New Ceramic Cat Fountains from Keith Davitt, Plus Holiday Giveaway!

Sat, Nov 26, 2011


Ceramicist Keith Davitt has been hard at work creating several new handcrafted ceramic cat fountains. These beautiful fountains create a lovely water feature in your home and the perfect spot for kitty to grab a drink. And they’re really easy to keep clean, too!


Here’s your chance to snag one of these beauties for holiday gift giving! Keith is offering one lucky reader the fountain of their choice. You get to pick the style and the glaze from those currently available or recently sold in Keith’s Etsy shop. To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us which is your favorite. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on December 3, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway includes free shipping to addresses in the US and Canada only.

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1,371 Responses to “New Ceramic Cat Fountains from Keith Davitt, Plus Holiday Giveaway!”

  1. 1301

    Horizon Glow for Sure!!! – although really they are all pretty stunning!

  2. 1302

    the teal fountain is so beautiful

  3. 1303

    The jade one is amazing and so beautiful in colour, wuld look lovely next to my cats black fur!

  4. 1304

    Love the middle fountain on the top row. Much nicer than most water fountains you see.

  5. 1305

    I love the blue glazed one in the top row, looks like usable art work for cats.

  6. 1306

    I love the middle one in the bottom row (can’t find the name on the Etsy shop). What a beautiful idea for a kitty drinking fountain!

  7. 1307
    Kristine K.

    I love them all, but I must say the Turquoise fountain takes the cake!

  8. 1308

    The fountain with the S shaped spigot is my favorite. I have one of these already and am sorely tempted to buy a second one as my cats ADORE the one they have. I rescue kitties so having two in the house (one I can put on the floor for the baby kittens) would be ideal. Highly reccomend this product!

  9. 1309
    Candice T.

    I love all the colors in the Mahogany glaze.

  10. 1310
    Stacey M.

    Double Pirouette is beautiful in design! I know my cats would love drinking out of a fountain like that.

  11. 1311
    Patricia Flormata

    I like the teal one the best

  12. 1312
    Gabi L.

    I love the blue ceramic pot with the copper pipe coming out of it. My cat adores running water so it really would work well for her.

  13. 1313

    Indigi Flow is my favorite but I will take any one!! My 3 kitties love fresh flowing water and I do not like the plastic ones!

  14. 1314
    Erin F

    Indigo Flow is our favorite!

  15. 1315
    Catherine Roth

    Considering that our current ugly fountain is in our living room, I would love one of these! They truly are beautiful, especially Indigo Flow.

  16. 1316
    Wendy Huang

    Love these beautiful fountains. Our favorites are the smaller tabletop ones ( swing time and cobalt). The shell attachment is also very cool.

  17. 1317

    These fountains are so cool, they offer function and style. The different sizes, colors, and forms cater to anyone’s taste.

  18. 1318

    I love these fountains and would love to have one for my kitty. These are the nicest ones I’ve seen, and I like that they are handmade and are supporting an artist.

  19. 1319

    These fountains are beautiful and a wonderful idea to use as a cat fountain. I would choose the mahogany glazed one.

  20. 1320

    I LOVE the teal light green one, but honestly I’d be happy to win ANY one of these fountains!

  21. 1321
    Jennifer S.

    OMG would love one of these. Daughter is obsessed with cats and son with running water!!!

  22. 1322

    I really like the dark teal one, and would love to have one of the copper leaf spouts. My cats would really enjoy one of these and it would be a beautiful piece in the house!

  23. 1323

    I love the mint green color!! Paws are crossed!

    Mama and Felisha ;-3

  24. 1324
    Sarah L.

    Wow they are ALL absolutely BEAUTIFUl! I would love to win any one of them. My kitties would LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Beautiful colors and designs!! My 3 babies have a walmart plastic one that they do drink out of.. but if they had one of these.. well maybe i wouldnt get Toilet breath kisses LOL.

  25. 1325
    Mike G.

    I like the the middle one, bottom row.

  26. 1326

    I like the one on the top right the most. they are all so pretty!

  27. 1327

    I really like the fountain Pirouette!

  28. 1328

    Far more aesthetically pleasing than the standard pet store variety fountain. My cat needs to drink more water and with one of these he probably would.

  29. 1329
    Karen Fields

    I love this one so much! Handmade Ceramic Cat Fountain or Indoor Tabletop Fountain “Indigo Flow”. My boys would love it as well.

  30. 1330
    Erin Vance

    I like Horizon 1. :)

  31. 1331
    jenn b

    i like the cobalt speckle glaze – i don’t think my cats would like the copper tubing. awesome products!

  32. 1332

    I love the teal one in the top row. The leaf shape at the pipe opening is really beautiful, and the copper and the teal are a great color combination.

  33. 1333
    Maryann Royster

    I like the aqua glaze and Turritella Shell . Very beachy

  34. 1334

    Indigo Flow is amazing. I have been wishing for one of these fountains since the first time they were featured in Modern Cat. Beautiful!

  35. 1335
    Angela M

    Indigo Glow. Really pretty colour.

  36. 1336
    Lindsay S

    I really love the turquoise fountain on the top row!

  37. 1337

    We checked his Etsy shop, and although he is low on inventory right now, Baby Butters and I had a chat, and he LOVES the top row, middle fountain (the turquoise-y one) tres chic, and would keep Butters away from his sister’s yucky puppy water. :)

  38. 1338
    Morgan B

    My favorite is Indigo Flow, so pretty.

  39. 1339

    Oh, I absolutely love the Indigo Flow one on their Etsy website. Just beautiful artwork in each piece!

    One of our three cats is very water-fussy and we’ve gone from plastic fountain to plastic fountain for him with no real lasting value in any of them. He is now resigned to a stationary ceramic bowl which he pushes and tips with his paw to try and get the water in motion… and he usually succeeds and sends it in motion across the floor :p

  40. 1340

    I love the shape of and the glaze on the fountain on the bottom right. I have red accents in my kitchen, so this would be perfect!

  41. 1341
    Elizabeth Flynn

    This would be so exciting to win for the Shadow Dance Ranch kittehs. I love the red color, but I think the kittehs would like Blue one on the top with the copper tubing, since it would sorta be like drinking out of the faucet. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  42. 1342

    I love the teal one. Although they are all pretty awesome!!

  43. 1343

    My cats love fountains. My favorite is the turqoise one.

  44. 1344
    Julie Poole

    Wow – these are fantastic. I like every one of them, but especially like the ones with “toppers” like the Caribbean Millwheel Fountain.
    SO so so cool.

  45. 1345

    I love all of them!

  46. 1346

    Would love one of these to replace my drinkwell!

  47. 1347
    Abby S

    I love these! I would choose the awesome blue rain 2.

  48. 1348
    Yileen Liu

    My favorite of his glazes has been the ones with Mahogany in it.

  49. 1349
    Julia Tanner

    I love them all but really can’t choose from either the top or bottom middle ones since they are my favorites.

  50. 1350

    Do I really have to decide? They’re all gorgeous. I suppose the one on the top right is my favorite, though the bottom left is nice, too…My cats wouldn’t care what color; they’d just love the running water!

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