Introducing Kitty Kat Klub Fine Art Prints by Legendary Designer Bob Mackie BONUS GIVEAWAY! ENTER TO WIN!

Thu, Sep 29, 2011

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Legendary fashion designer Bob Mackie has created costumes for Hollywood’s elite, including; Katy Perry, Beyonce, Cher, Madonna, Diana Ross, Pink, Tina Turner and Jennifer Lopez. And now, for the first time, after being asked for many, many years, he’s finally releasing reproductions of his sketch archives to the public.

Being a cat lover himself, (he owns 3 cats!) Mackie decided to include a series of prints dedicated to cats called “Kitty Kat Klub”. All six prints come in three different color combinations and Bob personally choose the matte and frame for each fine art giclee. The collection will be sold exclusively online at the newly re-designed The prints from the Kitty Kat Klub collection are priced at $69 for a 14”x17” print, matted and framed.


Five lucky winners will each receive a Kitty Kat Klub framed print of their choosing! Each winner will get to choose the color and style. To enter, please visit the Bob Mackie website to see the whole Kitty Kat Klub collection (and while you’re there, make sure to check out Bob’s incredible Barbie designs!), then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us which color and which print you’d choose. The winners will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on October 6, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada.

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466 Responses to “Introducing Kitty Kat Klub Fine Art Prints by Legendary Designer Bob Mackie BONUS GIVEAWAY! ENTER TO WIN!”

  1. 401

    So cute! I love Kitty Kat Klub #1 in Green!

  2. 402
    Madeline Tucker

    It’s very hard to pick since I love them all! I think I’ll pick Number 5 in orange. ^.^

  3. 403

    I like Kitty Kat Klub #1 in Orange. They are all so cute, unique and fun, it was hard to choose. I’d be thrilled to have one.

  4. 404

    So hard to decide, but No. 6 green has to be my fav.

  5. 405

    All are really wonderful. My favorite is kitty kat #1 in green. Second is #5 in green.

  6. 406
    Rachel Newman

    Whoa, the Kitty Kat Club # 1 in Green is awesome!

  7. 407

    I love #2 in green! :)

  8. 408
    Colleen Sheehy

    Any of these would look fab with my Gold Mackie Barbie doll, but Miss Nina has “spoken” – she purrs, go with Barbie pink! (of course, being a cat, she’s more interested in batting Barbie’s little shoes around – what can you do?) We both really love bob’s Mackie! fragrance too! REALLY want to win this one, I hope, I hope…

  9. 409
    Ashley H.

    I love the pink series and we really like numbers 1,3,4, and 6 but it so HARD to choose!! My cat Princess Meow Meow really loves the sassiness of the pink though :-) We’d love any one – fingers and paws crossed!

  10. 410

    Kitty Kat Klub No. 3 Green is adorable!

  11. 411

    Kitty Cat No. 6 Orange! So cute!

  12. 412

    Kitty Cat Klub No. 3 Green!!!! I love it!!

  13. 413

    I would chose the picture with the blues and greens as it has the spa like colors that my Bob Mackie designed skirt and shirt has

  14. 414

    i absolutely love Kitty Kat Klub No. 1 Green :D

  15. 415

    Pink for my 2 girls!

  16. 416

    Awesome!! I did not know Bob Mackie loved kitties….what a wonderful way to share his amazing talents with cat lovers around the world. I was always a big Cher fan….and his designs were just fabulous on her. Thanks for sharing Bob Mackie!!

  17. 417

    Fan of the Kitty Kat #3 in Pink.

  18. 418

    Kitty Kat Pink would look adorable in my new Great Grand Daughter’s new bedroom.
    Thanks for allowing me the chance to win it.

  19. 419
    Via Negativa

    Love the Number 3 Orange. It looks most like my 2 cats, and the orange is a nice contrast to the retro green floor of my kitchen that I can’t replace as it’s a rental. Would look good over the retro green Fender electric piano that has to live in there. So much green!

  20. 420

    OOooooh! Little Lu Lu would love that!!! Fun. Fun. Fun!!

  21. 421

    definitely no. 3, not sure if i’d get pink or orange(too bad he doesn’t have blue!)

  22. 422

    All of the prints are adorable. If I won, I would take any but if I had to choose, the Kitty Kat Club # 1 in green is my absolute favorite. I think that they are all darling!

  23. 423

    Kitty Kat Klub No. 1 Orange is my choice.
    The Orange and Green complement each other just as our sister and brother kitty cats do. This would make a perfect display of their style.

  24. 424

    Kitty Kat Klub No. 5 Orange is the one for me

  25. 425

    It’s hard to pick one! I would go with Green #4.

  26. 426

    What fun prints! I’d have to select Kitty Kat Klub No. 6 Green fer shure!

  27. 427

    Must. Have. Polka. Dots. Number 1 in green, please!

  28. 428

    What awesome prints!! Would proudly display in the “soon to open” Happy Cats Haven, Colorado Springs, CO …… Kitty Kat #1 in green.
    Thank you!

  29. 429

    I would LOVE the #6 green!

  30. 430

    #5 Orange – captures the contemplative pose that I so enjoy seeing my kitty do…it is nearly the only time Marbles looks graceful.

    It is also a pose that has not been captured yet in my ‘kitty corner’ of cat art.

  31. 431

    So hard to choose….Kitty Kat Klub No. 3 in green is so cute! (But No. 6 has so much joy in it it’s hard to resist)

  32. 432

    I think #1 in orange would look very nice in our bedroom. So purrfect. Thank you.

  33. 433
    Rona Y

    I think it’s choose Kitty Kat Klub No. 5 Pink! It’s the view I most often see of my cat (she loves turning her back to me. . . )

  34. 434

    Hard to choose, I would take #3 in Green.

  35. 435

    I’d choose #1,2,or 3 in pink or green!

  36. 436

    Kitty Kat Klub No. 1 Green

  37. 437
    L Dub

    I love the Kitty Kat Klub No. 1 in Pink.

  38. 438
    Tanya R and Ducky Doo

    Those are beautiful! I especially love the ones that appear to be dancing with a flower. My favorite is Kitty Kat Klub No. 6 Orange

  39. 439

    i would love the kitty kat klub no. 4 pink!!! my daughter loves kitties and it would look fab in her room! thanks for the chance to win!

  40. 440

    Kitty Kat Klub No. 6 Pink

  41. 441
    Amy Jaslow

    Such a hard choice! I’ll go with orange no.3. They are all wonderful.

  42. 442

    All so cute! I love #5 in Green the best though! I like Bob Mackie even more now knowing he is a cat lover like me!

  43. 443
    Lisa Vance

    I’d choose the green. These are beautiful.

  44. 444

    Kitty Kat number 1 in green. Looks the most like my two furballs.

  45. 445

    How fun! I actually have several of his barbies and even modeled an outfit made to look like one of them at a barbie convention in Houston. I think I would go with Kitty Kat Klub No. 1 Green. :)

  46. 446

    I have adopted two kitties from shelters. One locally, and one I drove over 500 miles round trip. saw on the internet and had to share my life with her. the two kittys look so cute and would like to put in their room. I love your clothes, and remember watching the Carol Burnett show, and all her wonderful designs, and your costumes.

    I would love to own kitty kat klub no 1 orange

    purrr weese sylvia k.

  47. 447

    My favorite is Pink #1. I LOVE pink!!

  48. 448
    Amy S

    These are pretty darn cute. I’d pick the Green, #6 because that is a silly cat, like mine are.

  49. 449
    Deb Pringle


  50. 450
    Bethany K.

    Kitty Kat Klub No. 6 Green is so cute!

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