6 Packs/9 Lives 2012 Calendar Promotes Cat Adoption with Sizzle! BONUS GIVEAWAY, ENTER TO WIN!

Tue, Aug 30, 2011

Animal Welfare

The fabulous folks from Found Animals had a table at BlogPaws, and, needless to say, their new 6 Packs/9 Lives 2012 Calendar caught my eye! They created this unique calendar to promote cat adoption by busting out of the “crazy cat lady” stereotype. Found Animals, and these 14 calendar hunks, want everyone to know that cats make wonderful pets for any lifestyle and they encourage everyone to adopt a cat from their local animal shelter or rescue group.

The calendar was shot by award-winning fashion and beauty photographer, Adam Bouska of  the “No H8” campaign, and published by Brown Trout Publishers, who is donating $1 from each calendar sold in retail outlets. You can also order the 6 Packs/9 Lives calendar online now.

Found Animals has purchased 10,000 calendars that will be donated to LA area non-profit groups that help cats. These groups will be able to sell the calendars as a fundraiser for their organization. If your organization would like to participate, please email Found Animals at info@foundanimals.org.


Found Animals is offering one of these steamy calendars for a giveaway! To enter, please visit the Found Animals website and take a look around. Then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us what you found to be the most useful info on their site. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on September 6, 2011. One entry per person please.

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276 Responses to “6 Packs/9 Lives 2012 Calendar Promotes Cat Adoption with Sizzle! BONUS GIVEAWAY, ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 201
    Bryna Hathaway

    I thought the section on ‘Pet Adoption Basics’ on the ‘Found Animals Website’ would be very helpful when trying to decide which animal/sex and type of animal you should get. That site has many things that would be helpful to pet owners. Love the calendar! Cute idea!

  2. 202
    Dee S

    I love the pet adoption success stories!

  3. 203

    HOT! Especially men with cats :)

  4. 204

    I like that I was able to enter in my city, state to find a low cost spay/neuter facility in my area. Looks like I also was able to find a place to donate canned cat food at this facility they found for me. : )

  5. 205

    Wow! The website is great with many inspirational heart warming stories & the calendar is eye catching. I hope that it raises LOTS of money! Always adopt pets. Don’t buy them plus spay/neuter!

  6. 206

    I liked that there were many sites to click on from pet adoptions and success stories ,spay neutering info to funny pet videos very useful in so many ways .Will pass it along to my pet friendly friends for sure . :)

  7. 207
    Melanie Akerley

    The spay and neuter and the pet adoption I found to be the most useful thing on the web site! ~^.^~ Melanie Akerley

  8. 208

    spay and neuter resources!

  9. 209

    Sexy Kitties!!

  10. 210

    Wow! They are some real hotties; the men are okay too!

  11. 211

    Adopting/rescuing pets from animal shelters is of utmost importance.
    Cute calendars..

  12. 212
    Britteney Castan

    Real men own cats!!!! lawl this is awesome and very needed on my wall!

  13. 213

    Great idea for a calendar! The information about microchipping (especially providing a list of low-cost facilities) is very useful.

  14. 214
    Cathy Burger

    I love the site, it has so much to offer for bringing home an adopted pet, basics on getting started with a new pet, health and training. The calendar does look good also.

  15. 215

    Those guys must have been all scratched up by the end of the photo shoot!

  16. 216

    A majority of our volunteers are women and I think this would be a hoot to hang in the office!! A terrific idea and probably great for fundraising!

  17. 217

    Pet adoption and pet care!! Def helpful stuff. The whole site is pretty helpful actually :)
    ps: yay kitties!!

  18. 218

    The info about the cheap spay and neuter program is great. I pray people take advantage of it. And the info on pet adoption is useful too.
    Now lets get down to what this is all about. Those men, sorry I mean those cats, are so cute! :)

  19. 219

    I found the “behavior” information to be very helpful.

  20. 220

    That’s an attractive and well-laid-out website!

    And wow, the guys on the calendar are attractive and… um… eh-heh. *^_^*

    What a great idea, to use the eye candy to help find homes for kitties!

  21. 221

    Me and my gay roommate and my cat Sesame — all three of us WANT THAT CALENDAR! If we don’t win, we’ll probably get one anyway ;D . Thanks for spreading the word!

    And thanks for sharing the Found Animals website — I am exploring the Pet Care tab and getting good information. I wish I had had this resource when I first adopted Sesame three years ago. Thanks!

  22. 222

    pet adoption! i might expand my family :]

  23. 223

    Ahahaah! The cover is too funny! I feel sorry for those strategically placed kittens – especially that white one – bwahaha!

  24. 224

    I really enjoyed the blog post “Top 5 Reasons I’m not a Crazy Cat Lady”. Very cute! And I LOVE the calendar!

  25. 225

    i realy found the website to be very usefull and well put together. i liked how easy it was to find a spay and neuter clinic in my erea. love the calendar!

  26. 226

    I think the section on “Free/Low Cost Spay/Neuter Programs” was very helpful and that is something everyone with a pet needs to know! I love the 6 packs/9 Lives Calendar! Hot men and kitties, I’m in heaven!

  27. 227

    I like the information on low cost spay/neuter. So many people need access to these resources.

  28. 228

    The site overall is very well done and has a lot of great information and resources. I’ll be passing it around – even without the calendar. Thanks for sharing – no contest was needed to share this site! I particuarly liked the locations for spay and neuter centers – too many people complain it is just too hard.

  29. 229

    I can’t resist cat videos and I like reading blogs. Overall the site was well laid out and I have already bookmarked it so I can go back and check it out more thoroughly.

  30. 230

    Wonderful! Shows even “Real” men love cats. Hope this calender sells millions for the cats. My “boys” thought it was awsome!!

  31. 231
    Seanna Lea

    I found the sections of pet behavior and health the most helpful. I have both a cat and a dog, and the behavioral issues that spark up between the two of them are sometimes a sight to behold! Note: the cat and dog mostly ignore each other and have never hurt each other either when supervised or unsupervised.

  32. 232
    Patty Futrell

    As a long-time supporter of SPCA adoptions, and Trap-Neuter-Return programs, I can really appreciate the work Found Animals is doing. Last year, I found a feral momcat and her 4 feral kittens were living under my deck. I slowly socialized the kittens, so that 3 were adopted. Momcat (named Zen Mother) got the TNR treatment and still lives on/under my deck. The only female of the litter I named Zsa Zsa and kept for my very own. She is truly a beauty queen, just like her namesake. And if anyone deserves a calendar full of cat-loving men, it’s my Zsa Zsa!

  33. 233

    OMG, I LOVED the blog “Why I am NOT a Crazy Cat Lady!” I have been trying to explain this to people for years!

  34. 234
  35. 235
    Renee Unger

    I actually liked the whole website. But the best was the CRAZY CAT LADY!!! That’s me to a tee:)

  36. 236

    I need this. I love it!

  37. 237

    OMG! Do I need to say more????????????????????????????????????????????Thank you for posting the spay neuter info, this will come in very handy!

  38. 238

    I did not know about the Cat lover license plates. very cool.

  39. 239

    Their spay/neuter section is terrific and very well done!

  40. 240
    Kathy Bergeron

    The blog was terrific and since I will certainly end up adopting again in the future, I am bookmarking this site to refer to later.


  41. 241

    All sorts of neat and informative things there. Great idea for a calendar.

  42. 242

    I loved the idea of breaking away from the crazy cat lady concept. I’m in the pet sitting industry and many of my best clients are men.

  43. 243

    The details about adoption and the reference sources.

  44. 244

    It is imperative to choose a dog that fits your lifestyle. A dog with boundless energy and drive, needs more exercise and mental stimulation than a breed that is content with a quick 20 minute walk and back onto the sofa. Everyone who considers adoption must determine how much time they can devote to a pet and understand breed characteristics. I like the Found Animals website because it offers a section discussing the importance of a proper matching.

  45. 245

    I was touched by the pet adoption stories!

  46. 246

    There are relatively few comments about the calendar itself. There is no harm in saying that the boys in the pictures are fantastic and the idea is a really good one, since cat-fanciers are mostly women. I think so, anyway. :-)

  47. 247
    Joanie J.

    I was very pleased with the whole site enjoyed all ! Oh I love the idea of hotties& kitties

  48. 248

    Thank you for a great website, the pet care info is very helpful and easy to navigate! Great calendar!

  49. 249
    Debbie Porter

    I loved reading the adoption success stories and think the adopt a pet section is helpful in making it easy for people to adopt pets. Love the calendar, two fantastic subjects together, can’t get any better :)

  50. 250

    Awww….the pet adoption success stories are so great! But, I think the spay & neuter resources are the most helpful. Wish everyone was a responsible pet owner!


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