Introducing Tipsy Nip Cat Treats ENTER TO WIN A HUGE PRIZE PACKAGE!

Wed, Aug 3, 2011

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We just had the opportunity to test a fun line of kitty products from Vermont-based Tipsy Nip, and they were a huge hit! Tipsy Nip makes a variety of catnip treats and toys that are all durable and non-toxic, plus the kitties love them! Their signature toy is the Tickle Pickle, which comes in the regular 6 inch size, the XL 11 inch size, and for extra interactive fun, check out the Flying Tickle Pickle.

Here are some pix of Ando, Simba and MacKenzie enjoying their Tickle Pickle.

Some of the other fun treats they offer are Tuna Sushi, a yummy snack made with Bonito tuna flakes, Nori seaweed and Tipsy Nip. You can get a big jar of Tipsy Nip all by itself, or try the Tipsy Nip Ball, a non-toxic wooden ball toy infused with organic catnip and soaking in a tin of Tipsy Nip. The Tipsy Nip Balls also come with fun tickle tassels.

All of the Tipsy Nip products come in the cutest packaging and would make great gifts! You can follow Tipsy Nip on Facebook to stay up-to-date on their latest products.


One lucky readers is going to receive a prize package including every single cat product made by Tipsy Nip! That’s a lot of nip! To enter the giveaway, please visit the Tipsy Nip website and take a look at their products, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which item your cat would like the most. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on August 10, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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1,222 Responses to “Introducing Tipsy Nip Cat Treats ENTER TO WIN A HUGE PRIZE PACKAGE!”

  1. 701

    The tickle pickle is a scream!!

  2. 702

    Boy!! would my boys go crazy with these!! They are sitting here with me and are giving ‘rave reviews’ !

  3. 703

    Just checked out the Tipsy Nip website! Great stuff!
    My old cat would have loved the tipsy pickle as he loved to hug his cat nip toys. The new cat is somewhat a fraidy cat but I think he would like the flying tickle pickle.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. 704
    Ellen Wexler

    My four sweet cats would love the Flying Tickle Pickle. Thank you for the chance to win. If we were lucky enough to win we would share with friends.

  5. 705

    Our babies would love these tous. I love the fact they are organic and safe for hem.
    LOVE that PICKLE!

  6. 706
    Fredrick S

    My 4 man fur army would like the Tickle Tassel most. The are constantly destroying their Da-Bird feather toys, so I’m quite sure they’d be happy with the Tickle Tassel.

  7. 707

    Those are some happy cats. Mine would be too.

  8. 708

    I’m sure my cats would love the flying pickle! They all love to chase flying toys, and a pickle would be loads of fun for them!

  9. 709

    My cat would go absolutly crazy for the flying tickle pickle =)

  10. 710

    Tickle Pickle would be my cats favorite toy

  11. 711
    Elizabeth W.

    I love the tickle tassel!!! My cat’s favorite toy in the world is a stick with a small piece of string on it, so I have a feeling she would also enjoy the tickle tassel. She is also a nut with catnip so I’m sure she would find great amusement with any item from Tipsy Nip. Her rolling around with cat nip and chasing string keeps her in shape and healthy. I also love that all of these products are very affordable. I may end up with all of it regardless if I win the drawing :)

  12. 712

    Tickle Pickle! That’s awesome. They have the coolest logo ever, glad to see there is logo wear as well. Bookmarked this already.

  13. 713

    Great looking products. My kitty would enjoy the Tickle Tassel.

  14. 714

    The Flying Tickle Pickle would definitely be the most successful toy for my two nutty ocicats!

  15. 715

    Mt cats picked the flying tickle pickle as there favorite.

  16. 716

    The tickle tassle.

  17. 717

    My Rusty Cat loves Catnip and actually prefers the organic!! I have to get it at a special pet store, no junk for him. he would love any and all of the toys, he also likes to grab with his claw and toss. Great products, I will be ordering some, too.

  18. 718

    the tickle pickle for sure – a great workout toy for the “rabbit kicks!”

  19. 719

    Both feline and human get a kick out of the pickle!!!

  20. 720

    It’s too bad my cat can’t read. He would salivate over these catnip offerings.

    I would love to see him rolling around the floor with that Tickle Pickle clutched in his front paws!!

    Tempting treats, all!

  21. 721

    Toro is my favorite sashimi and I know for sure my baby’s would love the Tuna sushi, they always love the tuna appetizer. Oreo would love chasing the tipsy nip ball and ethel would love to kick on the pickle

  22. 722

    My babies would probably love the tickle pickle!

  23. 723

    I suppose my cats would especially love the Tickle Tassel – it looks like a great interactive toy.

  24. 724

    My kitties would LOVE the Tickle Pickle! I can just imagine Toby rolling on it as he licks it to get the ‘nip flavor…

  25. 725
    Christine Toresdahl

    I think my kitties would best love the Tickle Tassel, but I’d love to try the 11″ tickle pickle as well–it might replace the battered tennis ball that they use for a kicker toy. However, if you ask me….I’d love the women’s tipsy nip t-shirt!

  26. 726

    my cats would like the tickle tassle

  27. 727
    pam decker

    hmm the tuna sushi looks like the favorite at my house. i would use it as a great treat to reinforce good behaviors. or maybe i would just give them a taste cause i love my guys.

  28. 728

    Everything looks fantastic, but the flying tickle pickle would probably be the favorite at our house.

  29. 729

    My kitties would love the Tipsy Pickle to wrestle and roll around with. I would love playing with my kitties with the Tickle Tassel. All of the items would be enjoyed by my fury family.

  30. 730

    I think GK would love the Tipsy Nip Ball, this looks wonderful.

  31. 731
    Anna S.

    Tati would love a flying Tickle Pickle. But she’s also go for one of those tassel balls. I might have to treat her to a new toy.

  32. 732

    on behalf of my 4 kitties, PLEASE PICK US!! These toys sound great. I’m going to check out their site now!

  33. 733
    Michelle Karmozyn

    Pickle takes the cake. My kitties would love it!

  34. 734

    The Tickle Pickle. Definately the Tickle Pickle. I don’t see a single cat not loving that pickle.

  35. 735

    I’d love anything

  36. 736

    Wow, great stuff–I know where I’m doing all my Kitty Christmas Shopping this year!! For my girl, it’s tough to say–but I am thinking the flying pickle would hold her attention. She’s a little on the pudgy side and I need to get her moving her little butterball butt a bit. So I think the flying pickle would do the trick!

  37. 737
    Gail Whitman

    My guys would love the flying pickle. They love to chase anything on a string. Everything is great!!

  38. 738

    WOW, these are really neat. My babies would love them all but I think the Tickle Tassel would be great. I have a kitten that loves to chase anything that moves.

  39. 739

    Would love to win the package — not sure which would ‘tickle’ my girls more — the catnip, pickle or the toys with the tasles.

  40. 740

    Salem, my “wrap-around-and-kick-like-mad” cat would love the giant pickle. Chilli the toy-tosser would probably like the small one better.

  41. 741

    My boy cat Sam would love the Tickle Tassel Ball as he loves anything that rolls, so he can jump on it. My girl cat Lucy would love the Tickle Pickle as she loves rabbit kicking toys (and human arms if given the chance).
    In fact they would love all of them, as they both love playing with or without me.

  42. 742

    My cats would love the Tickle Pickle or the Flying Tickle Pickle. Although I’m sure they would enjoy ALL of their products.

  43. 743
    Shelley S.

    My spooky is so finicky, it is hard to predict what she’ll play with and what she’ll turn her nose up at. I know she would love the Tipsy Nip catnip, and she would probably get hours of fun out of the Tickle Pickle!

  44. 744

    My kittens would love the Nipsy Tips Balls – they really enjoy using the tub as a play ring for rolling objects, now if they were infused with cat nip! That would be one active play session!

  45. 745
    Jon Sines

    The “Tickle Pickle” without a doubt.

  46. 746

    I know my cats would love the They love anything different and catnip just adds to it :)

  47. 747
    Olga Zeltser

    Our guys would go CRAZY for the wooden nip infused balls. What a great idea!!!

  48. 748

    Cooper would probably just go nuts on the tickle pickle while Bella would love to run madly after the tickle tassel balls.

  49. 749
    Nina C

    Knowing my loveable furball Megan, the tickle tassel would drive her nuts!
    She goes mad for catnip so i’d love to win these!

  50. 750

    My cat insists on playing with me each day (especially right before I
    go to bed) and would love the flying tickle pickle or tassel.

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