Enter to Win a Multi-cat Raised Feeder from Catswall Design

Thu, Dec 8, 2011

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Raised feeders help your cat keep the correct posture while eating, which leads to better digestion. Having multiple cats, I have been looking for a nice raised feeder to accommodate several cats at once. The new multi-cat raised feeder from Catswall Design has finally met the need, and they’ve done it with style. And here’s your chance to win one! One lucky reader is going to win the raised feeder of their choice, either the 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-bowl version. To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us which one you’d like. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on December 15, 2011. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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1,625 Responses to “Enter to Win a Multi-cat Raised Feeder from Catswall Design”

  1. 1451
    Carol Sibbel

    My 2 cats would love the 2 bowl feeder. Thanks.

  2. 1452
    Sarah Newman

    I am sad to realize that, as much as I LOVE my cats, I’ve never once considered their posture or comfort while eating….The 3 bowl feeder would be wonderful for my otherwise spoiled babies!!

  3. 1453

    great idea for my older cats. the 2 bowl feeder would be perfect.

  4. 1454

    Would love a feeder for 2!

  5. 1455

    I would love the 2-bowl one for my 3 kitties (sounds odd, but their hierarchy seems to work better when they only have 2 bowls). One of them wolfs his food down and throws it right back up all the time and I bet this would help solve that problem! And it would look nice in my kitchen too? Win! :)

  6. 1456

    Would love the 4 bowl for our cats!

  7. 1457
    Meri Ralston

    These are adorably creative and, with my multi-cat household of nine, would be the perfect solution to my feeding problems. Although I could use more than one, the five bowl feeder would be the ulimate winner for me. Thank you so much!

  8. 1458
    Dawn Walsh

    I love them all but would like the two feeder one

  9. 1459

    I would love the 5 bowl feeder! I’d likely end up buying a second one for my fosters, too. :)

  10. 1460

    My 4 fur babies would absolutely love this, Two of them eat like scoop shovels and end up chasing their bowls across the floor. Also I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, it would be great not to have to bend completely down to the floor to feed my children.

  11. 1461
    Kat B

    I would love the 5 bowl! Lovely design!

  12. 1462

    The 2 bowl would be wonderful.

  13. 1463

    This is Fabulous! Love the 3 bowl design!

  14. 1464
    Michelle Washburn

    I would love the 3 bowl!

  15. 1465

    My two Ragdolls, Kasia (1) and Beau (3 months) would love love loves this feeder. I think a 3 bowl one would be fantastic for them. Merry Christmas!

  16. 1466
    Sue Sweeney

    Cedar, Lucy and Maya might actually get along if they had this beautiful feeding station!

  17. 1467

    Would love the four bowl feeder! It is such a great design and great looking!

  18. 1468

    Very cute design. I would love to have the 2 bowl feeder.

  19. 1469

    would love the 3 bowl feeder. 2 cats and a water bowl. one of my cats loves running and hip slamming her water bowl, so this would make it much easier to keep it up and out of her way. good for me, less fun for her.

  20. 1470

    I love the design, SO cute! I would love the 2 bowl feeder! :)

  21. 1471

    The perfect solution for my cat who likes to splash water and food out of his bowls!

  22. 1472

    My friend Sheila,the cat whisperer, fosters cats/kittens thru the Green Street Rescue in Philadelphia. A five bowl would be a huge help to her.

  23. 1473
    Stacy M

    This is really cool!! And the kids couldn’t knock the bowls around the kitchen floor! I foster for a group here in Raleigh NC and this would be great! The 5 bowls is awesome! (although never enough for the numbers we have here.) We have four of our own, and have had up to 9 fosters kittens in our house at one time! It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it!!

  24. 1474

    Um, genius. Makes me feel so silly when I see simple brilliant ideas that I didn’t think of it!

  25. 1475
    Crystal Dawn

    I would love the 5 cat feeding bowl

  26. 1476

    Love the 4 bowl feeder it’s everything we need!!!!!!!

  27. 1477
    Mandie Dyer

    I would love the 4-bowl feeder for our four babies!

  28. 1478

    I would love ANY of them. My kitties do not share their wet food at dinner time well. Dry food is fine to share but apparently wet food is way to delish to share. There are growling and ummm numm numm sounds every evening. This would help with that. Plus it’s cute!

    Pick me! Pick me!

  29. 1479

    These are awesome! I’d love the 2 bowl one as we have 2 rescued kitties. Thanks for doing this! : )

  30. 1480
    Tina Hoffman

    Love the 3 cat feeder. Just perfect for my brood.

  31. 1481

    I like the three bowl feeder. We have two inside cats. I could use two for food and one for water. :)

  32. 1482

    The three bowl feeder would be perfect for my furr-babies!

  33. 1483

    The 3 bowl would work great in our house! >^.^<

  34. 1484

    I would love the three bowl feeder! This is so cute!

  35. 1485
    Anna Murrie

    I love the idea of a multi-bowl raised feeder. I would love to end up getting 2 of the 5-bowl feeders! If I could win one that would be great. You see, we have 10 cats!

  36. 1486

    How awesome. I have two himalayan kitties that would love this & you! Fluffy pushes Smokie out of the way & hogs the food all the time. Very cool!

  37. 1487

    I’d really like the two bowl one!

  38. 1488

    I would love a four feeder! :D

  39. 1489

    This would be so cute and effective in our cat colony in the shelter! We love the cat litter and are currently building up the walls, what a great addition.

  40. 1490

    Very cute!! Would this help with the mess they leave too??? I find it funny that the dogs area is spotless! And the cats leave a disaster. Aren’t they supposed to be the clean ones??

  41. 1491

    i would love to win the 3 bowl feeder!

  42. 1492

    The 3 bowl feeder, please!

  43. 1493

    This is great! I’d love to get my hands on a 4-cat feeder. 3 for food, and 1 for water!

  44. 1494

    Love the design! Would love to have the 2 bowl feeder in my apartment.

  45. 1495

    I could really use this for my 3 wonderful cats. Thank you.

  46. 1496
    Adrienne Belt

    I have four rescued cats of varied ages, so I really love the four bowl feeder. There is constantly a line at the food bowl, so it would make for a much more peaceful meal time if everyone had their own bowl! What a great idea.

  47. 1497

    Very cool product. We have three cats, and would love the three bowl feeder.

  48. 1498
    Doe Sherman

    Our rescue group would be so grateful for ANY of them. We have a lot of mouths to feed.

  49. 1499
    Gail Dehghani-Sanich

    I would LOVE the 5 feeder, I always have over 10 cats at any time since I do cat/kitten rescue. My older cats and those with disabilites would love this. THANKS!!

  50. 1500
    Maryann HC

    The 5 bowl feeder would certainly make my life easier! Great design!

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