toys. I like that the products are organic.

  9. 659

    I have 3 kitties, but my little black kitty named Speedo is my acrobat! He is younger than my other two kitties and has no fear of heights, tight spaces, or “impossible missions” chasing mice outback. Speedo would be encouraged to stabilize his routine a bit by enjoying the Tickle Pickle, I’m sure. The bonus of organic catnip would reward him for his new constructive play. Thank you!

  10. 660

    ooh, tough call… i guess it would be between the flying pickle one and the tipsy nip ball, though she’d be all over those treats, too. i think she would love everything on the products page!

  11. 661
    debra b

    My kitties would love everything, but I guess it’s up to me so I would say the Organic Tipsy Nip, that way I could sprinkle it on their scratcher

  12. 662

    Neko would be all about the tickle pickle! She loves fishing toys anyway and I know this would be a great “pouncer”!

  13. 663

    I think the boys would love to play with the tickle pickle and the tickle tassle.

  14. 664

    My 9-yr old orange tabby, Auto, would just love getting pickled with the Tipsy Nip Tickle Pickle (he is of age)! But I know that if he was let loose in the Tipsy Nip warehouse, he would be like a kid in a candy store and would want everything! (And probably get nabbed for disorderly conduct..):)

  15. 665

    my cats would love the flying tickle pickle! that is one cute and funny toy

  16. 666

    As long as there’s cat nip involved count my cats in, they are addicts! Not sure the tipsy pickle won’t scare them but would be fun for all to find out.

  17. 667

    I think my cats seem to like the the cylindrical shapes so the tipsy pickle would probably be the biggest hit. Of course, catnip is always a big hit!

  18. 668

    My cat Otis will literally climb up the walls to get to a toy once he smells catnip on it!

  19. 669

    I think the tickle pickle would be Leroy’s favorite AND the flying tickle pickle would be Ms. Bubbie’s favorite. All products look great! And organic too…..lovely.

  20. 670

    I think my cats would love the flying pickle.

  21. 671

    The tipsy nip ball would be the favorite in my house. Though I would guess my downstairs neighbor might not be as much of a fan with all the excited cat running around!

  22. 672
  23. 673

    Silvie, my special cat that needs more things to chase (because she doesn’t like to move very much) would sure love that flying pickle! At this point she likes to sit and swat at toys on strings. Eventually we hope to get her playing with toys that require her to run around…

  24. 674

    They would love the Tickle Pickle for sure! Of course all of it looks delish, they said!

  25. 675

    Something for everyone! Chloe would love the tipsy nip ball, but Carter is more of a tipsy pickle kind of guy. I’ve put ordering some of these products on my to-do list!

  26. 676

    Love the flying tickle pickle. So unique and it won’t roll under the sofa!

  27. 677
    Cindy C.

    Mine would Love the tickle tassel. =)

  28. 678

    all the products are way too cute! Patches and Chuck would prolly got nutz over the flying pickle!
    thank you for showing us this site!!!

  29. 679
    Jacquelynn Franklin

    I like the Tipsy products so much, I friended them on Facebook as well!
    I think my cats (all 7 of them) would enjoy every one of the Tipsy cat products!!

  30. 680
    Lilly mathews

    I think my cat would love the tickle pickle best.

  31. 681

    yummy! i want it!

  32. 682

    I can see the Tickle Pickle being a big hit around here. I wonder if they would carry the 11″ one around the house?

  33. 683

    XL Tickle Pickle!!!

  34. 684

    Hard to choose, seems they hit the jackpot when making treats and toys for cats. I know my cat would just love the Tickle Pickle, the best. Right now she just playing with an old sock filled with catnip.

    She also would probably enjoy the flying tickle pickle and a few of the Tipsy nip balls.

  35. 685

    They all look great and I love that they are made in Vermont! I think the best one is the tipsy nip ball, my cat would go crazy for that!

  36. 686

    Fun stuff! My cat would love the flying tickle pickle. She loves things on strings.

  37. 687

    my boys would love the tickle pickle i’m sure

  38. 688

    The pickle would be the favorite by far. My cats love playing with us more than anything!!

  39. 689

    I think my cats would love the Tickle Pickle. They love to wrestle with their toys and carry them around in their mouths.

  40. 690
    Mary Ann D.

    That Flying Tickle Pickle would be great for my cat!

  41. 691

    The Tickle Tassle Ball rocks my socks!

  42. 692

    I really think my guys would enjoy the Flying TicklePickle the most, but would probably be very into any of their great products!

  43. 693

    Ha! My cats would love anything brushed up against that nip!

  44. 694

    What cute kitty products!! I know my cats would have a ball with these! The Tickle Pickle would surely be a hit around here as would all their products!

  45. 695

    The tickle pickle looks adorable! And I love their cat pics on the site- too cute.

  46. 696

    Since I have 3 cats with such 3 different personalities , I would have to all of the cool toys there lol to please all three of them! lol

  47. 697
    Ellyn Stephens

    My kitties would probably like the tipsy nip ball the best, but they all look like kitty fun!

  48. 698
    Karen Fields

    I think my cats would like the tickle tassel best. They’d also like the tickle pickle since they could play with it on their own.

  49. 699

    The Flying Tickle Pickle would be just the thing for my fearsome(so he thinks) hunter!

  50. 700
    Cindy Merrill

    Oh the Tipsy Nip Nubs would really come in handy! Our neighbor is moving and cannot take Fred and Ginger- both sweet kitties. Not sure how they’ll adjust with my cat, Emily. Having some extra treats for my feline trio would help alot.

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