Introducing Tipsy Nip Cat Treats ENTER TO WIN A HUGE PRIZE PACKAGE!

Wed, Aug 3, 2011

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We just had the opportunity to test a fun line of kitty products from Vermont-based Tipsy Nip, and they were a huge hit! Tipsy Nip makes a variety of catnip treats and toys that are all durable and non-toxic, plus the kitties love them! Their signature toy is the Tickle Pickle, which comes in the regular 6 inch size, the XL 11 inch size, and for extra interactive fun, check out the Flying Tickle Pickle.

Here are some pix of Ando, Simba and MacKenzie enjoying their Tickle Pickle.

Some of the other fun treats they offer are Tuna Sushi, a yummy snack made with Bonito tuna flakes, Nori seaweed and Tipsy Nip. You can get a big jar of Tipsy Nip all by itself, or try the Tipsy Nip Ball, a non-toxic wooden ball toy infused with organic catnip and soaking in a tin of Tipsy Nip. The Tipsy Nip Balls also come with fun tickle tassels.

All of the Tipsy Nip products come in the cutest packaging and would make great gifts! You can follow Tipsy Nip on Facebook to stay up-to-date on their latest products.


One lucky readers is going to receive a prize package including every single cat product made by Tipsy Nip! That’s a lot of nip! To enter the giveaway, please visit the Tipsy Nip website and take a look at their products, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which item your cat would like the most. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on August 10, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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1,222 Responses to “Introducing Tipsy Nip Cat Treats ENTER TO WIN A HUGE PRIZE PACKAGE!”

  1. 1101
    Melissa AKA Pinky's Mama

    My Pinky would love anything with catnip, she loves to roll in it and wear it on her fun. I joke and say shes part tumbleweed. I also think tickle pickle on a stick would compliment the squeeky sushi on a stick that is sooo popular in our home.

  2. 1102
    Suzanne Kaiser

    My cat and kids would get a kick out of the pickle! Thanks for having the giveaway!

  3. 1103
    MS Laura

    I think our flock would love the Tickle Pickle, especially since our most senior gato is named Pickles!

  4. 1104
    Laurie Tilkin

    I would like to try the prepcat bittie busters

  5. 1105

    Tuna Sushi

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  6. 1106
    Thomas I.

    Hecubus would love the Tuna Sushi!!!!!!!!

  7. 1107

    I’m not sure my cat would be able to choose a favorite–I think she would love everything!

  8. 1108

    love the tickle pickle!!!

  9. 1109

    I think my Boyz would LOVE any and all Tipsy Nip toys and nip! The Tipsy Nip ball will get the most play. Thank you, ModernCat, for introducing us to Tipsy Nip.

  10. 1110

    Hilarious! My kittys nickname is picklebumps…pretty sure he would do backflips for this!

  11. 1111

    the picture of that big cat all messed upon catnip on the website is hilarious! my cat would love the tickle pickle, no doubt about it!

  12. 1112
    Debra Lee

    Definately the Flying Tickle Pickle!

  13. 1113

    Cat nip? Yes, please! My cat would go crazy for any of these fantastic organic cat nip toys. She is a playful little kitty without cat nip, and with cat nip she is even moreso. I know she would spend hours and hours enjoying one of the flying toys: either the flying tickle pickle or the tickle tassel. Thanks for the heads up to a great new product, Moderncat!

  14. 1114

    The tickle pickle would be a hands down favorite! They wore out a similar toy recently and have been missing it!

  15. 1115

    I think my cat would love the Tuna Sushi!

  16. 1116

    Both our cats would love the Tickle Pickle – it’s their preferred shape and size of toy (and of course the catnip makes it even multiple times better).

  17. 1117
    amanda rice

    my babies would love the pickle!!!!

  18. 1118
    Babs (formerly Kush's Human)

    the 11″-er Tickle Pickle. You can take sink your teeth into one end, while bunny-kicking the other! genious.

  19. 1119

    Definitively the Tickle Pickle. I have two big boys so we would need at least three. Two for the daily hoarder to lay on and one to lap out and be available for stealing!
    The Nubs looked interesting but I believe they would be gone in a flash so no fun for me. LOL

  20. 1120

    My kids would LOVE these toys especially the Tickle Pickle, Tipsy Nip and the Tickle Tassle Balls! What fun they would have!

  21. 1121

    Oh, Tajar would LOVE any of these toys! But, if I had to guess what his favorite would be, it would have to be the Tickle Pickle. He’s always been partial to kick toys. The pickle is a great size and so cute!

  22. 1122

    My 3 would all luv the Flying Tickle Pickle…great giveaway, thanks!!!

  23. 1123

    my cats helped me look and we like the tickle tassel best! looks like lots of fun trying to grab all the tassels (that what they said …).

  24. 1124

    My cats would definitely love the Flying Tickle Pickle!

  25. 1125
    Paul L Pallardy

    I think my Kids would like the Tickle Pickle, and the Tickle Tassels.
    Also I am going to order one of their T-Shirts for myself from their

  26. 1126

    Definitely the tickle pickle. Perfect for bunny kicking and biting!

  27. 1127

    My cat loves mauling stuff animals so the tickle pickle would be the best for her.

  28. 1128
    Lee Sullivan

    I love the Tickle Pickle. I think mah kitties will too.

  29. 1129
    Rachel Newman

    Cats would go crazy over the Tuna Sushi with the Tipsy Nip. I would too :)

  30. 1130

    The flying Tickle Pickle will drive my boys C-R-A-Z-Y!

  31. 1131
    Holly L

    I’m thinking the tickle tassle for my cat.

  32. 1132

    Without a doubt, the Tickle Pickle would be Imp’s favorite. She loves the kickers and filled with nip? Heaven to her.

  33. 1133

    I’d go for either the flying pickle or the rolling ball…but what I’d really like is the cat whose picture is featured on the website’s splash page!

  34. 1134
    Via Negativa

    The original pickle would be a hit with Hops, but our Pumpkin would certainly prefer the sushi!<3

  35. 1135
    Sharon J

    Dominic The Cat, who sends me thought haikus, tells me:

    Thinking expecting / The Flying Tickle Pickle / Happy hours soon

  36. 1136

    The Flying Tickle Pickle looks awesome!

  37. 1137

    My cats would all love the Tickle Tassel :-)

  38. 1138
    Debra Vermeulen

    I have three cats of my own and volunteer at an animal sanctuary that has about 80 cats / kittens on a regular basis. Catnip is a favorite and the tickle pickle looks like awesome fun!!

  39. 1139
    Carly J

    The flying tickle pickle! My cat would love to play with this because he loves to jump and bat things around.

  40. 1140
    Carolyn Shaw

    My two boys are 15 year old brothers who still have some playful moments. They would like the pickle for sure.

    I wonder if the Debra Vermeulen who posted on Aug. 7 is my former student at RSHS? If so, where is the shelter? The RSHS office could put you in touch with me.

  41. 1141

    I have 5 indoor cats. Some like catnip, some do not. But they all love things that I can make fly through the air for them. The jumps and backflips are outstanding. I can just imagine them playing with the pickle!!

  42. 1142

    My cat would like the tipsy nip ball since he is all about batting and chasing things, and he loves cat nip.

  43. 1143

    I can already see Sancho loving the Flying Tickle Pickle!

  44. 1144

    my cats would LOVE tuna sushi!

  45. 1145

    The Tickle Pickle is a definite must have! My cats have a catnip cigar that is their current fav… organic catnip, long shape, they love it – so I’m sure the Tickle Pickle would equally be in demand!

  46. 1146

    My kitties would love the Tickle Pickle! They are natrually jumpers but when you give them something to jump for they are amazing! I’ve never had cats that jump like mine do now. We want the Tickle Pickle!!!

  47. 1147

    My cats go crazy over catnip! I think this catnip toy would be much enjoyed with my 6 cats. The more catnip, the merrier!

  48. 1148

    A flying tickle pickle would be a great conversation piece, not to mention something my cats would love.

  49. 1149

    Definitely the Tuna Sushi!!

  50. 1150
    Jennifer Orr

    Our cat and kitten would like the Tickle Tassel, because they’re very picky about their toys. It seems like we’d all have the most fun together with the tassel because they both love chasing things, a lot. Plus, I think it would save our hands from the kitten’s destructive tendencies.

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