New Cat Tap Ceramic Fountain from Keith Davitt ENTER TO WIN!

Thu, Aug 18, 2011

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Does your cat like to drink water from a running faucet? Well, you’ll love this new ceramic cat fountain from Keith Davitt at Thirsty Cat Fountains. Keith’s gorgeous handmade cat fountains are not only beautiful to look at but they are perfect for keeping kitty hydrated. All of his fountains are made with 100% food-safe ceramics that don’t scratch like plastic fountains, which can harbor harmful bacteria. The new Cat Tap design includes a copper spout that gives kitty a constant supply of running water without making you stand at the sink. Copper is naturally antimicrobial, inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The Cat Tap can also be added on to most of Keith’s fountain designs.

We’ve been testing the new Cat Tap fountain and everyone loves it, especially Ando. I seem to find him drinking more often with this design. We have the the larger capacity fountain which is very nice with multiple cats. You can adjust the pump speed to create a soft running water sound or no sound at all. The fountain is really easy to clean and it adds a lovely water element to the room.

Don’t forget, Moderncat readers can always get 10% off Keith’s fountains by entering the coupon code MODERNCAT when purchasing from his Etsy shop!


One lucky reader is going to win a Cat Tap fountain in the color family of their choice! To enter, please visit the Thirsty Cat Fountain Etsy shop to see all the different colors available, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which color family you’ll choose if you win. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on August 25, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada only.

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1,621 Responses to “New Cat Tap Ceramic Fountain from Keith Davitt ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 750
    trudy Getler

    I just love these as I’m sure my 4 year old Freya will. We also just found and adopted a 4 week old found abandoned in a storm. she wouldn’t be able to reach the water in most of these for awhile so I’d pick the teal/sea colored saucer one with the leaf on top and some sea shells in the saucer. Tallaya will have fun splashing in that

  2. 751

    One of my kitties is a little skittish, so she will probably be fearful of it initially, but the other one will love it! They are beautifully designed!

  3. 752

    wow, these are so cool. i love the brown toned bowls.

  4. 753

    I love the brown earth tone one. My girls would love it.

  5. 754
    Becky K

    I love the celadon one with the earthen tones showing through. Just lovely. I adore functional form!

  6. 755

    These are so cool! My cats love fountains, and these are pleasing for me to look at, too. :) All colors are gorgeous, but I especially like the one with the mahogany glaze over the dark stoneware.

  7. 756
    Diana Clauss

    My guys choose the fountain in celadon. Great idea.

  8. 757

    I would choose the “Blue Rain” fountain.

  9. 758

    Fabulous! Lennie loves to drink from the faucet so I know this would be a big hit. I love that it’s anti-microbial. I’d take any model, but if I chose, I’d choose the biggest bowl. Great giveaway!

  10. 759

    These are beautiful fountains. I didn’t see all of the colors mentioned above but I do like the autumn dance one best of the colors seen.

  11. 760

    The fountains are gorgeous & very thoughtful – my 5 fur-people vote for one in the blue-green or earth-tone family.

  12. 761

    Sonic loves to drink running water from our bathroom sink faucet. I like the Arizona Spring fountain and I’m sure Sonic would too. :-)

  13. 762
    RoseAnn C. Spalt

    They are all so beautiful, but the prettiest is the Blue Rim.
    I would also have to add the copper tap. My cat, Leo, loves to drink from the filtered tap at our kitchen sink. With this one he would have fresh water on tap 24/7.

  14. 763

    The Light Sky Blue fountain would be best for my color scheme–I suspect the cats would be more interested in the water than the color!

  15. 764
    Tina Renee

    I love the Cobalt Blue and I’m sure Zoe, Olivia & Percy would as well!

  16. 765

    This is the coolest idea. My cats love to drink from the sink so I assume they would enjoy this. The green is a very nice colour and would go very well in my home.

  17. 766

    My 8 cats would love to drink in style…we love the color green.

  18. 767
    alice kieft

    I LOVE these…the deep chocolate brown is beautiful with the copper…Yin and Yang (my cats) would love this…please pick us!

  19. 768

    I love the Arizona Spring! So beautiful. I think my 3 kitties would love it. I might want to drink out of it too!

  20. 769

    I love this – we bought a water fountain for the cats, but it wasn’t nearly as sturdy as these look and didn’t work out very long. :( I love the slate Quarry Green with blue highlights! So pretty! What a great way to add decoration, a peaceful sound and most importantly – a great way to spoil our four-legged fur babies!

  21. 770
    Karen T

    These fountains are beautiful. I’ve always wanted to make something like this but I’m not that good a potter. I really like the blue and green tones.

  22. 771
    Peggy Dalon

    While all of the fountains are beautiful, I love the earth tone ones myself

  23. 772
    Bettina Lemmon

    That is one cool cat fountain! Do they make them for humans?

  24. 773
    karen v

    What a great idea. Zeus is always in the bathroom waiting for me to turn the water on and the rest of my kids are also waiting in line after he finishes. The larger one would be perfect for them and they are not fussy about the color – anyone would be a nice addition!

  25. 774

    My favorite is the Indian Summer color–I’d want to get a Cat Tap because my two cats always want to drink straight from the moving water. So much classier than the mere plastic fountain I have right now! My prissy cats would love it!

  26. 775

    I love this fountain! My cats would be much healthier with this than their plastic one. I especially love the Mahogany Rose Melt color.

  27. 776
    Anna Neporanny

    I am always on the lookout for creative ways to increase my 19+ yr young Pumpkin’s fluid intake – especially since developing Chronic Renal Failure & the Cat Tap Fountain is a great solution! And it doesn’t hurt that it’s also so stylish!! The one glazed in ‘licorice’ and the leaf has to be placed over the pump is my favorite, although Pumpkin is yelling in the background that all are great (lol). This one not being a fountain & needing to be refilled more often is not a problem as she needs to have fresh water available. It’s perfect any you look at it. :)

  28. 777
    Laura Cochrane

    A brown fountain would be GREAT! Love it!

  29. 778

    The Pedestal Blue is lovely!

  30. 779

    OMG!!!! With a house of five Maine Coon water loving cats. We could use one in each room

  31. 780

    I really love the Rose Melt ceramic fountain, though I wouldn’t want anything with seashells in it.

  32. 781
    Melissa B

    I have to say that the slate quarry green is my favorite! I love these water fountains!
    The idea of not having to stand at the sink and wait for them is so tempting!!

    Lovely work.

  33. 782
    Lee Sullivan

    I really love the blue one!

  34. 783

    I love the earth toned fountains, I think the multiple kitties would love have such a beautiful fountain and the copper water feature is wonderful too!

  35. 784

    These fountains are so beautiful. I am torn, I love both Perpetual Spring and Indian Summer, and I know Mr. Fredrick Tuna would love either of them!

  36. 785

    any colour will do! they’re all so pretty…

  37. 786

    I’ve always loved the colors of pottery – so hard to choose! The beige/browns are neutral and can fit in anywhere. But I have to say that my favorite would be a dark blue (licorice?) with Slate Quarry Green highlights (if that’s doable!)… or just the one on the first picture in this post – that looks pretty nice too! I’d just be to happy to get one I’d take what they sent! :)

  38. 787
    J. Crews

    I like this, I’ve used fountains for years and have switched to the all stainless (so much better and easier to clean than the plastic ones), but they are made to be quiet and don’t have the stream like this one. My one girl wants to drink from falling water, like a faucet. She was a rescue and I have suspicions, from this and other behaviors, that she was caged and had to drink from a bottle. I was wondering how much noise this makes though? Does the ceramic piece that covers the pump diffuse the noise? If not, an idea for future models, might be something underneath to keep it quiet, without splashing it all over the place. :o )

  39. 788

    These are great! The Cat Tap is a good idea. We sit at the faucet and shower door waiting for our chance to catch the drips. We would like a larger fountain for sharing, and our people would like one of the browns tones or the Slate Quarry Green. Hopefully yours, Sandy and Diego

  40. 789

    These are amazing my favorite color is the Licorice & Fern. My cats would love drinking out of the leaf and living in Florida I just loved the shells in the bottom. Definitely much better than the plastic fountains and I’m sure so much easier to clean and sanitize.

  41. 790
    Shadie Kaye's Mom

    so pretty! I love the one that was in the middle of first page, the blue/green combination … very cool and refreshing looking >^..^<

  42. 791

    I love the green color, so pretty. I really like the one with the leaf as a spout, and the one called ‘Autumn Dance’ as well. Maybe this will stop my boycat from drinking from the urinal!(Why is there a urinal in our house? Dunno, it was there when we moved in, and it’s not like a toilet, where you can shut the lid to prevent them from drinking.)

  43. 792
    Karen O

    I’m certain that both of our cats and the dog would be equally intrigued with a beautiful water fountain just for them. All the colors are beautiful…I like them all!

  44. 793

    I love the Perpetual Spring green one! My cats would love to have fresh water all the time, especially Rae Bradbury kitty, who loves to stand in the water bowls.

  45. 794

    AWESOME! Much pretter than the cat fountain I have now & quieter too I bet!

    I’d almost be tempted to get 2 & keep one for myself at just a fountain.

  46. 795
    Cat Chew

    I’m glad you asked which color family, because I found the green ones very appealing, but I’d have a hard time selecting a favorite shade at the moment. Love the whimsical lizard on the Arizona Spring fountain.

  47. 796
    Caroline Folk

    Perpetual Spring in light tourquoise is my fav!

  48. 797
    Lisa S

    My kitties make me turn on the bathroom spout. A cat fountain, perfect. I love the mahogany glaze.

  49. 798

    I love the sounds of an indoor fountain and these serve two purposes! Wonderful choice of colours & Bubba & Stinky would love their very own water stream. Good find, Moderncat!

  50. 799

    I’m not finding the color names on the website, but do really like the green family ones..sort of turquoise color. My cat recently got a hairball stuck and $200 is better…he needs to drink more to stay hydrated.

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