New Cat Tap Ceramic Fountain from Keith Davitt ENTER TO WIN!

Thu, Aug 18, 2011

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Does your cat like to drink water from a running faucet? Well, you’ll love this new ceramic cat fountain from Keith Davitt at Thirsty Cat Fountains. Keith’s gorgeous handmade cat fountains are not only beautiful to look at but they are perfect for keeping kitty hydrated. All of his fountains are made with 100% food-safe ceramics that don’t scratch like plastic fountains, which can harbor harmful bacteria. The new Cat Tap design includes a copper spout that gives kitty a constant supply of running water without making you stand at the sink. Copper is naturally antimicrobial, inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The Cat Tap can also be added on to most of Keith’s fountain designs.

We’ve been testing the new Cat Tap fountain and everyone loves it, especially Ando. I seem to find him drinking more often with this design. We have the the larger capacity fountain which is very nice with multiple cats. You can adjust the pump speed to create a soft running water sound or no sound at all. The fountain is really easy to clean and it adds a lovely water element to the room.

Don’t forget, Moderncat readers can always get 10% off Keith’s fountains by entering the coupon code MODERNCAT when purchasing from his Etsy shop!


One lucky reader is going to win a Cat Tap fountain in the color family of their choice! To enter, please visit the Thirsty Cat Fountain Etsy shop to see all the different colors available, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which color family you’ll choose if you win. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on August 25, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada only.

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1,621 Responses to “New Cat Tap Ceramic Fountain from Keith Davitt ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 701

    I like the Arizone Spring fountain, looks really cool. My cats (especially the kitten) are always getting in the tub after we shower and in the sink after we do dishes to lick up the water and any drips from the tap, hahaha, so they would love this.

  2. 702
    Chelsea S.

    These are awesome. My four kitties would love it. I am having a hard time figuring out what colors are available but from what I found, I love the pedestal blue color.

  3. 703

    I love the cobalt!

  4. 704
    Betty Carter

    I would love to have a fountain for my cats. They love the water bottle but I know they would love a fountain better! I can even video them using it if I win. Thank you Betty!

  5. 705

    OOOH!! These are fabulous! We would be happy with any design or color – except on the bigger side would be better for 5 adult cats.

  6. 706

    We would absolutely love to have one of these. It would be purrfect in our home. And our plastic fountain would then be donated to the neighbor cats who come over and visit mostly to drink out of it! That would be a total of 3 happy kitties! Our little princess thinks that the blue rain finish is superb and would contrast her eyes perfectly while drinking out of it!

  7. 707

    I like the fountains with gentle water movement. But I’m sure kitty will love to play with the water stream.

  8. 708

    These fountains are lovely & every kitty would enjoy them!

  9. 709

    Love the celdadon! The attention to detail on these lovely fountains is quite amazing.

  10. 710
    Anna R

    I think these fountains are beautiful. I would love for my 3…Chloe, Mr. Evel and pumpkin kitties to enjoy a wonderful cold drink from one of these unique and fabulous fountains. I would love to win one for them.

  11. 711
    Sara Ferguson

    Arizona Spring, please! Lovely glaze…

  12. 712

    These are incredibly beautiful! Any of the blues would be wonderful to have and I think my cats would agree…

  13. 713

    They are all beautiful but the slate quarry green is my favorite. Today is Ollie’s birthday and he loves water fountains!

  14. 714

    I do not know how I feel about these fountains-they are powered by electricity-when my kitties run and play, I would hate to think about them getting tangled up or worse…

  15. 715

    Any color of blue would be nice! This is such a great fountain and much better than the plastic ones out there.

  16. 716
    Susan D G T

    These fountains are so beautiful!!I have a plastic drinking fountain that is ugly but it does help my guy drink. I would not go without one.
    I do love the dark earth tone fountain.

    Thank you!!

  17. 717

    I love the deep green one shown or the white/natural!

  18. 718
    Bethany K.

    The Arizona Spring color is very pretty!

  19. 719

    These are such a good idea – I love the color Fern and any of the fountains would be greatly treasured.

  20. 720

    Our cat’s water fountain just stopped working and there was no way to replace the water pump. My cats would be happy with any color to be honest but us humans like The Winter Wheat color best. :)

  21. 721

    I have wanted one of these for awhile. Indian Summer is really pretty. Thank you so much!

  22. 722

    I like the Slate Quarry Green finish … very pretty. My 3 kitties would love to drink from this. And I love the sound of running water so it’s a win win. =^.^=

  23. 723

    Oh, I want one for Yoda and Heidi to try! They love running water, but I haven’t found a fountain they will use yet.

  24. 724

    These are all absolutely gorgeous! I’ve had renal kitties in the past, and have had to use those plastic drinking fountains; but once those industrial-looking fountains were no longer needed, in the basement they went! On the other hand, this ceramic fountain would stay displayed all the time. It was tough deciding which I liked best. I think it would be “Autumn Dance.” I like the green glazes.

  25. 725
    Ashley Kristina

    What beautiful water fountains. My favorite is the Perpetual Spring fountain and I think my kitties would love drinking out of that! Thank you for the opportunity to enter such a wonderful giveaway!

  26. 726

    I don’t see the colors listed on his Etsy website, but I LOVE the design. Gracie Kitty would love anything in deep green or blue. Thank you!

  27. 727

    My cats would love the winter wheat fountain. They love to drink running water from the sink in the bathroom.

  28. 728

    This is a great idea. I like the blue one.

  29. 729

    The blue rain fountain is beautiful and would fit my decor. My kitties would love any color I am sure.

  30. 730
    Azar Attura

    Their Supreme Highnesses, Big Bad Baby Twinkle and Sweet Cee Cee would LOOOVE to dip their liddle tongues into, and daintly lap up that fountain’s waters.

  31. 731
    Cat with a Garden

    We especially love the dark green colour. Those fountains look fantastic, we really hope we win one!
    Siena & Chilli

  32. 732

    I had a fountain for my cats for a long time. They loved it. But one day it broke and I couldn’t get another one. They would love to have this beautiful fountain!

  33. 733
    Debbie Porter

    They’re all so beautiful! I’ll pick the Indian Summer, but love them all! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway :)

  34. 734
    Azar Attura

    BBBT and CC want the GREEN one — thank you

  35. 735

    wow! these ceramic fountains are exceptionally wonderful, great looking and very functional!!!

  36. 736

    What a fantastic design. After you posted about the fountains a while back i had to keep visiting the site to see the new designs. After fighting with my cat to not wait for me to turn on the tap to drink water, I got a fountain for him and it’s been smooth sailing! I love this product and now with 3 little cats running in the house i would love to have another in the house. Great design, easy to clean and 3 hydrated cats full of energy on a summer day! what more can you ask for!! =)

  37. 737

    These are gorgeous! I’d be so pleased to have one of these.

  38. 738

    I like the “handmade ceramic cat drinking fountain or tabletop fountain” in Blue Rain.

    This would be a nice addition for the health of my elder kitty and any future additions to my family.

    The gentle tones of the Blue Rain scheme are beautiful.

  39. 739

    These fountains are special! Much nicer to look at than that grey plastic “Drinkwell”. The cats would love to have their running water from one of these.

  40. 740

    Also i love the blue ceramic colour of the fountain.

  41. 741
    Lina C

    I LOVE these water fountains and so would my 3-cats. They drink so much water daily…seems like I’m constantly refilling their bowls. Hope the “Good Luck Kitty” is with me! LOL

  42. 742

    i like the blue/aqua family with gold/brown undertones! =^.^=

  43. 743

    Oh dear, brown – green, brown – green, brown. . . there, brown it is!!

    Hope, Hope!

  44. 744

    What a wonderfully crafted & beautiful kitty fountain. I know the boys would love it. I like the Bllue Rain. What a great design & like that it’s ceramic.

  45. 745

    I would choose the blue one to go with my cats eye color. Seriously it looks like something a potter could make.


  46. 746

    One of my cats adores running water, the other looks at his “brother” like he is crazy, they both would appreciate the new fountain! My fav color is the Slate Quarry Green with blue highlights.

  47. 747

    I noticed these fountains a few months ago and I just love them! My babies love drinking out of a fountain but I have experienced such a scaly buildup on the plastic styles because of the hard water. My cats are much to special to have to drink from plastic anyway. I notice that there is not a white color category. I think white would look beautiful and sophisticated with the copper spout and I also think it would look great with some colorful accent pieces ie: fish, leaves, frogs etc inside the white bowl. Otherwise a beautiful shade of blue would be lovely plus it would match Lulu’s pretty eyes!

    Best of luck on the sales of these unique and beautiful fountains!! Thank you.

  48. 748

    I absolutely LOVE the Perpetual Spring. It is the ultimate set up! My cats enjoy laying down for a nice long drink and the low rim of that bowl is excellent for that! And the color is to die for!!!

  49. 749

    My two kitties (brother and sister) love to dunk their faces into our own cups of water despite having three bowls of water throughout the house. They would love this! I think the Blue Rain fountain is super pretty and looks sturdy enough for my crazy kitties. I might have to buy one if I don’t win!

  50. 750
    Sandra Sato

    These are really good and the prices are not bad either. Most of my cats love drinking from the tap (it doesn’t matter that it’s San Diego water!) and Feng Shui says that fountains promote good chi. With my cats, it’s hard to have good feng shui.

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