New Catsbowl Multi-cat Raised Feeder from Catswall Design

Fri, Aug 26, 2011


The folks at Catswall Design, makers of the magnificent modular cat climbing wall posted previously, just released a new raised feeder for multi-cat households. The new feeder comes with two, three, four, or five removable stainless steel bowls and a convenient cat-shaped handle.

The feeder is only available in Taiwan right now in limited quantities, but the designers would like to get your feedback. Please leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on this design. Is it something you would like to see available in the US and other countries? What do you think of it?

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282 Responses to “New Catsbowl Multi-cat Raised Feeder from Catswall Design”

  1. 151

    I hate having cat food spills on my floor; this would address that problem. I hate having my floor space taken up with bowls underfoot, too. Again, the solution.

  2. 152
    Marilyn Dominy

    My five cats would love this and so would I.
    I’m not usually fond of “cute” but on this I don’t mind the cat handle. Hopefully the bowls are of a good stainless quality so they don’t rust.

  3. 153

    Yes~! I would love to buy this since I have 3 kitties. Love the design and convenient too!!!!

  4. 154
    Carol Johnson

    This is an excellent, excellent idea for multicat households!!!!

  5. 155

    I like the design very much. Only I would like to see more sprankling colours. For example red-blue-white or coole pink and lemongreen..
    But I am sure my cats will love it.

    greetings Dorien

  6. 156

    I like that they’re raised, grouped together and stainless steel (hypoallergenic). I like the colors, but not so much the logos and cutesy handle- perhaps a different more elegant shape? That being said my two competitive girls would never eat face to face, this close to each other. It would possibly work for free feeding of dry food and water though.

  7. 157

    I would love this for my 4 kitties. I do prefer shallow dishes though.

  8. 158
    Tina S.

    These should definitely be available in the US and all over the world! My cats would love to not have to wait to take their turn at the bowl =D.

  9. 159

    This is a great idea. I can’t believe no one has done this before!

  10. 160

    I’ve volunteered at several animal rescue sanctuaries and this would totally work in the cat rooms!

    Of course, I have a clowder at home and my cats would enjoy this as well!

  11. 161

    These look fun! I’d like some different colors and options to buy a few extra bowls too so that I could have some in the wash and still have all 5 feeding my 8 cats!

  12. 162

    Oh this is just wonderful. We need this at my house and quick. When can I buy one?

  13. 163
  14. 164
    Lina Bush

    I think the bowls should either be plain stainless or a co our with no design. I also think the base should have a stainless edge to prevent scratching. Very cute design, really like the kitty handle.

  15. 165

    Je veux absolument ces assiettes à chats fantastiques ! magnifiques

  16. 166

    LOVE IT ONLY GOT ONE CAT BUT GREAT FOR WET FOO, DRY FOOD, WATER and TREATS CAN YOU ALSO SUPPLY SPARE BOWLS As dirty bowls can go in dishwasher and still Be in use if got spares. Love it Only problem I am in uk. Love to know when I can get one in uk :)

  17. 167

    I love it but I one day want to get a second cat so I would appreciate it if it had a two bowl option.

  18. 168
    Christine Toresdahl

    It seems this would work well–giving each cat their own space, and it’s elevated, too! I like that you can lift up the whole unit with one handle. Would like other colors.

    It seems this might be nice in a shelter, too – like my favorite, Almost Home Adoptions, in which several cats share one room.

  19. 169
    Ceil Fox

    I like this design, especially with the elevated bowls. I have five cats and we use a “trough” like system now, this looks better, I would love to have one!

  20. 170

    This is an interesting concept but needs some tweaking:
    1) My girls do not like to be that close to each other when eating; they prefer separate bowls (I have purchased the wet food Classy Cat Dishes for all of them — they are eating more of the wet food which is what I/their cat vet wanted).
    2) The steel bowls are too deep — which defeats some of the advantages of having an elevated food bowl. Also the diameter of the bowls does not appear wide enough to avoid whisker problems.
    3) Would prefer more elevated bowls to enable geriatric cats not having to bend down to eat.

    Nice idea — needs improvement/changes.

  21. 171

    I would love a double one of these! Please send them to Australia, no-one ever does…

  22. 172

    I’d buy about six of the five bowl models, if they were available in the USA. Two for us and the rest for gifts.

  23. 173
    Paula Corman

    Great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would get one if the price is right!
    Thank you.

  24. 174

    I think these are great. I dont know what the pricing would be but if it was reasoanble, I would buy

  25. 175
    Lisa Barrett

    Love the idea. I also really liked the cat tree that they showed at the bottom of the page.

  26. 176

    Really nice idea. Love that the bowls are raised. Having them in this design would really cut down on the amount of floor space currently being occupied by various food & water dishes.

  27. 177
    Precious Greyce

    As a cat who advises others on behavioural problems, I do get inquiries about food and feeding habits. One of the problems encountered is the bowl-on-the-floor which makes it difficult for the arthritic or less-flexible cat to enjoy a repast. I am very much in favour of the raised-bowl concept. So here is my feedback: great concept and pleasing design. Please pay careful attention to stability because I have visions of everything tipping if one of the party is rambunctious when approaching the repast. And an alternate style with an option to adjust the height(s) of the bowls would be great for multi-cat households with kittens and/or whose cats have different height needs.

  28. 178

    I LOVE THIS!!! As soon as i saw it i was ready to order it! We have 7 cats and they all want to eat at the same time this would be perfect for feeding time!

  29. 179
    Pamela C

    Your borrowed my cat for that pix, and he is a picky eater who does
    not like to eat with his brothers and sisters. This is a great feeder
    for multiple cats, wash easier for each cat.

  30. 180

    darling ! my cats would love one with three ! like that the colors are not bright or pastels.

  31. 181

    taking care of 12+ cats,some feral. really need functional products. this looks great.looking forward to seeing it in U.S.

  32. 182

    My two hand-raised kittens would love this without reservation, since they currently share their food and water bowls and use them together (they’re litter-mates, so that may have a lot to do with it). However, Lucie, my 3-and-a-half year old, and Leo, my roommate’s cat who eats with my kitties, even tho’ they like each other, will NOT eat at the same time when their bowls are close together. Since I’ve separately Lucie’s bowl (across the room) from Leo’s, she eats freely and at any time she wishes.

    I have detailed my situation because I know many, many cats would have the same problems would have the same problem with proximity issues. For those who do not, this is an AWESOME idea!!!

  33. 183
    Lisa G.

    I love the design! The bowls seem a bit deep. How about stainless shallow plates to interchange? I feed my 5 fur babies soft food and wash the bowls usually. Then they eat solid food in the afternoons. If they interchanged that would be awesome! Any other colors available yet? What is the price range going to be?

  34. 184

    I love the concept and design! I already have 2 raised feeders for both of my babies and they love them. I do too, cause it’s not strainful for them when they’re eating. I like that you can pick how many bowls for your design. It looks quite stylish, too. I would definitely purchase one (probably the 4 bowl one) if it was available in the US.

  35. 185
    Jeanah Oh

    OMG. Please tell us we can buy this in the U.S. SOON!!! :D

  36. 186

    I would totally order this!!!!!

  37. 187

    This is a very cute feeder. I only have one cat, but I found he preferred a larger shallow bowl for feeding. He is a long-haired cat and his whiskers and mutton-chops would be crowded in a small bowl.

  38. 188
    Bryan's Cats

    I would love to have he 4 bowl design. I had seen one like this somewhere before and have been looking for one like it.

  39. 189

    I agree with others that the design is wonderful, but the colors and logo on the bowls are not. I would love the 3 or 4 bowl feeder for my 3 cats.

  40. 190

    I hope they decide to sell this in the US, it’s a brilliant idea! I would snatch one up (unless it was overpriced).

  41. 191
    Jackie Webb

    I love it. I have three cats who get along fine but only two of them grew up from babyhood together, and the 3rd likes a little more space when eating than they do. It’s very cute!

  42. 192

    I like this cat bowl design very much. I have four cats. One is on a diet, so I’m forced to feed them 3-4 times per day rather than leave a bowl of food out like I used to do. I end up with little bowls all over the place or when I’m filling them they fall over, etc. The bowls would no longer be in the way or disorderly. This design would make the whole process much easier and neater! I definitely think this should be sold in the U.S. and other countries.

  43. 193

    my dream. I would need 2 but 1 is a good start : )

  44. 194

    I would instantly buy this if available in the US. It’s cute, raised, handles multiple cats, and is easy to clean.

  45. 195
    Sheila Gross

    What a cute concept! I feed m y five “downstairs” kitties on two paper plates, but multiple feeding bowls on a stem would work too. I agree with the suggestions of flat plates, too, as that would be better for canned food.

    It would also be a good idea for them to supply TWO sets of bowls or plates, so that one could be in use while the other one is drying from the last meal.

  46. 196

    I love this bowl and I would definitely purchase one if they were available in North America. I have four cats and it would be absolutely perfect for them at meal time.

  47. 197
    Kym Sharp

    I just love it but do agree with some others bout the colors, too bright. The logo would look better as a tag on a cat collar – the bowls should be plain or have a nice design.

  48. 198
    katie mitchell

    I would love teh 5 cat design since I have 5 cats, It would be great if it came in baby blue or aqua, pink, spring green, lavander

  49. 199

    this is awesome. one of my girls is a ground dweller. she will not get on counters so i have to feed them both on the floor. this would get their bowls off the ground a up a bit. i totally love the 3 bowl design. it would work perfect in my 2 kitty household!

  50. 200

    I was all set to buy when and then I read further only to find out that they aren’t here yet! I love it and would buy it in a New York minute!

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