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Thu, Sep 15, 2011


The incredibly funny Christopher Rozzi has added a few new hilarious cat designs over at Tiny Confessions, my favorite of which is “I could literally spend an entire day just pushing your phone off a table.” And look at that face! Chris definitely knows cats.


Tiny Confessions is offering a complete set of all six cat-themed Tiny Confessions 5 x 7 inch prints to one lucky winner! To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us which one is your favorite. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on September 22, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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580 Responses to “New Tiny Confessions Plus Bonus Giveaway ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 401
    kristin canonaco

    My favorite is “I secretly root against your sports teams”. I have always suspected my cats of this…. laying in front of the TV blocking the view, “accidentally” hitting the remote and changing the channel, hearing a loud *crash* in the next room right at a pivotal point in the game. I had always assumed these were merely coincidences, but I now know better…

  2. 402

    Alright, I take ‘em!

  3. 403

    I love the sports teams one, but “I do not share your insecurities” is my favorite.

  4. 404
    Janneal Gifford

    Amazing! My favorite is: “I could literally spend an entire day just pushing your phone off a table.” My sphynx continually knocks items off of my nightstand (when she’s not biting me ears) to get me up in the morning…love it!!

  5. 405
    Terri Wise

    “I am embarrassed by what I may have done while under the influence of catnip” I have two cats that after catnip act very much like they are embarrassed.

  6. 406

    How cute! I love the one that says, “I do not share your insecurities”!

  7. 407

    “Lying around” is my favorite. It describes my Bhanu to a T. I know she loves me soo much she just stares at me.

  8. 408

    I absolutely love the “I am concerned about my own unstable behavior.”! That would probably describe my cat the most.

  9. 409

    The green one IS my cat whose favorite game is “Let’s see what this will look like on the floor.

  10. 410

    I do not share your insecurities.
    So true.

  11. 411

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the one about pushing the phone of the table. classic!!

  12. 412
    Hannah Riordan Wallace

    I chuckled at ALL of them, but my personal favorite is “I am concerned about my own unstable behavior.” Awesome!!

  13. 413

    I secretly root against your sports teams. Looka ao much like my bombay, and i know that he does root against my teams!

  14. 414

    I like the one about being under the influence of catnip. Cute!

  15. 415
    Kimberley Jumper

    These are ALL AMAZING!

  16. 416

    These are so funny! My fave is “I do not share your insecurities.”

  17. 417

    Oh my gosh these are all so great! I really like the “I root against your favorite sports team.” :)

  18. 418
    Gail (catsmom)

    I like the “wild fits of lying around” one. the kittyboys have that one aced.

  19. 419
    Rachel G

    These are all so cute but I would say the phone getting knocked off the table is my fav.

  20. 420

    Oh So hard to pick just one yet the one that fits my little boy Michael is:
    “I choose to show my emotions through wild fits of lying around”.
    oh yes thats him hahahahaa…there all so wonderful!

  21. 421
    Karen Fields

    I love “I could literally spend an entire day just pushing your phone off a table”

  22. 422

    It’s very hard to choose. It would be between the pink one and the yellow one as each kitty looks like my kitties.

  23. 423

    All of the sayings are so cute. I know at least one cat owner for each of them and many for most. My faborite is the embarrased about actions under the influence of catnip. Thank You for showing us these.

  24. 424

    “I am embarrassed by what I may have done under the influence of catnip.” Total classic!

  25. 425

    OMC!!!!!!!!!! Too funny! Love the sports team one.

  26. 426
    Colleen Sheehy

    Gotta love Serious Cat – Miss Nina eats catnip, curls up and goes to sleep; Chloe Cat gets wild! Both of them have perfected the “Who – ME????” look of the prints. These are wonderful.

  27. 427

    “I do not share in your insecurities” is my fave! These are so cute!

  28. 428

    I LOVE “I’m concerned about my own unstable behavior”…PRICELESS..ITS FITS ALL OF US IN OUR 4 CAT HOME!

  29. 429
    Sandra W

    “I secretly root against your sports team”. I live in a football crazed college town. I personally do not care for sports. My partner does. The cat and I are in solidarity on this one. I feel like this print will allow Pierre to let Jim know how he feels, while I stay out of the conflict entirely.

  30. 430
    Cat Chew

    These are utterly charming! I love the kitteh who secretly roots against your sports team.

    Oh, who am I kidding, I love ‘em all.

  31. 431
    Paul L Pallardy

    I believe the one: “I am concerned about my own unstable behavior”
    says it all about my cat “Shadow”

  32. 432

    So funny and so true! My favorite is “I could literally spend an entire day just pushing your phone off a table.”

  33. 433
    Gail Whitman

    I love the one about pushing the phone off the table. My cats spend their spare time pushing my glasses off the table so that in the morning I have to be careful where I step.

  34. 434

    I love these!

  35. 435

    “I secretly root against your sports teams” is the winner.  I think this actually goes on in my house!

  36. 436
    Peggy K

    Love them all, but “I am concerned about my own unstable behavior”
    looks just like my cat, Rascal. Of course, he isn’t concerned about
    anything but food!

  37. 437
    Dorothy Giafes

    My favorite is aboutthe cell phone being knocked off the table….a classic here!

  38. 438

    The “I am embarrassed” one made me laugh out loud!!

  39. 439

    I am concerned about my own unstable behavior… classic.

  40. 440

    I love the one about knocking the cel phone off the table. My kitty has this thing about knocking everything off my coffee table, my night stand etc.

  41. 441

    “I am embarrassed by what I may have done under the influence of catnip” is the best! There are some others that my cat would confess. ;)

  42. 442

    “I am embarrassed by what I may have done while under the influence of catnip” This is so funny! My ASH will suddenly jump up and walk away calmly, acting like nothing has happened, when jus a few seconds ago, she was so crazy in her world of catnip.. Hilarious!

  43. 443

    “I secretly root against your favorite sports teams.” hehehehe. I love the look on the cat’s face on that one too.

  44. 444

    I do not share your insecurities.” That’s for sure, I don’t think they ever feel insecure. Mine don’t.

  45. 445

    I love the “I do not share your insecurities” one– that one made me laff!

  46. 446

    “My emotions through wild fits of lying around.” Cute – I like it.

  47. 447
    Larkie Martin

    pushing the phone off the table

  48. 448

    Omg hilarious……love the secretly rooting against my sports team

  49. 449
    Linda Kish

    My favorite is: “I could literally spend an entire day just pushing your phone off a table.” Too bad it’s not dogs. My dogs do this all day long.
    The phone, remote, mouse, drinks, magazines, books, newspapers. You get the idea. But my DIL’s cat enjoys tossing everything on the floor to see if it will bounce.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  50. 450

    I like the one that says: I am concerned about my own unstable behavior.

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