Enter to Win a Glacier Point Pet Fountain!

Fri, Oct 14, 2011

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Keeping kitty hydrated is incredibly important, and the Glacier Point Pet Fountain is one of the best ways to provide fresh, clean water for your cat. Withe the Glacier Point fountain, water circulates through a carbon filter to remove toxins, and all the parts are certified water safe. The large lead-free ceramic basin and removable glass bottles can hold up to 1.75 gallons of water, so you don’t have to refill it everyday. This is a great fountain for multi-cat households!


One lucky reader is going to win a Glacier Point Basic Fountain! The winner will get to choose red, white, or blue for the basin color. To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us which color you’d choose. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on October 21, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to US addresses.

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1,746 Responses to “Enter to Win a Glacier Point Pet Fountain!”

  1. 1701

    The blue one would be perfect for my kittens and cat. I bet the dog would love it too.

  2. 1702

    My Rooney is my entire life and just like his mommy he drinks water ALL the time. Every time I get in the shower or turn on the faucet, there he is mowing for a drink. He would love this more than anything I could get him so I would choose the white one, to match his leopard print.. everything =) YAY KITTIES!

  3. 1703

    My 3 kittehs would love this in blue!

  4. 1704

    I would like to have the white one for my 3 kitties to enjoy. I can never get our nasty plastic fountain clean enough. =^..^=

  5. 1705

    Beautiful! We like the white one.

  6. 1706

    My kitties would love this fountain! A great way to ensure fresh water available at all times, especially to those with health problems.

  7. 1707

    I like hte clean look of white, but might go for blue to better match the decor

  8. 1708

    My louie says he would LUUUUUV to have this ! The faucet just does’nt cut it for him, he would like to have this! :) ) He likes the white for sure!!

  9. 1709

    I’d LOVE to have this for my girls! I’d love the white one!

  10. 1710
    Chiara Nicole

    Kiui and Mapo would love it!

  11. 1711

    A white one would be loved by our kitties.

  12. 1712

    White please, IF I win.

  13. 1713

    Di Di, Li Wu, Misty, Relleye, Lady Di, and Angel would all select red after a discussion. They think red is neat!

  14. 1714

    Blue is the favorite color in our household. All four girls may not agree but its hard to have a democracy with all of them! They’ll just be happy to have a new fountain.

  15. 1715

    Clean white ceramic is nice. Hopefully they’ll no longer sit and make us turn on the sink faucet to get running water to drink.

  16. 1716

    Would love one of these. :-) We would choose the white one.

  17. 1717
    Nicky McCarthy

    This would be purrfect………. :) in white for my boyfriend’s two beautiful ragdoll cats they would love it

  18. 1718
    Howie burch

    my cats love running water ,hunter & coyote would love the blue one . This product looks great and would be a great help in maintaining my cats health by providing clean fresh water,with a hint of fun.

  19. 1719

    My cats would love one of these in blue. One of them adores running water and lately seems to shun her water bowl completely and only drink from our running faucet. This would be wonderful for her.

  20. 1720

    That would be the ideal Christmas present for my cats. Our cat, Yuki, has started to turn his nose up at his water dish and opt for the leaky faucet upstairs. It’s either I get one of those or I fix the faucet!

  21. 1721
    Rachel Lorber

    Ohh!! This is awesome! My kitties would LOVE it, esp the one who seems to like to play in running water. This blog post also for somereason sparked a new idea, and the bottom shelf o0f my new Ladder Bookshelf is going to be the new kitty food/water zone. Thanks.

    Ps: I’d like it in white =)

  22. 1722

    White! My cats would love this..as i’m constantly turning on the kitchen or bathroom sink for them to drink out of :)

  23. 1723
    Meghan Watts

    The White one would be perfect for my Pippa who is so fussy about her water. :)

  24. 1724


    I may have just found the best fountain EVER!

    My kittens would just be smitten and love this fountain in WHITE.

    Whenever they hear running water they just go crazy. As soon as you are out of the shower they both jump in drinking from the dripping faucet.
    The little one (Bebe) has gone so far as to turn on the sink.

  25. 1725

    the white one would be perfect

  26. 1726

    My cat would love this! He’s always trying to get into the shower to see the moving water.

  27. 1727

    My foster kittens would love the white one…since they all like to drink at the same time…:-)

  28. 1728

    I am adopting my first himalayan kitty. I haven’t had a kitty for over 20 years. I’m looking forward to it and would love the RED ONE. Would be a great addition to everything else I’m getting ready to purchase.

    thanks for really cool stuff!

  29. 1729
    Katie Winchell

    My three cats have been choosing to suck water out of my wash cloth instead of from their bowl. Maybe a stylish white Glacier Point Pet Fountain would keep them hydrated more hygienically:)
    Take care,

  30. 1730

    I think the blue one would be perfect for my 3 kitties. It would match their eyes, and they love to color coordinate! :)

  31. 1731
    Katherine T

    This is the best fountain I have seen yet, my boys would love it :)

  32. 1732

    Blue please, my kitties would love it and it would match the kitchen!

  33. 1733

    Pupsy and Zina would love to have one fountain instant of waiting for mama (me) to get home and open the faucet. We couldnt choose one, so if we get lucky ahd win, we would be gratefull if you choose one for us… lots of purr

  34. 1734

    Åhhh vilken fin sak jamar min gismo som vill ha en.

  35. 1735

    I know the contest is finished, but just wanted to comment. I have one of these cat fountains and LOVE it. Easy to clean, great flow, very quiet (cannot hear the motor at all), and long lasting.

  36. 1736

    I would love to white one for my three cats!

  37. 1737

    Adorable! My cats would absolutely love this!

  38. 1738

    Can this be bought ? I Love it , and know my cats would. : )

  39. 1739

    Never mind , found the link lol

  40. 1740
    Christy Kuppler

    I know that my babies would really love this! I have five furkids, Precious, Kato, Sandy, Misu Kitteh, and Brutus would find this very enticing!

  41. 1741
    lorna craig

    my old boy Bootsie would love this in white,as an ageing cat he gets through a lot of water

  42. 1742
    Lillian Abel

    I don’t drink out of plastic bottles, cups, etc. and won’t let my animals either. Everything is ceramic or glass in this house. This is perfect in white and my cats would love this so much :)

  43. 1743

    One of my cats will only drink out of the faucet. I accidently left the faucet running one day as I hurried off to work…UGH! Since then I have tried 3 different fountains with no luck…hopefully this one will do the trick! The white color would work just fine for us.

  44. 1744

    I am getting two new kittens this weekend who I think would LOVE this! My first kitty ever Simba’s favorite color was red and she would try to ONLY drink out of the faucet. If these new kittys are anything like her they would enjoy the red one as well.

  45. 1745
    Roxana Stewart

    My cats would love it

  46. 1746

    My cat will love the blue one. It’s his favorite color.

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