Enter to Win a Catpod! WINNER’S CHOICE!

Mon, Sep 26, 2011

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The nice folks at Catpods sent us an Original Catpod to test and, boy, was everyone excited to check it out! It’s really sturdy and weighs enough that it doesn’t move around, at least on the carpet. The cardboard is very dense and so far has stood-up to some serious scratching. And I love that all the Catpod products are made in the USA!

The peepholes on the sides are a real attention getter. Arms and noses are constantly being poked into the holes. “What’s in there?” says Theo.

Ando of course dominated while I had the camera out, but everyone has been taking turns in (and on) their new Catpod. They absolutely love it!


Here’s your chance to win your very own Catpod! To enter, please visit the Catpods online store to see all the different styles of Catpods they offer, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which is your favorite and why you think your cats would love it. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on October 3, 2011. One entry per person. Due to shipping costs, this giveaway is limited to addresses in the continental US.

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1,591 Responses to “Enter to Win a Catpod! WINNER’S CHOICE!”

  1. 1501
    Christine Pinkney

    My little Lucy would look so comfortable curled up in the original cat pod. Lucy thinks she is the Queen and in there she would know she was.

  2. 1502

    The original is my favorite. I have (2) very active cats that are constantly looking for new places to play hide and seek. This will keep them occupied!

  3. 1503

    The Original Catpod would be amazing for my 3 rambunctious kitties. <3

  4. 1504

    My two cats would both love the original cat pod for the hiding spot, but I think my favorite is the set with 2 speed bumps, as those would be perfect for when they like to lounge under the bed.

  5. 1505

    The Original Cat Pod. WANT! Love the little pokey holes :)

  6. 1506

    My persians would love this, especially peeping on one another!

  7. 1507

    Kitty speed bumps, hee, hee!

  8. 1508

    The original catpod is what I would choose although I think the kitty speed bumps are such a cute idea. Oh and the peep holes would be a hit! Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. 1509

    My boys would love the original!

  10. 1510

    Definitely the original cat pod. But I have a feeling my dog would like it too.

  11. 1511

    The original catpod is the best! My cats really like tubes – we have a cat tree with different shapes, and the tube is definitely the most popular… I think they’d sit on and scratch both the inside and the top, and of course those peep-holes are awesome, too. GREAT product!

  12. 1512
    Jill Granger

    I’m digging the original catpod and so is my kitten Petey ;)

  13. 1513

    My mom had bought my three an inexpensive tunnel not knowing if they would like it. Two of them LOVE it. They would REALLY love this. It would also help Jules from getting pounced when Abbey wants him out :)

  14. 1514

    my two would love this! the kitty speed bumps are funny too!

  15. 1515

    I like the original catpods design. My cats love to go through tunnels!

  16. 1516

    My kitties would like all of them! They would be happy with any one of them!!

  17. 1517

    Great photos! I can definitely see my cats fighting over who gets to sit on top of the original catpod….

  18. 1518

    Can I have an original with a couple of speed bumps…paw-lease?

  19. 1519

    I can tell the original catpods would be a new favorite for Ali. The holes provide a little mystery, he can scratch all he wants, and he can sleep in it too! A little bit of kitty heaven!

  20. 1520

    I like the original cat pod best. Great idea and made in U.S.A.!

  21. 1521
    Some Lucky Dog

    Destiny and Derby would love The Original Catpods™. They like a hiding place where they think they can’t be seen, but where they can still see what their humans are up to!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  22. 1522
    DiAnne Unger

    The original catpod is definitely our choice. Both our girls absolutely LOVE anything that has a whif of cardboard smell and the catpod with its tunnel shape and fun peak a boo holes I’m positive would be their favorite from day one!

  23. 1523

    My cat is a Maine Coon, and he would LOVE the original! He could hunt and catch prey to his heart’s desire with one!

  24. 1524

    Oh my 5 rescues would absolutely love the original catpod! I can just picture them hiding out, swatting thru the holes, playing king of the hill, etc. What fun, not to mention saving my furniture =)

  25. 1525

    The original catpod would be purrfect for my little girl, Baby. She’s in her comfort zone in little cubby holes, so this would make her very happy.

  26. 1526

    The original catpod would be nice for my male black cat who has destroyed a few beds and needs a new resting spot.

  27. 1527

    These look awesome!! My kids really, really, really want a kitten. I’m going to surprise them soon. Since, we are an eco-friendly family these are fantastic!!

  28. 1528
    Helen Rogers

    I absolutely love the original catpod, because it’s so multi-purpose. I have multiple cats (7), so I know they would enjoy reaching through the holes to play with each other… and cats have such an affinity for cardboard, to begin with.

  29. 1529

    What a great idea! My cat would love the original catpod since she LOVES cardboard.

  30. 1530

    All 3 of my little precious purr pusses would love to play in the Original Catpod! I bet the Puzzle Loungers and Kitty Speed Bumps are great entertainment too!

  31. 1531

    We have four charming kitties — and although I think they would adore the speed bump(s) — the Original would be my choice for them!!

  32. 1532

    I think my FELV+ foster kitties would LOVE a big scratchy cozy Original Catpod to play on! They wanted me to thank you in advance. They said they’ve never won anything before :)

  33. 1533

    My cats would go KRAZY for the original pod!

  34. 1534

    My favorite is the Original Catpod because it looks comfy and cozy and because the beautiful blue kitty residing inside — in the photo at the top of your the homepage — looks just like my sweet boy, Trooper, who presided over our family of rescues for eighteen years before he passed away last month. So cute!

  35. 1535

    My favorite is the Original Catpod because it looks comfy and cozy and because the beautiful blue kitty residing inside — in the photo at the top of the Catpods Online homepage — looks just like my sweet boy, Trooper, who presided over our family of rescues for eighteen years before he passed away last month. So cute!

  36. 1536

    I love the original catpod! It is such a smart design and can be used for play in so many ways.

  37. 1537

    The oiginal catpod would be great for my kitties to play on/in!

  38. 1538

    they are all cool but i think my girls would like the speed bumps the best as they run through the house.

  39. 1539

    The original is pretty awesome. Pooky already loves cardboard, so she’d adore having a whole giant piece all her own!

  40. 1540

    My cat LOVES cardboard. She would be in heaven if she had this!

  41. 1541

    I had so much fun viewing the web site for Catpods! I really chuckled at the ‘speed bumps’ as there are those times when My Three Sons could and should slow down! I like the original cat pod and think any combination of the speed bumps would be a blast too. I am sure that with 3 boys one would certainly be in a Catpod whenever the other two were not near by….. If it were bigger I may even like curling up in one and sharpening my nails too!
    Winston, Marcus Stuart and Napoleon all love the Catpods! From the amount of responses to this contest I am sure this product will be a popular one! Congratulations to the company on a clever, innovative, fresh, all AMERICAN made product! Paws up!

  42. 1542
    Melanie Williamson

    I love these! I am torn between the Original Catpod and the Kitten pod. My 5 pound Siamese (Misha is 3 yrs old and full grown!) would LOVE the smaller one, but my other cat is more normal sized and might prefer the orignial. Hmmm….. choices, choices, choices.

  43. 1543

    My three cats would absolutely love this, they enjoy hiding in small places and they love their cardboard scratcher. Such a creative and unique design, they would have a blast.

  44. 1544

    oooooohhhhh…. Original CatPod!

  45. 1545
    Ashley H.

    I love the speed bumps idea, that’s so funny! We’d have to have a ton of them in our place to stop our speedster Chester!
    We really like the Original Cat Pod! I love that it’s all American too :-)

  46. 1546

    Our 3 rescues would absolutely love the original. They can go inside or they can drape themselves over the top. Kitty heaven!

  47. 1547

    Our 5 kitties would absolutely love the Original Catpod. Hopefully they would be willing to share it!

  48. 1548

    the original catpod, looks great, sturdy yet comfy

  49. 1549

    im sure my cat would love the original catpod, she gravitates towards anything made of cardboard and it looks like a great toy and a great place to have a cat nap :)

  50. 1550

    There are so many to choose from. I love the kitty pod for my foster kittens, but the original would be wonderful too. Thank-you

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