New Cat Tap Ceramic Fountain from Keith Davitt ENTER TO WIN!

Thu, Aug 18, 2011

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Does your cat like to drink water from a running faucet? Well, you’ll love this new ceramic cat fountain from Keith Davitt at Thirsty Cat Fountains. Keith’s gorgeous handmade cat fountains are not only beautiful to look at but they are perfect for keeping kitty hydrated. All of his fountains are made with 100% food-safe ceramics that don’t scratch like plastic fountains, which can harbor harmful bacteria. The new Cat Tap design includes a copper spout that gives kitty a constant supply of running water without making you stand at the sink. Copper is naturally antimicrobial, inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The Cat Tap can also be added on to most of Keith’s fountain designs.

We’ve been testing the new Cat Tap fountain and everyone loves it, especially Ando. I seem to find him drinking more often with this design. We have the the larger capacity fountain which is very nice with multiple cats. You can adjust the pump speed to create a soft running water sound or no sound at all. The fountain is really easy to clean and it adds a lovely water element to the room.

Don’t forget, Moderncat readers can always get 10% off Keith’s fountains by entering the coupon code MODERNCAT when purchasing from his Etsy shop!


One lucky reader is going to win a Cat Tap fountain in the color family of their choice! To enter, please visit the Thirsty Cat Fountain Etsy shop to see all the different colors available, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which color family you’ll choose if you win. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on August 25, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada only.

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1,621 Responses to “New Cat Tap Ceramic Fountain from Keith Davitt ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 651

    I love the Arizona Spring fountain!

  2. 652
    Jen Mathews

    The Indian Summer fountain is beautiful!

  3. 653

    I love the blue rain, very subtle and simple. Although my cats won’t likely appreciate the coloring, I’m sure they’ll love the fountain itself.

  4. 654
    Shellie A

    They are all wonderful and any color would be a tremendous prize! I’m partial to blues but the ones in the earth tones would be a better fit for our home.

  5. 655

    I’ve always wanted a “water feature” in the house and my three cats are looking for an alternative to drinking from their big bowl (plus the toilet)! The earth toned ceramic is our favorite, but the kitties will be pleased with any of these beautiful fountains…Thank you.

  6. 656

    So lovely! I like the little lizard touch on the celadon :) Darling! But truly, any of the colors would be lovely.

  7. 657

    I love the Blue Rain!

  8. 658

    Night Sky for me!

  9. 659
    Liza Frank

    Wow! These are so much nicer than those plastic ones. Night sky would be perfect.

  10. 660

    all eight of my children are praying they win this. their grey plastic one broke, mom is unemployed and leaving the kitchen faucet dripping.

  11. 661

    I am having a hard time choosing. I love the perpetual spring and Indian summer. I guess my first choice would be perpetual spring. I love the colors!

  12. 662
    Cassie J

    I love the greens!

  13. 663

    I like the green.

  14. 664

    I love the Night Sky!

  15. 665

    Wow I love them all. We have eight cats and I am sure any color would be okay with them, as they are in it for the fountain water. My personal favorite it probably the brownish/rust colored one in this blog post, but of the ones that are available, Indian Summer is absolutely awesome!


  16. 666

    Very nice! MUCH better than the one i bought that is plastic. My cat scratched at it and knocks i over so i had to stop using it :( i don’t think this one will knock over! Great to have! Thanks! :D

  17. 667
    Jennifer Munoz

    Slate quarry green matches my cats bed :)

  18. 668

    I was just shopping for a water fountain. I like the low-profile ones — Blue Rain, Arizona Spring, and Blue Pedestal.

  19. 669

    Earth tone, please – this looks like a much better fountain than what I have used before – looks easier to clean too!

  20. 670

    So many cool ones to choose from. Pedestal Blue, Arizona Spring, and Autumn Dance are the cat’s meow.

  21. 671

    I would love one in Autumn Dance… simply beautiful!

  22. 672

    Winter Wheat is just lovely and will go with any decor. I liked the fact that the ceramic doesn’t scratch and does not harbor bacteria. It is a wonderful piece of art, as well.

    My kitty does like the finer things in life and this is one of them.

  23. 673

    Arizonia Spring! It matches so well with our decor and my kitty would love the water!

  24. 674

    oh my goodness, I need two of these. My grrls love running water, and one of my grandcats, a little bobtail grrl-cat loves to play in the sink in running faucet water, this would be so much better!

  25. 675
    Via Negativa

    Love this contest! That shop is already on our favorites list at Etsy:) Thanks for letting us know about the discount code, too! Our favorite is definitely the first one, the pale blue/green. We also love that the filter and other accessories are available right there and reasonably priced.

  26. 676

    I am so glad to see more innovative cat products! I love the Perpetual Spring fountain and I know my cats would love it to! I hope I win!!

  27. 677

    Perpetual Spring for my 4 cats (and their Corgi sisiter) and their perpetual thirst. Kudos to Keith Davitt for his beautiful fountains.

  28. 678

    Gosh, they are all nice, but I especially like that slate quarry green bowl with the copper waterleaves. Beautiful! Would certainly love to have one in my home.

  29. 679
    Barbara Roberts

    Mahogany rose would be great for my family of feline rescues! This looks like a fabulous invention and I know that the more they are enticed to drink freah water the healthier they will be!

  30. 680
    Julie B.

    These are the absolute coolest cat accessory I’ve seen. I so want one badly!! I like the water lily fountain very decorative and no one would know it’s a fountain for kitty!

  31. 681

    These are great, I think I need two of them at least. My grrls love running water, and one of my grandcats, a little bobtail grrl-cat loves to play in the sink in running faucet water, this would be so much better!

  32. 682
    kelly abramson


  33. 683

    All of the colors are gorgeous but my favorite is the Slate Quarry Green. These fountains are incredible. They look more like art than a cat fountain!

  34. 684

    I prefer earth tones.

  35. 685
    Janel M.

    If I won, I would choose one in the green color family.

  36. 686

    The Blue Rain cat fountain is beautiful!

  37. 687

    I’ve wanted one of these hand made fountains for quite some time, I love the thought of supporting a person, rather than a large copany. My reason for not purchasing one previously is that I think the base of them always seemed too narrow. We have a Roomba robot vacuum, and it will bump into our current fountain, so I didn’t feel the narrow base would work. These new designs would work well though, and it looks like the ‘blue rain’ would be a nice match in our space. Bravo Keith!

  38. 688
    Joanna Morrison

    I am continually impressed by the clever things people create. I would never have thought of a kitty drinking fountain in a million years! And it’s perfect, just the thing to keep Bailey interested & hydrated. I like the Mahogany Rose, but, really, I just love the idea. Any color would be great!

  39. 689

    WOW. These are gorgeous! Choosing a favorite is almost impossible, but I think Blue Rain is the one for us. Love the Turritella Shells, too. What a beautiful idea! And for those who haven’t yet gotten a cat fountain, DO. You will love how much your cat enjoys it, how it improves his or her health, and the added benefit for you of the beautiful sound.

  40. 690

    This is what we have been looking for. I wanted to try to make one for our renal failure cats who need to drink lots of water. I’m not talented enough to create these beautiful pieces, I am so happy to find someone who is so talentd. My favourite is the Mahogany Rose.

  41. 691
    Katelyn Whybrew

    I just think its a wonderful idea…. The one with the leaf is my favourite but all of them look great. Its art for kitties:D

  42. 692
    Chanel Bevell

    These are incredible!!! We are currently using our spinning ball fountain and they can’t get enough of it! These beautiful fountains would be much better for them! Love the Blue Sky, but they are ALL lovely!

  43. 693
    Shannon Z

    I don’t know where the color list is, but I really like the top blog post color- that blackish brown. It’s sleek and sexy, and my cat is a boy and needs “cool” decor. We’d LOVE this one!

  44. 694

    Oh, they’re all so lovely. I guess my favorite is the pretty blue-green.

  45. 695

    Wow! These are amazing! I think the winter wheat tower would be my choice!

  46. 696
    Rachel G

    They are all beautiful and such a wonderful item. My kitties would love to receive one of these in Brown if it so happens.

  47. 697

    Green, definitely green – it’s my favorite color!

  48. 698

    How nice to have a cat fountain that you want people to see, instead of one you want to hide! I like the Mocha Spice color.

  49. 699

    Lovely, artistic and functional – these fountains have it all. My kitties would love one that is dark green in color.

  50. 700
    Melissa Barbour

    Love the Arizona Spring with the Lizard. Otherwise Blue of any kind. My 2 kitties would really love one of these.

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