Enter to Win a Catpod! WINNER’S CHOICE!

Mon, Sep 26, 2011

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The nice folks at Catpods sent us an Original Catpod to test and, boy, was everyone excited to check it out! It’s really sturdy and weighs enough that it doesn’t move around, at least on the carpet. The cardboard is very dense and so far has stood-up to some serious scratching. And I love that all the Catpod products are made in the USA!

The peepholes on the sides are a real attention getter. Arms and noses are constantly being poked into the holes. “What’s in there?” says Theo.

Ando of course dominated while I had the camera out, but everyone has been taking turns in (and on) their new Catpod. They absolutely love it!


Here’s your chance to win your very own Catpod! To enter, please visit the Catpods online store to see all the different styles of Catpods they offer, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which is your favorite and why you think your cats would love it. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on October 3, 2011. One entry per person. Due to shipping costs, this giveaway is limited to addresses in the continental US.

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1,591 Responses to “Enter to Win a Catpod! WINNER’S CHOICE!”

  1. 351

    oooh my kitties would love the original catpod! Anything sturdier than those cardboards scratcher would be amazing!

  2. 352

    Our Siamese would love the Original, perfect little place to hide and watch the dog and toddler go by. And our DSH would probably enjoy it as well, but I think he’d like the Puzzle Lounger even more. He can scratch AND pounce, and what could be better than that?

  3. 353

    The beasties would all go nuts over the original Catpod! They love cardboard scratchers and they love to hide inside things. It would be quite entertaining to see which kitty of the 8 of them decides this is THEIRS and then works to defend it against all comers! I can easily envision hours of fun as they poke at each other through the small holes.

  4. 354

    The speedbumps are the same price as the Wal Mart scratchers but look like they would hold up much longer since they appear to be very dense. Before I read the email, I thought it was a log.

  5. 355
    Nancy Burkhardt

    My three cats would love the original Catpod. It looks like a wonderful hideaway and a scratch toy too.

  6. 356
    Tanya J

    My cats would love the Original Catpod!

  7. 357
    Polly Harlan

    I love, love the Original Catpod. That’s great that it is made in the USA and NOT full of toxic chemicals that can lead to off-gassing! My cats all are obsessed with hiding in small places…so this would be perfect for them to play a little hide and seek in. And, let’s not forget that they are all scratchers. The Original definitely fits the bill for my cats!

  8. 358
    jessie b

    I’m going to have to go with the original, though given how often the cardboard back of my notebooks are torn up, the speed bump is a close second.

  9. 359

    I think my cat would like the kitten pod the best. She’s no kitten, but she is petite, and seems to prefer the tiniest, coziest of places. Mom likes the looks of it best, too. I like furniture that sits a little bit off the floor.

  10. 360

    The Original is our favorite. Our kitties love to crawl into boxes and bags and I know that they would just love this!

  11. 361
    Daryl potts

    So I have two cat towers and three cats and I have one cat who can never lay in one cause the other are selfish plus ringo doesn’t climb…weird eh? So ringo would love this right by my desk in the office omg he would be the super duper lazy cat of 2011 lol but yeah the original cat pod is the best it really is!

  12. 362
    Wendy W

    My cats would love the original catpod. Salem would hide inside while Blik would poke through the holes or crawl on top. I can just see them loving it. :)

  13. 363
    Kara Buescher

    All the products are great – and CLEARLY so very catty – but the original seems to be best as it would allow both my boys to enjoy at the same time and play some hide and seek as well as paw-fighting through the holes. Good times await.

  14. 364

    i’d be so happy with the original catpod

    my paws are so big that i need a wide swath of scratchable material – plus, i enjoy hiding out while mom teases me with a feather on a string

    marcel (black and white rescue)

    (swf for mf)

  15. 365
    Sarah Lackay

    the original cat pod is amazing! one of my kitties can chill out inside while the other two scratch away outside! perfect for kitty play :)

  16. 366

    My cats would love the original catpod!

  17. 367

    I have a new cat that came to my home starving. I fed her outside for awhile and thought about making her a part of my family. One day I was driving down my alley and she run out in front of my car and I almost ran her(Ebony) over. This was all it took. Later that day she officially became my cat. Her and my other cat KiKi are still working on being buddies….
    Ebony is the climber and curious one so I am sure she would love a new hiding place and something to scratch on….Thank you!

  18. 368

    I think my catties would like the original, pretty hard to beat!!

  19. 369

    The Original Catpod looks like it would be versatile enough for my big cats AND the kittens, the cave lovers and the climber/scratchers. I foster for a rescue group, and therefore have not only a variety of tastes in the house, but a changing variety, and one that is hard on furniture. The Original Catpod looks sturdy enough to have a decent worklife, and is obviously a fun design for everyone!

  20. 370

    The original catpod. No question. They could play inside or out.

  21. 371
    Sandra Stevens

    My cats are in heaven now anytime a plain old box is on the floor. If it’s been roughed up with rough edges, even better. My house might not look like a disaster area with stylish catpods instead of torn up boxes. But if it’s a choice between a house that could be featured on HGTV or fat happy cats, I’ll choose fat happy cats.

  22. 372
    debra b

    The original, my cats are crazy for cardboard and love to hide inside of things and the holes would be so much fun for them for playing with each other

  23. 373

    So adorable! Plenty of scratching space!

  24. 374

    The original Catpod would be an awesome hiding and pouncing-out-from place for my kitties. And with five of them, someone is ALWAYS hiding and pouncing out!

  25. 375

    I like the original CatPod. With 6 cats in the house, i think there would be a lot of interactive play between them with the Original. (plus I would probably trip over the speed bumps!)

  26. 376

    The oringnal catpod looks great, I have 3 big & 3 kittens, and they all love to scratch, hide & poke in holes at each other!

  27. 377
    Stacy Cole

    Original Catpod for us!!! Got a 26 pound beast of a siamese-tabby that’d love it!

  28. 378

    I love the 1 Original Catpod + 2 Kitty Speed Bumps. I have 2 kitties who are as different as day and night. The one thing they have in common is that they both love hidey-holes, and they’re both speed bumps themselves :-)

  29. 379

    The original catpod would suit my Montrose just perfectly!!! He would have the best of both worlds: a place sleep/hide and a new place to sharpen his claws!!!

  30. 380

    Our two cats would love the “Original” besides playing king of the hill it would be perfect for hide and seek!

  31. 381

    My cat said she prefers the speed bump as she likes to seen at all times – draped across the bump regally like the majestic (evil) queen she is.

  32. 382
    Patcharee Wilkins

    the original catpod, Oliver and Harvey would have loads of fun!

  33. 383

    I believe my kitten Pippa would love the Original Catpod because it appeals to so many feline instincts at one time, that it’s almost impossible for a cat not to fall in love with it. The fact that it mimics real wood as well as provides a suitable playing area makes the Original Catpod a classic item to have in any feline’s home ♥

  34. 384

    I think I like the cat pod you’ve shown here the best. My cats love to craw into things, love to climb on top of things, and I know would be poking paws inside (and outside!) through the side holes. This looks like it would be lots of cat fun!

  35. 385

    I love the original Kitty Pod, my three kitties would just go crazy for it. I think they could all fit in, on and around it at once!

  36. 386
    Jenny Ham

    I have three cats I think they would have the most fun with one of the catpods with the tunnel in the middle so that one of them can be inside while the others are outside peeking in the holes. I have a box in the middle of the floor now that one cat will be in and the others will peak around or stick their paw in to play. My cats would love a catpod.

  37. 387
    Cathy R

    Very impressive! I think my 5 plus my son’s 2 would really enjoy. May have found the kitiees’ Christmas present.

  38. 388

    We voted and it was 7 to 1 for the original cat pod. Celeste was the only one voting for the kitten pod ’cause she’s probably the only one who would fit in it comfortably.

  39. 389

    My ladycats would love the original. One of their fave games is poking their paws in crevices to “sneak attack” the other.

  40. 390

    Oooh! The Catpod! It’s like a cat submarine!

  41. 391

    Sounds like a great pod for the kitties!

  42. 392

    The orginial cat pod is awesome.. I can totally see both of my cats trying to fit in there at once!

  43. 393
    April G

    My cats would LOVE this! They love getting in tunnels or anywhere that they can hide and curl up in.

  44. 394

    There are all amazing. I would go with the original. There’s ample scratching surface!

  45. 395

    oh please oh please oh please

    I need a puzzle pod!

    I promise I will stop scratching the sofa! Really, i will!

    And i will try and stop meowling all the time

    Please, pick me!

    Love, Tai, the Siamese queen of the house

  46. 396

    My kitty’s pick would be original catpod. He can hide in there, peek out the holes and then attack my legs as I walk by. Oh yeah he would like that one.

  47. 397

    Fred would absolutely love the original cat pod, I know I do!

  48. 398

    My cat would love the kitty speed bumps. She’s a sucker for corrugated cardboard and doesn’t really like to scratch sisal rope. The curved surface at the top is also perfect for her, since she likes to lounge over those surfaces with her belly sticking up in the air.

  49. 399

    I love the original Catpod mainly because the kitty pictured inside the pod is the twin of my kitty Popeye, just beautiful, the kitty of course and the catpod is pretty cool too.

  50. 400

    I would definitely go with the original cat pod! Isaac is a big boy and I could see his little paws sticking out or he might find other interesting ways to get comfy as he often does:-)

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