Introducing Kitty Kat Klub Fine Art Prints by Legendary Designer Bob Mackie BONUS GIVEAWAY! ENTER TO WIN!

Thu, Sep 29, 2011

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Legendary fashion designer Bob Mackie has created costumes for Hollywood’s elite, including; Katy Perry, Beyonce, Cher, Madonna, Diana Ross, Pink, Tina Turner and Jennifer Lopez. And now, for the first time, after being asked for many, many years, he’s finally releasing reproductions of his sketch archives to the public.

Being a cat lover himself, (he owns 3 cats!) Mackie decided to include a series of prints dedicated to cats called “Kitty Kat Klub”. All six prints come in three different color combinations and Bob personally choose the matte and frame for each fine art giclee. The collection will be sold exclusively online at the newly re-designed The prints from the Kitty Kat Klub collection are priced at $69 for a 14”x17” print, matted and framed.


Five lucky winners will each receive a Kitty Kat Klub framed print of their choosing! Each winner will get to choose the color and style. To enter, please visit the Bob Mackie website to see the whole Kitty Kat Klub collection (and while you’re there, make sure to check out Bob’s incredible Barbie designs!), then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which color and which print you’d choose. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on October 6, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada.

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466 Responses to “Introducing Kitty Kat Klub Fine Art Prints by Legendary Designer Bob Mackie BONUS GIVEAWAY! ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 351

    I never knew Bob Mackie loved cats! Cool! I love the #5 in orange, where the cat’s back is turned. It reminds me of my own cat’s attitude when I want to take her photo- she always looks away or turns her back to the camera! I adore catitude!

  2. 352

    I would choose the Kitty Kat Klub No. 6 Pink, how adorable and stylish!

  3. 353

    I have always loved Bob Mackie’s costumes for Cher and his iconic collection for Barbie is stunning. These cat prints are nothing less than spectacular! I love the # 5 in pink.

  4. 354

    I am enamored by the Barbie Collection, Barbie was never more glamourous than when she wore Bob Mackie. The Kitty Kat Klub designs are all so wonderful, I would be happy with any in either orange or green. If I won one, it would be on my living room wall for all to see and admire.

  5. 355

    I like the dancing cat No. 6 in green, it’s so whimsical and cute! These prints are great, I will ask my kitty Choo Choo to keep her paws crossed for us!

  6. 356

    #5 in orange is wayyyyyyy cool…….. TY!

  7. 357

    Kitty Kat Klub No. 1 Green

  8. 358
    Erin M.

    Orange is the color of happiness so I’d choose the Kitty Kat Klub Orange !! Ah so lovely.

  9. 359
    Debby King

    Would absolutely love to win a Bob Mackie print, they are so cool;)
    My favorite would be #5 in orange my girl Penelope gives me her back for a multitude of reasons. I also like #4 in green their playfulness is so cute and I love the color combination. Good luck to all!

  10. 360
    Elizabeth Singh

    My cat Bella can be very ignorant, so it is only fitting to pick “Kitty Kat Klub No.5 Green”.

  11. 361
    Aslan's Mom

    Kitty Kat Klub Orange number 4, definately! It reminds me of how Azzie sits by the window, with his tail swinging happily, and it would match my living room beautifully!

  12. 362

    They are all great designs but my favorite is Kitty Kat Klub #3 in pink.

  13. 363

    No. 5 in green or orange! …… Or maybe no. 1!

  14. 364

    Love these. Lots of places where we could put up an orange one for our kitties to enjoy.

  15. 365

    we love kitty kat green # 3 and # 6
    Thanks for great giveaway….

  16. 366

    I would choose Kitty Kat Klub no.5 in green. Beautiful.

  17. 367

    I loved them all! So difficult to choose, cut I would pick Kitty Kat Klub #1 in green.

  18. 368

    So difficult to choose – I loved them all! But I would pick Kitty Kat Club #1 in green.

  19. 369

    Beautiful, fun prints. I’d love to see any of the green prints in my cat’s special room.

  20. 370

    I would choose Pink or Green. These art pieces are colorful and playful and remind those of us with cats of just how wonderful they are in our lives. The Barbie doll collection was unbelievable as only Bob Mackie can do. Cher as an Indian was my absolute favorite!!!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful artwork.

  21. 371

    They are all gorgeous but my favorite us the Kitty Kat Klub No. 5 in orange. It caught my eye on the blog and is still my favorite of all the designs. They are AMAZING!

  22. 372

    I’d love to win KKK #3 Pink. Two kitties for my two kitties. P.S. The Barbies are beautiful.

  23. 373
    Connie Sprague

    #1 in pink, my fav!

  24. 374

    Omg, how great are those prints! I want the whole collection! My favorite is the green #1, because it is elegant and fun, just like my cat. Great work from an awesome artist. Go Mackie! :)

  25. 375
    Shelly Sestak

    Beautiiful! I would choose #1 in green

  26. 376

    They are all adorable! I think #1 or 3 in pink would be my preference.

  27. 377
    Cat Mom

    I love Bob Mackie and these kitty kat prints are just adorable!

  28. 378

    Kitty Kat Klub Pink #3! Love it!

  29. 379

    I love these prints and Mr. Mackie’s art! I would choose #5, green! Love it!

  30. 380
    Cindy C.

    OMGosh, I Love Kitty Kat Klub No. 4 Pink!!! I would be honored to have that hanging right above my desk so I could look at it everyday! =)

  31. 381

    I really like the Kitty Kat Klub No. 1 Green.

  32. 382

    I love KKK 4 in pink! It is so playful with the flower in the mouth, I just love it.

  33. 383

    I love No. 5 in orange but they’re all so wonderful!

  34. 384

    I love Kitty Kat Klub number 3 Orange.

  35. 385

    I would pick Kitty Kat Klub No.5 in Orange

  36. 386

    What a great give-away! My kitties and I would love Kitty Kat Klub #5 in orange.

  37. 387

    Orange #5 – love it!

  38. 388

    They’re fun! I can’t decide betweek #3 in Green or # 5 in pink. I think #3 is winning at the moment! :)

  39. 389
    Lana Kipling

    I love them all! Mr. Mackie is a genius! I think No. 1 in green would be my first choice. All paws are crossed for good luck!

  40. 390

    I love these! I always wanted a Bob Mackie barbie!, These prints are amazing I love them, so colorful!

  41. 391

    Bob Mackie has always been a genuis!!! Carol Burnett’s ‘Gone With The Wind’ inspired dress is a classic and I LOVE all of his designs for Cher!!! I wish I could afford his Barbies … they are absolutely stunning!!

    I love the #3 in green because it reminds me of the special playful bond that was between my kitties before I lost my boy in 2009 – his ‘sister’ still misses him.

  42. 392

    How cute! i would pick Kitty Kat Klub No.5 orange

  43. 393
    Susan Roragen

    So cute. I like the green.

  44. 394

    i’m loving Kitty Kat Klub No. 6 in orange!

  45. 395

    I also love them all and would pick the Kitty Kat Club No. 6 in Green if I was the lucky winner! :-)

  46. 396
    Eric Seberg

    Cute. #4 in orange please.

  47. 397

    love the kitty cat one in green! (-:

  48. 398
    Melanie Williamson

    I love all of the designs, but my absolute fave is Kitty Kat Klub No. 5 Orange.

  49. 399

    I need a BOB MACKIE!!!
    #3 in pink please =}

  50. 400

    Kitty Kat Klub No. 1 Green PLEASE for my boys…

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