Enter to Win a Catpod! WINNER’S CHOICE!

Mon, Sep 26, 2011

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The nice folks at Catpods sent us an Original Catpod to test and, boy, was everyone excited to check it out! It’s really sturdy and weighs enough that it doesn’t move around, at least on the carpet. The cardboard is very dense and so far has stood-up to some serious scratching. And I love that all the Catpod products are made in the USA!

The peepholes on the sides are a real attention getter. Arms and noses are constantly being poked into the holes. “What’s in there?” says Theo.

Ando of course dominated while I had the camera out, but everyone has been taking turns in (and on) their new Catpod. They absolutely love it!


Here’s your chance to win your very own Catpod! To enter, please visit the Catpods online store to see all the different styles of Catpods they offer, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which is your favorite and why you think your cats would love it. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on October 3, 2011. One entry per person. Due to shipping costs, this giveaway is limited to addresses in the continental US.

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1,591 Responses to “Enter to Win a Catpod! WINNER’S CHOICE!”

  1. 1451

    So hard to choose……I would have to get 3 anyway, one for each. They fight over everything!!

  2. 1452

    The original Cat Pod – anything to get in is an automatic hit!

  3. 1453

    I love the Kitty Speed Bump, it looks small enough for my apt and I hope my kitties would love to scratch that more than my couch!

  4. 1454

    The original, mine love a hidey hole they can scratch in

  5. 1455

    Since I have too many cats, the kitty speed bumps would probably be best for sharing and taking turns.

  6. 1456

    Definitely the original cat pod. HOLY meow my kitties would love this thing!

  7. 1457

    my cats would love an original catpod!

  8. 1458

    the original cat pod is great! my babies love a good place to hide : )

  9. 1459

    “1 Original Catpods + 2 Kitty Speed Bumps” item!

    Because my two cats would get lots of use out of them!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 1460
    Kathy Bergeron

    They are very cool looking–but I have to go with the original cat pod. I really would love several of them, but unfortunately, lack the ready cash!

  11. 1461

    My kitties (all 4)love to hide and play with each other, so they would love the original, but I keep lots of scratchers around for the sake of my furniture, so I like the one that comes as a set! Original+kitty speed bumps!

  12. 1462

    Gee, I like the original catpod. It would be a great distraction and lots of fun for our two cats.

  13. 1463
    Cricket Tiger

    There would be serious competition for domination of the Original Catpod in my fur family. Everyone would want in. I can just see it now: one cat in, hanging out a bit in the front as another nudges from behind, a third putting his paw through the peeky holes and another perched on top.

  14. 1464
    Courtney W.

    The original catpod would be a hit with my munchkins!

  15. 1465

    Wow! This is one incredible scratcher/lounger/toy! We 12 kitties all agree that we love the original and would promise to share if we were lucky enough to win!
    As always, thanks for the opportunity!

  16. 1466

    I really love the concept here. These are fabulous!
    My cats would absolutely love this product!
    Since I haven’t won anything – PLEASE pick me!!!

  17. 1467
    Thomas Irving

    Hecubus likes to hide and lounge so the Regular Catpod with 2 bumps would be best for her!

  18. 1468

    Milo needs the Original Catpod! It will make him happy and save my furniture :) Such a grand design.

  19. 1469

    I like the original catpod the best, I think Artie would too, she loves cardboard hide-y-holes.

  20. 1470

    I think the original would be popular with my guys.

  21. 1471

    My cats and I would like the original catpod for overall design!

  22. 1472

    I’m sure my cats would all love the original cat pod! I can just see it now – Pru inside with Sammy, Zipper, Tyr and Wilma all poking at her through the holes! LOL

  23. 1473
    Avia Rauscher

    The original catpod is fabulous! I can just see my kitties wrestling on, in, through, and around it!

  24. 1474

    Definitely the original cat pod…my cats are too big for the kitten pod. They would all love the peek holes though!

  25. 1475

    they love to bother each other, definitely the original.

  26. 1476

    Well, I already have the kitty speedbumps on my wish list :) But the catpods are brilliant, especially the holes! So I think I’d need one of those. :)

  27. 1477
    Debra Pinkham

    We furkids love to play hide and seek so we are hoping to win this Cat Pod!Thanks Mews!

  28. 1478

    I think my three would love the original. Adding the little holes on the sides is genius.

  29. 1479
    Via Negativa

    Definitely the original, I have one who loves cardboard to scratch and one who loves to hide in boxes so that would be perfect for us.

  30. 1480

    I think my cats would love the Original Cat Pod but seriously we all know they’d enjoy anything like these! I think they would love it cause they could get inside, sleep on top or just play with eachother through the holes, genius!

  31. 1481

    I love the original catpods!!!!

  32. 1482

    Definitely an original catpod! It could sit in our picture window, and give kitty another place to hide from our exuberant foster puppy. He deserves a treat after putting up with dog nose in his face all day every day.

  33. 1483

    Oh, wow, my cats would love the original cat pod. I can just see the line forming now…and of course the paws in and out of every hole!

  34. 1484
    Heather Anderson

    I love the original catpod, but they all look awesome. My cats, especially Azreal, would love using any of them. I have one of the circular toys with the cardboard in the middle. And 2 of the rectangular cardboard scratching things. Those cardboard inserts dont last very long when I finally get around to replacing it.

  35. 1485

    just the name ‘speed bump’ is indicative of what I need to keep my two Devons within jog limits in the house! and when they’re done… chill in the KITTY pod, I think there’s space underneath for some top/bottom batting and playing and scratching.

  36. 1486

    Ami would love them all but it would be hard to beat the original – he’d be all over that thing… and in it, around it, through it – you get the point :)

  37. 1487
    Andy R.

    I like the original, my cats would have a field day chasing each other through there!

  38. 1488
    Susannah Orr

    My cats would love hiding put in the original cat pod! But the kitty speed bumps are adorable as well!

  39. 1489

    I like the 1 Original Catpods™ + 1 Kitty Speed Bumps™…my 3 kitties luv crawling inside of things and playing peek a boo with each other. The speed bump would be great to scratch on too.
    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat giveaway, thanks!

  40. 1490

    The Original Cat Pod. Cardboard, a cozy hideaway and peepholes! What’s not to love about that combo?

  41. 1491

    My cat Precious would love the original because she loves sleeping in enclosed spaces. My cat Padma would probably sleep on top of it.

  42. 1492
    B. Hall

    That is so cool looking.

  43. 1493
    T.Y. Huang

    Original Cat pod! My cat loves to play with peepholes!

  44. 1494

    Hmm… I like the original cat pod and the puzzle lounger. Both of my cats are big cardboard scratchers and, of course, love to hide inside anything boxlike. Artemis also loves to prop her from paws up on things like the lounger.

  45. 1495

    Little Lucy would LOVE this!

  46. 1496

    My kitty would love the puzzle lounger because she is so curious and always wants to play!

  47. 1497
    Frances Conwell

    I love the Original Catpod, it’s a great size for any of my 3 and I know they would all love it.

  48. 1498

    My cats would love the original cat pod as two love hiding in items and one likes poking his paw through holes.

  49. 1499

    Original Catpod, please!

  50. 1500
    Jessica Matson

    I love the original catpod. My big boy would have so much fun with this!

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