Introducing Tipsy Nip Cat Treats ENTER TO WIN A HUGE PRIZE PACKAGE!

Wed, Aug 3, 2011

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We just had the opportunity to test a fun line of kitty products from Vermont-based Tipsy Nip, and they were a huge hit! Tipsy Nip makes a variety of catnip treats and toys that are all durable and non-toxic, plus the kitties love them! Their signature toy is the Tickle Pickle, which comes in the regular 6 inch size, the XL 11 inch size, and for extra interactive fun, check out the Flying Tickle Pickle.

Here are some pix of Ando, Simba and MacKenzie enjoying their Tickle Pickle.

Some of the other fun treats they offer are Tuna Sushi, a yummy snack made with Bonito tuna flakes, Nori seaweed and Tipsy Nip. You can get a big jar of Tipsy Nip all by itself, or try the Tipsy Nip Ball, a non-toxic wooden ball toy infused with organic catnip and soaking in a tin of Tipsy Nip. The Tipsy Nip Balls also come with fun tickle tassels.

All of the Tipsy Nip products come in the cutest packaging and would make great gifts! You can follow Tipsy Nip on Facebook to stay up-to-date on their latest products.


One lucky readers is going to receive a prize package including every single cat product made by Tipsy Nip! That’s a lot of nip! To enter the giveaway, please visit the Tipsy Nip website and take a look at their products, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which item your cat would like the most. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on August 10, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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1,222 Responses to “Introducing Tipsy Nip Cat Treats ENTER TO WIN A HUGE PRIZE PACKAGE!”

  1. 751
    Marie DiCenso

    My cat Holly would love this tickle pickle,she goes nuts for catnip.

  2. 752

    Tipsy Nip Nubs is a great idea! I hate cleaning up all the little bits of catnip. The small dried leaves end up everywhere! My cats love to eat out of a pile and dig into it like children running into a pile of leaves. I will buy it and try it! And such a cute name tickle pickle, lol.

  3. 753
    Diane T.

    Our kitties would love the Tickle Tassel Balls and the Flying Tickle Pickle! Love the names, too!

  4. 754

    Oh Em Gee!! How can I possibly choose just one??
    Fantastic, funky feline FUN!!!
    Pick me Pick me!!!!!!!!
    Elvis and Tabitha :)

  5. 755

    My cat would LOVE the Tickle Tassel. I can just see him going crazy jumping & swatting at the Tickle Tassel. But I know he would love anything that has cat nip on it! :-)

  6. 756
    the Cat Street Boyz

    My Boyz are always ready to try new things!=^Y^=

  7. 757
    Kris p

    I can see my kitties loving the tickle tassel and the flying pickle. The sushi would not last long in my house.

  8. 758

    My cats would LOVE the flying tickle pickle!! Anything attached to a string they are all over it.

  9. 759

    My boys would go crazy over the Tuna Sushi!

  10. 760
    Glenda McCarthy

    While the other two would probably like all of them equally, I think Ryoko would really go for the Tuna Sushi since she likes to try to steal mine!

  11. 761

    My boys (Rummie, Oscar and Groucho)love cat nip in all forms, in all things. But, the Tickle Pickle could very well be their favorite, requiring one for each. Great stuff!

  12. 762

    Love, love, love the flying tickle pickle!!

  13. 763
    katie mitchell

    Flying Ticle Pickle i9s the toy I think my 5 cats would like best, my cat Sunshine will for sure love it his favorite color is green!

  14. 764
    Kathy Detweiler

    I think my two fur boys would love the Tickle Pickle!

  15. 765
    kate daly

    Ming wants the tickle pickle for sure and a cool shirt for me would be fine. His paws are crossed!!!

  16. 766

    Tipsy nip nubs, please!

  17. 767
    Cathi Self

    For sheer noise volume, Pancho and Lefty voted for the tassle balls–nothing beats the sound of wooden balls rolling and bouncing on ceramic tiles. As a kindness to their human mom, they have agreed to accept any quieter toys, also. They were quite enthusiastic!

  18. 768
    rebecca tapia

    My rescue kitties would love these products!!!! love your website!

  19. 769
    Karen A

    just introduced my newest furkids to the world of catnip and it provides a ton of entertainment for all of us. This would be a great set of toys for them.

  20. 770

    my cats would looooove the tipsy sushi.
    they both like to eat their nip, for some reason.

  21. 771

    The flying pickle. Definitely.

  22. 772
    Colleen Sheehy

    We tinks ALL the Tipsy Nip stuff is great, but the Tickle Tassel is our favorite! We needs 2 of dem, so’s we both can play, tho…

    Miss Nina and Chloe Cat

  23. 773

    Our cat would go nuts over the tickle pickle. No question. It would be a HUGE hit around here.

  24. 774
    De Peterson

    Great toys, my girls like their nip! The compressed nubs are a Great idea for restuffable toys.

  25. 775
    Amy Chamberlain

    My cats definitely want the Flying Tickle Pickle!!!

  26. 776
    MAry Lou

    OMG. The advert pix are great. I want our Irving to hang out with this cat and enjoy an evening of Tipsy Nip cat treats! Too hilarious!

  27. 777

    My two babies would definitely enjoy the tickle pickle or the tipsy nip by itself.

  28. 778

    Though we’d love them all, we’d like to try the Tipsy Nip Nubs. We like to roll in our catnip and get it all over us and the house, maybe this would be easier to clean up.

  29. 779

    My grandcat is so mellow, so lazy. I’ve bought her all kinds of things to try to get her to be more active. To no avail. But this Tickle Pickle & Package could be the Cat’s Meow!

  30. 780

    With my crew, there’s something for everyone. Tipsy Nip and Nubs for my catnip-crazy kitties,TipsyNip and Tassel Balls for Oreo, who will bat a ball around for hours, Tickle Tassel for Baxter who can’t resist string and shoelaces, and the Tickle Pickle for my kitties that love to grab, hold, and sink their teeth into their prey! And oh by the way, I’ve got 4 dogs, so the Pupcat bakery is a no-brainer!

  31. 781

    My cats would love the flying tickle pickle, and I would love the woman’s T, size medium. Both very cute!

  32. 782
    Rowan West

    I have a cat who would LOVE the tuna sushi mix. She goes wild for catnip, comes running whenever she thinks you might be opening a can of tuna, and the last time I got a packet of nori I ended up having to share nearly half of it with her. (I didn’t even think cats LIKED seaweed… but she’s willing to do almost anything for it.)

  33. 783

    The flying tickle pickle is the one for us! We love interactive toys.

  34. 784

    My boys would LOVE the pickle and a have a little girl that would be more then willing to try out a different brand of catnip.

  35. 785
    Mimi the kitten

    VERY hard to choose…but Dibbles and Pippa would love that flying Tickle Pickle. :-)

  36. 786

    I think my little girl would love the Tuna sushi.

  37. 787
    Snoopy'n Meowm

    WOW! OH WOW!

    My brofurz ‘n I looked at your page and WOW! We like several thingz we sawz:

    We would LOVE the Tickel Tassel…Me ezspeciallly!

    We would LOVE the Tickle Pickle….

    And Split would LOVE his own jar of the Organix Tipsy Nip!

    We hope we winz the grand prize!

  38. 788

    The products all look so enticing for a kitty. My boys and me would love them – them to play with and me to watch.
    I love the kitty pictures in this email. Such beautiful babies.

  39. 789
    Laura Jane

    My fellas would LOVE the flying tickle pickle. LOVE.

  40. 790

    I’d have to say Mr. Tuna would go nuts for the flying tickle pickle and the tickle tassel! I mean all these products are amazing, but boy does my little guy love to jump and catch whatever I danggle for him. And catnip, well I can hardly keep it in the house!

    I would absolutley love to win this prize for the one I love the most!

  41. 791

    I have three cats and they are all nip junkies, so this prize package would be great for us. I think they would really enjoy the tickle pickle and flying tickle pickle.

  42. 792

    Wow…so hard to choose just one, but I would have to pick the Flying Tickle Pickle. My Burmese would love it.

  43. 793

    Absolutely, without a doubt, the Tickle Pickle. Jesse would ADORE it!

  44. 794

    This is fantastic!

  45. 795

    My cats would love the Tickle Tassel Ball. They love chasing balls. And I love the fact that these products are organic, earth friendly, AND made in the USA!

  46. 796

    My 5 kitties would LOVE the ORGANIC TIPSY NIP! They LOVE eatting catnip and just rolling around in it. Every time I give them some from small catnip bush I have in my yard…they all come running to see where I’m going to put it down on the carpet..then they all have their own little pieces of it….they roll..they lick..they eat it…and then after about 10 mins..they all lay on their sides and backs like they are totally ‘relaxed’…haha….THEY LOVE CATNIP!

  47. 797

    my cats are certainly not picky and any of the products would be welcome in our home…
    the pickle is really cute though!

  48. 798

    My cats would LOVE the Flying Tickle Pickle! Looks like an awesome toy!

  49. 799
    Gail (catsmom)

    All of the kittyboys are nip junkies and would love the tickle pickle and the nubs. really they would like all ot the items.

  50. 800

    I think my gang would like the flying tickle pickle the most.

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