Enter to Win a Multi-cat Raised Feeder from Catswall Design

Thu, Dec 8, 2011

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Raised feeders help your cat keep the correct posture while eating, which leads to better digestion. Having multiple cats, I have been looking for a nice raised feeder to accommodate several cats at once. The new multi-cat raised feeder from Catswall Design has finally met the need, and they’ve done it with style. And here’s your chance to win one! One lucky reader is going to win the raised feeder of their choice, either the 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-bowl version. To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us which one you’d like. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on December 15, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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1,625 Responses to “Enter to Win a Multi-cat Raised Feeder from Catswall Design”

  1. 901

    The two bowl feeder would be all I need but it’s sure nice to see that someone is thinking of the multi cat home.

  2. 902

    Awesome idea! We could certainly use the five bowl feeder (actually we could use ten five bowl feeders!) to feed our rescue cats.

  3. 903
    missy k

    We need as many bowls as possible in our house,but any number would be nice.


  4. 904

    Great feeder, three bowls please. Hope to win, thanks!

  5. 905

    Ohh this is great – love the 2 feeder!

  6. 906

    I only have one kitty. The two bowl feeder is very nice!

  7. 907
    rebecca sjouwerman

    Perfect! This is what I need for my 3 cats!

  8. 908

    Definitely the 5 bowl! Being a foster mom, there’s always lots of mouths looking for a bowl – this would make feeding time so much easier! Great idea!

  9. 909

    I have gotta tell ya, this is by far the cutest and coolest feeder I have ever seen. I have 10 cats that were all rescues and this would be fantastic. I would like the 4 feeder or the 3 feeder ( I have to keep 3 of my kitties separated from the others – you know how the fur can fly with conflicting purrsonalities). Thanks for a very innovative new product.

  10. 910

    What a great idea and design. I would need the 5 bowl design for my group of 14.

  11. 911
    Marleina M.

    I’d want the 4 bowl design! We have two permanent residents and 2 fosters, this would be great for all of them!

  12. 912

    Neat idea! I love the idea of a five bowl feeder.

  13. 913

    Three cats, three bowls. Perfect!

  14. 914

    Very nice….much more pleasing to the eye than the normal feeders. My two kitties would love the 2 bowl version.

  15. 915
    Leslie Hughes

    I’ve got three girls, so the three bowl holder would be great! It’s adorable!

  16. 916

    They are beautiful and very clever, however I predict quite a mess all over the floor under the dishes. Cats will either nuzzle the food over the edges in an attempt to eat it or grab mouth fulls and drop it on the floor and eat it there. I have 8 cats and have never known them to stick to one dish, they are pushing and shoving each other as they go from dish to dish.

  17. 917

    I would like the 2 bowl model.

  18. 918

    Looks lovely! 3 bowls would be my choice!

  19. 919

    This is exactly what I need! Five bowls please :) :):):):):):)

  20. 920

    we would love the 5 bowl, only 4 kitties now, but you never know!

  21. 921

    The Multi-cat Raised Feeder is impressive. It would be great to feed my cats from it. Beautiful design.

  22. 922

    We do kitty rescue, so the 5 bowl feeder would be ideal…thanks!

  23. 923

    My fat cat would love to be able to eat without bending over.

  24. 924
    Dorothy Aldridge

    I’m liking the three bowl version!

  25. 925
    Misty Avery


  26. 926

    I have been raising my kitties’ bowls for years. When my baby Sapphire neared the ripe age of 20 1/2, well… for many many years before that, I learned that it eased his little back to not have to bend over. And it’s better for their little digestive systems. My raised bowls are not quite so cute or elaborate as these however! Tough to decide what I would want for my current little ones, I would love any of them, but if I had to choose today, I would say the 3-bowl one.

  27. 927

    Love it! Great style!

  28. 928
    Robin M

    Meow meow meow meow meow (translated…we would love the five bowl feeder please)!

  29. 929

    I would love the 3 bowl design – 1 for dry food, 1 for water and 1 for canned food. perfect!

  30. 930

    This is sweet :-) !!! I would LOVE to have the 4 bowls version.

    Good job!

  31. 931

    I NEED the 5 bowl, they’ll still have to take turns since I have 11.

  32. 932

    While the three bowls would technically be enough to feed my crew I just know that they would not be happy eating right next to one another so I would like the five bowl feeder. I would use three bowls for food (the two girls might do alright next to one another) and the other two bowls would be filled with water.

  33. 933

    That is design is so clever, I’ve been looking for something like that! My cats always move their bowls with their little paws and spill the water and food, EVERYDAY!!! The 3 bowl will be a GREAT RELIEVE!!!! AWESOME IDEA!!!!

  34. 934

    This is such a beautiful feeder that is highly functional. What a great addition this would be to spoil my two babies! They would love the 3 bowl feeder so that each of them could have their own dry food bowl and share a water bowl.

  35. 935
    Jessica Barone

    Love this! Beautiful! Kitty Bo Bitty and Lola need this :)

  36. 936

    This is amazing! I would need the three cat design for the gang. They are pretty good about eating together in harmony, so this feeder would be awesome for them!

  37. 937

    My two kitties make such a mess with their food! I think this is just what they need! They told me they would like the two bowl model. Though Harry (my big eater) would probably enjoy the five bowl all for himself!

  38. 938

    the 4 bowl feeder would be great!

  39. 939

    Three bowl, please!

  40. 940

    I have six kitties so I would prefer the 5 bowl, but they’re so nice I would take any!

  41. 941

    Yes, yes, this would be the perfect Xmas gift for my good friend’s 3D kitties — Danny, Dora, and Diva.

  42. 942
    Maria Demeyer

    Really cute and clever! One with 3 bowls would be really cool :)

  43. 943
    Janel M.

    Gorgeous, as is most of the items you guys feature. My guys would love the 2-bowl design.

  44. 944
    Kathryn Hogan

    My cats Machi, Nora and Ana would like a 3 feeder bowl. They’re currently bouncing off the walls with excitement at the idea…

  45. 945
    Becca B.

    3 bowl design so each has their own :)

  46. 946

    I’d like the two bowl feeder. Nice cat silhouette and easy cleanup are very attractive.

  47. 947

    How cute. My 2 cats would love to eat their meals from here. They won’t need to share the same dish. The 2 bowl design would be the best for them.

  48. 948

    Great idea! 4 bowls, one for water, one for stella, one for sylvia and one for the evil one Levi

  49. 949

    I would love the 4 bowl feeder… I have 2 cats so they could each have a bowl of food and water. Great design!

  50. 950

    The 4-bowl feeder would be perfect for my kitties!

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