Introducing Tipsy Nip Cat Treats ENTER TO WIN A HUGE PRIZE PACKAGE!

Wed, Aug 3, 2011

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We just had the opportunity to test a fun line of kitty products from Vermont-based Tipsy Nip, and they were a huge hit! Tipsy Nip makes a variety of catnip treats and toys that are all durable and non-toxic, plus the kitties love them! Their signature toy is the Tickle Pickle, which comes in the regular 6 inch size, the XL 11 inch size, and for extra interactive fun, check out the Flying Tickle Pickle.

Here are some pix of Ando, Simba and MacKenzie enjoying their Tickle Pickle.

Some of the other fun treats they offer are Tuna Sushi, a yummy snack made with Bonito tuna flakes, Nori seaweed and Tipsy Nip. You can get a big jar of Tipsy Nip all by itself, or try the Tipsy Nip Ball, a non-toxic wooden ball toy infused with organic catnip and soaking in a tin of Tipsy Nip. The Tipsy Nip Balls also come with fun tickle tassels.

All of the Tipsy Nip products come in the cutest packaging and would make great gifts! You can follow Tipsy Nip on Facebook to stay up-to-date on their latest products.


One lucky readers is going to receive a prize package including every single cat product made by Tipsy Nip! That’s a lot of nip! To enter the giveaway, please visit the Tipsy Nip website and take a look at their products, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which item your cat would like the most. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on August 10, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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1,222 Responses to “Introducing Tipsy Nip Cat Treats ENTER TO WIN A HUGE PRIZE PACKAGE!”

  1. 1151

    My two bengals “Inferno & Sapphire” would love the Pickle for sure!

  2. 1152
    Veronica O

    I think my two cat’s would love the tickle pickle! They play with everything that is long, small and full of nip. So, yes. Definitely the tickle pickle!

  3. 1153

    When my kitty, Emerson, is not bent on being the World’s Orneriest Kitty, he is determined to making kitty leaping an Olympic sport! The Flying Tickle Pickle would be just the lure needed to take his acrobatics to even greater heights!

  4. 1154

    Two of my cats would go nuts for any of it except the fish treats (we can’t have fish here) and the other could care less about the nip.

  5. 1155
    barbi henderson

    it is not CLEAR what I am do to ENTER !!! Is tis a foto contest OR WHAT?


  6. 1156
    Nikki Graber

    My little rescue Kali would LOVE a tickle pickle!! She loves to grab on and rabbit kick toys! And she loves to share her catnip with her best friend, the neighbor cat Padre. The two of them would have a great time with this!!

  7. 1157

    My cat would love the Tickle Pickle! It would be great for those days when she is just full of energy and playfullness and jumps at our feet if we dare to move!

  8. 1158

    My kitten, Loki, would love to fly high after the Tickle Tassel.

  9. 1159

    The tickle pickle would be an awesome toy for my cats.

  10. 1160
    C Temple

    We really like that tickle pickle!

  11. 1161

    Definitely the Tickle Pickle … my cat loves to lick and bunny-kick!!

  12. 1162

    oh i know my cats would love the tickle pickle or the tickel tassel balls! also i find it amusing that im talking about how my cats would love pickles and balls. :)

  13. 1163

    My 8 kitties would line up for a turn batting at a Tickle Pickle! Cute name.

  14. 1164

    The ball would be perfect in our blended cat and dog space! No temptation for the doggies, like the softer toys, but plenty of fun for the kitties! The fishing toys look like a winner, as well, because I am allergic to cats but still like to interact and play with them. :)

  15. 1165

    My cats would love the tickle tassel.

  16. 1166

    So much catnip!! My cats would LOVE the Tickle Pickle!

  17. 1167

    I think my girls would like the tickel pickel and the tickel tassel!

  18. 1168

    Apollo would love a Tickle Pickle and the Tipsy Nip Nubs!

  19. 1169
    Donna C.

    My cats would love the Tuna Sushi

  20. 1170

    My cats would love to give the Tickle Pickle some kicks!

  21. 1171

    My cat would love the Flying Tickle Pickle!!

  22. 1172

    My girl Oscar would love the tickel pickel I think. Thanks.

  23. 1173
    Jenny Post

    We just got two new kitties from our local shelter, and it is obvious that they love EVERYTHING. That said, I think they would really dig the tickle pickle. I am glad to see a company obviously committed to reducing their environmental impact and am glad to learn about them!

  24. 1174

    So many cool toys and stuff but the tickle tassel looks like lots of fun!!! My 3 kitties will love it

  25. 1175
    Nikki Weidner

    Oh, our Gavin would love the one and only Flying Tickle Pickle — he could use the exercise. :-) Our Nikko, on the other hand, is quite the connoisseur of gourmet cat nip and would simply relish the Organic Tipsy Nip.

  26. 1176

    Gotta go with the Tickle Pickle. Minerva and Calliope will love love love it!

  27. 1177
    Hannah Riordan Wallace

    My cats have spoken and they agree, it’s the tickle pickle for them (although they assure me any of the Tipsy Nip products would be a very welcome addition to their kitty toy box). Thanks!

  28. 1178

    The tickle pickle is too cool! My 8 kitties would love the Tipsy Nip products!

  29. 1179

    tickle pickle takes the cake.

  30. 1180
    Jen Glamour

    My six cats would love the Flying Tickle Pickle for sure. What fun products they have! Love it.

  31. 1181

    My two ragdolls, Bailee and Skylar would have a blast with the tickle pickle! They looooove catnip. But I’m sure they would go crazy over any of the catnip toys.

  32. 1182
    Diane Riedel

    Tickle pickle would be wonderful. Freddy & Darby love their catnip, each react in a different way. It is soooo fun to watch!

  33. 1183
    Ashley Hatheway

    I would say the Tickle Pickle or the Flying Pickle. They are so cute and my cats love things they can bunny kick and interactive toys like the Flying Pickle. Personally, I love the names of the products!!

  34. 1184

    The Tickle Pickle!! How cute is that. The flying tickle pickle is awesome too. One of my girls just loves flying toys.

  35. 1185
    tung ton

    the flying tickle pickle!

  36. 1186
    delena McGuire

    my cat would love the tickle tassle

  37. 1187
    Karen T

    The tickle pickle without doubt. Bunny kicks would abound.

  38. 1188
    Lisa Vance

    My kids love to kick when they’re playing, so I think the original tipsy nip would be a hit at our house.

  39. 1189
    carolyn dileo

    My cats, Caboodle, Athena and Miracle, would love the flying tickle pickle or the Tuna Sushi!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. 1190

    So excited at this give away! My kittens, Phin and Cora would go nuts over the Flying Tickle Pickle.. So adorable!

  41. 1191

    Everything looks appealing, but I’m pretty sure my kitty would love the Tickle Tassel and the Flying Tickle Pickle!

  42. 1192
    edward sonnenschein

    i envision my cats flying around the room chasing their toy pickle.

  43. 1193
    sean sonnenschein

    this is the kind of toy my cats go crazy over.

  44. 1194

    This is your catnip on drugs. Your cat on nip. Your pickle on a cat. Wait, what?

  45. 1195

    I showed the ad to Maiko, his response was “GIMME GIMME GIMME”, his favorie thing in the whole world is cat nip…he droools for it..

    Occassionally he is willing to share with the other 3 cats in the house…provided we give him a double

  46. 1196
    Samantha Cota

    My Cats would love the Tickle Tassel.

  47. 1197

    Would like to find one toy that all three of my cats would like at the same time!!

  48. 1198

    My kitties would love the tickle pickle. I can already see them fighting over it.

  49. 1199
    Lisa L

    My cats would have a blast with the cute Flying Tickle Pickle!

  50. 1200

    My kitty would love the Tickle Pickle!

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