New Catsbowl Multi-cat Raised Feeder from Catswall Design

Fri, Aug 26, 2011


The folks at Catswall Design, makers of the magnificent modular cat climbing wall posted previously, just released a new raised feeder for multi-cat households. The new feeder comes with two, three, four, or five removable stainless steel bowls and a convenient cat-shaped handle.

The feeder is only available in Taiwan right now in limited quantities, but the designers would like to get your feedback. Please leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on this design. Is it something you would like to see available in the US and other countries? What do you think of it?

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282 Responses to “New Catsbowl Multi-cat Raised Feeder from Catswall Design”

  1. 201
    Jo B.

    I would love to have 4 of the triple feeders for the dry cat food. The colors to me work reasonably well with quite a few themes. Our feline friends would really take to them.

  2. 202

    I absolute love these bowls. I have 4 cats but three eat together. I love the idea off the floor and using one “unit” for feeding. I would love to see these in different color choices as well as long as the bowls remain stainless. Send them to the US! I want one.

  3. 203

    As a multi-cat household I like the idea of the bowls being kept together and easy handle all at once. Also like the bowls being raised and easier for the cats to eat from. Don’t much care for the current colors, though. Solid white, black or just natural wood maybe?

  4. 204

    OMG! I would love to have this in the United States. What a great product. I have three cats and it is so hard to find a feeder for multiple cats.

  5. 205

    i would totally buy one of these (if not too pricey). it would end a lot of food bowl shoving :) would like to see more retro colors like turquoise.

  6. 206
    Mary Kizer

    Yes!! Great idea–easy to pick up and clean and refill! One other comment mentioned maybe shallower dishes–might be a good idea. Bring it to the USA!!!

  7. 207

    I would absolutely buy one or more of these! I have 6 cats and often 2-3 foster kitties from our local shelter and this would make feeding time so much easier!

  8. 208
    Jaclyn Howard

    I would need a few of these. What a great idea!

  9. 209

    THIS. IS. AWESOME. It would be great for us as we have 4 kitties. It would totally replace the two-sided plastic dishes x2, the 2 plates for wet food, and the stainless steel water bowl. Imagine how much room this takes up…. yeah, you get the idea. Not to mention that they get knocked around, CONSTANTLY! This would be an absolute lifesaver!

  10. 210
    Kristin Schumacher

    I love love love this item….I don’t know about the logos but other than that I think the concept is fabulous..I would be standing in line to buy one that’s for sure.

  11. 211

    oh this looks like a great design for multi cats & i wish it was available here in U.S. i like the stainless bowls too as i would never consider plastic. let us know when it arrives on our shores!

  12. 212

    Fantastic design. Good esthetics. Only issue to me is that the bowls are too deep, so as they eat further down their whiskers would be hitting the sides of the bowl. Other than that it is a much needed product. I have jerry rigged a platform & put their dishes there & they love it & it’s better for them. Thanks.

  13. 213

    What a GREAT idea! I like the fact that it’s raised off the ground and of course, that it FEEDS THE MASSES!! LOVE it!

  14. 214

    I love the idea of it. The feeders look nice, and it is better for the cats to eat from a raised bowl.

    I’d like to see how the cats reacted to it, and if they felt “crowded.” It looks like they would be very crowded together.

    Also, unless you have fairly small cats, you’ll have to have a big clear area in the middle of your floor to put this out. I line up my bowls around the perimeter of their room, which gives me a little room to maneuver around.

  15. 215

    I would love to see these in the US, would definitely buy for our cats.

  16. 216
    kristin canonaco

    I love this!! this is perfect for my cats and anyone with multi-cat households! i like that the cats are still eating together, but everyone has their own area to eat. i feel like my cats would be less liekly to steal eachother’s food with these great bowls!

  17. 217
    Lina C

    I think these feeders are adorable! If they were available in the U.S. I would most definitely purchase one or more for myself and gifts.

  18. 218

    Great idea, can’t believe us cat lovers hadn’t thought of this!

  19. 219
    Some Lucky Dog

    I would love something that allows me to pick up 4 bowls in one fell swoop so I can quickly sweep up the stray kibbles on the floor! I like this one, but I would love one in a linear design that could be placed along a wall. And please keep the design simple! I would prefer no handle, but would rather just pick it up by the ends. Thanks so much for asking for input!

  20. 220

    I would LOVE this- I have 5 cats to feed!

  21. 221
    Robb Leamy

    I really like the design. Keeping bowls for several cats together in one place is super! I would buy the 5 bowl unit if available here in the USA

  22. 222
    Barb Gold

    I think it’s great,considering I have 3 cats. I would certainly consider buying one, if it’s not $200.00. I’m surprised that they are not letting one lucky person win one, like a lot of the other companys do, for all of the input from the readers. Which will hopefully benefit them as far as marketing their product here. Thats disappointing :(

  23. 223

    Love the design. WEspecially would like to have a 5 bowl unit. Great way to keep all food bowls together in one place! Hope they come to USA

  24. 224

    Interesting concept, but not something I would use. Aesthetically, I think it suffers from the same issue as the catwall (which I mostly loved): too cutesy.

  25. 225
    Donna Blatt

    I love the idea of all the bowls being in one place. There is less chance of tripping over it. I hope they are going to make them in softer colors that will just blend in with the decor. My 3 cats love to eat at the same time so this would be ideal.

  26. 226

    I would definitely use something like this. It’s convenient to have all of the bowls right there and a little off the floor, instead of having bowls scattered on the floor. I would like the 4 bowl unit, alternating dry food and water bowls for my two cats. The stainless steel is also great, though I don’t care for the colors. I would like to see a neutral color or two and then a few brights.

  27. 227
    Angela K Dunavant

    I like this design also. I agree that shallower bowls would be better to their whiskers don’t touch them. Also more colors! This is a great idea!

  28. 228

    I absolutely love this idea! The only thing I would change would be to make the bowls shallower, since I think cats don’t like to stick their faces into deep dishes so close to other cats: it makes their whiskers compress back and restricts the diameter of their whisker-sense.

    But since we have 5 gatos, I think something like this would be adorable and functional!

  29. 229
    Nicole LeBlanc

    I love it. I actually have something similar that I use. I would love to see this available in the US

  30. 230

    This feeder would be ideal for my multi cat home and I would love to own it.

  31. 231
    nancy sandoval

    its cute but, should have made them glass to keep ants away…

  32. 232

    I love this! As the caretaker for six cats, I think it is stylish and functional. I would buy this, even knowing that one cat is likely to eat all of the food in each bowl.

  33. 233

    I like the fact that it is raised. And the bowls can not be tipped over.

  34. 234
    Dorothy Giafes

    I would buy it, depending on cost. The plans to build it may suit better for american public. As far as design, I would be afraid that my kitties would knock it over if its not a weighted base. I have to have a special water bowl because she insists on tipping it over!

  35. 235
    Courtney W.

    Cute design, but the yellow color is not very appealing. Good idea for feeding multiple cats.

  36. 236
    Susan Shattuck

    I love the design. I foster litters of kittens and this would allow a space for all the kittens to eat equally and I wouldn’t have to push the bigger kittens back so the smaller kittens can get their fair share. I like the verticallity, the fact that you can clean underneath it easily. I would watch the depth of the bowl to make sure little heads and whiskers would allow kitties to lick the bowl clean. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  37. 237

    I love the idea. Both that they are raised feeders and that there are multiple bowls so the cats can eat together and not fight for space. Does in come in more colors, maybe blue?

  38. 238
    ali mckenzie

    i love this feeder as I have 4 cats so very handy, also i can dish up and place all their dishes down in one go, very handy as its a mad rush between them at dinner time, bring them to the UK please

  39. 239

    I love the raised bowl design, making it easier for my kitties to eat. I’m glad it has a two bowl option. This is definitely something I would consider purchasing if the colors were softer or black/white.

  40. 240

    This is a great idea, even for 1 cat – a bowl for food and a bowl for water. Bravo on design!

  41. 241
    ilka nicolson

    I love this idea. It’s practical and attractive to use for the 4 outdoor cats I have been feeding.

  42. 242
    OK Cats

    I think this is a great product, and I’d love to see it sold in the US. I’d like to have one for myself and a few to donate to the shelter (assuming the price is reasonable).

  43. 243

    Yes!! Love it! It’s really cute and functional. Perfect!

  44. 244
    Paul L Pallardy

    I think they would do well here in the U.S.That is if they don’t
    cost you your first born.

  45. 245

    They look brilliant! I would love to see different size and color choices ( We have 3 cats so would not be interested in 2 or 4 bowl feeders, etc.). Also assume those are stainless steel dishwasher safe bowls that you would buy 2 or 3 per cut out at a time so there is a spare while one set of three is in the dishwasher…. Love it!

  46. 246
    Donna R

    LOVE these…I love that they are raised and all together…would be fantastic..I have 4 cats…they like to eat would be fantastic..where can you get

  47. 247

    These are cool!

  48. 248

    Awesome product. Perfect because it is raised, great concept design for multiple cats. I would buy one for myself and I know a few for gifts.

  49. 249

    I really like these and would definitely purchase one. I have two cats and I think it would probably be better for them if their bowls were raised so they wouldn’t have to be all hunched over while eating. It would also help prevent messiness, at least I think it would. I would like to see some better options in color/material. I think the piece would be much more attractive if the bowls came in a wood/metal combo as well, or maybe even a few more colors.

  50. 250

    all three of my babies eating at the same time, out of their own bowls (no more fighting over the bowl!!)- what could be better? I would definetly buy one of these.

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